Obama Continues Attacks On Christian Church – Throws His Support Behind Gay Marriage (Video)

You knew this was coming. After Joe Biden came out and supported gay marriage (something that is against his Catholic faith), and then Arne Duncan, the Secretary of Education of all people, came out and endorsed gay marriage… You knew this was a planned strategy, promoted by Democrats and pushed by the liberal media, for Barack Obama to come out and support gay marriage too.

In an interview with ABC, Barack Obama just came out in support of gay marriage. He just threw MILLIONS of Christian Americans under the bus.

Personally, I don’t have a problem with gay relationships. I don’t have a problem with gay unions. I do have a problem with a president pushing a law on the people with the specific intent of punishing the Church and Christian Americans.

And, he wonders why federal inmate Keith Judd, with a ponytail down to his ass, nearly wooped him in West Virginia?

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  • mg4us


    Obama EMBRACES Gay Marriage. . .now if he would only be honest and come out of the closet and embrace his gay & bisexual lovers too. . .


    just google Obama and gay lover

    Still waiting for real birth certificate and transcripts too

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  • guy

    This might just be the “straw that breaks the camels back”.

  • Lazy

    Awesome! The African Americans will turn out much less if you push that he is pro gay marriage. They are not! I realize now he is starting to speak his mind because he sees the writing on the wall about him not being re-elected. Then again maybe he is trying to run way behind Mitt so he can run as the underdog again. It won’t matter and it’s not because your white black, just like the guy who shot Treyvonne was white mexican, your policies suck and you are the blamer in chief.

  • Shawn

    I’m sorry, I dislike the man as much as the next person, but if he’s ‘punishing the Catholic Church’ then so be it. They’re actively trying to denying human beings equal rights. If they don’t want to marry a gay couple in their church, that’s fine. What they’re doing is blatant discrimination and I honestly can’t even imagine seeing it differently. Political gimmick or not, it’s the right position.

  • http://votingfemale.wordpress.com VotingFemale

    Running back to the democrat gay base would at least stem the inevitable attacks from them had he reaffirmed the truth that marriage is a hetrosexual affair. A short term presidential salvage job but a long term nosedive into an empty political pool.

    Thanks, Barack, for displaying your evolved election strategy. 😉

  • Facauwee Tribe

    I couldn’t care less about same-sex marriage, but I do care that my church may be sued for not performing the ceremony for gays. They sued eHarmony instead of creating eSodomy, or something similar.

    Start your own church, and have only same-sex marriages in it. Don’t force yourself on someone and expect them to respect you. It doesn’t work that way.

  • Objective Analysis

    Obama is a “Down Low” brother. He is gay. Any man that worries about Reggie Love as his personal assistant, crosses his legs like a woman and is soft as a fruitcake is G-A-Y. Gay, not metrosexual, but a flamming faggot.

    Moochele is just a front. I doubt he even had sex with her. He just gave his sperm to her and she had the two babies for him.

  • bg
  • Francesca

    #4: The man who shot Trayvon isn’t Mexican. His mother is from Peru.

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  • Liz

    King of flip flopping. That’s what happens to your brain when you choose Joey Biden as your vice.

  • BuddyG

    Let’s see this for what it is; a pathetic attempt by 0bama to divert attention away from his record. Don’t take the bait. Remain concentrated on 0bamacare and the economy.

  • bg


    Political Expediency & a whole lot more they’ve deleted.. :-(

    oh yeah, you do know that Biden’s remark
    was the bait on Obama’s hook so to speak..

    eat your heart out Willie.. gah!!


  • Texas_Treeroach

    Well, now he can invite anyone he wants to help pick out wallpaper and curtains for the White House bathrooms.

    (I think we all agree that Michelle never really had a critical eye for color, anyway.)

  • bg
  • MT Geoff

    The issue of marriage is one that perhaps states should put down. Perhaps states should only recognize civil unions for all and make marriage a personal and religious matter.
    I believe two things about homosexuality which our host may not share and some posters may not: that it is in the individuals’ nature and that is different rather than dirty in any way. I base that on the science I’ve read, which is shaky, and on my experience as an adult with people of many different kinds. I am also sure that some people engage in homosexual activity who really aren’t, and that some people live as heterosexuals who really aren’t. Put another way: some can pray the gay away, but others might find they have prayed the straight away.
    That makes it easy for me to accept marriage for people who are gay when others, disagreeing with my starting points, will not accept it. Every church must operate by its doctrine (putting aside things like human sacrifice) and must accept as married only those who meet the church’s doctrine. For Unitarians, that would include gay couples. For Catholics, that won’t. Right now a Unitarian church cannot perform a marriage for a gay couple that most states would recognize.
    But if all relationships under the law are unions, not marriages, and if all marriages belong to churches and not the state, the problem becomes less serious.
    A few posters here may recognize me as a flaming libertarian (not liberal) from Surberbia and these views will look familiar.

  • bg


    mg4us #1 May 9, 2012 at 2:43 pm

    thank you..

    re: bg #14 & #16

    same source w/out video..


  • Shah Shaw

    Obama was never fooling anyone but people who do not support gay marriage.

    His move is just to get gays motivated like last time
    He was always signalling gay groups in private , thats why gays all went for him the first time

    The effects of his “coming out” will be millions of people who were fooled will have to reconsider their support for him

    Ironincally, Obama took years to “evolve” and once he did , he took the same postion that Dick Cheney has long had.

  • Sarah

    This entire issue is a distraction. The enemy is lapping at the shore and has infiltrated our society on all levels. We are in debt beyond belief and the economy is a mess. It’s time to triage priorities and this topic just ain’t one of them, no matter what side of issue one stands on.