Missouri Disgrace: Former Sen. Danforth Tells Think Progress GOP Becoming ‘Increasingly Inconsequential,’ ‘Intolerant’

The RINOs are circling the RINO wagons.
Former Missouri Senator John Danforth is now giving talking points to the Far Left quasi-communist and habitually dishonest website Think Progress.

What a disgrace.

THINKPROGRESS: What do you think is happening here?

DANFORTH: An effort by some, and apparently a large number, 60% in Indiana, to purge the Republican Party and to create something that’s ideologically pure and intolerant of anybody who does not agree with them — not just on general principles, but right across the board.

THINKPROGRESS: Do you stand by your view that GOP is beyond hope?

DANFORTH: If this trend succeeds, yeah. What they will be left with, if indeed they want to purge the party of all but people who have a particular ideological slant… it’s not a way to win elections, it’s not political sustainable. It might make them feel good for a time but doesn’t work, it hasn’t worked. It didn’t work in Nevada or in Delaware in last election. They won nominations but couldn’t win elections. I don’t know how you win elections without getting 51% of the vote. I don’t see how you’re gonna get 51% of the vote if you make it clear that people in your own party, who don’t absolutely agree with everything you want to do, aren’t wanted.

Nice work, Senator.
Feeding red meat to Think Progress.

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  • Trent Telenko

    Jim H,

    Why is this a surprise?

    Conservatives are tolerant of moderates, not the other way around, in Republican primary politics.

  • Jackosan10

    The 2010 elections seem to disagree with you sir. But Don’t expect a Dem to live in the real world, it is too painful for them .

  • A political moderate, Danforth was once quoted as saying he joined the Republican Party for “the same reason you sometimes choose which movie to see — [it’s] the one with the shortest line.”

    The “squeeking” RINO seems right at home with his pals at ThinkProgress

  • Tim in Cali

    Hey Senator,don’t let the door in you in the a** on the way out

  • moron

    Ex-Senator, those elected are to represent their constituents, not themselves.

  • pjean

    Just another “political lifer” who cannot believe anyone but him, should decide when he’s been in office long enough. Danforth took his seat in 1976 and he sees what happened to Lugar who was sworn in in 1977. It’s a new day and it appears that when it comes to term limits, the dreaded Tea Party is the only group of Americans who will put their money (or their votes) where their mouth is.

  • It sounds as though the good Senator isn’t familiar with the Junior Senators from Massachusetts, Kentucky & Florida, and the huge number of Conservative freshmen in the House.

  • Redwine

    He’s no longer a senator. He is inconsequential.


    Ok, let’s turn it around. Are you trying to tell me that Zippy and the DemocRats DON’T have a particular ideological slant? Are THEY running to us to compromise? The “I Won” is a model of biparisanship? You are so used to giving in that you mistake obsequiousness for statesmanship. Enjoy your retirement. You will have plenty of company soon.

    Whom would you rather have as your representative, Allen “Fix Your Bayonets” West or this old bowl of puddin?

  • mg4us

    It is no longer a republican vs DemocRAT thing. .

    It is Liberal/Statists/Elitist progressives vs Constitutional Conservatives

    Our debt did not get to where it is without help from the entrenched statist elitists & progressives. . .the only way to HOPE for CHANGE is to CHANGE the PLAYERS!

  • 1RedBeard

    Disgrace is not a strong enough word to describe someone who willfully tries to sabotage his own party, and does so via the enemy media.

    Danforth is probably the guy in the parade who looks around at his fellow marchers and says, “Look! Everyone is out of step but me!” Arrogance personified.

  • Hey, Sen. Danforth, do you recall the grand compromise the Democrats came up with to get Republican votes to pass Obamacare in 2009? Oh, yeah, they didn’t. In fact, they couldn’t get a single Republican vote for their socialist monstrosity.

  • Dittogirl

    Glad that he is a “FORMER” senator, and you can tell he resents it. In order to get even with the little people that dont share his view of “moderation”, he goes to a left wing news source to show you little morons that you mess with the bull, you get the horns!

    Isnt he a big man? Just wait, former senator, watch what happens in November 2012. The a$$ kicking of DemoRats and Rino’s has only just begun.

    Creep. The American people have had it with all of you. Go Tea Party!

  • stonedome

    well, this is no surprise…these guys have been wearing the leftist sheepskin for years…now that they are safe, they feel it’s their duty as a good comrade to head further left…i think we should hunt them all down for bringing our country to the brink of ruin.

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  • bg


    OT.. 🙂

    Rush Babes for America


  • Redwine

    I joined, too, bg @16. 😉

  • stonedome

    “It didn’t work in Nevada or in Delaware in the last election.” mr danforth, the tea party was responsible for marco rubio beating governor crist in the fla republican primary and then winning the senate seat…what planet do you live on? do you think we are stupid? that’s a rhetorical question…you are a thing of the past and that’s why you are leaving. we want fighters, not caving compromisers.

  • StrangernFiction

    It isn’t about R vs. D.

  • Lazy

    #10 above is correct. It’s about progressives that are both on the left and the right. The progressive caucus has 75 members. The Tea Party caucus has 52 so it looks to me like we have more work to do.

    Just get over people who really think a republican in name only helps at all before now. They are progressives that push us deeper into debt. It gives credence to republicans being just as bad as democrats. Look how everyone says how we spend money just like they did when we were in charge. I would rather have democrats running the show and no RINO’s. It will mean the people can see what an ugly socialistic mess they are offering. They swallowed up the blue dogs not the tea party. Now that real conservatives are taking over what little RINOs that are left won’t dare to vote against them.

    Just ask any of those progressives what they are progressing towards. Most won’t give you an answer but if they do it will sound like something you can read in the communist manifesto.

  • Sam Stone

    WE know why he is an EX pol.

  • Texas_Treeroach

    The conditions and consequences that Danforth offers up are valid concerns and faults.

    BUT, he’s pinning that tail on the elephant when it more properly belongs on the donkey.

    That’s what happens when you elect to wear a blindfold.

  • Charlie

    —-“I don’t see how you’re gonna get 51% of the vote if you make it clear that people in your own party, who don’t absolutely agree with everything you want to do, aren’t wanted.”—

    I guess Luger found how true that is yesterday, didn’t he Johny?

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Nice work, Senator.

    You mean former senator.

    His time in politics is done, therefore what he thinks or says doesn’t mean much.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    That bastard betrayed us more times than I can count. HE CAST THE DECIDING SENATE VOTE TO GIVE AWAY THE PANAMA CANAL !!! Also, he loved S.A.L.T., which permitted the Soviets to amass the largest and most aggressive military force in world history, while achieving dramatic superiority in the “Balance-of-Terror.”

    Getting rid of Danforth was very much like getting rid of Arlen Specter and, more recently, Dick Lugar, all important steps in taking back the Republican Party from the cowards, RINOs, and accommodationists who have dominated the party since Reagan retired.

    A pox upon them all!

  • nobama

    Danforth has always been with the liberal wing of the party. Shame on him anyway.

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  • Westie

    This SOB was also hired by Blowjob Clinton and his lesbo AG to investigate the murder of the innocents @ WACO. This old Prole needs an azz whipping when the time presents!

  • Mark1957

    Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t the Democrats make “Blue Dogs” nearly extinct in the 2010 primaries? The Dems walk in lock step and punish members that step out of line, yet when the voters dump some dinosaur that has been in office 30 or 40 years we are “extreme”. B.S.

  • Winston Wolfe

    It didn’t work in Nevada or in Delaware in last election.

    Another idiot who looks at the results of two races – two – and ignores everything else in the 2010 landslide.

    Go to hell, Danforth.

  • JimmyT

    The “good old boys” are definitely circling the wagons. They’re afraid they’re not going to get invited to all the “in” parties. Can you say “goodbye” John


    The next RINO from Missouri,Senator Roy Blunt, is going to have to be primaried as well…..

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  • BurmaShave

    FORMER [for good reason] Sen. RINO Danforth

    When this weasel first ran for Senate he promised to retire after two terms. He is a soulmate of Lugar. Nuf said about him.

  • jojo

    I am a former Democrat, I would never vote for anyone who supports the Democrat’s agenda. They are the radicals, THAT is why I left the party. This guy is a jerk. He is what is wrong with our politicians, they don’t stand on principles, just are only interested in winning. I am glad he lost.

  • coolidge rules

    Worked for Rand Paul. Worked for Pat Toomey. Worked for a lot of people running for office in 2010.

    These people are scared sh*tless. They are praying that enough people don’t wake up in time for the elections. All this Trayvon BS, War on Women, Gay Marriage, Global Warming is just cover for all the failures of our government. And the media just doesn’t cover what the Administration wants hidden.

    Just trust the default position-don’t trust any democraps-period

  • BurmaShave

    Hey, John, you’ve got some wonderful ideas there. Why don’t you run for office [yet] again and see how they fare?

  • kato

    There’s still work to do, but thank goodness the Augean stables of the GOP are being cleaned out. The stench of these RINOs is overpowering. They are every bit as much to blame as the Democrats for the miserable state of this country.

  • donh

    ” don’t see how you’re gonna get 51% of the vote if you make it clear that people in your own party, who don’t absolutely agree with everything you want to do, aren’t wanted. ”

    What isn’t wanted are Democrats representing us under the disguise of an R affiliation…fake republicans who absolutely disagree with EVERYTHING people in the private sector rank and file want to see done …republicans who are too lazy, fearful, and or incompetant to achieve any of our goals.

  • FurryGuy

    “…intolerant of anybody who does not agree with them…”

    In a nutshell there’s the SOP of the GOP Establishment.

  • bg
  • tommy mc donnell

    if the career politicans hadn’t serve their own interests instead of the interests of their constitutents there wouldn’t be a need for term limits either by legislation or by the ballot box.

    “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely,” and boy does the modern american politican prove that axiom.

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  • As we bid so long to horse face Lugar, I am reminded how happy I am Danforth is the heck outta there! They BOTH tormented me for decades!

    RINO’s are an endangered species, soon to be extinct,or very rarely sighted, I hope with all my heart!

  • Blackbird

    What we are intolerant of is politicians partying like it’s 1999 while our country is burning to the ground, then telling us we can’t grab a bucket of water to fight the fires because that is their jobs and they will throw us in jail for even trying. We have reached the point where we take control back from the bureaucrats or it’s all over anyway. Either way it is Washington DC that is about to become inconsequential. You are right, I have become utterly intolerant of public servants acting like they are our masters, and my patience is at an end.

  • Larkin

    I’m beginning to think that saul alinsky was GOP establishment.

    How else would RINOs know his tactics so well without reading the book?

  • bigL

    Crank. Just says we are winning

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  • ckey

    Ideological purity? Why not vote for the candidate that best meets your own stand on issues? Neither Lugar nor Danforth are entitled to any political office. Voters hire a candidate in the expectation that their own–not the candidate’s–views will prevail on issues.

  • tommy mc donnell

    ideological purity; would that be going to washington and doing what you said you were going to do when you campaigned? republicans are sick of politicans saying one thing when they run for office and doing another once they get elected. if that is a problem for politicans, too bad.

  • Sally

    The death grip on power is loosening.

  • aprilnovember811

    DANFORTH: An effort by some, and apparently a large number, 60% in Indiana, to purge the Republican Party and to create something that’s ideologically pure and intolerant of anybody who does not agree with them — not just on general principles, but right across the board.

    Like showing fidelity to the U.S. Constitution and the oath? Horrors! We’re tired of those who treat the Constitution like a ceremonial item, and not the law. How’s that Mr. Danforth?

  • ‘Ol Tymer

    Let me preface my statement by saying that I remember when Kit Bond and Jack Danfort shared the corner of Delmar and Old Bonhomme in 1976. Yes their respective campaign offices were diagonally across the intersection. Prior to joining the YR’s I worked for a family friend from the cattle business by the name of one Jerry Lon Litton.
    I am a life long Republican of over 50 years but am an independent thinker to campaign for those whose values I entrust with my vote and btw was not the only Republican working for Jerry.

    Jack Danforth remembers well the infighting that occurred in 1976 and in many ways cost Gerald Ford the election and also it cost Kit Bond the governor’s office.
    The Reagan faction even though the wounds “were healed” in Kansas City they still exhisted. I remember one particular Ford Rally at Northwest Plaza and the Ford campaign asked for help from both the Bond and Danforth Camps. It was easier to get Leon and Michael Spinks to appear and help at the rally than it was to get some of those in St Louis who had backed Reagan. The fracturing of the party had begun!
    Some State Legislators who had supported Reagan were no shows for the rally and also were not the most supportive of Kit Bond.

    I remember having dinner with the late Carrie Franke one night and the fracturing of the party and the divisiveness within were the main topic and Carrie made the comment that it will be hard to win anything with this. Carrie asked how Jerry got so much support from some of the hard liner Democrats in St Louis, and it was by being open minded to them and their concerns for the wards or townships. Jerry was a unifier not a divider. As a party that is what we need, not just one particular view or ideology.

    I am a moderate with conservative tendencies, yet at our local caucus this past year, I was called out by some on the far right, aka Tea Party supporters, and even told where to go and I was not a true Republican. As Republicans is that the proper way to treat each other by ostracizing a member of the party for his views? To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln we are becoming “A House Divided.” In many ways I feel not that we are becoming. but have become “A House Divided”

    If you have worked in a campaign above the local level much of what Jack Danforth said speaks volumes. You win elections by forming coalitions not by dividing the party or ostracizing members or factions within the party. Rubio, was able to do this and others were not or did not attempt to reach out.
    This is why Jerry Litton was so successful he formed coalitions within the party even though they did not agree on all issues. Jerrys campaign we had a slogan that as staffers we used quite a bit, it was the adage, “One of All and All for One” as Republicans we need to take that at heart for the good of the party.

  • Valerie

    I don’t think he’s talking about GOP voters. He’s had more experience with the GOP self-described leaders at the national level. Some of them ARE intolerant of new voices and people who should otherwise be their allies.

    Why did the GOP beat up on Sarah Palin?

    And the TEA Parties?

    And Newt?

    Some people would call it elitism, I call it provincialism, or disrespect for common people, or just plain stupidity.

  • rrpjr

    DANFORTH: An effort by some, and apparently a large number, 60% in Indiana, to purge the Republican Party and to create something that’s ideologically pure and intolerant of anybody who does not agree with them — not just on general principles, but right across the board.

    This statement is close to psychotic. It exemplifies the mind-altering rot of RINO accommodation to the liberal mindset, how RINOs have completely internalized the ruling class horror of actual accountability to actual citizens, and the sense of entitlement of these people in which reality and morality are altered to support their sense of indispensability.

  • arnonerik

    The reason this country has slid so far down the Socialist pit is because of so-called Republicans like Danforth. The bible calls people like that wolves in sheep’s clothing. If the enemies of the USA wanted to undermine this country they would attempt to infiltrate and take over both political parties. Well, they did! And they got control of one and they came pretty close to getting the other. Thank God for the Tea Party and talk radio.

  • jimstlmo

    Mr. Danforth, you are correct. YOU AREN’T WANTED!!! Their is good news though, there is plenty of room under the big tent of the Democrat Party for people such as yourself!

  • 1RedBeard

    The Danforth/Lugar idea of forming coalitions with leftists is flawed at the outset, because such coalitions have always required that Republicans shift leftward, with the leftie Dems never shifting to the right.

    “Bipartisanship” always means doing things the leftie way. We’re through with that false brotherhood crapola, Mr. Beltway Insider Danforth. You and the other RINOs sold us that disingenuous bill of goods year after year, as the country continued to slide leftward and down. No more. We’re onto you, and we’re going to take back our country.

  • Fuquay Steve

    He is also an episcopalian minister of some sort like the ex gov of NJ McGrivey. Exlains a lot about his confusion with reality.

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