Joan Walsh: “I Didn’t Think it Was Possible to Get Lower Than Andrew Breitbart But His Spawn Have” (Video)

Salon editor, Joan Walsh, took an outrageous swing at the late Andrew Breitbart on Friday night.
NewsBusters has video:

Here’s the transcript:

MICHAEL SMERCONISH, SUBSTITUTE HOST: Here, by the way, you can see the 1991 literary agency photo and description of President Obama unearthed by the folks as I say at Breitbart. You know, Joan Walsh, I have to make this observation. The folks at Breitbart say, “We don’t buy the birther argument. We’re putting this forward because we think it’s evidence of the shoddy job done by the media four years ago to vet the now president.” What do you make of that?

JOAN WALSH, SALON: They’re bottom feeders. I mean, my God, I didn’t think it was possible to get lower than Andrew Breitbart, but his spawn have gotten lower than Andrew Breitbart.

She does realize that Andrew left behind a wife and four children?

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  • bg


    D stands for desperate, deceitful, disturbed,
    diabolical, despicable & deranged, dipsh*ts..


  • vityas

    She knows. She stands by the comment.

  • Zilla

    What an arrogant stupid b!tch.

  • Militant Conservative

    Ha ha ha, Breitbart is in your head rent free.

    Now his fellow truth seekers are on you ass

    Like white on rice. We will not stop nor be

    deterred, YOU have a problem, and it has

    gone viral. I spread the truth daily. The liberal

    democrats hate my guts. But I’m right and can

    Prove it, even to thier little minds.

    They are really are pitiful, pathetic sub intellect

    Versions of a real human.

  • Dittogirl

    She should look in the mirror to see what really is. These people are going to pay, dearly, for all of the deception, lies, and smearing of people that cannot defend themselves.

  • Joanne

    Ridicule, ridicule, but it only makes her look like a liar and a moron.

  • Tamalezebra

    Telling the truth? For shame! Who are you kidding? Do you hear yourself? The jig is up Mame.

  • Truth Teller

    These deranged leftists don’t realize that when the collapse is upon us, her and her kind will be the first down.

  • Indiana

    Andrew Breitbart is here!

  • Limousine Barry

    I will not have my past re-visited! It could cost me a huge number of votes.

    That is why I have hired David Axelrod and his corporation in addition to George Soros and his collection of ‘non-profit” corporations to “adjust” all aspects of my past.

    I also have various governmental agencies, MSNBC and the leftist Salon magazine in my back pocket.

    I agree with Joan Walsh. I am a bottom feeder… er, I can’t see the teleprompter. Please adjust it. Thank you.

    I agree that Joan Walsh is a bottom feeder… er… I still can’t see the teleprompter.

    Let me be clear, my Connecticut driver’s license is just as legal as my Aunt Zeituni. My selective draft filing is as authenticate as Elizabeth Warren is an Indian. And, I don’t want to hear any questions!

    My Limousine is running and I am off to another campaign fund raiser. Barney Frank. Andrew Sullivan and a number of bundlers will be taking donations. Keep my crappy campaign afloat. Please make a donation. Good Day.

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  • billypaintbrush

    attack the messenger, joan, well done.

  • redneck

    Bretbart still scares the hell out of them from the grave………

  • JPL17

    She’s Obie’s concubine, plain + simple.

  • donh

    Bottom feeding is stalking old highschool classmates for juvenile anecdotes of playground bullying. Risking ones life to surface vital information that is being willfully supressed by the full force and powers of the US government media complex is being a patriot. The government would sooner kill multiple people than disobey an Obama order to hide the truth about his fraudulant existance . Joan Walsh will have God to answer to for that.

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  • mg4us

    BG #1 Fully agree. .as well as #4 Militant Conservative

    Borrowing from an old SNL skit (since these media elitists only know their kind)
    Joan, You Ignorant Slut. . . Why couldn’t you find it

    Joan, You Ignorant Slut. . .Don’t you realize is only doing the job you, Salon and others in the media failed to do four years ago. . . .

    Joan, You Ignorant Slut . . . go back to being an Ignorant Slut. . .

  • regularguy

    These media bottom-feeders are the only pukes who demand a salary and cannot and will not do their very jobs. What other so-called profession allows for such malpractice, hubris, bias and incompetence and yet demands we all purchase their product? This information was available somewhere, yet it’s only now coming to light. These people truly suck.

  • dylan

    Another Pelosi wanna-be with no credibility, no followers and no power… just keep spewing, lady, eventually you will run out of hot air.

  • Margie

    I shall be getting mail soon, a Breitbart is here t-shirt. :)