Joan Walsh: “I Didn’t Think it Was Possible to Get Lower Than Andrew Breitbart But His Spawn Have” (Video)

Salon editor, Joan Walsh, took an outrageous swing at the late Andrew Breitbart on Friday night.
NewsBusters has video:

Here’s the transcript:

MICHAEL SMERCONISH, SUBSTITUTE HOST: Here, by the way, you can see the 1991 literary agency photo and description of President Obama unearthed by the folks as I say at Breitbart. You know, Joan Walsh, I have to make this observation. The folks at Breitbart say, “We don’t buy the birther argument. We’re putting this forward because we think it’s evidence of the shoddy job done by the media four years ago to vet the now president.” What do you make of that?

JOAN WALSH, SALON: They’re bottom feeders. I mean, my God, I didn’t think it was possible to get lower than Andrew Breitbart, but his spawn have gotten lower than Andrew Breitbart.

She does realize that Andrew left behind a wife and four children?

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  • bg


    D stands for desperate, deceitful, disturbed,
    diabolical, despicable & deranged, dipsh*ts..


  • vityas

    She knows. She stands by the comment.

  • What an arrogant stupid b!tch.

  • Militant Conservative

    Ha ha ha, Breitbart is in your head rent free.

    Now his fellow truth seekers are on you ass

    Like white on rice. We will not stop nor be

    deterred, YOU have a problem, and it has

    gone viral. I spread the truth daily. The liberal

    democrats hate my guts. But I’m right and can

    Prove it, even to thier little minds.

    They are really are pitiful, pathetic sub intellect

    Versions of a real human.

  • Dittogirl

    She should look in the mirror to see what really is. These people are going to pay, dearly, for all of the deception, lies, and smearing of people that cannot defend themselves.

  • Joanne

    Ridicule, ridicule, but it only makes her look like a liar and a moron.

  • Tamalezebra

    Telling the truth? For shame! Who are you kidding? Do you hear yourself? The jig is up Mame.

  • Truth Teller

    These deranged leftists don’t realize that when the collapse is upon us, her and her kind will be the first down.

  • Indiana

    Andrew Breitbart is here!

  • Limousine Barry

    I will not have my past re-visited! It could cost me a huge number of votes.

    That is why I have hired David Axelrod and his corporation in addition to George Soros and his collection of ‘non-profit” corporations to “adjust” all aspects of my past.

    I also have various governmental agencies, MSNBC and the leftist Salon magazine in my back pocket.

    I agree with Joan Walsh. I am a bottom feeder… er, I can’t see the teleprompter. Please adjust it. Thank you.

    I agree that Joan Walsh is a bottom feeder… er… I still can’t see the teleprompter.

    Let me be clear, my Connecticut driver’s license is just as legal as my Aunt Zeituni. My selective draft filing is as authenticate as Elizabeth Warren is an Indian. And, I don’t want to hear any questions!

    My Limousine is running and I am off to another campaign fund raiser. Barney Frank. Andrew Sullivan and a number of bundlers will be taking donations. Keep my crappy campaign afloat. Please make a donation. Good Day.

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  • billypaintbrush

    attack the messenger, joan, well done.

  • Bretbart still scares the hell out of them from the grave………

  • JPL17

    She’s Obie’s concubine, plain + simple.

  • donh

    Bottom feeding is stalking old highschool classmates for juvenile anecdotes of playground bullying. Risking ones life to surface vital information that is being willfully supressed by the full force and powers of the US government media complex is being a patriot. The government would sooner kill multiple people than disobey an Obama order to hide the truth about his fraudulant existance . Joan Walsh will have God to answer to for that.

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  • mg4us

    BG #1 Fully agree. .as well as #4 Militant Conservative

    Borrowing from an old SNL skit (since these media elitists only know their kind)
    Joan, You Ignorant Slut. . . Why couldn’t you find it

    Joan, You Ignorant Slut. . .Don’t you realize is only doing the job you, Salon and others in the media failed to do four years ago. . . .

    Joan, You Ignorant Slut . . . go back to being an Ignorant Slut. . .

  • regularguy

    These media bottom-feeders are the only pukes who demand a salary and cannot and will not do their very jobs. What other so-called profession allows for such malpractice, hubris, bias and incompetence and yet demands we all purchase their product? This information was available somewhere, yet it’s only now coming to light. These people truly suck.

  • dylan

    Another Pelosi wanna-be with no credibility, no followers and no power… just keep spewing, lady, eventually you will run out of hot air.

  • Margie

    I shall be getting mail soon, a Breitbart is here t-shirt. 🙂

  • remember this is paid for by corporate america, the people the left are trying to destroy.

  • I think she just acknowledged that the widespread belief that Bam Bam was not born in the United States is strengthened when true events from his past are exposed.

  • thescribbler

    <——— Spawn of Breitbart Is Here!

    RIP Andrew, you are missed, but not forgotten.

  • Winston Wolfe

    Who gives a damn what this miserable scrunt has to say.

  • Tim in Cali

    ” If you’re not taking flak,you’re not over the target ”

    Keep complaining Joan,we’re over the target…BOMBS AWAY

  • Patty

    JOAN WALSH, SALON: “They’re bottom feeders. I mean, my God, I didn’t think it was possible to get lower than Andrew Breitbart, but his spawn have gotten lower than Andrew Breitbart.”

    First of all to use God’s name in the same sentence, in such and evil and demonic way, speaks volumes about the left wing Radicals.

    Walsh’s Attack on Romney

    While normally I wouldn’t care what the editor of had to say about religion (let alone anything else) I find Walsh’s attack on the Mormon faith to be an exercise in hypocrisy and a glaring example of how members of the media have absolutely no interest in journalism and instead engage in demagoguery on behalf of their cause célèbre, in this case Barack Obama’s reelection. Joan’s tweet came in the midst of Romney victories in both Michigan and Arizona, probably in an effort to gin up some hits for her website or to score an MSNBC appearance or two. Whether you like Romney or think he’s the Great Satan is neither here nor there. The issue is that Walsh (and trust me, she won’t be the only media member to attack the LDS faith in the coming weeks and months) went on the offensive and slammed a practice of the Mormon Church in the midst of what appears to be the first nomination of a Mormon for the office of the Presidency by the Republican Party. While the practice of proxy baptism is a controversial topic, mocking it serves no purpose and is not how reasonable people behave. What’s clear about this event: Joan said what the Obama Campaign wants to say but can’t. She is campaigning for Obama by attacking a religion some 6 million Americans belong to.

    And there is so much more about this bigot.

  • Patty

    Walsh Defends Obama’s Pastor

    When she speaks about Spawn, does she know the devil, personally? You would think so by the racist tone and anger in her words.

  • USMC Thomas

    The libturd only retort when caught lying is vile personal attacks.

  • Patty

    O’Reilly accuses Joan Walsh of having “blood on her hands” for defending Tiller

    Sorry, don’t trust this site but I can’t seem to find this interview anywhere else but liberal sites. Watch it.

  • Patty

    Here is the one who seems to know Satan’s spawn’s so very well.


  • Patty Many Videos here.

    Just go here and you can see what a spawn has to say. Walsh is looking for her 15 mins. of fame. Apparently, I have no more to say about a left wing radical devotee of Obama’s.

  • bg


    mg4us #17 May 26, 2012 at 8:20 pm






  • bg


    Earth to Walsh (et al)..

    there is a God, and we the people are Breitbart, Amen..


  • GGMac

    bg, at #1…

    Yours is the most spot-on comment I’ve seen in weeks. Their mindset has become breathtakingly twisted.

  • Robert

    They’re bottom feeders. I mean, my God, I didn’t think it was possible to get lower than Andrew Breitbart, but his spawn have gotten lower than Andrew Breitbart.

    This is what passes for political analysis at MSNBC, it consists only of personal invective.

  • Hank

    Who names their site Salon? It sounds like a site for gay hairdressers. Then again, after reading a couple of articles, maybe it is.

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  • squeaky

    maybe joan should consult with charlie roase and tom brokaw.

  • squeaky

    roase would actually be rose.

  • SpideyTerry

    I didn’t think it was possible for someone so incompetent, arrogant and wretchedly ugly to be allowed on television, but Joan Walsh proved me wrong. Next time I check under a slimy rock, I’ll be sure to tell her that.

  • Greg

    Who is Joan Walsh. Why is she significant

  • Greg

    Wait… she is significant because she is an employee of nbc wholly owned by GE and Comcast. And she is forced to project fo WTF since NBC is lily white excutive class

  • jorgen

    it’s evidence of the shoddy job done by the media four years ago to vet the now president.

    What can she say> She knows he was right.

  • Joe College

    This may well mean Team Obama fears the Breitbart people are saving their most damaging video(s) for the most strategic moment in the presidential campaign. Why else would they be picking on the Breitbart enterprise? After all, it’s just another conservative blog?

    After the death of Andrew his blog released that rather weak video of Obama with a racially charged professor. It was a letdown. It occurred to me at the time that this could be a sort of red herring to get Breitbart’s enemies off the track and allow the Breitbart enterprise to control the timing of further revelations.

    Perhaps the Newsweek ‘gay’ cover is an attempt to prepare the battlefield for what Team Obama fears the Breitbart enterprise might have in store for an October surprise.

  • tpartynitwit

    Andrew knowingly drank and snorted himself to death, and lacked life insurance. He was a moron, and his colleagues did nothing to save him. His Executive Editor, Joel Pollak, was a diversity admission to Harvard Law School as a white South African Jew, and ironically plays the racial preference angle on the President and Elizabeth Warren whenever he gets the chance. So yes, Breitdead was low, but Pollak et al are far more loathesome.

  • dan’l

    nitwit- and POTUS got into Harvard how? Breitbart and Pollak are lowlifes for revealing facts? Progressivism is a delusional mental disorder inspired by Satan.

  • 1redbeard

    Yes indeed, nitwit is a nitwit, as he proves with each rabid post.

    I do enjoy watching the deranged spittle-flinging rage that the mere mention of Breitbart causes among leftists. I know, it’s not nice to enjoy the mental health problems of others, but in the case of leftists, it just can’t be helped. They’re just so doggoned entertaining.

  • even steven

    I often wonder if being really stupid is painful. I think I’ll send Joan an email and ask her.

  • squeaky

    she’s somewhat like the car salesman in the carfax ads. selling you on the superficial looks of something [or someone] while avoiding the negatives. bright and shiny barry turned out to be bondo barry –

  • ravenhairedmaid

    Who would have thought a Salon editor could be so biased and heartless?
    Hold on, I think I have to sit down from the shock. Maybe take some deep breaths and think of a Happy Place …

  • Patty

    #17 May 26, 2012 at 8:20 pm
    mg4us commented:


    She licks the crud off the bottom of the heels of the Slut.

  • bobdog

    See the previous thread about Al Sharpton commenting that pink people are committing some mysterious sort of genocide against black people.

    No further comment is even necessary. It’s not worth the time.

  • ohme

    for this person to use the words “my God” is blasphemy. She has purposefully rebelled against God. This is not a good thing for her future.
    I am so sick of these nasty people “ruling” this country.

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  • mg4us

    #51 Patty

    Thanks. .and agree

    Also agree with #44 Joe College. . . BREITBART is HERE

    More to Come. . And Obama and WH and DEMS know he is toast

    Google Obama gay rumors…0.0.lRMeqZ_IRs4

    Down Low in “black Parlance” is having male-2-male affairs

  • bg


    tpartynitwit #45 May 27, 2012 at 5:59 am

    oh you’re way too modest, i think
    YOU deserve it so much more.. 🙄

    well that, and the BS post of the month..


  • Conservative Women Need To Speak Louder

    Poor Walsh.

    Her anger over the truth being told is showing – and, oh, it’s a beautiful thing!

    Go wash up, now, Joan.

  • Conservative Women Need To Speak Louder

    You know they are desperate when they have to bring up dead people to try to make a point.

    The old “Bush’s fault” and “racist” just aren’t working anymore.


  • Who the hell is Joan Walsh and why should anyone with sense care what she says?

  • tpartynitwit

    Deadbart’s “bombshell” turned out to be a “skid mark,” and they can’t let it go –to hilarious effect.

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  • Militant Conservative

    #60 May 27, 2012 at 5:59 pm
    tpartynitwit commented:

    Your right, can’t wait till Obama is worm food too.

    Due to his “habits”.

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    Joanie seems to have marxist rising… I’m sick of the the left calling good people names… and then pointing the figure at me… rotten ba&tar$s… we do all the work.. they want all the goods.. they are liars and lazy.. LETS ELECT A HUMAN WHO IS AMERICAN THIS TIME…

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