Indonesian Muslims Throw Sewage, Rotten Eggs and Garbage at Christian Worshippers

A Christian worshipper prays as angry Muslims harass and assault the Bekasi Christian service.

Indonesian Muslims once again attacked local Christians in Bekasi. The Muslims threw sewage, rotten eggs and garbage at praying Christians.
The Jakarta Post reported, via ROP:

An angry mob once again assaulted the members of the Congregation of Batak Protestant Churches (HKBP) Filadelfia on Sunday morning as the parishioners were trying to attend their house of worship – the second attack within a week.

The congregation was reportedly entering their church, located on Jejalen Raya village in Bekasi, West Java, at around 9 a.m. when a group of people suddenly began throwing objects at them.

“They threw mineral water in plastic cups, mud, rotten eggs and water from drainage ditches at us. Some of them were still harassing parishioners after the congregation had already dispersed,” HKBP Filadelfia Rev. Palti Panjaitan told The Jakarta Post.

He added that the plastic cups that were thrown by the crowd also hit Bekasi Police chief Sr. Comr. Wahyu Hadiningrat and Bekasi Public Order Agency (Satpol PP) chief Agus Rismanto, whose members were unsuccessfully trying to provide safety.

“Our lawyer [Judianto Simanjuntak] and some reporters were chased by members of the intolerant group after the group had been scattered,” he said.

Last Thursday Muslims tossed stones, frogs and bags of urine at the Christian worshippers during their Ascension service.
AsiaNews had more on yesterday’s attack:

Local witnesses report that yesterday – on the arrival of the Faithful – a group of extremists blocked access to the “Church Street “, forcing people to abandon their motorcycles and cover the last part of the journey to the place of worship on foot . The police were deployed around the perimeter of the building, to allow the smooth running of the function, but a crowd of about 400 extremists “surrounded” the area and started to rant against members of religious minority.

Among the fundamentalist group there were not only men but also women and children. After the threats came blows. The crowd began to throw water, sewage, used oil, mud, rotten eggs, sticks and other blunt objects. A “brutal” attack aggravated by the presence of a swarm of “infiltrators” who has passed the cordon of officers and attacked the faithful of the Christian community the “from within”.

Here is video of the scene outside the Christian service.

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  • rodguy911

    Just those peace loving moderate muzzies doing what they do best going after the infidels one more time.
    Any one that thinks that islam is a religion rather than a set of laws called sharia and enforced by massive brainwashing is….wrong.

  • Saint John the Baptist
    Pray for those who are & will be martyred
    in these, the End of Times.
    Obtain for them the Grace of Fortitude
    & Holy Courage.

    “HE is coming. This time HE won’t be spit on.”
    maranâ’ thâ’

  • bg


    OWS strikes again.. /s/


  • Toa

    #2- AMEN!!

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Fight back. If that’s not possible or comes with too high a price, get out.

    Do nothing, and the end will come sooner than they expect.

  • Coming to a neighborhood near you if Obama is reelected. How much “foreign aid” do we pay to this cesspool so they can pay cops to stay away while Christians are attacked? Where are the “UN Peacekeepers”

    ….oh, I forgot, they’re off raping and pillaging somewhere else, but they’ll eventually get around to joining in for the dividing of the spoils of the martyred Christians here.

  • bg


    stop the world via bombing satans meccan
    rock and free the Christians for a change..


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  • valerie

    We know the Christians were locals. What about those Muslim attackers?

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  • AnnaS

    I lived a long time in Indonesia. Some of my chilldren were born there. I am so sad to see this as there was nothing of this sort in the past! Radical Islam seems to be sweeping the world! Time to stop being “politically correct” here and pay attention.

  • ar05075

    Well, by now the Christians should be prepared to throw pig guts back at them.!!!

  • Nelle

    #12 That’s ridiculous. Surely they have bacon bits.

  • bg


    just a sample:

    Jihad: From Jakarta To The Whitehouse

    [Why would the publishers drastically change the title of the book for the
    Indonesian translation and make use of such figurative language? Your
    guess is as good as mine, but it would seem that Barack Obama is quite
    interested with promoting himself in Southeast Asia as a crusader for the
    cause of Indonesia’s Muslims.

    they see him as a crusader for the cause of Islam.

    “In the Muslim school, the teacher wrote to tell mother
    I made faces during Quranic studies,” wrote Obama.


  • if this story is reported in the democrat party-media complex we can expect another round of islamophobia sermons in the catholic churches this weekend.

  • bg


    #15 May 21, 2012 at 11:45 pm
    tommy mc donnell

    they (the Christian community of all denominations, not to
    mention Jews/Mormons/etc) need to tune into Dr. Jasser..


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  • obama is a mole

    And this is where he learned to love America..and he sends millions to Odinga to support the slaughter of Christians in his other Homeland..and he supports Holder, Black Panthers

  • burt

    Gee, Obama was wrong! You don’t have to be American for people to hate you. Moslems hate the world and everybody in it. For a running total of people killed by Islam this year, see the web site: thereligionofpeace.

  • MT Geoff

    Christians learned to share the world with our religious forebears, the Jews. That was after most of two thousand years of oppression, pogroms, discrimination, forced baptism, insults, and sometimes murders.
    I hope and I pray that Muslims will learn to share the world too, with Christian and Jew and Hindu and even, perhaps their hardest barrier, Muslims of other sects.
    I have known few Muslims personally but I have known a few. I hate to see all of the religion’s followers insulted as “muzzies” as I would hate to see Christians insulted as “bread eaters and blood drinkers”.

  • Duffy

    “Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

  • If the shoe was on the other foot and Muslims were being attacked Obama would issue a press release with a reference to the Crusades or some such thing.

  • RiderInTheNight

    And this is what Hussein Obama calls the religion of peace?


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