In His Own Words… Obama Admits to Smoking Pot, Drinking Beer, Doing Drugs… And Bullying Fat Nerdy Black Girl in High School (Video)

Obama High

The WaPo reported today about an incident in 1965 when Mitt Romney reportedly bullied a fellow student. Their source was not even there to witness the incident… and only heard about it last year when the media started snooping around investigating Romney’s past.

Meanwhile, in “Dreams of My Father” Barack Obama bragged about smoking reefer, drinking beer and enthusiastically doing drugs in high school.
Via Hannity:

More… Obama admitted to bullying a fat nerdy black girl too.

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  • I just made this video tonight:

    Romney Plays High School Pranks~Obama Does Drugs~Which Story is in the Washington Post?

    The Washington Post has vetted Romney’s high school pranks.
    When are they going to vett Obama’s admitted high school cocaine abuse?

  • mnashc

    Punk has been replaced by OBAMA. Someone with no experience in anything and thinks they are the sh#t ………….. That would be an OBAMA. You fraud punk child……..Real Americans know the truth!

  • More “In His Own Words”

  • Economan

    Seriously. If these dopes in the media had done their job and properly vetted this jerk in the WH, we wouldn’t be in the sad economic condition we’re in. Why is it so important to go back 50 years to look for some dirt on Romney while these miscreants won’t question why Obama was Barry Sotero, his college records, BC, or his past with Rev. Wright? They don’t EVEN have the interests of the country at heart, all they care about is helping the Dems march us toward a Marxist utopia.

  • john b

    Remember when Obama said it was OK for him to hang around Bill Ayers cause the stuff Ayers did happened when Obama was just a child?

    Guess he can’t say anything about Romney then.

    Check out the websites highlighting Dreams of his Father” where Barry talks about his bullying a girl.

  • Ron?

    They should change the name of his book from “Dreams of my Fathers, The Audacity of Hope” to “Moma, Who my Daddy is? The Dumbassity of of a Dope”.

  • Toa

    These are the same “open-minded, tolerant Liberals” who were sneering at “George W. Bush, the drunken frat boy”.

  • Sasja

    What do you want to bet he is still doing drugs?

  • el polacko

    not that we should even be talking about such things but there is a HUGE difference between smoking a joint and having a beer and jumping a classmate, holding him down, and cutting off his hair because of his perceived sexuality. i’m no obama fan, but in this particular comparison only, i’d rather associate with somebody who has a buzz on than somebody who physically assaults someone in order to humiliate him with a buzz cut.

  • Annoyed In Illinois

    In one of his ghost-written books, Odumbo also boasted of bullying old White people while he was in New York City AND under the influence of drugs.

  • aprilnovember811

    Those that voted this trash into the White House owe us an apology for what they’ve done. They’ve disgraced this country.

  • aprilnovember811

    Someone has to get his college grades. I bet he never graduated or he had failing grades. He’s nothing but a drug user and a bum. This is what people trusted to lead their country, a bum.

  • Patty


    Barney Frank: Obama Not Invited To My Wedding

    Congressman Barney Frank said he doesn’t want “to put my guests through the metal detector. The Secret Service does a wonderful job of protecting the President while thoroughly disrupting the lives of everyone around them. I want my wedding to be celebratory, not militarized.”

  • Patty

    This is old news. But it would be nice if wasn’t hidden by the do nothing Obama loving liberal media.

  • Right Wing Conservative

    “Obama Admits to Smoking Reefer, Drinking Beer and ‘Enthusiastically’ Doing Drugs in High School”

    These are all talking points for democrats and could get “The One” elected again if you keep promoting him like this.

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  • jainphx

    How interesting and actually very telling. The left media can find, instantly, George W’s DUI> They can come up with FAKE but accurate National guard records. Now they find people from over 50 years ago to attest to Romney “bullying” a Homosexual, and yet can’t find one person that knew Soetero from even 10 minutes ago. They can’t find a connection with Ayres, although they both sat on the same boards and he actually started his political career from his living room.

    Look doesn’t anyone get tired of this selective amnesia. Are we going to sit back and allow them to lie and cheat and steal forever? When do the fence sitters wake up? I don’t hold out for much hope seeing as Hitler was made possible by the same methods.

  • Patty
  • Patty

    The youth will love this too. Gay marriage, drinking, drugs.
    Obama is the Transparent one. Tell us more. Get to the really good stuff.

    As if we haven’t hear it all, especially in the recent months. So many things that I would never believe if I hadn’t heard them with my on ears.

    What is the most important job in this nation. This stuff? Really, I won’t settle until Obama is out of the White House and some respect is back in our nation.

  • Patty


    President Obama has made it official: He now supports same-sex marriage. It is his latest onslaught on traditional America. Mr. Obama has made history. He is our first commander in chief to openly embrace legalizing homosexual and lesbian unions. He has crossed a cultural watershed, paving the way for the eventual triumph of the homosexual agenda. Rather than being a victory for “civil rights” or “marital equality,” Mr. Obama’s decision puts America on the path to moral disintegration. We are one step closer to becoming like secular, post-Christian Europe.

    For years, Mr. Obama claimed his position was “evolving.” Facing re-election and under growing pressure from liberal interest groups, especially the powerful homosexual lobby, he finally capitulated. His decision was not based on principle, but cynical politics. Mr. Obama needs the gay and lesbian vote to win in November. Immediately upon his announcement Wednesday, Hollywood donors opened their checkbooks. Millions were pumped into the Obama campaign coffers; the liberal base has been energized, and the cultural left is hailing Mr. Obama as the Martin Luther King of our time. The president believes it is an electoral masterstroke.


  • Patty

    OT but still speaks to the character of Obama

    With all due respect to President Obama, he is wrong on the matter of homosexual marriages. By finally coming to the end of his so-called “evolution” wherein he has discerned that there is room in our society for homosexual marriages, he aligns himself with three significant threats to society as a whole and personhood in general.

    First, homosexual marriage undermines the timeless and transcultural nature of marriage. When one puts forward the idea that marriage can and should be about more than one man in covenant partnership with one woman, then what is the end? Why not have three making up the marriage, such as with the pologymists of old or on the fringe of our day? Why not have three men, or two men and a woman, or four women and a mule? Perhaps commonly understood age expectations should be lifted, so that little girls can be married to grown men, similar to some corners of Muslim society, or little boys to older men, such as is often promoted by the fringe North American Man/Boy Love Association. With few exceptions, marriage has universally been recognized as a sanctioned relationship between one man and one woman. President Obama and those who share his view essentially toss aside a relationship standard that has existed for thousands of years. They may declare all day long that their intention is to stay within the framework of two individuals in love; but when the traditional understanding is altered, the door is thrown open for an increasingly fluid definition and description of marriage.

    {..} read on here:

    What else will Obama do, the are no limits on his immorality.

  • charlotte

    Obama, by his own admission, shoved a little girl, Coretta in the playground at his school in Hawaii. Breitbart has it.

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  • silentcalrox

    barry is simply appealing to his base!

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  • squeaky

    between what the obama campaign is saying and what romney is saying lies the truth. if you have recollections going back 50 odd years both sides know that unrecorded actions just boil down to blind decisions based on faith. no one is above lying and always for some greater good – with good being like beauty [as in the eyes of the beholder]. and bullying a fat nerdy black girl can be as devastating as what romney is accused of doing.

  • Gary Ogletree

    Doper in high school–who cares. Voting to kill abortion survivors–that’s pure evil.

  • Lady Mondegreen

    There is another difference here that has nothing to do with whether one supports Romney or Obama, but with controlling the narrative. Obama wrote about smoking pot and drinking and about eating dog in a book that was published several years ago. The stories about Romney bullying a classmate and tying the dog’s kennel to to roof of the car are being told by third parties. Regardless of which is more serious, Obama has maintained control of his narrative but Romney is not controlling his. That’s a real danger as it is allowing others to shape how people see him. Not good.

  • mg4us

    Obama did not just bully the girl. .he pushed her with both hands. . . AKA Physical assault!

    The poor girl is scared for life. . . physically & emotionally. . .
    Romney only gave the boy a haircut. . .to the common style popular in those days. . .

    This is just a deflection by WAPO and obama-luvin libtard repeaters (not reporters) to shift attention away from Obama’s dismal record as POTUS – – – he fails

    Failed on the economy
    Failed on Job creation
    Failed on fiscal responsibility
    Just plain failed. . . (wonder what his college transcripts show)

    And he failed this past Tuesday in WI, WV, NC – – major loss of within his own party

    OBAMA is all an act for the left to seize control and destroy – – that is why he fits in so well with the Hollywood elitists. .he is one of them

    I say if Hollywood has that much money to spare (funny how they never donate these sums to charity), I say BOYCOTT their films. . Let them feel our disapproval where it hurts them most. .in their wallets!!

    Until then, WAPO, NYT, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN – – remember:
    IT’s The ECONOMY, Stupid!!!!!!!

  • Mark1957

    Breaking news……… An anonymous source has confirmed that when Mitt Romney was in kindergarten he once called a classmate a “boogerhead”…. Film at eleven.

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  • mg4us

    When OBAMA is not wee-weed up. .
    he remembers IT’s THE ECONOMY, STUPID!!

  • mg4us

    No surprise. . .

    What do you expect from a man who flunked college math so to Black History as a major!

    The reason Obama uses “I” so often is because he is:
    Incompetent, Inept, Inexperienced, and I-radical

    Even Bill Clinton agrees. . Obama is wrong for our Country

  • Pleasance

    #10 May 10, 2012 at 10:09 pm
    el polacko commented:

    Apparently you believe everything that MSM prints. One man tells a story, two others say it didn’t happen, sister of alleged victim said she never heard of it, and yet you believe man who tells story.

    Why not start all over again and think this time.

  • samuel welsh

    obama next losser behind the flag
    just another w bush

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  • Gary

    Jainphx, MG4US, others

    It isn’t just that, but the timing is after months of talk about school bullying, and even a movie about it, and then just minutes after Obama comes out pro gay marriage.
    No accidents in the media. They’ve been staging this for a long time.

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  • Sageinmn

    How in the world did a hard drinking drug user that skipped classes in the last two years of high school manage to get into and excel in college? There is a void in the story of Obama’s background the size of the grand canyon! Its a good thing that we have passed the tipping point of trust in the MSM.

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  • Time

    Geez, everyone look at these photos you can tell they are shopped. Look at Os head in the photos. His head is huge next to the others. These photos and short stories are all written to give credibility that Obama grew up here and attended schools here..The pushing of the little girl are just words to get everyone to believe he was attending elementary school and like most little boys do bully little girls at that age. This is all make believe, made up to make him appear to be somewhere he never was…

  • Gary

    Time 45

    Sorry, not seeing it. But then I don’t have the best eye for that kind of thing.

    Also, you’re missing the bigger picture. It isn’t about how big or small you look in any one picture, it’s how you look as an average. See, last week Obama was criticized for being Photoshopped in too small on the Bin Laden raid picture. So now he has to be Photoshopped in too big on one so that it averages out. Come on, man, just think before you post here!

  • obama never did any of that stuff in the book. bill ayers made it up to get him the liberal vote. you know doing drugs is so cool.

  • There’s a basic difference between liberals and conservatives evident here: Liberals think of getting high and getting laid as forgivable teen-aged hijinx, and conservatives feel the same way about bullying hippies and queers.

  • Chris W.

    All this plus the Romney story was proven false 24 hours after it printed.

  • valerie

    #10 May 10, 2012 at 10:09 pm
    el polacko commented:

    Do you know that the Washington Post article has already fallen apart?

  • Their source was not even there to witness the incident

    Hoft is confused. One of the WP sources helped hold the boy down while Romney cut his hair.

  • bg


    #51 May 11, 2012 at 2:28 pm
    Adam Robert Ryan



  • Time

    Well Gary, maybe you need to get yourself a magnifying glass so you can better see with…Clearly in the above photo Mr Os head and arms are much larger then others in the class photo. Why would his arms be so much larger as appearing of a mans ? Unlike those of junior high/ High school children in the photo. It is obvious the photo was shopped…. Enuf said.. Get the magnify . It works…And also, come on, think before you post. Hahaha.

  • Rachelle

    You realize, of course, that Obama was only tormenting the fat girl for her own good.

    She needed to lose weight for her health and Obama’s schoolyard torture was intended to make her a fine, slim attractive black woman…just the type he likes….Oh! Wait a minute! He does seem to like fat ones. I guess it is like harping about eating healthy food but shoving hot dogs [and real dogs] in his mouth every time Michelle is away on vacation [most of the time] and can’t wrest it away from him [and eat it herself].

    Judging by the ‘fat is a national security issue’ propaganda coming out of the WH lately, Obama is going to start tormenting all of the fat people. The fat girl in his school was just a warmup.

  • The whole middle school picture is a fake. Three of those kids play 1970s teenagers in the Dark Shadows movie.

  • tpartynitwit

    Actually, Jim, four participants in the assault independently told the same story, and it was ugly. The reason it matters is cruel and callous disregard for the effect of his brutish behavior on others is a consistent theme throughout his entire career in business and in politics. It resonates for casual observers because of the way he treated opponents in the primaries and uses knowingly false arguments against president Obama. He never showed remorse for the bullying incident, and –amazingly– claims to have no memory of it though four participants recall it vividly and regret it to this day. Similarly, Romney built his fortune destroying viable businesses for short-term profit. Anyone who understands private equity knows Bain existed to make money for its’ investors. If any jobs remained after they were through, that was incidental. Romney promised MA Governor Jane Swift he wouldn’t challenge her in the primary, then swooped in and declared his candidacy without so much as a courtesy warning. He never apologized for that. The pattern is clear, and is consistent. I don’t see any stories about the use of weed at the White House or anything else connecting Obama’s youth to his behavior today, and neither does anyone else who is sane. Face it, you’ve known for a long time Romney is a smarmy, grossly over-priveledged jerk with a borderline sociopathic personality. It’s okay to admit it, and protesting telling character stories like this one only lengthens the news cycle on it and makes you look a little nuts. Let it go.

  • ChicagoJenn

    Granny Jan #2, that was an incredible video.

  • bg


    tpartynitwit #56 May 11, 2012 at 3:42 pm

    opinions facts do not make..

    it’s back to the A board for you..

    [Perhaps his position on a mandate by which government forces citizens
    to buy healthcare is an even clearer example. When campaigning for the
    Democrat nomination for president in 2008, he differentiated between
    himself and fellow candidate Hillary Clinton by criticizing her plan to use
    a mandate as an “enforcement mechanism” to “charge people who…don’t
    have healthcare.” He claimed the use of a mandate for those purposes
    was something he couldn’t go along with, something that demonstrated
    a “genuine difference” between himself and Clinton.]


  • bg


    re: #58 May 11, 2012 at 5:18 pm bg

    secondary link, me thinks Zimbio sold out to the Hollywood scene..


  • bg


    Patty #20 May 10, 2012 at 11:50 pm

    thank you, THAT’S GREAT NEWS!!

    posted a little something about that the other day..


  • bg


    CO2HOG™ #4 May 10, 2012 at 8:56 pm

    thanks, but only the last link is working for me..


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