Obama’s already cashing in on the gay marriage swag.



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  1. Aren’t headless female torsos “supposedly” denegrating because the emphasize teh boobehs? Sexists!!!

  2. What ever they want to do on that.. (the cute shirt)

    What has occured in the past couple of days does give a clear picture of just how narcissistic and so INCREDIBLY out of touch with reality the elites, particularly in Hollywood, really are. It really is stunning. If we’d all simply BOYCOTT movies and reading about these posers we’d relegate them back to obscurity.

    1. Obama takes a whomping in Wisconsin and West Va (not to mention La and NC)

    2. Next day, cuts loose the blue collar rabble

    3. Who knew Geo Clooney was planning a HUGE, fancy Hollywood fundraiser the day after that? What a coincidence! Did the petulant, single issue ones refuse to attend or give $ if Mr. Obama didn’t “say Uncle?”

    Mainstream Americans are HURTING. Unemployment is through the roof. Foreclosures are spreaduing like the plague. Gass prices are through the roof and..

    .. what is the one and only issue the elites and Hollywood types (the very ones, who, by the way, rose from high school dropouts in many cases to bazillionaires, thanks to our evil capitalist system) care about? Yep- you got it!

  3. the s/b they


  4. Anything for a dollar

  5. The whole gay thing, like the “free contraceptives”, the “war on women”, the race issue, the book “Amateur” complete with Clintoon quotes (while he campaigns for Hussein), are all distractions, calibrated to ridicule the Right, the GOP and Romney. Tomorrow, there will be a new issue to distract everyone with. Hussein will do some dirty stuff while the bogus “issues” causes glittering distractions.

    Think Alinsky and Rules for Radicals.

    Focus on the issues. Focus on the issues. Focus on the issues. Focus on the issues.

  6. ps:

    Plus, as far as I’m concerned they are a bunch of hypocrites.

    They won’t be satisfied (if then) until we all shout from the rooftops that their single issue is also that important to us.

    However, many, when actually gay, hide in the closet, terrified, apparently not proud enough to even let it be known. If it is such a big f’ing deal and the CENTRAL part of their lives then why do they cower so?

    answer- they are not courageous people who have conviction.

  7. ++

    hey, if you were in his shoes, what would you do, i mean..
    ya know his Trayvon’s daddy hoodie deal fell through.. /s/


  8. This was obviously planned for a while.

  9. Only if they pay taxes !!!!

  10. What really changed as far as giving homosexuals a right to marry? Nothing. Zero said he was for it, (well, he was for it before he was against it) but that was it. Nothing has changed except Zero suddenly becoming a federalist and saying he thinks it belongs to the states to decide. We know how that has been going, with voters in 32 states rejecting gay marriage. Even Kalifornia. So, what could have been his motive?

    M O N E Y. The leftists were not letting loose of their purse strings; especially the gay community.

    So here is a well-chewed bone to throw and since we know the left lives in a world of rainbows and unicorns, they will happily pretend the situation has changed when it really hasn’t.

  11. My Two Dads? Greg Evigan and Paul Reiser support Obama? Ok, I could see that.

  12. Twenty bucks is kinda’ steep for an on-line price.
    Home Depot might consider carrying them, but don’t look for ‘em at the Bass Pro Shops.

    BTW – Any word on the stuffed Joe Biden Eunuchorn?

  13. That’s baby clothing…Hmm…so in a few minutes,it’ll be just like Obama…full of $#!t

  14. Hey kid….Pssst,come here…your two dads,they dated Obama…shhh

  15. Gay marriage + green-card marriage = gay sex as the new Obama path to citizenship

  16. ” My two dads support Omama”…talk about your “War on Women”…hey libs ,let’s give a shoutout to the person who carried the kid in the womb…um…MOM ..and on Mothers Day weekend…sheeesh

  17. I was always told that the gay mafia would come after the kids little by little. Remember, it was Obama that hired the sick pervert Kevin Jennings as the “safe school czar.”


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