Fabulous!… Newsweek Obama Cover: “The First Gay President”

Here’s the latest Newsweek cover–

This probably isn’t what Team Obama had in mind.

The Politico added this preview from the leftist mag’s cover story:

It’s easy to write off President Obama’s announcement of his support for gay marriage as a political ploy during an election year. But don’t believe the cynics. Andrew Sullivan argues that this announcement has been in the making for years. “When you step back a little and assess the record of Obama on gay rights, you see, in fact, that this was not an aberration. It was an inevitable culmination of three years of work.” And President Obama has much in common with the gay community. “He had to discover his black identity and then reconcile it with his white family, just as gays discover their homosexual identity and then have to reconcile it with their heterosexual family,” Sullivan writes.

This may come as a shock to the Democrat-media complex but not all Americans are so eager to jump on the gay marriage bandwagon. In fact, including this week’s vote in North Carolina, 32 states have now voted for traditional marriage.
But Hollywood loves it.

More… One in six top Obama bundlers identify as being gay.

Still more… It was just last month that Van Jones said even a gay Obama would not lose the black vote.
Race trumps sexual orientation.
Hat Tip Mara
They must not be too worried.

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  • Liz

    Obama has turned this country and it’s “governance” into a complete circus. Nutcake.

  • Bill Mitchell

    Obama’s problem here is that blacks and hispanics tend to be VERY homophobic. That doesn’t mean these people will vote for Romney instead but they may not go out to vote for Obama.

  • Oh Noes!

    This jerk of a man sickens me.

  • Vercingetorix

    Check out the rainbow halo!

    He’s not the Gay President, He’s Gay Jesus!

  • Vercingetorix

    Oh Noes! commented:
    This jerk of a man sickens me.

    Are you you referring to 0bama, or Andrew Sullivan?

    I’m with you either way.

  • StrangernFiction

    He’s Gay Jesus!


  • Vercingetorix

    “It’s easy to write off President Obama’s announcement of his support for gay marriage as a political ploy during an election year. But don’t believe the cynics. ”

    Says the lunatic who still maintains that Trig Palin is Bristol’s child. Or Piper’s. Or anybody but Sarah’s.

  • Freddie Sykes

    Not really a Gay President as much as a States Rights President:

    The president stressed that this is a personal position, and that he still supports the concept of states’ deciding the issue on their own…

    Barack Obama, the Lester Maddox of the 21st Century!

  • ar05075

    Larry Sinclair is dancing and singing –I told you so.!!

  • Alana

    They’re outing him! Hahahahahaha! Who knew the other side would be the first to say it?

  • SurlyMonk

    Lester Maddox? WOW! Not too many people know about Lester. But that is one insulting smackdown. Way to go!!!!! Couldn’t agree more!

  • A Gryphon

    the wheels are falling off his campaign in so many ways…the crash is really gonna be something to see

  • moron

    Maybe it’s now politically correct to discuss Larry Sinclair now??

  • maak

    This cover is just too funny!

  • Ghost

    Listen attentively to the State-controlled media,

    they’re always saying how this poll and that poll shows growing support for homosexual perverted marriage and that it’s oh-so-close, nip-and-tuck 50-50 back-and-forth and more lies and more lies… meanwhile,

    EVERY TIME! this issue comes up for a referndum vote of the people IT LOSES!

    Look at California in 2008: Barry beat McCain 65-35 but Proposition 8 passed 52-48, so, what does that mean? but that 13% of the Obots (minority groups?) switched allegiance for their own sake.

    watch deep-deep-blue Maryland this November

  • Charlie

    Well, I think the current eighteen Newsweek subscribers are going to love that cover.

  • Ghost

    oops, 17%

  • FurryGuy

    #8 May 13, 2012 at 11:10 am
    Freddie Sykes commented:

    He stressed that passing the stimulus would prevent unemployment from rising above 8%.

    He stressed that people, if they liked their current healthcare coverage, under ObamaCare they could keep it. And it would be cheaper.

    He stressed that the recession was over and boom economic times was just around the corner.

    Yeah, Barry now in support of State’s Rights after asserting/creating fed rules and regulations from day one. Such a bald-faced lie that will “evolve” to reveal the truth later, after the election when he has “more flexibility”. Enjoy your Serfdom.

  • sistrum

    If the title you’re illustrating is First Gay PRESIDENT, why is a halo, of all things, considered a logical symbol to use? No, the only reason to go there is to deliberately piss off the religious factions. And then castigate the reactions and crow about how “bigoted” etc believers are. They are determined to make and shape the news — why don’t they change their name to “News-tweak”, already?

  • King

    Want Obama to lose the election? Photocopy this Newsweek cover and place the copies as flyers on every car at black and hispanic churches in your area while they’re inside attending services. It’s a helpful reminder that Obama sold them out for his wealthy gay donors. Even a 10% drop in voters would be devastating for Obama in the bluest of states.