Top General: Obama Knew About OBL’s Hideout in Abbottabad Since Summer of 2010 – Refused to Act Until May (Video)

General Jack Keane (Retired), the former Vice Chief of Staff of the Army, told Mike Huckabee tonight that Barack Obama knew about Osama Bin Laden’s hideout since the summer of 2010.  But Barack Obama refused to act for several months. He wanted absolute proof first that Osama was living there.  It wasn’t until May of 2011 that he agreed to attack Bin Laden’s compound, almost a year later.

This follows the news from yesterday that the Obama Administration drafted a memo to protect the president from blame if the mission to kill or capture Osama Bin Laden would have failed.

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  • rolling thunder

    This just gets better and better. Our President knows the whereabouts of Osama Bin Laden nearly one full year before acting decisively against the number one enemy of the American people, and the most wanted man on the planet. To put it succinctly: Obama is without a doubt the worst commander in chief in US history.

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  • Buffalobob

    So he lies and is incompetent, what else is new.

  • Tom in CA

    He needed the time for his gigantic brain to figure out just how he could prop up his legacy with a kill or capture. He is just so damn smart.

  • Bill Mitchell

    Yep, why else would he be wearing golf clothes in the situation room while everyone else was dressed like something sort of important might be going down? Also, did anyone else notice that Obama doesn’t even have a computer in front of him? He is sitting off to the side which is exactly where someone who arrived after things started would sit.

    So why didn’t someone at the table get up and give him their seat? Easy, plausible deniability. He didn’t want to look in charge.

    He really is an incredible pussy isn’t he?

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    It wasn’t until May of 2011 that he agreed to attack Bin Laden’s compound, almost a year later.

    The more cynical among us would probably say he was “saving” the raid for when it might have been of more value to him…

  • mg4us

    According to reliable sources (same fictitious sources ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN used) . . .

    Obama was caught off guard as the window of opportunity was closing since one of his Czars leaked news to the Egyptian Brotherhood of the Arab Spring that the US knew the exact location of Bin Laden’s hide-out. . . and we were going to do to him what we did to Libya’s Gaddafi.

    The same Obama source that tipped Iran on the Israeli’s plan to use former Soviet bases in Azerbaijan.

    That is why Obama was the little man in the room. . . he had not a clue what was happening. .

    The only order OBAMA did give that day was to the Pizza Delivery Company. . .
    Ordered 5 pies. . EBA (Everything but Anchovies). . .
    didn’t need Anchovies. . they had Hillary!

    How reliable is this information? Let’s just say it is as reliable as the MSM. . .

    And the source is a composite. .
    just like Obama’s girlfriends in his book:
    “Dreams of my (Missing) Father”

  • one year.

    that’s a lot of time to keep a secret that huge.

    time for the isi to find out and tell obl. or not tell him.

    i smell a rat.

  • jewishodysseus

    This news was widely reported last year, but Repubs, as usual, failed to highlight it. But better late than never…

  • ii have doubts about the killing of Bin laden, knowing how this adminastation has operated the last 3 years its possible this was all staged to distract from his poorly forged birth cert at that time……….

  • whatever

    You act like this is news. Get real. It was covered extensively by the Right blogosphere and talk radio when Bin Laden was killed last year. Barry dithered and stalled, and basically did everything he could to avoid making the tough choice. It was only until people in the know said enough is f*****ING enough and threatened to start talking to people outside the administration about Obama’s unwillingness to act that Barry finally got the sack to do the right thing.

    Seriously, do your homework if you’re so clueless you think this is some kind of revelation. It was talked about a lot how CIA operatives had set up literally in a house across the street had were feeding info back that Bin Laden was absolutely living in that compound.

    But, seriosly, you think any of that matters? Get real. The MSM has choked off any chance of this cowardly “what to do…what to do…” inept leadership ever making it to the 15% of the clueless electorate that is going to decide this election.

    This election is decided by the ignorant last minute “undecided” voter who barely pays any attention at all, just picking up the basic broad soundbyte messages of the media.

    “Unemployment dropped again.”
    yes, yes, we all know the bullsh*t back story truth behind those phony numbers. But, not the 15% who matter. To them, unemployment is down yet again, and over 117K jobs were created. Huh…Obama must be doing an okay job.
    “Obama made the tough choice and took out Bin Laden.”
    Yawn…some tough decision. But, for the ignorant American Idol watching slob, yeah…Obama did something Bush couldn’t do.
    “Obama ended the war in Iraq…and is ending the war in Afghanistan.”
    and on and on and on.
    For everything Barry has supposedly done, there is a “good grief, what a joke” comeback. But, team Barry knows none of that matters to the sweet spot of the electorate which will decide this election. They’re not visiting Gateway. They’re not watching Hannity, or listening to Rush.
    They’re catching bits and pieces of soundbyte headlines. They’re utterly clueless about the truth of the slanted stories, and they’re not the least bit interested in educating themselves.

    Barry’s billion dollar ad campaign, and the full court press by the MSM are designed to target the hell out of this 15%.

    And, they know stories (facts) like this post on the truth of Barry and the Bin Laden decsion are totally 100% irrelevant.

  • Sasja

    The folks here are correct. We already knew of the dithering fool’s dithering. This is old news.

    However, it doesn’t hurt to go over this again since alot of people have short memories, or perhaps weren’t paying attention before.

  • SpideyTerry

    Yeah, I remember news of the dithering, too. Still, that was a year ago. Having someone today bring it up and have it get repeated is good. It destroys Obama’s narrative and gives Romney a good ad if he chooses to use it.

  • reliapundit #8

    re I smell a rat

    Even an effin moron like you could smell a rat.

  • Practical Jane

    Old news. Geller wrote about this at the time of the raid. Obama “killed” Osama when the birth certificate issue got too hot. Check the dates. Trump, the birth certificate and Corsi’s book were the reason the compound was hit when it was.

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  • f

    For more detailed info as to what really happened go to Insider information as to how Barry was left out of the loop. Very reliable and predicts many Demo moves such as race wars a year in advance.

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  • Multitude

    Think we know Obama’s Indian name: Boomerang Barry

    Every damn thing he throws, comes back to smack him in the head. Damn, I’d swear he’s cursed.

  • owl

    I think it was suppose to be his Oct surprise but the faux birth certificate and those pesky seals wouldn’t wait.

    This is exactly the right time to bring this back up. Mukasey has come out and made an issue of it. I watched Mukasey again today. Most interesting the way he answered the charges by Levin and Feinstein that waterboarding, etc did not give the info. He said that was right and wrong. Then he explained exactly why it did give the important info that made it all possible. He said there were people walking around alive today because of it.

    This man is extremely disgusted with Obama. I think it took a lot to get him to unload. He made a comment to Hannity the other night that more was coming or unraveling (something like that).

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  • apodoca

    This is not news. It was reported on at the time. Right now, though, in light of Obama’s bragging and his base comment that Romney wouldn’t have ordered bin ladins death, this previously known news is proof of Obama’s cowardice and his lying. The last is especially so since he himself was not in charge of giving the final green light, and since he dithered, wiggled, and waffled for six long months about killing bin Ladin and then someone else had to be given charge of making the decision so the deed could be done. Obama has a decisive way of talking that makes him sound knowledgeable, forthright, and, yes, decisive. It’s all a crock, all a sham, as empty as he himself.

  • apodoca

    It occurred to me that Obama’s girlfriends were all composite cuz they were all white, and, in his view, just regular white people. He could make them all into one cuz that’s how he thinks of you whites. Not much to distinguish one from the other, think alike, act alike, talk alike. Heck, why waste space on several girls, if there really were girlfriends? If a white guy said that about his black girlfriends, why, he’d be denounced as racist.

  • Befuddled

    He gets credit for being present. So what was Obama’s contribution, a strongly worded letter telling Osama he has six months to get out of his house or else.

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  • Limousine Barry

    What’s the big deal? I have been to Pakistan and I trust them.

    Look, I scratched my butt and thought long and hard about this. I wanted an autograph from Bin Laden… er, photograph.

    Let me be clear, I had my thumb up my butt for a long time because I did not trust the American Military. Bin Laden might have fled. Who cares.

    When I saw the chance to boost my ratings I acted. I called my MSM lackeys and said something big was going to happen and to blame the military if my ratings fell. Then I stuck my finger up my butt and hoped for the best.

    My limousine is running and Barney Frank is in the back. I cannot answer any more questions. Good day.

  • Militant Conservative

    Nice thing is the American

    Citizen has become very

    Cynical of the Obama regime.

    Like the wife of a drunk,

    They don’t need to ask if you

    are drunk (liar). It’s a given.

    Obama does not have the

    Truth in him, evil never does.

  • jorgen

    Old news being confirmed by a general and they should be repeated ad nauseam until the MSM feel they are forced to cover it.

  • Hypno

    Obama chose to time the OBL capture and announcement of it in order to preempt the airing of Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice.

    It sounds petty for a President to do something like that -until you recall the damage Trump was doing to Obama at that time.It’s not petty at all for a Preezy who slow jams the news.

  • Harry Kovaire

    I was sitting around last night and the movie “Air Force One” was on. Harrison Ford played the President aboard his 747 that was hijacked by Russian terrorists.

    He was cracking skulls, firing assault weapons and piloting the jet.

    Can you imagine this metrosexual poseur in such a situation? He’d be curled up in the fetal position and sucking his thumb.

    It sure will be good to have a real man holding that office again. Or a real woman – like Maggie Thatcher or Ann Barnhardt.

  • squeaky

    “However, it doesn’t hurt to go over this again since alot of people have short memories,..”
    short memories and a lot of catch-up for the newly disenfranchised. could be they wanted this for a close to election surprize but had to go with it to deflect from the other issues. timing is everything….all kinds of time to do a little scrutinizing and rock turning. that whole photo-op in the situation room [some said that wasn’t the room they were in] with everyone glued to an event as if they were watching it go down live that reportedly they couldn’t see live. all orchestrated for the november election.

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  • AnnS

    Maybe he was trying to find a way to warn obl that the yanks were coming.

  • Herbster

    Imagine if this military genius had been in charge of D-Day……it would have become E- Day, then F – Day, then G – Day…………………………..remember obambi’s personal creed, “Indecisiveness is the mark of a great follower.” With the likes of him, Biden, Clinton, Pimpnetta, Janet (Jack) Napolitano and a bendover bunch of toadys as Joint Chiefs, I feel very safe…….don’t you? We need a thorough housecleaning in Washington followed by a total fumigation.

    Without the Second Amendment, there will be no First Amendment.

  • Alvin

    Now go back and review the president’s speeches after knowing this. Does he make statements about “If we knew where OBL was, we would take him out”?

  • Frank Cross

    From comparisons among that “collection of portraits” in that ‘situation room’, is it just my biased perception or do His attendees have that much more brain space? Oh! it’s merely His ears. [I don’t think so.]

  • Patty

    He has few constraints (except those he’s internalized). No one can stop him or countermand his orders. He has a bevy of lawyers at his beck and call to explain the “legality” of his actions. And if he cares to, he can send a robot assassin to kill you, whoever you are, no matter where you may be on planet Earth.

    He sounds like a typical villain from a James Bond novel. You know, the kind who captures Bond, tells him his fiendish plan for dominating the planet, ties him up for some no less fiendish torture and then leaves him behind to gum up the works.

    As it happens, though, he’s the president of the United States, a nice guy with a charismatic wife and two lovely kids.

    How could this be? {…}

    This is a dangerous development, which leaves us in the grip—for now—of what might be called the Obama conundrum. At home, on issues of domestic importance, Obama is a hamstrung, hogtied president, strikingly checked and balanced. Since the passage of his embattled healthcare bill, he has, in a sense, been in chains, able to accomplish next to nothing of his domestic program. Even when trying to exercise the unilateral powers that have increasingly been invested in presidents, what he can do on his own has proven exceedingly limited, a series of tiny gestures aimed at the largest of problems. And were Mitt Romney to be elected, given congressional realities, this would be unlikely to change in the next four years.

    On the other hand, the power of the president as commander-in-chief has never been greater. If Obama is the president of next to nothing on the domestic policy front (but fundraising for his second term), he has the powers previously associated with the gods when it comes to war-making abroad. There, he is the purveyor of life and death. At home, he is a hamstrung weakling, at war he is—to use a term that has largely disappeared since the 1970s—an imperial president.

    Obama is so unsure of himself. Clearly, he was briefed and yet, because of his narcissism fears for himself and not those who put their life on the line, his ego once again gets the better of him. Romney needs to focus on one thing, make decision that he sees best and never place Americans on a fence, like tin cans on a shooting range.

    Obama’s delay may have killed a few more of our best and finest.

  • Patty

    It has always been evidently clear Obama was a “law professor” community Organizer, who found it easy to speak about the war, botched abortions, Gitmo, green energy, speech after speech, attack on Religion and Women.

    These characteristic aren’t what a great President such as Reagan would be liking about. He would be thinking about what was good for EVERY AMERICAN and Reagan would never tolerate a minute knowing where the Mastermind of 9/11 was and not take a second to capture and kill him. And Reagan would interrogate and get information but in Obama’s case we lost a great deal of information and to the terrorists we look weak and vulnerable.

  • Patty

    Correction: such as Reagan would be “thinking” about.

    Reagan would have our backs and truly make the tough decisions and not to expedite his political caree.r

  • czekmark

    You don’t suppose that Obamas timing had anything to do with the 2012 elections, do you? Naw, couldn’t be.

  • patsy Rider Harper

    What a liar! He loves to talk about him killing this terriorist but the truth came out. NOBAMA!

  • Patty

    Truth? what truth, liberals won’t here of it. We know the score but will this change the mind of those who have a much different mind set?

    We will see come Nov.

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  • tpartynitwit

    Veterans for a Safer America demanded the President take no action without consulting our ally, Pakistan, but the President overrode their objections.

  • bg


    and Osama would still be there (supposedly) had Panetta (or
    whoever it was) had not given the order (made the decision
    for him)..

    /sour sushi truth sarc/


  • bg


    re: #45 May 6, 2012 at 10:55 am bg

    was) had not = was) not

    FORE!! i mean, FIRE!! /O’srac/


  • JimGalt

    Everything Obama does is a political calculation. To kill Bin Laden in Summer 2010 would have been too soon since Bush/Cheney left and would have had the effect of highlighting Bush and the intelligence gatherers and minimize his input. Plus with the 10 year anniversary that September 2010, people might be skeptical of the timing. He deserves credit for making a decision that just about anyone but Joe Biden (God forbid if he ever became POTUS!)would have made, but can he stop with the “I did… , I said… I,..I…I…” First we learn of the memo about the General who actually was in charge of execution of the raid, now we hear that “Operation Obama” was delayed almost a year before he acted. His NBC exclusive, Situation Room interview & the 1 year anniversary trip to Afganistan, just to create a photo-op was a new low. He’s a narcissist!

  • Boston1773

    AnnS has it right

  • Shawn

    Just another obama trick to wait closer to the election and make him look like a hero. What a joke this man and his demorat cronys are making of this country.

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  • Aduh

    Blackmail mfor a c in Chief…where is this info being deccimanated

    Enlarge note hands lap

  • Aduh

    What else is in the closet…arrest the guy…before he gives away every last secret

  • Phil

    The delay was perfectly reasonable and couldn’t have been done sooner. It had to happen on May 1, which is the international Labor Day, celebrated by socialists and marxists everywhere in the world but the US, where Labor Day is in September. OBL had to be killed on May 1. It couldn’t have been done sooner. The symbolism of that day cannot be exaggerated.

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  • Patty

    Obama has and is thinking of his own political future. And I still go with my opinion that I have posted many times.

    Obama doesn’t want to be undone by his predecessor President George W. Bush. He wants to change this nation directly opposite of Bush and other Republican before him.

    He may think he is Reaganess but he is so far removed from the great president of the past and his gall and narcissist personality won’t allow him to admit he has failed and horribly.

    So, when you have an ingredient that makes something taste better, use it. Use any thing you can when you can’t run on a record. And there you have Obama’s icing on the cake. And knowing OBL was there since 2010, put our soldiers in harms way, no doubt, but Obama didn’t care. This if done by another president there would be impeachment proceedings. With a DOJ like Holder and Majority in Senate, won’t fly. But I will guarantee that after Obama term or terms are over, pray that he doesn’t get a second, we will get to the truth.

  • Patty

    Middle East is on Fire, Greece, Iran, Syria is a mess and we can see what Obama has done there, nothing. Obama believes that Terrorism is over. Oh, and the word terrorists is a dirty word to them and even though he believes what an outstanding job he has done on the war on Terrorism.

    In 2009 in Iran and the people were calling on the U.S. for help, Obama did nothing.

    It is far from over. He may pat himself on the back but the second in Command to OBL is still out there and Africa and other parts of the world have an influx of terrorists. There main duty is to obey the wishes of their leader, to see us dead and to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.

    So, for all his accolades for his “great” work, Obama continues to deceive and hide the truth from America only for his own political expediency.

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  • Patty

    Obama doesn’t want to step into the middle of a war. He is afraid that he will look like Bush.

    He wants Israel not to fight those who wish they are blown off the face of the earth. “before elections.”

    He reduces are missile defense and our military. He doesn’t want our borders armed properly. He wants to stay clear of bloodshed. That would be great in a different world a world where Obama lives in his own mind. While he believes, this our nation and others are becoming more and more defenseless each day.

    His Base, Hispanics and the fact that he can’t speak to others nation but apologizes for us, he wants to stay out of the fray and not lead like the great president of the past.

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  • jb books

    So let’s see if I have this right…on the front end he dithered and calculated, and on the back end he had a written contingency plan to blame the Navy in the case of a failure. Gutsy call indeed.

  • chuck in st paul

    In a way, I have to go with Obysmal on this one. We were about to invade a sovereign nation with a military force. Granted, it was Pokiestan, not exactly our best friend, but it was still an act of war. If OBL was not there and it turned into a firefight with the Pokies then it could have been very, very bad politically.

    Still… the Pakis have been back stabbing us on Waziristan and the ISI fully supports the Talibums.

  • Joe College

    Good thing we stopped them from having this trial in New York.

    On Saturday, Mohammed and his co-defendants refused to respond to the judge or use the court’s translation system and demanded a lengthy reading of the charges. One of them got up and started praying.

    “They’re engaging in jihad in a courtroom,” said Debra Burlingame, whose brother, Charles, was the pilot of the plane that flew into the Pentagon. She watched the proceeding from Brooklyn on one of the closed-circuit video feeds around the United States.

  • Mary

    General: “I know for a fact we had it (the target) that summer and it may have been sooner than that.”
    So quite possibly, Barry dithered even longer than the story suggests…
    God help us all.

  • heraldo primavera

    #s 56 & 58

    yeah, me too, but my medication helps.

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  • Richard_Iowa

    Absolutely nothing to this story. OK, everyone move on. Nothing here of interest. Google “Chris Matthews and his ringing leg,” or “Obama’s teleprompter has cognitive skills” and read those stories. Again, nothing here. Please – it’s past your bedtime so turn off your computer.

  • Callie369

    ” But Barack Obama refused to act for several months. He wanted absolute proof first that Osama was living there.”

    No, he was saving it to use closer to the election!!!!

  • bg


    hmmm, he was waiting to get him much
    closer to election, but was overruled..

    ‘In years to come there is going to be information that will come out that
    Obama was not the man who made the call. He can say he did and the
    people who really know what happened are inside the Pentagon, are in the
    military and the military isn’t allowed to speak out against the commander- in-chief so his secret is safe.’


  • bg


    Callie369 #67 May 6, 2012 at 5:45 pm

    sorry, don’t know how i missed your post..


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  • Since Obama has always done everything he can or could to stay above the fray, he wanted to make absolutely sure that OBL was there and was not going out for strolls in the moonlight, or going out for lunch everyday, so that if he did tell the SEAL’s to go get him and even if it failed, Obama would be covered so that it would look like somebody else was in charge and he was just the little man in the room who said “okay”. That way all the intel and the plan and everything down to what color shoe laces each man was going to wear wouldn’t be any of his business whatsoever.

    Obama is such a fraud. He has spent so much time figuring out how to stay above “the fray” that he doesn’t know how to do much of anything else. No wonder he has to have so many people around him that are from Harvard, the Chicago Communist Party, and all the other Communist organizations he belongs to including all the Muslim terrorist organizations he has been associated with, that’s the reason why he dumped Bin Laden into the ocean so fast was because that was the advice he got from the Muslim Brotherhood probably. He has to have his butt covered completely so much so that no one could find any mistake that he might make, if any even if the mission did go wrong, his butt is covered!!!

    Obama must look like he cannot make a mistake…..ever! He’s perfect. That’s why I say he will never debate with anyone, at anytime…..period! And that is because he cannot have anything he has done look like a mistake, because he doesn’t make mistakes, he’s perfect.

    Man, I sure would hate to have to live a lie like that all my life, and have all these people covering my butt every second of every day. Screw that!

  • johnmorrissey

    The key to dramatic events from this President “Why now?”.The week before the Osama raid was the week of “The Birth Certificate”.It worked . The birth certificate controversy was overtaken by a more important event.If there had not been a threat to the regime of the Imperial Czar Osama might still be alive .

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  • valerie

    I don’t understand the comments about whether or not this is “news.” Bin Laden was killed a year ago, and BO has resurrected the story, complete with some false light retellings. So the news is that BO has been a tad loose with the facts.

    There is nothing wrong with correcting the narrative.

  • Fed up

    He was going to sit on this until October 2012 so he could have an “October surprise”.

  • Joanne

    HAHAHAHA You stupid Yanks! All your self generating hate and angst over one man who was not even linked to the “crime” only by association through a made up israeli interpretation of an arabic name for “the base”. Look at all your drug addicts and demand for drugs, look at all your less fortunate countryman who cannot afford enough food for their family let alone themselves. Gun ownership and crime. 16 Trillion dollars of debt caused by wars created through lies. Where are those WMDs?? Derrr…Ummm THERE WERE NONE! HAHAHA. I’m so glad I live in a country almost at the peak of the HDI index. Look at where you are america… that’s right, google it —> America HDI index

  • Nick

    Why would the president want to be assured Osama was there? Why didn’t he just go off half-cocked without thought and attack the moment he heard about it. Personally I don’t like people that think before they act. I like reactionary drivel like is found on this blog with little to no thought put into it. That is the president I want. I want someone that doesn’t believe in facts, science, or preparation. I know this will satisfy the “simple” people of the world.

  • dtih

    I bet you the conversation went something like this:

    CIA: Mr President, we know where UBL is hiding out. He’s in Pakistan.

    Obama: Great! Can we capture or kill him?

    CIA: Yes, we’ve been planning such a thing for a while. High probability of success.

    Obama: Can you keep him there until right before the 2012 election? And then go in and kill him?

    CIA: Uh, Mr. President….

  • klaffner

    What new bit of intelligence caused the ‘go’ decision to finally occur in May 2011?

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  • magicbeans





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