Dem Strategist Jehmu Greene Slings Racial Slur at Tucker Carlson: “Bow Tie’n White Boy” (Video)

Wow. First it was Bob Beckel dropping f-bombs. Now Jehmu Greene is hurling racial slurs.
The far left cranks is imploding before our eyes.

Jehmu Greene Calls Tucker Carlson A “Bow Tie’n White Boy”
Via The Tatler:

The Tatler has the transcript:

CARLSON: It was unfair when it happened under segregation, it’s unfair now. Indeed, it’s indefensible and that’s why she doesn’t want to talk about this, because she did gain material advantage by lying about her ethnic background. And no one should gain advantage because of his ethnic background, period.

GREENE: Tucker! Tucker! Elizabeth Warren has been very clear that she has not gained advantage…

CARLSON: No she has not been clear.

GREENE: And at the end of the day, she won the teaching award at Harvard two years in a row, she won teaching awards at the University of Pennsylvania, at the University of Michigan, at the University of Houston. To question this woman on her qualifications is going to be something that does appeal to… folks like you, voters like you, bow tie’n white boys, but at the end of the day it is going to backfire…

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  • rich



    They know their done this fall….desperation and this summer and prior election is going to be the most violent by the leftists …. ever.

  • Texas_Treeroach

    What are “bow tie’n white boys?”
    Is it be anything like “wampum-beaded white girls?”

    Jehmu has sashayed herself into the high weeds this time. And I’m not sure FOX will have the inclination to beat the bushes in order to find her.

  • bg


    pardon the repetition.. 😉

    aww, but it’s so cute when a DEMONcRAT says things like that.. /O’sarc/


    ROTF 😆 MBO

    just noticed, first time i have ever
    seen him NOT wearing a bow-tie!!

    btw: he is beyond right..


  • Sasja
  • rourke13

    I saw this and didn’t catch the bow tie’n white boy comment, but was more laughing at “Shamu”‘s for trying to turn this back around to Warren being a female. It was so illogical – what’s new???

  • bg


    now she (Jehmu Greene) has HIGH CHEEK BONES.. 😀


  • Annoyed In Illinois

    Funny, as I watched her speak I wondered if she was any kin to Aunt Jemima. After all, she does have the skin color, broad nose, and seemingly female tone to her voice that a Negro woman would.

    Carlson is a pussy and should’ve kicked her fat ass off the air right then and there.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    I’ve never worn (nor tied) a bow-tie in my 41 years.

    I may have to start.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    #8 A.I.I.

    Wow. Something’s apparently gone buggy with the word-filter here!


    The blog-comment engine Disqus doesn’t even let you say “cockpit”.

  • Adam

    I was watching this when it happened, the worst part was after she said that Tucker Carlson told her to stop shouting him down and calling him names. She actually had the audacity to claim that she wasn’t name calling. Smh they truly are getting desperate. It’s going to an ugly six months to the election.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Come on, now Jim!

    No h/t for lizzy84 for this?

    Then again, you aren’t Jharles Chonson, so you probably found this on your own.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    But lizzy posted it in the previous thread.

  • bg


    Sasja #5 May 4, 2012 at 10:38 pm

    what troubles me is, he is not alone.. 🙁


  • Georga

    I saw this in real time, too. Her mouth after comments were most telling because it was tight with anger. Tucker is too cool to loose it over something that will be seen as a racial slur by a black woman who is a feminist and a racist and a socialist. She just showed her hand…big time. If these libs like Beckle and shamu and colmes stay on Fox it just proves the point that they are exactly what we suppose them to be…and they can’t deny it. It’s on air.

  • bg


    re: #14 May 4, 2012 at 10:51 pm bg

    he is all of his predecessors rolled into ONE.. *sigh*


  • Patty

    OT put in sync with everything that is morally and predictably wrong with Obama and his entire administration. Too much academia and too little experience to handle the tough and important decisions that are facing America since Obama enter the White House.

    The sneaky way in which he smiled at Bush and never cared for the man and the blame and anger which indicates no answers, no solutions and it is apparent no experience on governing our nation.

    Flashback: Obama Blames Lack Of Leverage With China On Bush’s Deficit Spending

  • Sasja

    Sorry, folks. That post above is on the wrong thread.

    When I was growing up in Oklahoma you couldn’t swing a dead cat without hitting someone who said they were Indian; who were not. For a while it was an “in” thing, to be Indian.

    From what I understand, her great, great, grandpappy listed his mum as Cherokee when he filled out a marriage certificate. I think this was 1894, and would still be Indian Territory.
    However, in 1893-1894, the Dawes Commission had settled with the Cherokees over the Cherokee strip and all sorts of people were lining up to lay claim to some of that money.
    Interesting no one has been able to find her great, great, grandpappy on the Dawes Commission list and I find it hard to believe that if he had actually been entitled to any of that money, he would not have laid claim to it.

  • MrGoodWench

    Shamu = Nappy headed H0 ?
    Why not ?

  • bg



    post it here..


  • Taqiyyotomist

    Imagine if Carlson had countered with “Watermelon-and-Fried-Chicken-eating black girl”.

    Just imagine. Close your eyes and picture the sequence of events that would follow.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    And, “bow-tying”?

    WTF is that? White people like bow ties? Who? I can see one in my head when I think of that, and that’s Bill Nye, the Science Guy… and Dr. Who.

    Meanwhile the bow tie seems to be a mandatory part of the N.O.I. uniform.

  • Patty

    Ask any student who is white and has a 3.0 or above if they have been past over for a minority and you will get in many cases the answer, yes.

    Minorities are picked more often.


    Affirmative action generally means giving preferential treatment to minorities in admission to universities or employment in government & businesses. The policies were originally developed to correct decades of discrimination and to give disadvantaged minorities a boost. The diversity of our current society as opposed to that of 50 years ago seem to indicate the programs have been a success. But now, many think the policies are no longer needed and that they lead to more problems than they solve.

    One notable example is a case argued a few years back in the Supreme Court concerning admissions to the University of Michigan. The school had a policy of rating potential applicants on a point system. Being a minority student earned you more than twice as many points as achieving a perfect SAT score. Three white students sued citing this as raced-based discrimination. School officials said that diversity is desirable and affirmative action is the only way to achieve true diversity. Another notable case in 2009 involved firefighters whose captain’s exams were thrown out after it was determined not enough minorities passed. Several other cases involving affirmative action have followed similar arguments.

  • MrGoodWench

    So WHAT was Fox expecting when they hired this ACORN thug ?
    Anyhoo, by this sistah’s logic,
    is Loogie Fairy Khan a
    ” Bow Tie’n Black Boy ” ?

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    The far left cranks is imploding before our eyes.

    The problem is, these things aren’t likely to stop the rationally ignorant voters from voting for their candidates.

  • Patty

    Jehmu Greene is a bit of a racist. I have heard her comments and she has a real deep seeded problem when it comes to her heritage, also.

    She isn’t a Rev. Wright but she does base her views on the color of ones skin. Believe it this or not but I have heard her many times and she has some racism in her soul.
    And a person of any color who wants respect shouldn’t see color but the person and their actions should come first. This is moral right and not affirmative action. We live in a better time if the left would just stop bringing up racism, all the time.

    A white or minority who performs their job well should be rewarded and advance but one who doesn’t, no matter the color, should be fired. Too many of all colors are waiting for a jump at the chance to work and will appropriate their job. That is the world we live in now and employers need the best no matter the color or their politics.

    OT but our children’s children probably will live in a world where there is a more mixed color anyway. It want matter much because then we will pretty much be the same.

  • Be fully aware. The leftest in this nation and the black community, who support them, are try to egg on a reverse comment, so they can label right of center folks as racists…. DON’T fall for the trap!

  • Taqiyyotomist

    #27 Mark Adams

    Indeed. Saul Alinsky, in his Rules for Radicals which is apparently the Bible of the Left-wing, and which was dedicated by Alinsky to LUCIFER, laid that out in Rule #4.

    4. “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules. You can kill them with this, for they can no more obey their own rules than the Christian church can live up to Christianity.”

    And the Leftists? They have no rules. Anything goes.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    In other words: we can’t pick up Rules for Radicals and use Rule #4 against the “progressives” who take it as their Bible.

    Because they have no “book of rules” to which we can make them live.

    Pure demonism.

  • Patty

    #26 . Correction: “It won’t” matter to our children’s children.

  • Patty

    What is so outlandish is calling the Tea Party racists. The left must truly hate the Constitution.

    When they have nothing they lead with the race card.

  • Patty

    She owes Tucker a big apology. She even say, WHAT NAME CALLING. The shear gall of the left. It is amazing, too, what Obama has gotten away with and he does believe that no one will touch him because of the color of his skin.

    I do believe that some leaders aren’t because of this. Because, he is getting away with too much, he believes he can do anything, take on GOP with attacks, hateful attacks and now he is threatening the Supreme Court if they overturn Obama care.

    He is selfish, self centered and shameless. And every day he is president he is leading us down a path of destruction and the Republicans are getting no where fast. I am sure, though, after his presidency we will be in the shock of our life. Investigations and history will tell us the truth tale.

  • Patty

    said not say

  • rourke13

    In our household we call her Shamu = Killer whale… not racist just “weightist”

  • Peter Warner

    Taqiyyotomist @ 29:


    Read it and understand it, folks. This is a spiritual battle.

    Best regards, Peter Warner.

  • David

    Nothing new in the personal attack column for Jehmu. Here she is on facebook and twitter less than 2 weeks ago

  • #28 Taqiyyotomist- You’re a well informed individual!! Spot ON!

  • bigL

    The guy from Atlanta said that white men wearing ties was a lyunching threat to blacks.

    Jemhu is fat.

  • Brae

    Why was she not called out on this???

  • just-saying

    Racist. (I agree, Patty, with both: racist, and melding of colors in the future.)

  • Stan25

    Next thing you know Tucker Carlson will be called a teabagger.

  • Vote Loud

    Fire the racist!

  • David Cheresh

    Elizabeth “Chief Crazy Talk” Warren and Jehmu “I’m A Fat-Ass Black-Bitch Racist” Greene will make beautiful babies together.

    Can you even imagine?

  • David Cheresh

    Jehmu makes one bring out the old jokes. To wit:

    Q. Do you know what Abraham Lincoln said after a 3-day drunk?

    A. I freed the WHAT!?!

  • bg


    David #36 May 4, 2012 at 11:45 pm

    thank you!!


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  • Facauwee Tribe

    Can you imagine if he called her a mu mu wearing black girl?

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  • Calliegirl

    I saw the segment as it aired. Tucker Carlson handled it well. Kelly was slow on that one. She apologized later . Jehmu looked so small and yes racist. Fox is off the mark with this hire.

  • Ghetto NC

    Shamu and others on the Prog Left make these remarks because they know their backsides are covered by the Lib Media.Hipocrisy flaunted!

  • Brent

    Megyn Kelly should have called her out on the spot,Megyn heard Jehmu Greene’s racist remark loud and clear at the moment it was said. It’s been almost 24 hour’s and not a word on Fox New’s about it. Thank God for the NET.

  • sal weinstein

    How about Tucker call her “another low-IQ, fat, lazy Lawantia”?

  • sal weinstein

    Lawantia = my term for a delusional, surly black person

  • heraldo primavera

    did someone say you had to be a black moslim to wear a bow tie? Calypso Louie? Who?
    Who, who? Who let these dogs (and one beaver) out?

  • L.E. Liesner

    The problem is that Fox News is hiring more and more of these left wing radicals. Fox is heading in the direction of MSNBC. Another of the “watch dogs” of the government turning in the lap dog of the government. It’s no wonder there are so few still fighting for the 1st Amendment most have already capitulated.

  • tpartynitwit

    Tucker is such a highfalutin trust-fund weenie right wing wannabe he needs his nose adjusted from one side of his face to the other. Next time I see him on the street, I’ll help him out.

  • jonnot

    I thought that the most interesting part of the segment was when Greene cited several of the awards/citations Warren had received. It just proved Tucker Carlson’s point: none of those accolades would have been bestowed if Warren hadn’t been percieved as an American Indian. Her lying about her background for most of her career opened doors and set her above other white professor-peers who were vying for the same recognition. She also walked all over legitimate Affirmative Action minorities as well–somerthing the left is choosing to ignore completely.

  • meximom

    JIM – if possible, please provide a way to share your articles on FB without the comments! So much of what people say here just confirms what the left says about the right. A lot of these comments make me ashamed to be a conservative. Stooping to THEIR level is not the way to fix this mess.

  • Patty

    Megyn Kelly of course apologized for Greene but that is being a good moderator but viewers need to hear one from Greene, herself and of course does Tucker.


    Sorry to inform you guys, but she is BLACK and knows perfectly well that in the PC world she can say anything she wishes because as a Black she cannot get fired for anything because she will file a racial bias lawsuit, unlike Glenn Beck who got fired for saying a race-tinged comment but since he is white – see ya big guy!

  • tommy mc donnell

    “bow tie’n white boy,” is that a racial sterotype?

  • tommy mc donnell

    #57 nitwit…a typical liberal that couldn’t lick a stamp.

  • decentAmerican

    IF….Tucker would have called Greene a “blue dress wearing BLACK GIRL”, he would have been fired immediately, and his career over.

    but another double race standard in the media. I applaud Megan and Fox for apologizing on the networks’ behalf, but that is not enough…she must be fired, her career must be branded with the true racist she is.


  • luminOsity

    Aunt Jehmumu, get back on my box of pancake mix!

  • Patty

    It does make us upset when we have seen blacks get away with things we would never say. We have to sit back and listen to their racial slurs. Tucker never said a thing that wasn’t correct. Schools are bias and many are so blatantly liberal it reeks liberalism.

    Some aren’t going to sit back and take it and this is a good thing. I have contemplated Ms. Greene’s comments and either she makes a public apology or she needs to be fired.

    I really can’t see Fox letting this go. It seems like they may. This will sit at Fox for the weekend, I hope not, but we will see on Monday if there is some apology. It not, we should e-mail Fox News.

    I can tolerate so much and then it is time to stand up and let our voices hear.

    Holder gave the Black Panthers a pass, twice. One in voting placing with clubs and then “wanted dead or alive and bounty on Zimmerman’s head” really, we are to tolerate this.

    Stand and make your voices hear, not just here but calmly through e-mails. Enough of being so tolerant while we are being used. It is not ethical or moral to stand and take this.

  • Patty

    OT really OT

    Sometimes we need to see something different

    Only 36 secs. the shorten version. Nearly 3 million hits.

  • Patty

    With all the hate, attacks and opinions so different in America. I can only hope that the polls numbers don’t affect this coming election and Patriots come out in droves to stop for 4 years or longer the complete destruction of this great Nation.

    Can you imagine all of us actually making a difference in the voting booth. And wild thought, legal this time around. Is that too much? It shouldn’t be but it was in the last election filled with Fraud.

    My wish and hope for America.

  • TVFan

    They both need to be fired. Green for the comment and Kelly for the lame excuse that she didn’t hear the comment. Carlson says 3 or 4 times after the comment “you can call me names”, what did she think she said? Kelly waits 25 minutes later to say anything. I’m sure the 40+ people in the control room could have said something to her in her IFB but they didn’t… until the calls and tweets started coming in. LAME on all. Fire both!

  • Both GeeMoooo and Tucker “The MILFistani” Carlson are bigots and I am sure GeeMoooo laughed heartily over the Sexual Attacks Carlson and his website have made against Sarah Palin, thus everyone who supports Sarah Palin. These two bigots should have their own co-hosted TV show called Clash of the Bigots.

  • And, No… No apologies will be acceptable from either of these two asshats…

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  • Patty

    Greene is on Fox now, so apparently they are Okay with her.

  • Patty

    she is saying that the middle classes are suffering and Obama will hit hard that the republicans are holding up things. Like the republicans are causing His problems. Sickening.

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  • Patty

    Anyone who makes comments unbecoming should apologize?

    I am saying something that will make my past post hypocritical. Yes, I admit I made a mistakes of sorts.

    Prudence is one great virtue that those who are contributors or working for any network should really take to heart. Think before you make false and irresponsible comments about others.

    It seems that we are flooded with nastiest comments and attacks on a daily basis. This is nothing new in the world of Politics or even the world in general. And that is a sad commentary on our Nation’s values.

    In my opinion, it is huge and damaging way to get a point across to a opponent. Now, lies are entering and are more predominant and they left seems to have taken the lead.

    When a leader can’t admit to a failure or a lie, that becomes a real problem. Using government for one purpose to promote their self interests. Hyping his achievements in the Bin laden killing. So, Pathetically, clear self serving himself for his political career. And once Obama became president he abuse the office and blamed his predecessor. I cannot remember many occasion when Obama said a kind word about President Bush.

    Apologies, Oh, yes, he did for Bush to other nation and this has had damaging effects on all of us and those who have died or have been injured for our freedom. So, Obama has misplaced his apologies and he has no prudence or simply doesn’t care what we think, just for his agenda and base are where his interests lie.

    And even worse, nothing was or has been accomplished other than making this country look weak and our economy and jobs are stagnant. The state of the U.S. is worse off.

    Apologies misplaced and will continue to blame the other guy and no admission of his failures. And that is the Jehmu Greene’s of the world. And Obama.

  • Stockton Joe

    If Mr. Tucker Carlson is a “bow tie’n white boy,” does that mean that Ms. Jehmu Greene is a “big hat wearin’ black gal?”

  • Jackson

    Can not stand this woman. I usually mute her when she starts talking, and I’d love to wipe that smile off of her fat face.

  • Psyco Sock Puppet

    Does this mean we can refer to Jehmu as that “Aunt Jemima lookin’ LibTard on FoxNews”?

    ….I’m just saying.

  • Stonedome

    There’s a word for jehmu that I’m thinking of… Does she really want to revisit that era of our history? Black people like her seem inclined to push until hit in the face or worse…she would never say that to my face, unless, of course, she had a coward squad of black pussycats behind her…things are going to get ugly for people like her. There are lots of angry people out there in the weeds just waiting for the word…and they are not going to be peaceful like tucker.

  • Candy

    What does the party of compassion think about that smart kid on the reservation that could have had that spot? How about someone half or even one-quarter Indian (who’s actually documented); Has anyone asked her?

    I feel a video coming on…

  • r.heroman

    i will not watch fox unless jehmu is fired. what a racist bitch.

  • Tom Patriot

    Backed into an intellectual corner her real self came out and still beating that same old drum. Look at her mug after her comment, it was just missing the cobra-like neck and head moves. Blacks are wearing out the head on that drum more than Gene Krupa. Lots of things we can talk about and even the Martin case. Folks revisit the Knoxville, TN 2007 murders. Where has that story gone?, where was Sharpton then????

    Of course the left wants to keep their man in their because they believe in the entitlement remora plan…… plain and simple.

  • CommieJuice

    Naggers gonna nag! I just walked my dog, Milhous, he left a big pile of Jehmu by his favorite tree.

    I wonder how that pile of steaming Jehmu would have felt if Carson said it may be tow tie n white boys, but thats a lot better than subsided hoodies n nappy hoz.

  • Sandra

    From her first appearance on Fox, Jehmu Greene’s real agenda was apparent; while she didn’t fool any of the viewers, it does appear she fooled the powers-that-be at Fox. I grew tired of her thinly-veiled racist agenda shortly after she began appearing on Fox. Now, when she is on, I hit the “mute” button right away. Fox needs to fire her for insulting Tucker and every white male who likes to wear bow ties. I’ve seen plenty of white women and black men and women wear bow ties — so her problem is obviously with white males.

  • Dave

    Send her to MSNBC so no one ever sees her again.

  • kw west

    This nappy headed bitch needs to shut up. Wheres Jesse “jerk off Jackson” on this one??

  • ExDem

    SHE should be fired!
    At the very least – an on air public APOLOGY.

  • RCB

    SHE MAKES A LIVING RAILING AGAINST RACISM AND ” THE DISENFRANCHISED”…And then she shows her true feelings in the heat of the moment!

    SHE NEEDS TO ME BANNED FROM FOX AT A MINIMUM! She has completely committed career suicide!

    She put on a good front for a long time…I liked her in spite of her increasingly myopic and irrational refusal to even see any side of an issue besides her own!

    SHE HAS TO GO! SAD! If it was the other way around Tucker would have been crucified!

  • Bow tie’n White Boy

    Coming from a watermelon eatin’ black girl, I find that comment, well, ironic.

  • Mike Rieker

    Howard Cosel, Jimmy the Greek and many others have been fired by the networks for far less. This woman needs to go. They won’t do it because they lack the backbone to stand up to blacks when they are wrong. Quite frankly, as a society, we are screwed.

  • Dave Priebe

    Jehmu Greene is a race baiter who has done more to isolate black America with her nostalgic views on race relations in this Country. As with all race baiters, she does not appear to be very intelligent.