The Chicago Loop has reportedly been a ghost town since Friday. Monday’s commute is going to be a disaster for everyone who works downtown. The protesters have cost the city tens of thousands of dollars. The cost of the summit could cost the city $65 million. So what is Obama’s response to all of this?

Deal with it.

WMAQ-NBC Chicago reporter Mary Ann Ahern tweeted this on Barack Obama’s visit to Chicago.



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  1. I visited Chicago on business 4 or 5 times. Every weekday the Loop was a ghost town after 5:00 PM. Can’t imagine it’s much busier on a weekend.

  2. Obama is to empathy as Manson is to kindness.

  3. OMG.

    What’s next? Obama saying that a state dinner isn’t as impressive as a night out at Olive Garden?

  4. OT


    This is getting CRAZY as hell.

    “Rosa Parks” aka TrayMom™ Fleeces The Sheep at Baltimore AME Chuch

    “OMG” doesn’t suffice.

  5. shibumi

    Nice timing.

  6. OMG read my last link.

    Holy hell.

  7. Taqiy. Some folks just askin’ to be fleeced. It would be a shame to not take advantage of them. That so-called pastor is one flim-flam man. Fits right in with the Justice Brothers. Baltimore’s blacks must be doing pretty well financially, thanks to the taxpayers, I’m sure.

  8. ++

    codes, always with the codes.. *sigh*


  9. Obama is always so classy

  10. What codes?

  11. ++

    Sasja #11 May 20, 2012 at 11:06 pm

    can you tell me what that means??

    who knows, who cares, whatever..


  12. ++

    Taste of Chicago

    he’s a real riot he is..


  13. ++


    May 20, 2012

    Pakistan blocks Twitter over anti-Islamic material

    [Pakistan blocked the social networking website Twitter for much of
    Sunday because it refused to remove tweets considered offensive
    to Islam, said one of the country's top telecommunications officials.]

    When Molly Norris was targeted during the “Everybody Draw
    Muhammad Day”
    controversy, Dr. Jasser and others signed this
    statement in support of free speech. It was written and signed by
    North American Muslims. Some signatories are not generally on our
    side (and have even attacked us themselves!), but several of us
    chose to sign onto the principles of the statement anyway.

    October 26, 2010


    [We, the undersigned, unconditionally condemn any intimidation or threats
    of violence directed against any individual or group exercising the rights of
    freedom of religion and speech; even when that speech may be perceived
    as hurtful or reprehensible.]

    February 2012

    Zuhdi Jasser: EMET panel on OIC Istanbul Process


  14. NATO sucks compared to The taste of Chicago festival! It doesn’t even have Jennifer Hudson and indie-rock band Death Cab for Cutie!

    Let me be clear, I have my limousine and my Security team. I am safe! Who cares if Chicago gets trashed? The Tax Payers will pickup the tab. Ha ha!

    Further, I have not received one single donation to my reelection campaign! Heck, with the Taste of Chicago gig I can shake down hundreds of citizens for money – Chicago style.

    My limousine is running and Barney Frank is in the back with his butt in the air. NATO members should show their solidarity and make a donation. If not, I will withdraw my support for NATO. Good day.

  15. Odumbo

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