Autopsy Reveals Trayvon Martin Had Bloody Knuckles When He Died (Video)

Autopsy results reveal that Trayvon Martin had only two injuries on his body – a fatal gunshot wound and bloody knuckles.
Via The FOX Report:

On the other hand, George Zimmerman did have injuries, including a fractured nose, two black eyes and cuts on the back of his head.

WTFV reported:

WFTV has confirmed that autopsy results show 17-year-old Trayvon Martin had injuries to his knuckles when he died.

The information could support George Zimmerman’s claim that Martin beat him up before Zimmerman shot and killed him.

The autopsy results come as Zimmerman’s attorney, Mark O’Mara continues to go over other evidence in the case.

O’Mara wouldn’t comment on the autopsy evidence, but WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer said it’s better for the defense than it is for the prosecution.

WFTV has learned that the medical examiner found two injuries on Martin’s body: The fatal gunshot wound and broken skin on his knuckles.

Al Sharpton was unavailable for comment.

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  • Adam

    The real question is whether anyone will actually report this or not. I’m going with…. not.

  • Freddy

    What a terrible RACIST that coroner must be! I bet he even forged pictures to back up his lies.

  • Winston Chase

    This is very interesting. The undertaker that examined Mr. Martin’s body was widely quoted at the time as saying it bore no such wounds. I noted in passing at that the fellow was African American although that’s not surprising. Death is the most segregated business in the United States. What is surprising is that this fellow either missed this in his exam or he was preparing the battlefield for the trial and the family’s future lawsuits. He is either incompetent or a knave.

  • paul52

    Last you will hear of this tidbit… at least on MSM.

  • MorningSun

    I wonder how those in media that interviewed the Funeral Director are going to walk this back.

    Search Funeral director travon martin no injuries to his hands or no signs of injury to body.

  • Zimmerman obviously viciously attacked Martin’s fists with his face.

  • bobdog

    They’re defensive wounds. Pore Little Trayvon ™ — Peace be upon him — was trying to defend himself when he was viciously attacked by Zimmerman’s face, just before he was shot while trying to retreat. But, woe! There was no escape from that Evil White Racist for Pore Little Trayvon ™.

    There has to be a pony in there somewhere.

  • Aye

    And the autopsy report tells us what precisely?

    That’s right… it tells us that Trayvon Martin was in a fight just prior to being shot to death.

    We’ve known that since Feb 26th.

    The autopsy report has zero value in telling us who instigated the confrontation which is really the root of the matter.

  • mg4us

    I hope George Zimmerman files civil suits against the media and also the funeral director for defamation of character. . .sue them for all they got!!

    Until then, stand-your-ground. . .

    To me the major mistake that night is the one Trayvon made. . .he did not cooperate. . . if you are on private property. . . which a gated community is, and one of the residents, let alone a community watcher. . . asks why are you here. . . COOPERATE!!

    Instead Trayvon attacked. . . and being the fit tough thug, pummeled GZ. . .

    Looking at GZ he looks Hispanic, not white. . .whould Trayvon had attacked him 1-on-1 if he were white. . probably not, they only do that in packs. .

    Instead, Trayvon filled with hate towards hispanics, attacked GZ. . .

    So yes, this was a racially motivated attack with GZ the victim!

  • squeaky
  • doberman

    An undertaker just prepares a body for burial while a medical examiner is trained to find evidence in cause of death. Whether the bloody knuckles were fresh or several days old in relation to the gunshot woundcan be determined but cannot be revealed until the ME presents the case in court. Zimmerman’s injuries were well documented after the shooting and are now a matter of public record. I say let’s let the evidence speak first before judgement is passed.

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  • Tjexcite

    Yeah, but it came from HIS doctor and everyone knows if you give the doctor a few extra bucks he will put anything on the medical report a month before anyone outside Sanford FL. would care.

    Watch for the “his doctor” hours after being question at the station and not an impartial ER doctor right after the shooting.

    Everyone knows you can run into the wall to break your nose to hid the murder you did. All the TV shows have it.

  • StrangernFiction

    Let’s hear it for bipartisanship. Bondi, Scott, Corey you should all be very proud.

  • squeaky

    ” Trayvon filled with hate towards hispanics, attacked ..” could consider that trayvon is the end result of black liberation rants and the like. whites are the devil……

  • #3:

    “What is surprising is that this fellow either missed this in his exam or he was preparing the battlefield for the trial and the family’s future lawsuits. He is either incompetent or a knave.”

    And if Zimmerman’s life now rides in the balance, the difference is irrelevant. If he lied he should be sacked.

  • kato

    Our Section VIII parasites don’t need facts. Zimmerman gets convicted or they’re going to riot.

    The Trayvon-as-martyr story also serves as cover for the dozens of incidents in which gangs of blacks have attacked white individuals. Real brave animals, traveling in packs. They need to be housebroken.

  • bg


    more whites are on welfare than blacks..

    juss sayin’..


  • bg


    God Bless George Zimmerman..


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  • Abner

    Why has no one noted?…..Trayvon Martin had a cell phone and had been talking to his girl friend. If he felt threatened, why did he not call 911? Zimmerman was in contact with 911 which to me indicates that he meant no harm to Martin, but was only observing him, not stalking him.

  • Rachelle

    I wonder if the state will have the guts to release the toxicology report?

    Trayvon was a typical, gold-toothed, foul-mouthed, urban hood whose fate was probably sealed in the cradle–shot dead or sent to prison.

  • squeaky
  • ar05075

    Justice for George,!!!

  • Taqiyyotomist

    That racist m-fr Zimmerman even went so far as to injure Saint Trey’s KNUCKLES!

    The humanity!

    Can he get any more marks against him?

  • Taqiyyotomist

    …that racist, Afro-Peruvian-Jewish-Scottish m-fr.

  • Linda

    #13 May 15, 2012 at 7:48 pm
    Tjexcite commented:
    Everyone knows you can run into the wall to break your nose to hid the murder you did. All the TV shows have it.

    Well, MORE people know that if you attack someone with a gun THERE IS A GOOD CHANCE YOU ARE GOING TO GET KILLED!

  • valerie

    I’m curious about the existence of powder burns.

    For the time being, I am going to side with Martin’s mother, from her comment before her dishonest, over-righteous attorney got hold of it. I can see this as an “accident” — a situation that spun out of control, with both Martin and Zimmerman trying to do the right thing.

    Martin is a visitor in a gated community that has recently been struck by burglaries, walking alone and maybe a little lost, when he finds somebody following him. He doesn’t know the guy is from the neighborhood watch, and that he’s carrying a gun because of the vicious dogs somebody else keeps. Martin is 17 and a smarta$$. He thinks he dodges pursuit, Zimmerman turns back to his car, Martin confronts, starts to get the better of a fistfight, and gets shot.

    I’m not saying that’s what happened. I will say that I have known more than one 17-year-old male with no more sense that God gave a chicken, who would cop a ‘tude inappropriately.

  • EBL

    I hope justice is done. From what I do know I cannot see how conviction is possible.

  • Brandon

    Trayvon was a gangbanger, he deserved it for assaulting people

  • “al sharpton was unavailable for comment.” hell the entire democratic party-media complex will be unavailable for comment. it wasn’t the death of trayvon martin that caused this controversy, it was the lies of the media.

  • iSupportGZ

    The medical examiner NEVER reported that Trayvon didn’t have bruises on his knuckles.. The funeral director did.. Watch how much his story changes now when he’s underoath.. This case is falling apart for the prosecution.. As expected…

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  • Socratease

    That racist, violent Zimmerman must have attacked helpless Trayvon’s knuckles with his nose.

  • Bill Mitchell

    I’m at a loss why this mess is even going to trial. Now the FBI is making noise about “hate crimes”. Lemme guess – Eric Holder has something to do with that? Obama’s only hope to win the election is to have race riots and find a way to get blacks mobilized.

    In the meantime we have had numerous blatant vicious attacks on whites by gangs of blacks and nothing seems to be happening on those. This smells like the Duke Rape Case all over again.

  • apodoca

    Holder has to do right by Obama’s son’s lookalike.

  • Mike James

    “The autopsy report has zero value in telling us who instigated the confrontation which is really the root of the matter.”

    I don’t think he skinned his knuckles after he got shot. I don’t think Zimmermann’s nose got broken after he got shot.

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  • FurryGuy

    The total disconnect by the American Pravda media and Progressives is that at the same time exculpatory medical evidence as to Zimmerman’s wounds is released, the hyper-partisan politisized DOJ is pushing forward with hate crimes prosecution.

    Innocent Until Proven Guilty is being replaced with Guilty If Politically Expedient.

  • sigh

    #8 –

    “And the autopsy report tells us what precisely?

    That’s right… it tells us that Trayvon Martin was in a fight just prior to being shot to death.

    We’ve known that since Feb 26th.

    The autopsy report has zero value in telling us who instigated the confrontation which is really the root of the matter.”

    No, it isn’t the root of the matter. This is shows a very basic lack of understanding about the law and the use of force.

    The question isn’t “who instigated the confrontation”, it is (1) was Zimmerman in fear of death or serious bodily injury when he drew a weapon and fired, and (2) had he broken the law before doing so.

    If the answer to #1 is no, he’s screwed. If the answer to #1 is no and #2 is yes, he’s REALLY screwed. If #1 is yes and #2 is yes, he is some lesser degree of screwed.

    Whether Martin was breaking the law or not at some point (i.e assault, whatever) is likely irrelevant. It is entirely possible to have a shooting like this where both parties are in fear of life/limb and either no one broke the law (a tragic misunderstanding) or only one party committed a relatively minor offense (usually simple assault or battery, thinking they were getting into a fistfight). Bad things happen; bad decisions make them worse, and failing to bring a gun to a gunfight you didn’t know you were starting usually doesn’t turn out very well.

    Martin could have given Zimmerman cause to fear for life and limb any number of ways — some of which are perfectly lawful (for example making a stupid, perfectly legal, misinterpreted move). He might even have assaulted Martin with a reasonable fear for his own safety due to similar and not necessarily criminal action by Zimmerman.

    You have to understand that while simply approaching someone and confronting them (by asking what they’re doing there) might have ultimately set what happened into motion, it’s not illegal. It doesn’t matter if Zimmerman “profiled” him or not – that’s not illegal either. It doesn’t matter if the only reason the two ended up talking was because Zimmerman approached him. If Zimmerman was not breaking the law and reasonably feared for his life or safety when he drew and fired, then he is off the hook, period.

    Adding to the confusion is the “Stand your ground” nonsense. The “Stand your ground” law doesn’t even factor into this as the situation has been presented to us, because the duty to retreat is only present when you can do so safely, and it is applied when the threat presents itself; it is not a duty to avoid confronting people in the first place.

    It’s not looking good for the prosecution. For any non-trivial crime at all to have been committed by Zimmerman here they need to show that Zimmerman was either not in fear of his life/limb when he fired or that he was committing some other crime before doing so that resulted in Martin giving him those injuries.

  • scorpius

    Doesn’t matter.

    At least to the Leftist Narrative, they’ve already accounted for this.

    They’ll go with the story that poor, little, oppressed Trayvon had to defend himself from the big, fat, evil, racist white guy (Zimmerman) who was stalking him through the ‘burbs with a gun. I mean, wouldn’t you?

    I know they’ll do this since they already have.

    Trust me. Whatever facts come out, whatever the conclusion of the trials against Zimmerman (and they will be many) there will be people on the left and in the black community who will never accept reality. Who will go on for decades about the evil Zimmerman and racist America.

    I pray for Zimmerman and his family because he left has found it’s new scapegoat.

  • Jackie O

    This is totally unacceptable.. You white people want justice. You white people say that black youth walk around attacking single white folk!!! Give me a break. Trayvon Martin was killed out of Racism at it’s finest. First off you white folk know that unfortunately black people don’t bother you because they are to busy killing each other. It’s sad but true… This White Cracker Zimmerman needs eternal damnation in jail. Let the jury inside those walls really show him what gang affiliation is all about. At this point White is going to be Black for the day of his sentencing.. Go Kill yourself Zim Boy…. Lol

  • knowthyenemy


    “MIAMI (CBS4) – The funeral director who prepared Trayvon Martin’s body for the memorial service is challenging George Zimmerman’s story that the Martin and Zimmerman got in an intense physical fight before Zimmerman shot and killed the 17-year-old:

    In dressing the body we could see no physical signs he had been in a fight or a scuffle. That is something we would have had to cover up had it been there.”
    said RICHARD KURTZ of Roy Mizell and Kurtz Funeral Home in Fort Lauderdale.

    ~March 29, 2012

    Here is the link to the Nancy Grace interview:

    The Rev. AL Sharpton posted it to his Zimbio account March 29, 2012:

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  • darcy

    It’s about darn time SOMEONE started reporting on this case using photos that don’t make Martin out to be a little cherub. Thank you FOX.

  • Mike James

    A stinking, ugly statement:

    “Let the jury inside those walls really show him what gang affiliation is all about.”

    JackieO, I wish Zimmermann had taken a pass on patrolling the neighborhood that night, and that he had stayed in his vehicle. I wish there were something I could offer up to help your pain, something that wouldn’t trouble my conscience such as giving the mob a sacrifice, which the quote above seems to indicate is what would suffice.

    There’s going to be a riot whether George Zimmermann is condemned to the “jury inside those walls”, or whether he goes free–right? Rioting after a not guilty verdict would probably be met with shrugs, return fire, and an attitude of “It was bound to happen.”

    Rioting after a Not Guilty verdict would be viewed entirely differently. I predict that if riots happen, despite a Guilty verdict, white people will decide that enough is enough. It will be the end of the indulgence that has been shown black folk for the truly stratospheric levels of criminality which is so very damaging to peace and stability in this country. The money’s running out. The country is 14 Trillion dollars in debt, and there will be adjustments made. White people are going to be divided into the soft, and the hard. The soft ones you know well, you have had them to look out for you, and be nice to you, and give you things.

    But let the blacks throw a temper tantrum, even if they get the verdict they want, and all bets are off. You will see a division amongst the white people in this country, and the hard ones will decide that they have no more interest in the opinion of the soft ones. Many blacks will not stop to think, will mindlessly injure whites who previously were in the soft camp, and they will come to the conclusion that it is time to be hard. Many of us have no use for the soft whites, but were willing to go along for the sake of peace and order. If blacks demonstrate that peace and order can not be had at any price, white people will surprise you. The world has wolves, sheep, and sheepdogs–which of the three would you find to be the most admirable, I wonder?

    One last, sad, thing–a wolf got one of the sheepdogs, one who had earned some peace in his life:

    Couple met and married within a month and stayed together for 65 years… only to be parted after home invader beat wife to death

    Elderly Tulsa Attack Victim, Bob Strait, Dies Friday

    Fall down on your knees, tonight, and thank the God that made you that white people don’t whip themselves up into a frenzy over stupid, unforgivable crimes like the one detailed above. We’re not like that–someone has to keep civilization going.

    Although there might be ways to make it go more smoothly.

  • Will no one comment on the obvious? Travon Martin was afraid for his life because he was being stalked by an aggressive stranger with a hand gun. This tragic act of violence is a direct result of the aggressive pursuit and confrontation by George Zimmerman. In any other state of the union George Zimmerman would be charged with felony menacing with a fire arm,stalking,reckless endangerment with a fire arm, and vigilante-ism.

  • Mike James

    George Zimmermann was in his own neighborhood. You’re really going to hate watching how the trial unfolds. You are really going to hate learning the actual relavant points of law.

  • Mike James

    Dammit, “Rioting after a Not Guilty verdict” should read “Rioting after a Guilty verdict. Nothing spoils a good rant like sloppy proofreading. I sort of expect rioting after a not guilty verdict, duh.

  • dmacleo

    #49 you’re an idiot.
    for those charges he had to have been waving the gun around and no_limit_nigga needed to have known he had a weapon.
    add in the fact zimmerman was walking back to his vehicle after losing sight of him and the threat would not have been there anyways.

    a punk casing houses in a gated community that was NOT the one he was staying in got caught, tried to tough his way out of it, and failed.
    sucks being him.

  • squeaky

    “..Travon Martin was afraid for his life because he was being stalked by an aggressive stranger with a hand..” but not afraid enough to go back to the condo he was at earlier. he was expected back at that condo so there’s no issue of not knowing if anyone was home to open the door.

  • Emerson

    I’m surprised to see a recent picture of Trayvon. Usually they show one of him before he became a thug. For a while I thought they’d revert to a baby picture to make him look more innocent.

  • Militant Conservative

    Daniel Arceley

    You Assume a little too much.

    Zimmermans permit is for a

    Concealed firearm, he was not running around waving it like a flashlight. I’ll wait for the trial. Two words for ya,
    Jury nullification

  • Catblaster

    What is becoming abundantly clear is how Team Skittles assembled a team of lawyers and media savvy operators withing two weeks and immediately floated all sorts of manipulated or outright incorrect information to push a specific narrative designed to whip up public support and make a civil suit easier. Unfortunately there are too many people who heard these lies and distortions but have not paid attention to further information like this which strongly indicater Zimmerman was telling the truth. What settles this for me is not what these reports indicate. I look at an overhead of the apartment complex and note the three main points of interest—the clubhouse, Green’s apartment, and the altercation scene. If Martin were merely trying to get back to the apartment, he had several ways to do so without ending up at the scene of the altercation which was at the opposite end of the townhomes from Green’s. There are only two ways he could have ended up there in a fight—if Zimmerman dragged him back there which is unlikely given the size difference or Martin went to that area and confronted Zimmerman–which is what his statement has indicated. Reasonable doubt.

  • Catblaster

    @Mike James. Zimmerman wasn’t ‘on patrol’. He was running an errand to Target when he spotted someone suspicious.
    @Daniel Arcelay there is zero evidence that Zimmerman stalked or attacked Martin in any way. I challenge you to find an overhead of the apartment complex and note where the clubhouse is, Green’s apartment, and where the fight took place (witness ‘John’s’ apartment). Tell me how can someone trying to get back to the apartment from the clubhouse end up in a fight at the right angle of those three places well away from a trajectory which would have easily taken them home? The prosecution is going to have a helluva time explaining that with any coherence.

  • Gary

    What’s beautiful about this story is how the facts just keep trickling out, slowly, in defiance of everything being claimed by the race baiters.
    Sharpton must be slapping his forehead in the mirror every morning now.


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  • Gary

    bg 18
    more whites are on welfare than blacks..

    Not sure what you meant by that. There are more than five times as many whites in America as blacks (72% of pop vs 13%), so no surprise that more whites are on welfare.

    here are some stats I just pulled on a Google search:

    Among the poorest of the poor–single mothers, living below thepoverty line with minor children to support 39.7 percent of AFDC clients are Black single mothers and 38.1 percent are White women with children. Food stamp recipients are 37.2 percent Black and 46.2 percent White. Medicaid benefits are paid to 27.5 percent Black recipients compared to 48.5 percent White clients.

    Now, just using those as rough numbers, and assuming the real numbers can’t be too far off, let’s put it in the proper perspective.
    Food stamps 37.2% black, 46.2% white
    So the 72% ethnicity uses 46% of the food stamps, and the 13% ethnicity uses 37%.
    We make up 5.5 times more of the population, but use only 1.25 times more food stamps.
    Therefore, blacks use food stamps 4 times more than whites do.

    Blacks use more welfare, percentage-wise.
    Simple numbers.
    But see how easy it is to manipulate statistics with statements like “whites use more welfare than blacks”? It doesn’t quite tell the real story.

    This isn’t for bg, but for anybody bad with numbers or understanding percentages, try this example:

    10 men on a construction project, 7 white, 3 black.
    All 3 black men are doing nothing all day long, along with 4 of the white men.
    The remaining 3 white men are doing all the work.
    One could easily twist out a statistic that “more white people than black people on the crew do nothing all day”.
    But a clearer picture of the situation would be revealed by the statement “3/7 of the white workers do nothing all day, but 100% of the black workers do nothing all day.”

  • Gary

    3/7 should be 4/7, of course

  • mg4us

    #48 Mike James

    Good points. .and don’t worry about typos. .people here can figure it out.

    Your analysis and prognosis points to what I have said all along:
    Be Prepared. . be very prepared.

    What we are witnessing here with GZ is tribalism at its finest. Yes, this is how tribes in Africa operate and why there is little to no cohesion in most African states.

    Sharpton, Jackson, NBPP all supporting no_limit_nigga Trayvon. . . right

    As they often say and we’ve heard:
    You can take the boy out of the jungle
    But you can never take the jungle out of da boy!

    and especially this. . .get to know the real Trayvon

    Until then, Floridians need to Stand-their-ground otherwise this happens. . . blacks attacking white
    and here is the video (notice media black-washes it. .and doesn’t mention race much)

    If the army guy was packing, these thugs or animals could have joined Trayvon!

  • Mike Giles

    Of course if 1 white guy was doing nothing on the job and 1 black was doing nothing on the job, you could count on the Gary’s of the world to frame it as “blacks being 7 times as likely to be screwing off”. Why? Because it makes blacks look worse. It’s the reason Mark Twain said :” There are lies. There are damnable lies. And then there are statistics”. The Gary’s of the world are quick to tell you that there is more black on white crime, than there is white on black. Which they put down to “racism”. Why? Because at that point their “statistics” mind “fails” them. Along with the fact that the potential pool of white victims is seven times as large as the potential pool of black victims. Just like the Gary’s of the world “statistics” mind fails them when they talk about welfare. The correct way to look at the problem would be how many blacks are below the poverty line and are on welfare/food stamps versus how many whites are below the poverty line and are on welfare/food stamps. Of course that absolute number and statistical ratio is pretty much the same, so it doesn’t serve the purposes of the Gary’s of the world. Which is pretty much to make ALL blacks look like lazy criminals on welfare. I believe the writers Hartford and Armour refer to it as “rational” or “reasonable” racism.

  • Ann Ominous

    Thanks Gary.

  • @Sigh


    For lecturing on the law, you really don’t understand it.

    Self-defense is an affirmative defense, pleaded by the defendant, in which he has to show that (a) he was in reasonable fear of death or serious bodily injury; and (b) he retaliated with as much force as reasonably necessary to prevent/end the attack. In general, one cannot retaliate with more force than his aggressor.

    In pleading self-defense, the defendant admits that he did something illegal; in this case, Zimmerman admits he shot and killed Treyvon Martin. The question is whether or not self-defense applies and thus justifies George Zimmerman’s criminal actions. George Zimmerman will have to show that (a) he subjectively feared that he was to face serious bodily injury or death and (b) that such a fear was objectively reasonable given the circumstances. He will additionally have to show that he used no more force than necessary to end the altercation.

    This is just general self-defense law without getting into the idiosyncrasies of Florida law. Don’t lecture people when you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • doc

    Al Dullton’s comment should be something like, “Well, I’m a compete dumb ass, what do you expect?”

  • im sick of this crap already. treyvon had a history of behaving like a delinquent. his parents call it a smear campaign, which is b.s. . it paints the picture of a young man going down the wrong path. lets face it, the life expectancy of a hoodlum isnt long. treyvons parents are playing extremely dirty here, using pictures of a baby faced kid to represent him, when in fact he already had tattoos (nothing wrong with tattoos, but kids cant get them), fake teeth, throwing the finger. i think that had the parents used up to date pictures, no one really would have cared. they used his younger pictures to generate public outrage and awareness. angela gordan stated it is treyvons family that are the victims, what they dont seem to get is they are treyvons victims. sooner or later he would have gotten dealt with
    i found it disgusting that they played this nasty trick on the rest of us, and i wonder why in the hell didnt anyone say anything when looking at the pics of an obvious child when it was a 17-year old teenager that was shot. i will admit when i first heard about this i was indeed angered, but then i read the rest of the information and realised gz has done nothing wrong.

    if he did do anything wrong, it was not using his own baby face pictures to represent himself.

  • Gary

    Mike Giles

    It shows what a dolt you are. I didn’t frame it any kind of way.
    It’s simple numbers.
    You can flip the example around, switching the words “white” and “black” anywhere you see them and it would make the same point.
    Unfortunately, you can’t do the same with the welfare numbers. Those are actual statistics.
    If 1 in 5 white people takes welfare, and 1 in 3 black people takes welfare (for example), then more black people take welfare than white, regardless of the fact that there are 5 times more white people than black. There is a 20% chance that any white person you see is on welfare, but a 33% chance that any black person is. Get it?

    Go cry like a little b*tch at HuffPo.
    People around here prefer informed arguments.

  • Gary

    And as for the “Garys of the world”, it’s about 55% of likely voters in this country.
    The “Mike Giles of this world”, will be the the other 45% wimpering on November 7 when the results are announced.

  • valerie

    #43 May 16, 2012 at 12:17 am
    Jackie O commented:

    Moby alert.

  • @Sigh #65:


    For lecturing on the law, you really don’t understand it.

    Self-defense is an affirmative defense, pleaded by the defendant, in which he has to show that (a) he was in reasonable fear of death or serious bodily injury; and (b) he retaliated with as much force as reasonably necessary to prevent/end the attack. In general, one cannot retaliate with more force than his aggressor.

    In pleading self-defense, the defendant admits that he did something illegal; in this case, Zimmerman admits he shot and killed Treyvon Martin. The question is whether or not self-defense applies and thus justifies George Zimmerman’s criminal actions. George Zimmerman will have to show that (a) he subjectively feared that he was to face serious bodily injury or death and (b) that such a fear was objectively reasonable given the circumstances. He will additionally have to show that he used no more force than necessary to end the altercation.

    This is just general self-defense law without getting into the idiosyncrasies of Florida law. Don’t lecture people when you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    You should take your own advice. Here (and here, and here is the actual statute) is some recommended reading to demonstrate why you are completely incorrect in your assessment.

    Here is the truth:

    Under Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law, if George Zimmerman can convince a judge that he acted justifiably, he is entitled to immunity from prosecution. That means no jury; no conviction; no jail. Think of it as a big “Get Out of Jail Free” card.

    It is worth repeating: Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law does not just provide an affirmative defense; it provides immunity. The distinction is extremely significant.

    Bottom line: if, during the immunity phase of the prosecution, Zimmerman provides, with mere preponderance of evidence, that he acted justifiably, he is immune from prosecution. The prosecution will never even proceed to trial. The judge will dismiss the charges.

    By any measure of justice based on the actual evidence, the murder charges against George Zimmerman will be dismissed entirely during the immunity phase.

  • PJ

    I am not going to give an opinion on this story, but I am going to comment that George Zimmerman is NOT white. He is Hispanic. I wish people would stop calling him white. This has all gotten WAY out of hand. I pray for EVERYONE involved. This is just so sad.

  • This all apart of bigger plan by regime…Obama sent his race hustlers in to stir up black mobs to have Zimmerman arrested and charged knowing the evidence back-up Zimmerman’s story ……Now they are trying to see that Zimmerman walks free to stir-up black mobs to riot and loot right in time for election, so O can call for Martial Law and have election cancel so he can enforce his dictator powers he gave himself by executive order…..

  • richard40

    This evidence makes it pretty clear that zimmerman was being beaten when he fired his gun. This strongly supports his self defense claim, and severely erodes the grossly overcharged 2nd degree murder charge. The only chance the gov still has for a conviction is if they can prove zimmerman started the fight. If they can, they still have a chance for a manslaughter conviction, based on the precedent that if you start a fight, you are liable for any injuries to the other person by a weapon, even if you subsequently end up losing the fight. But so far, I have heard zero evidence to prove that zimmerman started the fight. Even if the gov can prove zimmerman continued to pursue martin after the 911 operator told him not to, and also wished to confront or stop martin, also not yet proven, they would still have to prove that zimmerman actually started the fight, or at least that they both started the fight together. That would probably require an actual witness of the start of the fight, and I have not heard of one being found. I think the prosecution is in big trouble.


  • Linda

    #73 ponderon We’ll need to pray for the LORD’s timing concerning the court dates.

  • mike

    I guess this means any time a citizen is approached by a stranger with a gun, they should stop and do everything the stranger says. The students at Virginia tech,should have followed the directions of the “stranger” with a gun as well. The students at Columbine should have followed the directions of the “stranger” with the gun also. If only the people in Norway had followed the directions of the “stranger” with the gun. Maybe if the Amish students in Pennsylvania had followed the instructions of the “stranger ” with the gun, they would all be alive as well. I wonder what the difference is ? Oh, that’s right .Trayvon Martin just happened to be African American.. I guess I’m playing the race card again. his race was just a coincidence.

  • Linda

    #77 mike

    Trayvon had no idea George had a gun…until the very end! Had Trayvon known George had a gun he never would of attacked George!


    By the way, George has Black in him too, so yes everyone saying George is racist IS A RACIST!

  • AL

    Geo. Zimmerman white racist ? Geo. Is more black than white. So Linda, you have it right. Geo is a racist to his own kind. Wow, strange is that ? lol lol

  • C

    So what if his knuckles were bloody? Zimmerman targeted him and ended up getting his a$$ kicked and that means it was ok to shoot Travon? Zimmerman had it coming. Zimmerman should’ve minded his own business and never went after Travon and he wouldn’t have got beaten up. He should’ve put the gun away and just fought him back or stayed home and let the cops do their job. How many of you would be ok with this if it was your child? Would you want a grown man chasing your child and comfronting them? No! This isn’t about race to me at all, this is about a grown man with an ego to stroke. Poor guy couldn’t make it no where else so he had to be “a pretend rent a cop”. Bottom line he murdered that kid, what grown man needs to shoot a kid because he is getting beat up? Really, if Zimmerman beat up Travon and then Travon shot him then more of you racist would come out and still support Zimmerman. This will never be about right and wrong. It will always be about black and white.

  • robzilla

    It is funny that all of the blacks shut the help up when they found out Zimmerman was Latino. Blacks are always looking for reasons to attack white people. And as stated above, they will always attack in groups. They are cowards!

  • Michelle

    Uh? He lived in the gated community. And i know damn well if any one was following me, well lets be honest, because he is BLACK, i would be defensive. A grown man killed a child. I don’t see how Zimmerman did’t understand when the 911 dispatch was telling him DO NOT FOLLOW HIM. It’s amazing in 2012 how retarded people are. Racism is a disgusting quality people. I’m ashamed to be white sometimes.

  • Linda

    #80 AND #82 The reason YOU will never see it as right and wrong is because YOU don’t care about right and wrong, BECAUSE YOU ARE TOO RACIST!

  • Pingback: Trayvon Martin had drugs in his system the night he was shot, autopsy finds « CITIZEN.BLOGGER.1984+ GUNNY.G BLOG.EMAIL()

  • Amanda

    Its funny how they annalysed the voice of the screams to zimmermans voice and said that def wasnt zimmerman now they are sayin they dont kno whos voice it is… thats bull… and now they are sayin that he had bloody knuckles when he died… Helllooooo of course he did he was tryna defend himself to a man that came up to him for no reason and had a gun pointin at him… this is jus stupid a 17 old dies and now zimmerman is most likely gna go free… money can help u get out of anything but it not gna heal his mother and fathers, and familys heart… this is horrible , i hope zimmerman goes away for what he did… the cops told him to wait for them to get there and dont do anything but he decided on his own to walk up to a kid cuz he looked suspicious , come on really….even if he looked suspicious , it didnt give u the right to shoot him… 🙁 R.I.P. Trayvon Martin….

  • Amanda

    And #83 they are speakin the truth… they are sayin what is right and wrong… zimmerman was wrong for shootin someone jus because they look suspicious… so check ur facts #83….

  • Deuce

    Wow…and these posters are calling blacks racists??? Are they really reading what they are posting? Better yet, do they actually believe all the rhetoric and bigoted statements that are posted? Sad…

  • Los Angeles retired LEO

    As a retired LE officer(deputy sheriff), it is frustrating for me to see DAs over-charge a defendant. What George Zimmerman did in no way meets the level of 2nd degree murder. It may well have reached manslaughter. For the DA to bow to political pressure and file murder charges rather than manslaughter charges is foolish. This is similiar to what happened in the “Jena 6” charges, where attempted murder charges were brought against the 6 black youths who beat up a white youth. Instead of charging them with battery, which they actually commitied, the DA filed attempted murder charges against them initially; however the first day of the trail he reduced the charges to aggravated battery. The judge was not amused by this tactic.
    I suspect the prosecuting attorney will do something similiar at Zimmerman’s trail; and I imagine the judge will not be amused. If she(DA) insists on prosecuting Zimmerman for 2nd degree murder rather than manslaughter, the likelyhood of a guilty verdict plummet.

  • Los Angeles retired LEO

    Meh…..”trial”, not “trail”. Bad fingers, bad! LOL

  • dea

    Mike James could not have said it any more eloquently. Thank you!

  • Linda

    #86 May 17, 2012 at 8:21 pm
    Amanda commented:

    And #83 they are speakin the truth… they are sayin what is right and wrong… zimmerman was wrong for shootin someone jus because they look suspicious… so check ur facts #83….

    Amanda…There is something very wrong when someone has A POLICE REPORT, WITNESSES, PICTURES, AUTOPSY RESULTS everything supporting what George has claimed from day one…and you still will NOT KNOWLEDGE THE TRUTH!!!

    If George had killed Trayvon for looking suspicious George would not have all the injuries you see in the photos!

    You say “Helllooooo of course he did he was tryna defend himself to a man that came up to him for no reason and had a gun pointin at him…”

    Now tell me Amanda you really think Trayvon repeatedly beat George’s head against the concrete while supposedly George had his gun pointed at him the whole time??? It is really amazing what you do choose to believe!

    It is interesting you bring up also the screams for help in the 911 call, because when the Dad Tracey heard them he said the voice was NOT that of his son Trayvon!

    And you know I am not as concerned about Trayvon Parents since Trayvon is the one who chose to attack someone FOR NO REASON, like I am for George, his wife, and his Parents! But also because Trayvon Parents have chosen to endanger and torment this Family FOR NO REASON!

  • Love

    Travon Martin may you rest in piece.everytime I see you face it hurts just knOwing a young black man with a long life ahead was takin from his family but GOd has another plan. I pray for your family and that your watching over them you are with us in spirit ILoce you travon seeing your picked is like looking at my only son it hurst so bad. Loveyou

  • End Of Times

    I love how the media wants to start off a race war to end them all. We saw it with Rodney King who was not as innocent as everyone thought he was. I don’t in one bit condone what LAPD did to him, but they showed that video morning, noon, and night causing deaths, and millions of property damage. I hate the media, and don’t even watch it.
    This story caught my eye at first believing that an innocent young man was shot. Media shows pictures of little Travon online, but Travon the man is an intimidating figure. The night of the shooting wearing his hoodie, he looks like he’s up to nothing but no good. I’d say that if he was black, white, or filipino. The media will not be happy until another full fledged riot breaks out all over again.

  • Amanda

    im sure ur white and dont care linda… but trayvon didnt ask for someone to follow him did he .??? no… and if someone was followin me i wouldve fought them to u are ridiclous in everyway possible… zimmerman should rot in jail for what he has done… and u speak of witnesses most of them were sayin i cant see anyone but i hear someone yelling…and if the voice screamin wasnt zimmerman or trayvon then who was it??? this case is dumb jus like the casey anothony case she got away and everything pointed to her , if u have the right amount of money u can get outta anything…..

  • End Of Times

    Yeah right Amanda, Zimmerman has tons of money to buy off lawyers.
    I tell my kids “you live by the sword, and you’ll die by the sword”. There’s always someone out there tougher than you, or will be packing a gun…

  • Linda

    Well, you are wrong, I will not say what race I am to prove a point, and that is that God created us all equal so it doesn’t make any difference! But let me say when I first heard the news on George and Trayvon I made the mistake (knowing better) to believe the media. I felt bad for Trayvon and his parents, but then I heard Zimmermans side, his friend gave proof George killed in self defense! Then I was upset at Trayvon’s parents, for knowing the kind of son they had and having be given evidence that Trayvon tried to kill George and they STILL STARTED THIS NIGHTMARE FOR THE ZIMMERMANS! That is almost as wicked as what Trayvon did to George!

    You say “and if someone was followin me i wouldve fought them to”

    You know if you or I were being followed having a phone in our hands we would called the Police while running AWAY! Trayvon did not only not call the Police, he took off when George was still in his truck, being 6’3″ Trayvon could of gotten home in no time BUT instead he only took off to come back and snick up on George to attack him!!! THAT WAS NO SCARED YOUNG MAN!

    That tells you Trayvon started the fight!

    The voice in the 911 calls are George, George took a lot of beatings, called out for help so it all could come to an end! George could of killed Trayvon as soon as the fight started but that was not what George wanted to do, until Trayvon saw the gun and went for it that George had to shoot him!

    But I really hope Trayvon is resting in peace as you said earlier. I hope he did ask for his salvation before he died!

  • Linda

    #94 May 18, 2012 at 12:56 pm
    Amanda commented:

    Oops forgot again!

  • shay

    I just read the autopsy report in full.trayvon Martin had two injuries: gunshot wound to the chest and a 1/4x 1/8 inch ABRASION on The left fourth finger ,no bloody knuckles. Both sides of the case are guilty of false info.

  • Jessica

    I think everyone needs to re read the report he had one small cut on his left knuckle that’s it he did NOT have bloody knuckles he was also not nearly as big as previously reported I feel horrible for this boys parents

  • Jessica

    Also I’m sick and tired of everyone talking about the tch found in his system go out and find me a 17 year old who doesn’t have it in their system it won’t be easy that doesn’t make him a drug dealer or a thug

  • Jessica

    And zimmermans injuries were only comfermed by his family dr the ems on scene said that they weren’t that bad and his head looked to be in good condition for someone who had it repetadly slammed into the sidewalk by a scrawny kid

  • Jessica

    Sorry one other observation if he shot in self defense as he claims why not shoot him in the leg why in the heart which kills him instead of just stops him from hurting him further

  • angelene

    George Zimmerman in ihis family are lying that man shot that boy he was following that boy and the police told him once to stop following him that man do not like black people that that boy did not hit the man look at George Zimmerman picture now i dont se a darn thing

    ok let say if the trayvon did hit him he was defending his self
    and a nother thing ok so since the man not in jail what was the gun doing in his perzation like be for real that man need to be in jail for life in a no good serivce is trying they best to cover it up
    let it had been a little whit girl got shot by a african american black boy it will be all over the news and yall would have put him in jail fa life maybe like can people thank about that

  • Jessica

    Oh and so no one can say anything about race I am white married to a Hispanic and have three American Hispanic children lol

  • Nichole

    If he did hit him I don’t have a problem with. Cuz iwudhave fought someone who I fear was flowing me. As Zimbermen believes the neiborhoid was not safe. So why give this kids reason to be scared,biter will never know cuz Trevon is dead. He can’t say what he felt having a big white man following him.

  • Kristina

    Ok, so he hit Zimmerman. But the recording that Zimmerman says is proof, has Zimmarman following and confronting Travon. Travon tried to get away. Zimmarman grabbed him. I would have punched and fought to get away from a man following me too. But when Travon hit him, Zimmerman shot and killed him. That is not justifiable force; In any jurisdiction.

  • Dayvon

    I can’t believe that Zimmerman is going through hell for defending himself against a theiving, potsmoking thug. So sad that idiots like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would play race cards to defend guilty people. I am glad Trayvon is dead and won’t harm anyone else. Great job Zimmerman.

  • this is all about the money the greedy family is going to get they know they are wrong and when they go meet their God he will not be happy GZ IS THE VICTIM HERE ALWAYS WAS AND ALWAYS WILL BE, BLACKS ARE ALWAYS LOOKING TO BE SEEN AND HEARD AND WANT MONEY THEY DO NOT DESERVE

  • I of course did not mean all black people everyone has greed in them but this mess with martin and zimmerman is going too far and that family if they really cared about their son they would stop they have to know about the reprocussions that will follow

  • Don Smith

    OK numbers 80,82,and 86
    You are such blind idiots, number one he had a right to follow and be suspicious of travon knowing that there had been a number of home invasions in the gated community in the recent past which were commited by blacks, and he was a leader of the neihbor hood watch which is set up to protect the citizens and their property from those who would be so inclined to commit crimes in the community. it is a sad situation that a young man was killed, but to say that zimmerman is guilty of just blantently murdering travon is such a rush to judgement. this is evident, zimmerman had stoped following travon and was back at his car when the horrible incident took place, period.

  • Comment #105, you are retarded. I fell like I lost a peice of my life that I will never get back reading your post. Zimmerman gonna beat these charges and the negros are going to hate it. I can’t wait.

  • Fresh28

    I would just like to say, let Jesus handle the situation. Time will tell if Zimmerman killed in self defense. George has to live with the fact that he killed someone and that is punishment. So pray b/c prayer is the answer.

  • Linda

    #112 May 22, 2012 at 11:44 pm
    Fresh28 commented: I would just like to say, let Jesus handle the situation. Time will tell if Zimmerman killed in self defense. George has to live with the fact that he killed someone and that is punishment. So pray b/c prayer is the answer.

    Jesus has been answering prayer…He has brought to light what George Zimmerman had already said the day this happened.

    Like all the witnesses supporting what George had said, the pictures of his injured head and face and so forth.

    Now God allows us to kill in self defense. But yes we pray daily for God to continue to protect and defend G. Zimmerman. God Bless George and his family.

  • afl26

    In English?

  • Tammy

    The police told Zimmerman to stand back. Put Zimmerman in a room with Skilz and he will receive even greater injuries.

  • Real_Skills

    haha, some people, needz 2 lrn ha ta tipe ifz dey dnt wana bez l00ked down onz, buh theyz knw haw ta colextz dem welfare chex.

  • Pineapple Cowgirl

    Who dialed “911”??? Do “Criminals” seek Police intervention when committing a violent crime? REALLY? Give me a break- only Obama would believe this BS! Now his cronies must defend his Racist leanings and reinvent the story to cover the Lies of the Liberal State Run Media! Equal Justice for All- MLK said it best-“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Martin Luther King Jr., Letter from Birmingham Jail

  • Lissa

    Do noncriminals arm themselves and chase a teenager through a neighborhood after being instructed not to? Zimmerman initiated the confrontation, Treyvon had every right to be there and no obligation to converse with a stranger approaching him after dark in an unfamiliar place. Had Zimmerman obeyed instructions from the 911 dispatcher, none of this would have happened. We know this with all certainty. We do not know if there was anything Treyvon could have done differently because he was murdered.

  • Dawn Borden

    I guess the lesson is …Don’t be so quick to throw that first punch…It may very well be your last…..

  • Call it Like I see it

    Its hard to get think right with multiple blows from a druggie with colorful criminal intents. fact of the matter is that Florida has a Stand your Ground law. And if he would have been white – or if Zimmerman was black, this would not even have went to trial. I would have shot him too, and most blacks would not even hesitate to shoot him.!!!!
    But again the NCAA claim racism like always! As it is a political gain for them to do so.

  • irememberallthelies

    One thing that bothers me is the media refuses to show up to date photos of martin. They only show the one when he was 12. The real ones shpw something different and the prosecution knows that osnt good for them along with the media. Of course this is probably done bt holders request to start a race war. Sadly its working too.

  • irememberallthelies

    The mainstream media also isnt covering the black mob violence that happens a few times a week either. Go to for that story.

  • irememberallthelies

    Have you not seen the case. Easiest way to avoid this was martin to stay hidden. He decided to confront zimmerman and throw the first punch. Following is not illegal and if you paid attention to the trial you would know zimmerman did not see him and was headed back to his car when he was confronted by martin. Martin could have also used words but instead resorted to his fist which is where martin became in the wrong. Spin it however you want the facts are out there and the media released a lot of info that was untrue thst you are using. Have a great day.

  • Allen

    you don’t know who threw the first punch or what really happened beyond media bias, but from reading your

    you would think you were actually there,this is the ignorance & stupidity of people.

  • Name

    first i think people really need to take a look at where this crime took place…sanford fl and most of its surrounding towns are very racist towards blacks…plus while we outside of sanford see only the court house black residents see the city as a whole!! there has been numerous white on black shootings and police on black shooting all resulting in justified killings way before trayvon…so lets focus on the real problem…the reason george went home the night of the shooting is the same reason he was aquitted…”seminole county whites” plain and simple