Autopsy Reveals Trayvon Martin Had Bloody Knuckles When He Died (Video)

Autopsy results reveal that Trayvon Martin had only two injuries on his body – a fatal gunshot wound and bloody knuckles.
Via The FOX Report:

On the other hand, George Zimmerman did have injuries, including a fractured nose, two black eyes and cuts on the back of his head.

WTFV reported:

WFTV has confirmed that autopsy results show 17-year-old Trayvon Martin had injuries to his knuckles when he died.

The information could support George Zimmerman’s claim that Martin beat him up before Zimmerman shot and killed him.

The autopsy results come as Zimmerman’s attorney, Mark O’Mara continues to go over other evidence in the case.

O’Mara wouldn’t comment on the autopsy evidence, but WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer said it’s better for the defense than it is for the prosecution.

WFTV has learned that the medical examiner found two injuries on Martin’s body: The fatal gunshot wound and broken skin on his knuckles.

Al Sharpton was unavailable for comment.

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  • Adam

    The real question is whether anyone will actually report this or not. I’m going with…. not.

  • Freddy

    What a terrible RACIST that coroner must be! I bet he even forged pictures to back up his lies.

  • Winston Chase

    This is very interesting. The undertaker that examined Mr. Martin’s body was widely quoted at the time as saying it bore no such wounds. I noted in passing at that the fellow was African American although that’s not surprising. Death is the most segregated business in the United States. What is surprising is that this fellow either missed this in his exam or he was preparing the battlefield for the trial and the family’s future lawsuits. He is either incompetent or a knave.

  • paul52

    Last you will hear of this tidbit… at least on MSM.

  • MorningSun

    I wonder how those in media that interviewed the Funeral Director are going to walk this back.

    Search Funeral director travon martin no injuries to his hands or no signs of injury to body.

  • Kip Allen

    Zimmerman obviously viciously attacked Martin’s fists with his face.

  • bobdog

    They’re defensive wounds. Pore Little Trayvon ™ — Peace be upon him — was trying to defend himself when he was viciously attacked by Zimmerman’s face, just before he was shot while trying to retreat. But, woe! There was no escape from that Evil White Racist for Pore Little Trayvon ™.

    There has to be a pony in there somewhere.

  • Aye

    And the autopsy report tells us what precisely?

    That’s right… it tells us that Trayvon Martin was in a fight just prior to being shot to death.

    We’ve known that since Feb 26th.

    The autopsy report has zero value in telling us who instigated the confrontation which is really the root of the matter.

  • mg4us

    I hope George Zimmerman files civil suits against the media and also the funeral director for defamation of character. . .sue them for all they got!!

    Until then, stand-your-ground. . .

    To me the major mistake that night is the one Trayvon made. . .he did not cooperate. . . if you are on private property. . . which a gated community is, and one of the residents, let alone a community watcher. . . asks why are you here. . . COOPERATE!!

    Instead Trayvon attacked. . . and being the fit tough thug, pummeled GZ. . .

    Looking at GZ he looks Hispanic, not white. . .whould Trayvon had attacked him 1-on-1 if he were white. . probably not, they only do that in packs. .

    Instead, Trayvon filled with hate towards hispanics, attacked GZ. . .

    So yes, this was a racially motivated attack with GZ the victim!

  • squeaky
  • doberman

    An undertaker just prepares a body for burial while a medical examiner is trained to find evidence in cause of death. Whether the bloody knuckles were fresh or several days old in relation to the gunshot woundcan be determined but cannot be revealed until the ME presents the case in court. Zimmerman’s injuries were well documented after the shooting and are now a matter of public record. I say let’s let the evidence speak first before judgement is passed.

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  • Tjexcite

    Yeah, but it came from HIS doctor and everyone knows if you give the doctor a few extra bucks he will put anything on the medical report a month before anyone outside Sanford FL. would care.

    Watch for the “his doctor” hours after being question at the station and not an impartial ER doctor right after the shooting.

    Everyone knows you can run into the wall to break your nose to hid the murder you did. All the TV shows have it.

  • StrangernFiction

    Let’s hear it for bipartisanship. Bondi, Scott, Corey you should all be very proud.

  • squeaky

    ” Trayvon filled with hate towards hispanics, attacked ..” could consider that trayvon is the end result of black liberation rants and the like. whites are the devil……

  • The All Real Numbers Symbol


    “What is surprising is that this fellow either missed this in his exam or he was preparing the battlefield for the trial and the family’s future lawsuits. He is either incompetent or a knave.”

    And if Zimmerman’s life now rides in the balance, the difference is irrelevant. If he lied he should be sacked.

  • kato

    Our Section VIII parasites don’t need facts. Zimmerman gets convicted or they’re going to riot.

    The Trayvon-as-martyr story also serves as cover for the dozens of incidents in which gangs of blacks have attacked white individuals. Real brave animals, traveling in packs. They need to be housebroken.

  • bg


    more whites are on welfare than blacks..

    juss sayin’..


  • bg


    God Bless George Zimmerman..


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