10 White Supremacists Arrested in Florida – Were Training For Race War

Marcus Faella, 39, and his wife Patricia, 36, are both leaders of the St Cloud, Florida, chapter of American Front, which is a violent skinhead organization. (KSEE24)

A group of white supremacists were rounded up this past weekend in central Florida. The 10 alleged members of a white supremacist group training near Orlando and Disney World for a “race war.”
KSEE24 reported:

A group of white supremacists rounded up in central Florida over the weekend were stockpiling weapons and training for a ‘coming race war,’ where they planned to kill minorities, immigrants and Jews, according to authorities.

Court documents reveal the ten members of American Front were preparing to become active again and recapture media attention, possibly with an assault on Orlando City Hall, in an effort to attract new recruits.

They were also allegedly planning to manufacture the deadly toxin ricin, which the government considers a weapon of mass destruction.

According to court documents obtained by the Orlando Sentinel, the St Cloud chapter of American Front, deemed a ‘racist skinhead group’ by the Anti-Defamation League, made a base at the secluded home of leaders Marcus and Patricia Faella.

On the Faella’s ‘Aryan Compound’ in rural Osceola County, five miles from the nearest paved road, the white supremacists trained with AK-47s and other weapons during ‘mandatory’ practice sessions. Marcus Faella allegedly told his followers to picture the heads of black people as they fired at targets.

Last summer, a member of the US National Guard, who was in a Missouri chapter of American Front, visited the group in Florida for hand-to-hand combat training and instruction on fighting with knives, the Sentinel reported.

Faella believed there was an inevitable race war coming and he saw American Front as being the protectors of the ‘white race.’

He fortified his compound with railroad timbers, cement pilings and barbed wire. He cut gun-ports in the sides of his trailer that he and others could stick their rifles through. He and the other members stockpiled weapons and ammunition and military MREs — ‘meals ready-to-eat.’

Here is a copy of the arrest affidavit.

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  • cali

    Hmm, let’s see – the black panthers can make threats against a citizen ‘dead or alive’- none are arrested. Now we have those or skinheads, who want to go against the black panthers and, they are arrested? What’s wrong with picture?
    I abhor ‘race war’, but as we all know, it’s obamas’ strategy to win re-election; they planned a race war?
    My opinion is most likely unpopular; I do think white people allow themself to continously be victimised.

  • Eric Johnson

    Would that happen to Black Panthers/Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton? NO! of course not! just saying

  • Eric Johnson

    Something very wrong here!!!!

  • John C Bossolt

    I hate to agree with Cali, but my opinion is also “evolving,” just like the President’s stand on “gay marriage.” We conservatives have NO idea what’s in store for us this summer and fall. The GOP is uproariously unable and unwilling to contend with the forces of darkness in the WH and their foot soldiers on the ground: Occupy creeps, Louis Farrakhan’s soldiers, Muslim Brothers, Black Panthers, “Reverend” Sharpton, Van Jones, Lisa Jackson, John Holdren, Eric Holder, Cass Sunstein, Frannie Fox-Piven, Davie Axlerod, Val Jarrett, etc. The whole soulless bunch is about to eat our lunch – just a hunch.

    Even if, and maybe especially if, Romney wins, this great Nation is in for a very bad ride.

  • Male Silverback

    I can’t say that I blame them.

  • Beto Ochoa

    Just like the Occupy guys wanting to bow up a bridge or the new underwear plot
    we’ll find out a fbi stooge put these guys up to this.

  • Joe Blow

    Just and Obama Holder world.

  • bear

    Let’s see, here. They want to kill blacks, jews and “immigrants?” Sounds like national SOCIALISTS to me. That’s nazis to you lefty, anti-Americans out there, who want to murder black babies and Israelis, and aid and abet the muslims in killing the rest of us actual Americans.

  • Jacki

    White people are not allowed to prepare for a possible race war, but its ok for the Black Panthers & NAACP. If a black person has a cause, white people help support it. If a white person has a cause, they are labeled racist. Lets face it… Black people are the only people with the freedom of speech. If people want to “train” for a possible “race war” let them. I dont see whats wrong with that. Women learn self defense, to protect themselves from possible danger. Are the black people the only people allowed to train for a possible race war? It’s their business what they do on their own property. This is just some way to start more racist crap in the wake of Trayvon Martin’s murder!

  • Gary

    That makes the second guy from Florida this year being called white, but looking something other than white, and in a negative story.


  • 1RedBeard

    Ok, violent crackpots were “rounded up.” I have no problem with this. I do have a problem when violent crackpots of a protected minority are NOT rounded up, when they threaten the same sort of mayhem as these skinheaded fools do.

    Dear government pinheads: A violent thug is a violent thug, regardless of race. I know this is difficult for you bureaucratic microbes to wrap your pea-sized brains around, but do try, won’t you?

  • #12= Spot on!

  • Greg

    Read the arrest warrant, appears they got him on probation violation for owning a gun. All in all these guys are morons and need to be kept off the streets for their own protection and society

  • southernsue

    don’t worry, if there is a race war, the black people in this country will be shocked!

    there are thousands of Americans that have had enough of affirmative action, black bullying, black racist churches spewing hate against white people, jesse jackson, al sharpton, farrakhan, van jones, the black caucus, i could go on and on.

    these thousands of Americans, including good decent black Americans will be coming out of the woodwork to fight for America.

    i for one am sick of this ridiculous race crap! the militant black has everything handed to them now, the only thing that they really want is to turn our America into a dictatorship and run it into the ground like their deplorable neighborhoods and kill whites, asians, and anyone that doesn’t adhere to their race, you know just like the terrorists!

    bring it on!

  • @Male Silverback
    Last I looked, polling on public opinion about the Martin shooting was basically split between two groups: blacks, and everybody else.

    Given that Zimmerman is himself, part black, and has the support of his black neighbors, the notion of a race war seems silly to me. We’re talking about a idea that a fraction of blacks will try and make war on the entire rest of the country.

    Riots by malcontents and victims of race-baiting are a different matter. Certain cities and communities will be at risk. By now you probably can tell whether you live in one of those cities or not.

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  • Jerry C

    @ #10 Jacki


    Black Panthers can offer a kidnapping reward of $10,000 for George Zimmerman, a “white” hispanic, and weld billy clubs at voting sites to intimidate whites, but God forbid any whites try to prepare themselves for they see coming.

    Lawlessness reigns in the White House. He has many names. Destroyer. Anti-Christ. Satan. Great Tribulation is coming whether you believe in it or not. Best to prepare.

  • MJ

    Why weren’t the Black Panthers arrested?

  • MT Geoff

    The last round of this kind of thing, in Michigan, turned out to involve people who were a bit off-kilter in my opinion but who had committed no crimes. At this point, I am withholding judgment.
    I am also concerned (#7, Beta Ochoa) about how many of these incidents have had a counter-terror instigator of some kind. It seems startling to me that every plot has an informant or infiltrator. I have to agree with monitoring groups that show themselves to be dangerous. I’d have a serious problem with instigator tactics, though.
    The idea that the odious American Front should be busted and the equally odious NBPP should be honored is very difficult to swallow.

  • If Romney wins, there’s going to be a WHOLE LOTTA blacks calling foul and “fixed”. They won’t be able to comprehend how their messiah could ever lose the election.
    For this reason alone, whites, Asians and other non-black Americans should be armed and able to protect their homes & families.
    I can feel it in the air here in FL and it’s going to be a bloody period of unrest and incredible violence.
    But…Go Mitt!!! 🙂

  • YAT

    This time, Jim Hoft, you have to promise to post the story when a court finds them not guilty.

  • dave

    if they had only confined their actions to standing guard outside voting places or just offering rewrds for the death or capture of their enemies.

    I don’t have any use for this type of person regardless of race, but lets get back to “equal protection under the law.”

  • King

    Let’s assume for a moment that this group is a white supremacy group. And given the government’s habit of lying that’s a big assumption. What’s their crime again? Plotting. Really!?! That’s what they nailed that Hutaree Militia group on. The Left needed cover so they arrested that militia. The government and media called them right-wing, racist, christian militia types hellbent on committing OKC bombing style violence. Yeah, they rang all those bells. Doesn’t matter that the Hutaree Militia people were all found not guilty. The media got the story they needed. And now in the wave of black-on-white hate crimes, other Leftist crimes, and the elections coming up we have “Skinheads at Disneyworld”. I find the government repugnant in their attempts to dupe us once again. It’s sad that when I read a story about some group planning mass violence I have to give them the benefit of the doubt not the government. Thanks Obama.

  • lethargic

    I’m sorry, this guy doesn’t look Aryan. He looks more like a hispanic middle eastern … ???

  • [email protected]

    I’ll start by pointing out that nobody can believe one damn thing this justice department says.

    Let’s suppose it’s all true for a moment. Except that I would attempt to dissuade this militia from bothering the Jews, I ask, “Where do I sign up?”

  • [email protected]

    I can’t believe some of the drivel I’m reading here. Considering who the AG is, considering the carte blanche given to the NBPP. considering Fast and Furious, and considering obastard’s background, it is stunning to me that people here actually believe the justice department. A number of you just assume the justice department is telling the truth and these guys are a bunch of nutburger skinheads.

    Think about it. Read the affidavit. The justice department can claim anything they want to as far as what they allege the group was PLANNING to do. But what have they actually done…in reality? This all reads just like the prelude to Ruby Ridge and Waco. More lies and BS from the feds.

    What’s wrong with preparing for a race war? Whites are being attacked in great numbers, and the percentage of victims grows each day. Black mobs are attacking businesses en masse. They’re attacking individual whites in their cars, homes, cross walks, riding their bikes, in shopping malls and restaurants. The justice department is clearly supporting the blacks. Of course we should prepare. It’s a no-brainer.

  • BurmaShave

    @ #10 Jacki

    “Black people are the only people with the [unchecked] freedom of speech.”

    No, white people have freedom of speech too, e.g., the DNC media, which is constantly mouthing off, is almost entirely white; it’s just that it’s politically incorrect, especially among the totalitarian inclined, to say anything critical of blacks. And BTW that also applies to blacks who do not want to be labeled “Uncle Toms” by the totalitarian inclined (i.e., Progressives).

    For example, idiot Chris Matthews after Obama’s second SOTUS commend that he almost forgot that Obama is black. On the other hand, it is perfectly OK for a white person to say that he almost forgot that Chris Matthews is white. In fact, it would be only logical for anyone to say that, if they had never seen Chris but only heard him.

  • Practical Jane

    This is a load. That man is not white.

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  • Bruntdog

    These people may or may not have been planning a “race” war, but anyone who doesn’t find the timing of this “round up” fishy, hasn’t been paying attention to this justice department.

    As many commenters have already noted, at any given time, there are dozens if not hundreds of different types of anarchist groups operating within the United States. Why aren’t they all being rounded up? Could the fact that many of them just happen to be members of Eric Holder’s “people” have anything to do with it? Or maybe it’s the fact that they just don’t operate in the crucial swing state of Florida. With the fervor over the Trayvon Martin shooting starting to wane, it might just be time to restoke those divisive, racist fires again.

    Any bets on when court proceedings start to take place? October perhaps?

    I call BS

  • tommy mc donnell

    where did the democratic party-media comlplex dig these guys up?

  • burt

    The Democratic party needs race war. It will be an excuse for marshall law and Obama can become king.

  • Shortcut to Mushrooms

    Here is the answer for all of the posters asking why these folks were arrested and others were not.

    Follow the link to the arrest affidavit. Notice how individual statutes are cited. Notice also that the allegations against these people match those statutes. That is why they were arrested. They are suspected of committing a crime. Generally, people are not arrested arbitrarily in this country.

    Now, if you want someone arrested, cite a statute and provide information indicating that they committed such offenses in a jurisdiction subject to the statute.

    Now which system would you prefer: what I have described above, or being subject to arrest based solely on someone’s edict.

  • Gary


    Nice try.

    Looks like you’re the latest in the long line of liberals coming to this cite to show us how much smarter you are, but leaving silently without a trace.

    As Redbeard pointed out, nobody is defending these guys who got arrested. We’re looking at the many, many times when black offenders are not arrested.

    For example, the Black Panther Party guys who were engaging in voter intimidation in 2008.
    Then there were the Black Panthers who openly offered a reward for Zman dead or alive, and advocated killing random white people in retaliation. These things were done openly and all caught on camera. And yes, they are all illegal.

    Are you seriously implying that I as a citizen should go look up the statute that makes these activities illegal and then bring them to the police and insist that the perpetrators are arrested and tried for the crimes? I don’t think that is what anybody had in mind when the criminal justice system was put in place.

    They broke the law, solicited murder, incited riots, and engaged in voter intimidation, all on camera. They should have been arrested and tried, but they weren’t. In the case of the voter intimidation, the judgment was hande to the DOJ without any effort, but they refused to pursue the matter. It was open and shut.

    Are you now trying to sell the ridiculous notion that no crime was committed because they weren’t arrested? Or that they should only be arrested if I personally put the statute in the face of the local police officers?

    Take it somewhere else, for your own sake.

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  • Shortcut to Mushrooms

    What I am saying is that all elements of a crime must be present in order to prosecute in an American court. I am also saying that you don’t know the law as well as you think you do.

    Take this example of how common law works.
    At 2PM man breaks and enters into the dwelling house of another with the intent to commit a larceny therein. Is this Burglary under common law?

    No, it is not. There is an element that has not been met. Consequently, this person should not be convicted of burglary. Other charges would be more likely to succeed.

  • Toa

    #12- you go 🙂

    Not much I can add to the discussion, except that I am also highly suspicious of this story. If the “Liberals” can suddenly conjure up “fainting” girls at Obama worship services and a hitherto secret stash of Obama ex-girlfriends- not to mention their myriad cover-ups of non-PC news- they can surely concoct a “white supremacist” conspiracy. But, we shall see…

    It strikes me as just another in many acts of Leftist ignorance/stupidity on the part of the Hussein Court to try to instigate a race war. Evidently they just can’t accept the fact that there are actually variances of thought among each of our races…but they didn’t hear that from their pin-headed mentors in college and the media, so it’s beyond their comprehension.

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  • Shortcut to Mushrooms

    Also, it’s worth pointing out that the admins on this board are very quick to silence dissenting opinions. That is probably the cause for, as you put it, “liberals…leaving silently without a trace.”

  • CommieJuice

    Am I reading this right. They were arrested for “allegedly planning” blah, blah this and blah, blah that? I don’t trust any of the lib media and their allegations. This could be real, but probably not. It does have the Waco type of feel to it.

  • Shortcut to Mushrooms

    If you read to the end, you will find that they (allegedly)agreed to commit felonies (murder) and took steps in furtherance of those felonies. That is conspiracy.

  • MT Geoff

    Howdy Shortcut
    And how is Farmer Maggot?
    You’re correct that prosecuting a crime is supposed to call for having all the elements of it — which, slightly off topic, is why the charging document in the Zimmerman-Martin case might have been an excellent submission for the defense.
    There are important differences between spouting off, as the Huttaree Militia did, without actually planning or attempting a crime, and actually planning a crime. One could illustrate with “The oppressors must die!” being free speech and “Can we take out the sheriff’s deputies on a Saturday night?” being much more like conspiracy. If the Florida crew fell into the second group, that does sound criminal.
    At another level, though, I’m concerned about the role that government operators may be playing. There’s a difference between monitoring a mosque’s meeting and reporting that the members are considering attacking a synagogue, and standing up at the mosque meeting and suggesting the members attack a synagogue. I am worried that some of the anti-terror successes have a flavor of instigation or entrapment.

  • Alana

    Read the affidavit, people. Jim gave it to you, now read it.

  • LaInfidel

    Something smells bad here. Holder and Obama are going to create something far bigger than they ever expected and it will not have the outcome they were hoping for.

  • Dept Homeland Security stated that its main purpose now is to thwart”home grown terrorism”. Only if you’re white and stockpiling food and water ,guns and ammo….. you are now considered a terrorist, you’ll be rounded up and arrested on charges like “allegedly planning” to committ…..

  • Knox

    Boy, If I ever doubted that you folks were a bunch of Nazi (forget the neo part) I don’t anymore. It’s ignorant, bigots like you who have given conservatism a bad name. Go your merry way, and enjoy this world. You’ll be having a hot time of it in the next. Bye bye.

  • MT Geoff

    #48, Knox: I could be wrong, but I have the feeling you consider yourself “progressive” or “liberal” and you would have considered me a Nazi bigot in any case.
    Some of the remarks here are more spirited than nuanced, yes, and a few are a bit paranoid, maybe. I’ve read a bit on the “progressive” blogs and these comments are far, far more rational than most of HuffPo or Daily Kos.

  • Shortcut to Mushrooms

    The be-all-end-all of the Zimmerman case should be that unless Zimmerman was there illegally, he acted completely within the law. Acquittal is almost a certainty. However, the law in question is very poorly drafted and effectively legalizes dueling.

    Also, I’m glad someone understood the handle.

  • Gary


    I too have taken criminal justice classes. Clear it up for me then, which leg of law-breaking was not satisfied by a guy on camera smacking a billy club in his hand yelling at elderly white voters in 2008?
    Same question for the BPP guy on tv yelling that a bounty would be paid for Zman dead or alive?
    What remains to be satisfied? He is on video putting a bounty on another man’s life.
    That’s more than Charles Manson ever did. Manson merely suggested the murders. This guy offered payment. That’s solicitation for murder, or at least of kidnapping.

    This teacher’s lounge theorizing is crap and you know it. The DOJ had a stated policy, yes stated as reported by more than one DOJ employee who quit in disgust, that crimes perpetrated by blacks were of no interest to the DOJ:


    So, as I said, take it elsewhere.

    As for libs disappearing without a trace, you’re not being silenced. There is nothing more entertaining to us than a know-it-all lib trying to show us how smart he is for a day two.
    The usual flow goes like this:

    1. Come in and pick some debate with the posters here.
    2. Find out they are more informed and more confident in their beliefs than you are.
    3. Start calling names and drawing moral equivalencies to whatever Reagan did or Bush did.
    4. Change usernames to get a fresh start.
    5. Realize that everybody still knows who you are because you can’t alter your writing style enough.
    6. Invent other usernames to back up your arguments.
    7. Realize we all know it’s just you.
    8. Disappear silently.

    Feel free to skip any of those steps.

  • Westie

    Typical Government patsies, sub par SPLF sooopreeeeemist. All show no go.

  • Shortcut to Mushrooms

    The supposed voter intimidation I remember as being in Pennsylvania. While I’m looking that up, could you provide a state for the other incident?

    I’m sorry you have experienced dissatisfaction with trolls in the past. I will try to raise your expectations for further trolling.

    Did you know that the “New Black Panther Party” has absolutely no real connection with the actual Black Panthers?

  • Shortcut to Mushrooms

    § 4702. Threats and other improper influence in official and political matters.

    (a) Offenses defined.–A person commits an offense if he:

    (1) threatens unlawful harm to any person with intent to influence his decision, opinion, recommendation, vote or other exercise of discretion as a public servant, party official or voter;

    By my reading of this, some overt act is required. Standing near a polling place with a club would not qualify unless the act of holding a stick is a form of threatening unlawful harm.

  • MT Geoff

    #54: Shortcut
    Yes, actually, standing in a public place, impeding the path of lawful voters and smacking a potentially lethal weapon into one’s palm would meet my definition of threatening unlawful harm. It’s a bit like the beggar who says, “…and all I have left is this gun and a few bullets…”

  • Lil Obie

    Just another reason for Oblameo to declare martial law and try to repeal the 2nd ammendment.

  • Bill C.

    …and Eric Holder will be arresting the “New Black Panthers” when,….?

  • dunce

    They are not accused of actually doing anything to anybody but of planning a self defense for people attacking them. They have identified those that have threatened them as a bunch of violent left wingers some of whom are black. What is never revealed in these investigations is that the group was infiltrated with an “agent provocateur”. They have not been accused of any illegal acts. They are accused of planning illegal acts. Where is the presumption of innocence until proven guilty?

  • Shortcut to Mushrooms

    In the footage that I saw, they were not blocking anyone’s path. People were entering and exiting the polling place freely as I recall.

    Conspiracy is agreeing to commit an illegal act and taking significant steps in furtherance of the agreed upon act. Law enforcement need not wait until the act is imminent.

  • Allisio Rex

    Practical Jane commented:

    This is a load. That man is not white.

    This man is White. White doesn’t necessarily have to be “Nordic-Northern European White”. The important think is being willing to identify with the values of the White Race.

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  • wb

    all liberals should hang. no better, all liberals should be forced to watch their daughters be impregnated by black thugs, no wait, they already are. race war is coming folks, in fact its been around since the 1960’s. i doubt there isn’t one of you on this site who hasn’t been attacked, had words with, robbed, or had property damage due to blacks. if not you either most likely lve in alaska or beverly hills. the time to arm yourselves is now. find as many people who think as you do and prepare. when this kicks off the stores will most likley either be shut down by feds of already looted and burned to the ground. do not assume law enforcement will be on your side. katrina showed this. if your kids go to public school with anywhere near a black majority i recommend getting them out. would you rather homeschool or go to their funeral? blacks know something is up as they are also arming themselves to the teeth. you white intellectuals out there please do yourselves a favor, start eating right and get in shape. when those nigs come for you you had better have more in your hand than a cucumber sandwich. the media has done its job well. they have lit a match to a 100 year old pile of wood. when it goes up think rodney king affair all over the country. now is the time to find out what your neighbors think. if they are liberal leave them to their onw devices. the are a waste of space at this point. if you neighbor however is smart enough to see what is coming make an allly of him. when it comes to a fight you need someone looking out for your back. blacks are experts are hitting while your back is turned. those white boys with black friends, i got news for you, the minute they see other blacks coming they will turn on your ass in a new york minute. save yourselves and seek your own kind. this cumbyaa crap is fixing to get tossed to the curb. it will be survival of the fittest out there and for now we still have the numbers. in ten years though it will be quite another story. to all you sports fans out there, who only care about their sports, damn you all to hell. you are the worst sort of race traitor. your dollars support these gangsters and give them the fuel they need to corrupt the morals of our young. it is time to stand up white america. every generation has its challenge and this one falls to us. i hear many pitiful excuses of space at this site whine and moan about their lot in life. well, the reason for all that will soon come marauding through your neighborhoods at three in the morning looking to kill, rape, beat down, steal your treasures. a real man, something severely lacking in the white community today, would know how to deal with this. would you? if your idea of doing something is to hide behind your curtains and call the police you are not the man we need. better yet, join the other side as your cowardice in confronting evil is just as bad as those committing those heinous acts. for all you bible thumpers out there who says violence is not the way i think you need to read your bible a little closer. jesus himself said to sell your cloak and buy a sword. we have been turning our cheeks for far too many years. we have nothing to show for our efforts but evile heaped upon evil against our race for its efforts. we are hated by an enemy that now wants all we have and then wants to murder us as we sleep. that time is over. it is over now. whites have one option, prepare or die. the choice is yours people.

  • GhostSpectre

    Delusional nut bag. I hope he and his followers are put in the Gen. Pop and they can try their holy war there and see where it gets them. Just imagine if they started using that ricin and attacked Disney world. Think of the children and innocent bystanders. How is this holy in any way. This aint no white supremacy operation its terrorism thru and thru.

  • 14/88

    Anyone who thinks this guy and the other 9 are the issue, then you are truly blind by the media, how many riots have you seen in white neighborhoods? Who holds the criminal population? Whites or blacks, who has more murders in there neighborhoods whites or blacks?, who I ask you is the true threat on our society, you continue to say them then you truly are the ignorant one