Wow!… St. Louis Reporter GRILLS OBAMA On Extravagant Vacation Schedule (Video)

We have a new media hero–
News 4’s Larry Conners grilled President Barack Obama today on his extravagant vacation schedule and on bullying the Supreme Court.

“The economy is a big concern for folks, I mean the unemployment, trying to make ends meet, gas prices, food prices going up. Some of our viewers are complaining that they get frustrated and angered when they see the first family jetting around different vacations and so forth…”

Right on, Larry! This was excellent.

The Presidential election if still seven months away, but so many people are concerned about where the economy is going and what that could mean for you and your family.

From the economy to health care, News 4’s Larry Conners sat down with President Obama and asked some tough questions.
Hat Tip Ed

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  • Jack

    And this will be the last time he interviews the “One”. In fact I wonder if he still has a job.

  • Remco Kimber

    Hope Larry has his resume polished and ready to hit the cybernet.

  • TXPatriot

    Many more like this and I predict a genuine Obama meltdown.

  • Kate

    Didn’t know any tough questions are asked of Obama. Apparently Larry knows what his job actually is. Well done. I’d guess he’s going to be looking at an IRS audit in the near future.

  • Toa

    #1 &#2- LOL!! Let’s pray that this brave reporter won’t be the last one to stand up to The Illustrious Hussein…

  • Charlie

    Uh oh. Watch out Larry, You Cowards is going to want an investigation of your journalist methods. The People have a right to know! Just not about Obama though.

  • Rev. Wright ain’t right upstairs

    Looks like Larry won’t get another shot at the Messiah In Chief.

  • Sanmon

    Who does Larry think he is a Reporter. I see the IRS in his future. Larry does not believe in the enemy list yet.

  • Bill Mitchell

    OT here. Can someone please explain to me what the hell is going on with Gallup’s Polling? Their Presidential Approval Rating is supposedly a 3 day moving average. This is meant to smooth our “statistical noise”. Rasmussen does the same thing. On Rasmussen, Obama’s numbers trickle up and down over long spans in about a 3 point range.

    However, on Gallup, Obama SWINGS WILDLY up and down 6-8 points in a single week. From a scientific polling standpoint, these insanely wild swings make no sense at all. Even stranger, Obama seems to experience huge surges in popularity when he is having a perfectly awful week – for instance, he is up 6 points this week when he has had one terrible news story after another.

    Does anyone with a knowledge of polling have a clue as to what is happening at Gallup?

  • Obamas regulation destroy jobs

    He is whitey reporter….uh oh….black panthers and holder will put him in his place…another protest!whitey reporter racially profiled black President!

  • 1RedBeard

    I smile every time I see another crack in the media wall that protects The One.

  • democraps suck

    watch out Larry Conners you will either be fired or killed by the crooked admin…watch your back

  • David

    I just got an IRS audit notice this week. Larry, welcome to the club….

  • Patty

    Seven Ways 2012 Won’t Be Anything Like 2008 For Team Obama

    Very interesting and true. Read here:

  • Practical Jane

    And again, “It’s not my fault”. Pitiful.

  • Chataranga

    Been nice knowin’ ya, Lar.

  • Stella Baskomb

    Obama basically said when my family vacations, we must go with secret service and use Air Force One.

    Fair point.

    But Connor’s question went to the FREQUENCY and SELECTION OF DESTINATION of this presidents vacations.

    His question was dodged not answered.

    The observing public has learned to expect this behavior from the president.

    I think it’s time for the public to end this administration in November and hire a different president.

    I voted for Obama in 2008. Mistake. Huge mistake

  • PimpAllah

    Minute 1:28 to minute 1:30 Obama’s face: PRICELESS!

  • GotFreedom

    How racist of Mr. Conners–NOT!!!

    Good job Mr. Conners

    Larry Conners for POTUS!

  • Patty

    ot just had to comment this.
    Study: More female drivers mistakenly hit gas pedal

    the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration study noted.


  • GotFreedom

    What really ticks us off is BHO’s comment about trying to raise his family–what about all the rest of us who are struggling to raise our families with less! How many of us who are raising our kids would love to take them on at least 1 vacation. Who among us can afford multi trips to HI/Martha’s Vineyard/skiing when we can’t even afford to take our kids camping or to a movie for a bit of a distraction from reality? This man is a disgusting narcissistic disgrace who is robbing us blind! WAKE UP AMERICA–NOBAMA 2012

  • Highlander

    I hope Larry enjoyed his moment in the limelight … that will be the last interview he gets with the One …

  • Patty

    Sorry for the OT sort of, but there is a 1999 Press Release by Congresswoman Pelosi.

    More activism from a well know democratic women. Posted it here as it truly is distributing:
    This press release, while old, is important because it shows just how far-left the House Minority Leader actually is. Not only that, it’s also very important because the EPA has made “environmental justice” one of its top priorities. (Statements that are especially troubling have emphasis added.) “It is already clear that environmental justice will become a pivotal human rights issue in the next century. The basic reason is also clear: viewed through the lens of social progress, the history of our time is essentially the saga of the progressives.
    Of all children, those from lower-income families face the greatest environmental health risks. One in five children live in poverty. African-American, Hispanic and Native American children are overly represented among the 3-4 million who live within a mile of an EPA-designated hazardous waste site.

    She is speaking of Environmental Justice. Wow!! Great deal more in this Press release, need to read.

    Sorry I need to post this.

  • A_Nonny_Mouse

    OK, the “class warfare” part of my mind says Emperor Obama takes too many vacations…


    the practical side of my mind says “If he’s busy sipping Mai Tais and playing golf, it means he’s NOT busy trying to destroy the country. Therefore– TAKE MORE VACATIONS, OBAMA!”

  • Blackbird

    Larry Conners is an old school investigative journalist. From back in the day when journalists considered themselves to be the wolf pack that culled the weak and corrupt political herd. He has been hammering people on TV for as far back as I can remember. I can’t believe Team Obama let the anointed one sit down in front of Conners. I guess their internal research only goes as deep as looking for a Wiki page, and since Conners doesn’t have one they though it would be OK. Obama has never had to face anything but the trained lap dogs that pass for journalists today. It is my dream that the news industry has a epiphany and remembers that they are predators and the politicians are their prey, not their masters. The political herd has grown weak, and slow, and diseased and far, far too large without a natural predator to thin their ranks. It would do all of us nothing but good for the wolf pack to suddenly wake up and start doing the job that nature intended.

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    He still has a job? Amazing…

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  • owl

    Loved it and the look on Obama’s face. Larry, you are a man after my own heart and I salute you. Were you were channeling Breitbart? You went straight to the heart of the matter where the wimps will not go.

    Larry, you are no O’Reilly, Williams, Sawyers or Walters. No siree!

  • owl

    Pssst………Larry. Could you ask him how much a person has to pay to send their 13 year old daughter and 25 secret service agents on a spring break? Thank you.

    Pssst………Larry. Could you ask him if he thinks it is possible for a mom to stay home when the hubby makes $100K plus? Thank you.

  • Carlos

    But at 1:33, barry shows that boyish grin that all of us have come to love…isn’t that right, Christine Tingles Matthews?

  • Simon Said

    What a lying POS puke. Hard work keeping that $hit eating grin knowing you are a total waste of space!

    Obama Schedule || Thursday, April 12, 2012

    2:40 pm || Conducts interviews focusing on the Buffett Rule with anchors from WCMH in Columbus, OH; KCRG in Cedar Rapids, IA; KMOV in St. Louis, MO; and KOLO in Reno, NV; Diplomatic Room
    5:00 pm || Meets with senior advisers

    The Obama Vacation List- Updated March 20, 2012.

    — Spring Break 2012, Malia Obama in Mexico with 25 Secret Service agents.- added as update
    — President’s Day 2012, Michelle and the first daughters in Aspen, Colorado to ski.
    — Christmas 2011, the first family in Hawaii for an extended vacation.
    — Summer 2011, in Martha’s Vineyard, Mass., for the annual beach break.
    — June 2011, the first lady, her mother and daughters traveled to South Africa and Botswana.
    — President’s Day 2011, the first lady and first daughters travel to Vail to ski.
    — Christmas 2010, in Hawaii.
    — August 2010, the first family traveled to Panama City Beach, Fla., for some sun and fun at the beach.
    — August 2010, Obama spent the weekend alone in Chicago for his 49th birthday bash.
    — August 2010, the first lady and daughter Sasha traveled to Spain for a mother-daughter vacation.
    — August 2010, summer vacation again at Martha’s Vineyard.
    — July 2010, the first family went to Mount Desert Island, Maine.
    — May 2010, the first family had a four-day trip to Chicago.
    — March 2010, first lady and daughter spend Spring Break in New York City.
    — Christmas 2009, Hawaii again for the annual break.
    — August 2009, at Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Canyon for a short vacation.
    — August 2009, their first summer vacation as first family at Martha’s Vineyard, Mass.

    The South African trip, where the kids were listed as “senior staff” on the flight manifest was controversial because the “official” purpose of the trip was to encourage young people living in the two growing democracies to become involved in national affairs, but Michelle and company also went to tourist events, such as visits to historical landmarks and museums, plus a nonworking chance to send time with Nelson Mandela and the family went on a private safari at a South African game reserve before returning home.

    The last Hawaii Christmas vacation was approximately $4 million

    This makes me wonder how much those vacations totaled in cost to the American taxpayer?

    The 2012 Obama golf season is off to a late start, but President Obama is picking up the pace, heading out for the second weekend in a row.

    Like last week, the president is at Andrews Air Force base, where he is golfing with an as yet undisclosed crew. Will update when I have the info.

    This is golf outing No. 2 for the year and No. 94 since Inauguration Day.

  • Joanne

    For someone who says he is working hard, he sure is working hard at spending taxpayer dollars on vacations and stupid stuff that doesn’t and never will stimulate the economy. Why doesn’t someone nail him on the debt he has incurred in Office compared to the accumulative total debt of all the Presidents put together, including the the man Obama blamed for everything, George Bush.

  • YourMaster

    these are two pivotal things for 0bama’s election campaign
    the USSR National Anthem and dressing in Muslim garb and praising Allah 24/7
    and speaking about 0bama’s muslim faith.

  • noway

    i tried to think of something to add and then decided what everyone else said speaks for me.

  • rabble-rouser

    At 1min29sec, Obama’s facial expression is priceless. You can just hear him say, “Oh no you didn’t”.

  • There was a time when Channel 4 (back when it was KMOX) set the standard for journalistic excellence. It’s nice to know that the spirit is still alive in at least one of their reporters.

  • lethargic

    Palin/Connors 2012

  • Jim

    Awesome job Mr. Conners – It is really nice to see someone have the conjones to ask a real question. I usually don’t watch channel 4, if this is the kind of reporting they do – I may change that.

  • Big Mo

    Larry Conners has always been one of the best journalists in STL. He’s kind of like our version of the late and much-missed Tim Russert: A little left-of-center, but hard on everyone.

  • Servo1969

    Good for him. Oh, and good luck on his new job whenever he finds one.

  • Ghost

    will someone with tech savvy please do a loop of head bobble “uh-huh”
    to the OMG! Scooby-Doo “ruh-roh”
    – it would post everywhere and I, for one, would buy it

  • Dave-O

    Well done Mr. Conners. It’s refreshing to see a reporter with the rarely-found combination of a brain, a backbone, and some cajones.

  • kato

    Memo from POTUS to Valerie:

    Make sure Conners is audited. And anyone else who forgets to kiss my subprime ass.

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  • “I am raising a family” ?!!! Who cares? No one asked him what was he doing with this family.


    This guy lives out of touch.

  • Reneeca

    Bill Mitchell. I’m with you on the Gallop Polls but have you also noticed that when Obama has the worse jobs reports, the stock market goes wildy up? Or whenever Obama has really bad news, the stock market instead of going down goes up? I think someone is propping up the market. Could it be the Feds or Soros? They always find a cockamamie reason for some obscure reason why the market goes up when it should be gong down. doesn’t make any sense! If Obama is re-elected, you will see the fall of our normal way of living in this country as Inflation goes up and it has already begun! Second terms are always disastrous!

  • Hope Conner has his life insurance payed up,cause the One didn’t look to happy……

  • Larkin

    Every time I hear o speak, I think of how the left successfully branded GWB as a liar.
    (Of course, Bush did little to dispel that tsunami.)

    It is truly Orwellian now, that o gets a pass.

    Has there been a more disingenuous president…EVER? I don’t believe so.

  • Ann Ominous

    #23 commented
    “Sorry I need to post this.”

    No you didn’t.
    Any one who doesn’t know she’s still as far left as one can get without being a member of the Politboro votes for her or doesn’t give a crap anyway.

  • Dawgonitt

    Larry is the MAN.

    A Black Man, a Communist and a Muslim walk into a Bar.

    What dose the Bartender say?

    What can I get you Mr. President?

  • el polacko

    too bad that this interviewer didn’t follow-up the ‘i work hard’ response with a question about golf games, basketball games, partying, and fund-raising cutting into his ‘work time’… but i’ll take what i can get. nice to see somebody finally chip away at this president’s facade.

  • Obama did avoid answering the questions. What that is called is “responding to the question”. Do you know the difference between answering a question and responding to a question? Do you think they are the same thing? What’s the difference between answering and responding to a question?

    Answering a question is exactly that you give the information that the question requires. Responding to the question is making a remark, any remark that you care to make whether it is on topic or not. Just like Obama did when asked what he thought he was doing taking so many vacations in light of the fact that many are saying he is out of touch with the rest of America when their lives are so hard, he is acting like he has got it made, but is making policy to reflect HIS life and not the life of the ordinary American.

    Obama’s responce? He told us about having to go through all the security checks with the Secret Service, and having to deal with flying Air Force One and all that. What the hell did that have to do with being in touch with the plight of the ordinary American who has to pay out the nose for gas, food, their homes, etc.? Absolutely nothing. Obama “responded” to the question, he had no intention of answering any questions given him by some bum news reporter, let alone anyone else who is not a Communist like him!!

  • Jeff Peaco

    The Dennis Rodman of presidents, this stupid fool still doesn’t realize he is a tool. They have been telling him how smart he is, he a total idiot! I bet he dies poor and abandoned.

  • Shannon

    Finally some1 in the media not leftist who has the balls to call out the hypocrite prez for what he is…Bravo 4 LC!!! A true American…

  • Dylan

    Nice knowing you Larry…. but thanks for having guts that those lamestream media talking heads will NEVER have — cannot carry water AND ask tough questions at the same time, dont cha know?

  • The Duke of Smellington

    I am not optimistic. He will get back in again. The same fraud that got him placed in the office the first time will get him back there again. These people now control the levers of government so their fraud will be easier to perpetrate this time. Know that 1/2 the population of Mexico will be voting in this election. Also know that every mainstream media outlet will be skewing the results to favor this communist. I think the fix is in and we are done as a nation.

  • Pity The Fool

    Perhaps many here consider Larry “an old school journalist”, but when he poses the vacation question, based on the POV of “some of his viewers”, rather than doing a little research and bringing fact into the interview, he’s just looks like another biased modern media hack, angling for a job at Fox News.

    According to CBS Radio News; so far, President Obama has taken 61 vacation days after 31 months in office. At this point in their presidencies, George W. Bush had spent 180 days on vacation, mostly at his ranch. Ronald Reagan had taken 112 vacation days, many at his ranch.

    Among recent presidents, Bill Clinton took the least time off , 28 days.

    Unfortunately, too much of today’s political dialog, is dominated by editorial, not fact. When someone in the media, panders to today’s vociferous anti-Obama dogma, rather than using fact to put the question in context, may thrill some here, but serves no other purpose and certainly isn’t “news”, or professional.

  • ogee

    Isn’t Gallup controlled by obamma since 2008?

    “Does anyone with a knowledge of polling have a clue as to what is happening at Gallup?”

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  • Yeah, “Pity the Fool”, I DO pity YOU, Fool, for accepting what CBS radio news puts forth as “fact” when comparing Obama and any conservative leader…that’s all pure BS! Neither you nor CBS will count any of the almost 100 Golf Days Obama has had so far as a day off or “vacation day”, but he sure has taken them. Then add up all the hundreds of “Presidential Business” trips he’s taken to make campaign speeches and do fund raisers for the dumocrat party – that’s got to be tens of BILLION$ MORE he’s having US, the servant taxpayers take care of for him. And every time he and Michelle take these “vacations”, they have to take 2 separate Air Force 1’s (Air Force 2 for Michelle and her enterage). The past president didn’t do that number on us, either. There is NO comparison of the massive debt THIS A..HOLE Barak Hussein and his woMAN has racked up on America. I can’t wait till Nov. 7th is here and I know if our nation has a chance to ever recover from what just 4 years of Obama has done to us…God help us.

  • rammer12

    When I saw Larry Conners have the b–ls to get hit with a taser gun for a TV report – I knew this guy was the real deal. Now that I have seen him go toe-to-toe with Obama – Larry’s got my choice of the remote every night. Any other reporter is simply a poser! Way to go Larry and put the ‘anointed one’ on the defensive. I especially enjoyed Obama’s look of incredulity when he processed the question Larry was asking, as if Obama inside was saying, “Are you really asking me this question?” thinking Larry would continually throw him coconut covered cream puffs to swing his big progressive bat at. ROFLMAO!

  • creeper

    I think it was a huge mistake for Obama to laugh at the question. That one’s going to come back and bite him in the butt.

  • Jonah Vark

    Finally someone from the media challenges Øbama and the TV station gets mostly negative feedback. Anyone care to comment at KMOV in support of Conners?

  • Noonien Soong

    I don’t mean to be negative to the reporter, but he was being used. Obama was showing how easy it is to face a journalist of minimal standing. On the bright side, the reporter did a great job.
    Obama is showing it is easy to counter with prepped information beforehand. It’s his style to know beforehand the “kind of questions” he has to face. this is how he would do in a debate.

  • Ladue Pundit

    This should be the template for Obama’s re-election.

    Video of gas prices, unemployment rate, military deaths–cut to Obama golfing, taking a separate flight, having a Halloween party on our dime. Brian Terry’s funeral–Eric Holder hugging Sharpton. You get the idea. The Democrats have written this for us themselves.

    I don’t believe these polls, either. The electoral map will turn blood red on Nov 2.

  • Patty


    Marco Rubio: I’m not going to be the vice president
    posted at 6:16 pm on April 14, 2012 by Tina Korbe

    In an interview with CNN today, Marco Rubio said in no uncertain terms that he’s not going to be the vice president.

    Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, widely speculated to be a top pick for the Republican presidential running mate, once again firmly denied he would join the GOP ticket.

    “I’m not going to be the vice president,” Rubio said Friday in an interview with CNN en Español’s Ismael Cala. “I’m not.”

  • billy sol

    WOW! perhaps there IS a journalist that is doing his job!!!!!!

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  • Mark S.

    Larry is about the ONLY person on Channel 4 that even makes me watch the channel… everyone else is suckin’ up to the Powers-That-Be every interview I’ve seen on 4. {and I’ve even emailed Channel 4 to say the same thing… in the past.}

    But Larry’s ripped Obama, Talent, the Carnahans… tried to get his interview skills on McCaskill (but she refused last time I remember, as did Clay)… and he doesn’t pull his punches….

    He’s the _one_ bright spot (except for most of the 97.1 crew) in any St. Louis media outlets…