Van Jones: Obama, as a Black Man, Was Forced By Media to Sit With Racist Police Officer at Beer Summit

Sergeant James Crowley helping Henry Louis Gates Jr down the White House steps toward that rose garden beer summit, while Barack Obama strides blissfully ahead tells us a lot about Obama. (Never Yet Melted)

Commie radical Van Jones spoke with the Jew-hating America-bashing Democracy Now channel this week. During the interview he suggested that Barack Obama was the victim of the beer summit.
John Sexton at reported:

In an April 3rd appearance on the left-wing Democracy Now TV show, Van Jones has offered his own behind-the-scenes take on an incident that made race a political issue three years before the Trayvon Martin case. As Jones describes it, the infamous “beer summit” on the White House lawn was a case where President Obama was “forced” into a meeting with a “racist” police officer.

Van Jones: The right wing and the law enforcement establishment brought the wrath of God down on the White House, I was there, and suddenly he’s forced to do a beer summit to sit eye to eye with a racist police officer… as a black man, even the most powerful man in the world, can not speak about race and if he does he’s then forced to sit humbly across the table from a racist police officer.

Here’s the full interview:

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  • KornKing

    Well, Van, if your idiot buddy King Urkel would quit sticking his face where it doesn’t belong, he’d be ahead, but more importantly, the country would be ahead

  • Sally

    The photo speaks for itself.

  • jorgen

    Or rather: the white police officer was forced to sit with two race baiters.

    I agree with Sally #2: the photo says it all!

  • Sickofobama

    Oh boo hoo Obama had to sit by a white man.

    I guess Van Jones no longer operates under the guise of “drop the radical prose for the radical ends.”

  • The Triguy

    So, Obama is not free to talk about race because…?

    Well, I am and Mr Jones you are a racist…in addition to being an arrogant bastard. Now, what does that make me? Probably in your eyes a racist too!

  • 1RedBeard

    Keep talking, Jones. The more you vomit up that race-baiting filth, the more you hurt The One. So please, find every microphone you can, and pour your little commie racist heart out. I’ll be anxiously awaiting your next performance.

  • squeaky

    there must be some interesting discussions around the jones’ dining room table. a 2009 blog post by “conservative blackwoman”

  • lizzy84

    Nasty racist vermin and oBama’s buddy..nuff’ said.

  • tru

    From the interview
    Rebuild the Dream has two campaigns up to get Fannie and Freddie, on the one hand, to cut the principal on these underwater mortgages so that people can actually get back to their lives and quit being trapped by the false evaluation of the banks earlier, but number two, the student loan debt is now $1 trillion. There’s more student debt in our economy than all the credit card debt combined. Every credit card in every pocket of America, you stack that up, the pile of debt is smaller than the student debt in America. That’s never happened. So we’re fighting to change that. July 1st, it could get worse if Congress lets the interest rate double on the Stafford student loans. We’re going to stop them from doing that.

  • democraps suck

    hey van jones…please STFU for good you anti american POS

  • Peregrine Took, Thane of the Tea Party

    Only a far left radical like Obama would bring a fringe lunatic like Van Jones out of the obscurity he richly deserves.

  • Blue Hen

    Wow. Captain kickass was “forced”? So he isn’t all that, despite being some sort of Messiah? Very interesting indeed.

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  • Sasja


    Today is Yom HaShoah. I ask those of you who stand with Israel and the Jews to please take a moment out of your day and say a special prayer in remembrance of those who died, and for those who continue the fight against the forces that continue the quest to annihilate them to this day.

    NEVER AGAIN! “When we come to the other world and meet the millions of Jews who died in the camps and they ask us, ‘What have you done?’ there will be many answers. You will say, ‘I became a jeweler.’ Another will say, ‘I smuggled coffee and American cigarettes.’ Another will say, ‘I built houses.’ But I will say, ‘I didn’t forget you.’”

    – Holocaust survivor Simon Wiesenthal

  • driguana

    Van Jones is a complete fraud! How the left can keep pushing him as some glorious proponent of environmental problem solving is beyond comprehension. He is a viral liar and race baiter.

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  • pink tie Republican

    If there were no race baiting business in this country to support Mr. Jones, my guess is he would be asking “would you like fries with that shake?”.

  • tommy mc donnell

    gotta keep the race fires burning, its good for the democratic party.

  • BurmaShave

    You, Van Jones, being thoroughly racist yourself, apparently do not understand that rest of the nation – except for Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, etc. – got past racism quite some time ago. Accordingly, public opinion – not the wrath of God – called for an apology and penitence from Barack Obama when HE, as the nation’s president, violated the nation’s non-racial norms.

    When you are thoroughly racist, Van Jones, you just can’t see straight.

  • olm

    Van Jones is a sick sick man.

  • lizzy84


    Joining you in prayer.

    I stand with Israel.

  • forest

    I didn’t know Gates was a police officer.

  • The Triguy

    So, Jones, you’re going to fight to prevent the government from raising the rates on student loans which is simply a way of trying to get back some of the money that–thanks to Obama–will never be paid back! Can someone answer me why conservatives just sat back and let the federal goverment take over the student loan business? Didn’t anyone see that it was simply a dry run for taking over the health care business? Or did we all fall for that claptrap that college costs were too high and young people needed our help?

    Mr Jones, if you want that debt to go down then work on reducing the cost of higher education! You can start by returning the loan process to the private sector. The cost will never drop until the funding source starts to dry up and colleges have to compete for business. Then encourage students to negotiate with colleges for the cost of their education by demanding accountability in delivering learning outcomes. They negotiate for the car they buy…why not a college degree which will cost them many times more?

  • jorgen

    Obama’s team realize that Obama’s only chance in November lies in race baiting.

    He can’t run on what he has accomplished: a mixture of deliberate marxist and racist policies plus a number of serious blunders caused by lack of experience.

  • Diana

    Wisdom from The Good Book was what guided President Abraham Lincoln when he governed. “Every kingdom divided against itself is laid waste, and no city or house divided against itself will stand.” On the other hand, the way Communists destroy a country from within is to demoralize and then destabilize. Class warfare, race -baiting, occupying is all part of the plan to destroy our country from within. That kind of evil work comes from the father of lies, Satan.

  • noway

    well at last we see no pretense anymore of being the leader of all americans. what we see is a skinny black man with a nasty attitude as can seen in his surrogates. prisoners probably have a better set of morals.

  • Scott M

    Wasn’t one of the most spicy parts of the whole Cambridge thing the fact that the officer in question was also one of the diversity/tolerance trainers for his department and had done numerous classes on how to deal with racial issues?

    Van Jones beclowns himself yet again.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Sasja, lizzy

    I figured I’d go to Google News and look for articles on Yom HaShoah.

    Why? To witness this pervasive, perverse “passive voice”:

    Orlando Sentinel Blog: Yom HaShoah, or Holocaust Remembrance Day, is the state of Israel’s official day of observance for the six million Jews who perished during the Holocaust. This year’s remembrance takes place April 18.

    “who perished”. Those Jews just up and died?? No: State-worshipping Socialist German people murdered them.

    I couldn’t find any more, but the day is young. Maybe the newsies are starting to wake up to exactly how offensive “passive voice” is when dealing with at least this one event. Most articles I found actually stated, in the lede, for the first time in my memory, that they were murdered by the State-worshipping National Socialists.

    I would say there is hope for the MSM, but I know that tomorrow in every major city, “violence” will “strike” and people will be die because of this “violence”. Just like yesterday, and the day before that.

    Maybe Newsweek will do a story on how Nazis were just like Republicans.

  • kato

    Let’s not make this historic mistake ever again.

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    And here is some video from the beer summit

  • dnb

    Is that the same racist police officer helping Mr. Gates (who appears to be black) down the stairs? Racism is obviously very confusing, which is why Mr. Jones is needed to explain its intricacies.

  • Valerie

    #7 April 18, 2012 at 6:48 am
    squeaky commented:

    That’s a very interesting link. I’m glad to have more confirmation that some black people recognize how bad Van Jones’ ideas are for black people.

  • Militant Conservative

    I agree with Ted Nugent. Obama is vile and evil.

    America must get rid of this


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  • Freddy

    A couple of weeks ago ABC propaganda placed Van Jones as a person whose opinions should be relevant to the country. Clearly Van Jones deserves no more consideration than David Duke.

    Was abc wrong in its understanding of Van Jones or simply incompetant? Time will tell.

  • Francesca

    The more of this attitude I read about, the more pessimistic I am for our country. How can we ever recover from this blatant race baiting? It is everywhere. Too bad Lincoln’s resettlement proposal for resettlement of the feed slaves never happened. Of course slavery was in many, many countries, some even today, but WE will NEVER hear the end of it. It is sickening and destructive. What will it take? Race relations are so much worse now than in the recent past. Thanks Obama.

  • Patty

    Lessons of the Van Jones Affair: Democrats Are Comfortable With Communists, Racists and Anti-Semites

    There is no more mystery about Van Jones. He was a passionate defender of cop-killer Mumia Abu Jamal, a self-satisfied and described “Communist,” a supporter of the destruction of the Jewish state, and a promoter of the theory that the Katrina tragedy was a white racist plot, and so forth. That’s okay with Democratic chairman Howard Dean, and Obama’s Environmental Quality Council head Nancy Sutley. (See Ron Radosh’s current blog for chapter and verse, and also the many blogs on Jones at our own This should surprise no one. The recent heads of the black caucus in the House — part of the 120 member “progressive caucus” — have all been Castro-loving racists — Maxine Waters and Barbara Lee to name two off the top of my head. Diane Watson is probably next. The Democratic Party today is a “popular front” organization (to pluck an appropriate term from the 1930s when liberals and Stalinists lined up together as well). There are no scoundrels, America haters, racists — that Democrats won’t assimilate. One of the more obnoxious racists and crooks in public life — Charlie Rangel — is still chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee because Nancy Pelosi can’t remove him, so strong is his support in her party.

    Ayers’ office door is decorated with pictures of Mumia Abu-Jamal, Che Guevara and Malcolm X.

    Another buddy of Obama.

  • Patty

    Friends and fellow officers — black and white — say Sgt. James Crowley, who was hand-picked by a black police commissioner to teach recruits about avoiding racial profiling, is calm and reliable.

    “If people are looking for a guy who’s abusive or arrogant, they got the wrong guy,” said Andy Meyer of Natick, Mass., who has vacationed with Crowley, coached youth sports with him and is his teammate on a men’s softball team. “This is not a racist, rogue cop.”

    Gates accused the 11-year department veteran of being an unyielding, race-baiting authoritarian after Crowley arrested and charged him with disorderly conduct last week.

    Crowley confronted Gates in his home after a woman passing by summoned police for a possible burglary. The sergeant said he arrested Gates after the scholar repeatedly accused him of racism and made derogatory remarks about his mother, allegations the professor challenges. Gates has labeled Crowley a “rogue cop,” demanded an apology and said he may sue the police department.

    President Barack Obama elevated the dispute when he said Wednesday that Cambridge police “acted stupidly” during the encounter. Obama stepped back on Thursday, telling ABC News, “From what I can tell, the sergeant who was involved is an outstanding police officer, but my suspicion is probably that it would have been better if cooler heads had prevailed.”

    Crowley told a radio station Thursday that Obama went too far…


    This is all this is: Good Luck with FOP, if they ever get an opportunity to read this cockroaches rants.

  • Patty

    Cops, Conservative Talk radio, Women, Supreme Court, Fox, Catholics you name it Obama has come out with his point of view. Keeping Talking more fuel for Us. And speaking of Fuel, Coal industry, Oil industry, Farmers oh, I could go on and on.

  • [email protected]

    This just shows you how distorted and illogical leftist thinking works. obastard stuck his nose where it didn’t belong and made a dumbass comment that attracted a lot of attention that he then tried to walk back and smooth over with a meeting – the so-called “beer summit.” Now the complaint is that the media promulgated the whole thing.

    So the attitude is that when they screw up or put their oversized feet in their over-sized mouths, it should just be ignored – and they should never be called on it.

  • 2centsworth

    So much for Obama-as-Uniter. Wow, when even having a beer with a white man during a “teachable” moment is cause for racist remarks from baiters…

    and yet, Obama was happy to take credit for the harmony of the photo op and his Grand Gesture.
    I am thankful to Van Jones though, the more he talks (and others of his ilk) the more convinced I am that Obama is done-in-one.

  • Patty


    What I want people to take away from my exchange with Bob Beckel

    Read more:

  • Patty

    Shutting Down ALEC

    Is it suddenly disreputable to advocate free-market policies? That’s the question raised by a remarkable political assault on the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), which promotes reform in the 50 states. Led by former White House aide Van Jones, various left-wing activists and media are bullying big business to cut off ALEC’s funding. So much for free and open debate.

    Founded in 1973, ALEC is a group of state lawmakers who meet to share and spread conservative policy ideas. ALEC’s main focus is fiscal and economic policy, notably at the moment pension and lawsuit reform, tax and spending limitation, and {..}

  • GP Fan

    The scariest and most vile point, is that this moron is representative of the requirements to work for/in this admin. Must be a hard core marxist/socialist/communist race baiting, jew hating, hardcore radical. Period. And that’s who are running this country. Into the ground. Or six feet under the ground, which is closer the case daily.

  • Patty

    Obama Stimulus Dollars Funded Soros Empire

    It all comes back to this guy.

  • lizzy84


    I read that article… Ashamed to say I had a Coke w/ lunch yesterday…no more.

    {Jim… it would be a public service if GP could put up a post on the boycotters so we can make informed decisions as to whether we want to personally continue doing business with them.}

  • Patty

    Race wars, Women Wars, Religion Wars, Obama and HHS war on Contraception, Catholic Wars, Cop Wars, Class Warfare.

    Oil Wars, Energy Wars. For a president who has reduced military why is he started WARS in America.

    Why is Jones, Farrakhan, Wright coming out of their wall of roaches and infesting Americans with their anger. Because the Job is done yet.

    I declare War for out right and freedoms and war on those who are working for Obama and the complete opposite of what we all are and what this nation stands for.

  • Patty

    their job IS NOT done yet.


  • Patty
  • bg


    As Jones describes it, the infamous “beer summit” on the White House
    lawn was a case where President Obama was “forced” into a meeting
    with a “racist” police officer.

    what is this.. REALITY PRESIDENCY??

    ROTF 😆 MBO!! ROTF 😆 MBO!! ROTF 😆 MBO!!

    ROTF 😆 MBO!! ROTF 😆 MBO!! ROTF 😆 MBO!!

    ROTF 😆 MBO!! ROTF 😆 MBO!! ROTF 😆 MBO!!

    how far gone is this country when what these fantasizing
    UNACOMMIECORN narcissists have to say is more important
    than the realty normal people are facing every day.. *sigh*


  • noway

    turning loose all these loonies will be a big part of o’s downfall.

  • bg


    Earth to van Jones..

    let me make what happened very clear..

    Obama opened his mouth and stuck his foot in it..

    he did the same thing in relation to the Trayvon case..

    problem with that is, his intention was to deliberately stoke racial divide
    in the US in order to bring his rEVOLution to fruition, and that you’re job
    of fanning the dying flame is transparent as Obama’s audacious failing..

    there is a God, and we are the people, Amen..


  • SpideyTerry

    So Van Jones thinks it’s smart to remind people of Obama’s “police acted stupidly” episode? Wow, can’t imagine why Van Jones can’t hold down a real job.

  • dunce

    He just called obama a coward, Holder said people that were afraid to talk about race issues were cowards. Of course if you are a white republican and you raise a valid point on race then you are promoted to racist.

  • owl

    It’s true! A pic is worth a thousand words.

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  • Big T Machine

    I believe Sgt. Crowley was a diversity trainer with the Cambridge, MA PD and received high praise from his cohorts who are minorities. Professor Gates was the one that acted ‘stupidly’ in the incident that started all of this. Had Prof. Gates showed his ID and explained his story, we would not be talking about this BS. Sgt. Crowley was justing doing his job trying to follow up on a civilian complaint. Police departments in places like Cambridge are community relations sensitive institutions. It would be hard to imagine cryptofascists on their police force there. In addition someone with deep seated racial hatred would have had a pattern of behavior that this incident would have fit into and no one has come forward with anything since then. I am sure the New York Times and the Boston Globe checked! Cambridge would have fired him by now if he were a problem. Van Jones is a dangerous guy and we will see him more and more stirring the pot as the Obamas become desparate to hang on to power.