TSA Agent Claims Assault After TX Lawmaker Slaps Him During Airport Groping

Texas Republican Congressman Francisco Canseco slapped a TSA agent on the hand after the security official touched his junk earlier this week. Canseco said he was assaulted during the patdown.
KENS5 reported:

Now the TSA official says he was one who was actually assaulted.
Texas Conservative Republican News reported:

A TSA agent grabbed the genitals of Texas Republican Congressman Canseco at a San Antonio Airport. The Congressman reacted instinctively to protect his private parts and the Congressman pushed down the hand of the TSA agent. Now the TSA agent is crying and saying the Congressman assaulted him. Are you serious? Is this even America? No charges were filed but the TSA agent should be the one getting charged for assault. Touching someone’s genitals does NOTHING to keep airlines secure. There is a limit to what should be given up in order to be safe and these pat downs go too far.

These searches and even the porno body scanners do not protect us anymore than regular metal detectors. These measures only help keep nuisance items off of airlines and it comes at much to high a price. These scanners have had guns go through them undetected for crying out loud. Random pat searches are not even effective. Why did the TSA grab the crotch of this war veteran with shrapnel in his leg? This man fought for your rights and you want to touch his junk in return? And what is the purpose of tormenting this little 4 year old girl and touching her private parts? None of this will stop a terrorist. If someone wants to blow up a plane they are going to do it no matter how many genitals the TSA agents grab. The terrorist will just find a way around it.

The terrorist will likely start using TSA agents as part of their plans. Just this week, TSA agents in Los Angeles were charged with engaging in drug trafficking by allowing drugs to pass through the security checkpoints. Every week it seems like a different TSA agent is getting charged with something. You don’t think a terrorist will eventually find a TSA agent who will go along with the sinister plot for the right price? It is only a matter of time.

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  • SeniorD

    Only a slap?? Any good Texan would use his fists and draw.

  • Robert

    The whole process is just a dog-and-pony show so the politicians can say that they are “protecting the public”. It is a farce and the biggest assault on freedom and dignity in our lifetimes.

  • jim m

    I’ll tell you right now that I would NEVER hire anyone who ever worked for the TSA. That resume goes right in the trash.

  • Granny

    “You don’t think a terrorist will eventually find a TSA agent who will go along with the sinister plot for the right price?”

    Lets see – we’ve had pornographers, thieves, known child molesters as TSA agents . . . and somehow somebody somewhere is fool enough to think that terrorists would actually have to go find a TSA agent to “co-operate.” Heck, all they have to do is get themselves hired . . should be a piece of cake.

  • Lil Obie

    Did anyone have brown skin?
    I sense a “hate crime”.

  • Texas_Treeroach

    Carrying Woody Allen one step further:
    Those who can’t do, teach.
    Those who can’t teach, teach gym.
    Those who can’t teach gym, join the TSA.

  • Jerry C

    Everyone groped should file a law suit against the agent, airport and TSA.

  • chuck in st paul

    The TSA clown has been caught so this is a purely defensive move to take the heat off. Now it’s a he said, he said, but there will be tape of the incident. Of course the tape may have been “accidentally” erased.

    We are so overdue to replace TSA with private contractors.

  • Atlanta Media Guy

    It’s all part of The One’s plan! Just before the election. Get ready folks, you think they’re building these “FEMA” camps for hurricane evacs? Riiiiiight. The terrorists will reign supreme whether O wins or loses. NBP = Islam Arm up, stock up and prepare.

  • ChillytheAlaskan

    Actually the body scanners are worse than metal detectors, and put us in MORE danger to terrorism.


    please watch this demonstration.

  • ChillytheAlaskan

    I quit flying right after 9/11 when they wanted to x-ray our cat in its carrying cage, and broke the cuticle blade off my fingernail clippers while leaving me with two sharp pointed ink pens and a very sharp pointed mechanical pencil that could be used as daggers.

    I have only flown once since, when my granddaughter was in the intensive care unit in Salt Lake City, just couldn’t drive there in a reasonable time frame. Not going to pay my money to be treated like crap. I used to love to fly, it was so convenient.

    Get the government out of airline security and leave it to the airlines, who will do a much better job and not alienate their CUSTOMERS… There isn’t much the government does well, and this is just another example of why the government should be strictly limited to the powers noted in the constitution.

    Unfortunately, the government is winning for the terrorists

  • Liz

    These people are criminals. I don’t have any insider information but in the news, besides sexual assault, they run prostitution rings, smuggle dope, and sexually harrass when they feel the urge. Obama and his secret service guys might go for this, but the rest of America and myself need some serious Constitutional protections to be implemented.

  • dba…vagabond trader

    Like H!tlers brown shirts, the worst of street thugs and degenerates employed to keep the citizenry intimidated and in line.

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  • beachlady

    I would love to start a Disband the TSA campaign/website. Anyone know how I can get started?

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  • Gary


    Not only that, but look how many of them are foreigners.
    Go though Chicago or some of the other big airport hubs.
    Lots of Russians, Mexicans, and yes Middle Easterners doing these jobs.
    In particular the bag check. That is the most likely way a bomb will get aboard a plane, not on the terrorists person.
    If I remember correctly, the 9-11 guys pulled off the hi-jacking with box cutters, but they claimed to have bombs on the planes. I don’t know if that was ever confirmed, but if so, they could have detonated the bombs via cell phone either just after takeoff or just before landing.

    And I’m sure they could slip somebody enough money to get the bag on board, especially somebody who has no ties or allegiance and can quit his job at the drop of a hat and relocate.

  • Gary

    Also, I think this makes two.
    Rand Paul had some kind of issue a while back.
    They can push us little guys around, but one or two members of Congress and something is going to change.

  • Mannie

    We will touch whatever part of your body we wish, serf. We are the Government. You will address us as Your Lordship, and bow in our presence. Now shut up, and go eat your cake.

  • retire05

    Oh, crap, that TSA agent picked the wrong Congressman to molest. Congressman Canseco is NOT going to let this just go by the wayside.

    My suggestion? That TSA needs to just resign now and hope to hell that Congressman Canseco doesn’t haul his ass in front of a Congressional hearing along with his boss, Nappy Jan.