Tornadoes swept the Midwest tonight. A tornado reportedly hit a hospital in Creston, Iowa.

This tornado touched down near Cherokee, Oklahoma.

CNN reported:

A possible tornado struck a hospital Saturday evening in Creston, Iowa, according to a dispatcher with the Union County Sheriff’s Department. A search-and-rescue operation was under way.

“We have been hit. We are triaging and moving patients,” a spokeswoman at Greater Regional Medical Center in the south-central Iowa city confirmed.

The development came as a series of tornadoes and supercell thunderstorms churned Saturday evening toward larger cities in the southern and central Plains. Storm chasers broadcast images of funnel clouds roaring through rural landscapes.

Residents in some areas received new warnings intended to grab their attention and prompt them to find safe shelter.

In Kansas, Gov. Sam Brownback issued this advisory: “If you’re on the road, get off as soon as you can and find some shelter.”

The region had 48 preliminary tornado reports by 8:30 p.m. ET Saturday, according to CNN meteorologist Jacqui Jeras. Most were in rural areas and damage was reported to be relatively minor, including downed trees and power lines and minor flooding.

At least 17,000 people are without power tonight.
The Des Moines Register reported:

Warren Woods, the mayor of the city of Creston, said he has been monitoring local radio reports.

He said there is damage near and at the hospital.

“Most of the city is without power,” he said.

He also heard the roof had been torn off a bank on the south end of town.

Meanwhile, MidAmerican Energy said more than 17,000 Des Moines-area customers had lost electricity.




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  1. 4/14/2012 — Be on the ALERT — Minnesota and Wisconsin — time to prepare is NOW

  2. I would squeal like a little girl if I ever saw one of those things barreling down upon me.

  3. 4/14/2012 — Chicago Illinois (north of downtown) .. North to Milwaukee .. west to Madison Wisconsin = BE ALERT NOW

  4. Our prayers are with the folks out there. . .may they be safe, find shelter and return to normalcy soon. . and unharmed.

  5. the little brother’s prayer

    Jesus, calm Your brother Wind
    We are Your faithful here within
    do not allow the Trees to strike
    or Waters through the street,
    to flood

    but find us worth Master, Lord
    to thus be spared
    the raging storm
    that when the Light
    returns at Dawn
    we’ll be found
    safely in Your arms.
    amen, amen.

  6. NeoKong. While you’re squealing, I hope you’re seeking shelter.

    I hope there was no loss of life.

  7. Hit just south of our farm in Thurman. Much of the town is trashed. We have a car down there being repaired that may be lost, but in times like this, you focus on the health and safety of your neighbors down there.

    I did see quite a few folks already trying to volunteer to help. It’s too bad our President thinks that help always requires a Sovereign to dictate and direct. I’d welcome him, Michelle and the kids to our home tonight and we’d go down tomorrow to help on the cleanup. This is what makes America great: multitude. Action by an individual to do the right things, without waiting for some bureaucrat in DC to tell us what to do. By that time, people and communities are lost.

    May a prayer reach our lost President and his angry wife, helping them understand that deep down, what makes this country great is a fierce independence combined with a moral/ethical drive to help our neighbors and our communities make a better place.

    Best wishes to all tonight as we ride out storms yet to come…

  8. #11 April 14, 2012 at 11:33 pm
    Sasja commented:

    Thank you. Me too.

  9. Thank you, little brother.

    May it be only a problem of rebuilding.


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