At least she’s honest about it.
Texas state representative Donna Howard believes her constituents are stupid bigots.

Hat Tip Zesta

Because only stupid bigots want the borders secure.




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  1. Only stupid bigots were the ones voting for Obama.

    For the horse of another color with no horse sense.

  2. Isn’t it nice how, under the beneficial influences of the Great Uniter and his enabling propaganda machine (the MSM), the country is coming together.

  3. Only the ones that vote Democrat azz clowns like this into office.

  4. Well, at least a majority of those who voted in the last election are stupid and bigoted since they voted this Democrat into office.

    Now imagine the STUPIDITY INDEX for the Houston voters who, time after time, put Democrat Rep Sheila Jackson Lee into office.

    That any voter will vote for a Democrat is clear and compelling evidence of the absence of common sense.

  5. #5
    It is also absense of a second party in most urban areas. Democrats have run virtually every urban area into the ground with decades and decades of one party rule. Graft, Greed, & Corruption are the order of the day in every major city.

    Grinding poverty, lousy schools – just what the Dems order and ordain for their constituents.

  6. She is talking Texans. Texas is on the border. Brian Terry was killed because of Eric Holder’s fast and furious. But more then that, does she know that there are some 200 Hezbollah agents living in U.S.

    Where do you think some of them came in from, lady. THE BORDERS!!

  7. Like children following the Pied Piper to his wonderful land, Demodonks and Socialists (but I repeat myself) cannot abide by reducing the influx of so many potential voters.

    I wonder if these ‘children’ understand the real “Pied Piper” led them to their deaths in what is known as the “Children’s Crusade”.

  8. I would not call her honest, SHAMELESS, but not honest!

  9. Dumbocrap Donna Howard, Bigotry is thy name!

  10. Man…what’s a brother gotta do to get a hat tip around here?

    TX State Rep. Donna Howard (D) Calls Texas Voters “Ignorant Bigots” (posted 5 days ago…)

  11. This is not a problem.

    The voters in Texas’ District 48 can remedy this little problem in November. Just remind them early and often what little ol’ Miss Howard thinks of them.

  12. Compare a photo of Howard to one of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. I think they were separated at birth.

  13. I know DONNA you should just see the bigotry on display at Houston’s City Hall!


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