Team Obama’s Hoodies Sale Canceled After Conservative Outrage

Obama Campaign decides that hawking hoodies during Trayvon controversy is as tawdry as it appears.
The sale is off—

Team Obama canceled their shameless hoodie sale this past week.
Yahoo reported:

President Obama recently said that if he had a son, he’d look like murder victim Trayvon Martin. And in what some conservatives see as a direct connection between the national controversy surrounding the teen’s death, the Obama 2012 re-election campaign announced via Twitter on Monday that it was putting its collegiate hooded sweatshirt on sale.

The sweatshirt was temporarily discounted to $40 from its regular $50 listing. However, the tweet announcing the sale has apparently been removed and following the hooded sweatshirt link at Obama’s campaign re-election site store shows the clothing item listed at its regular $50 price.

Obama’s critics on the right had a field day with the questionable Twitter posting, with the conservative blog Gateway Pundit calling it “disgusting,” and the website Twitchy asking if  “Team Obama is capitalizing on Treyvon Martin’s death?”

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  • Beth

    Someone should ask him if he had a son, would that son trash talk the same way as Trayvon did too?

  • Adi


    If The Wohn had a son, he’ll be the same money scrounger, taxpayer vacationer, grammatically inarticulate, history challenged, ego-centrist self-entitled socialist muslim non-Austrian speaker – just like his father, his mother and sisters.

  • sculptestor

    Bill Bellicheat will be not be amused.

  • dunce

    Obama “capitalizing” boy, they sure know how to hurt jughead, maybe now he will make another phoney call for civility.

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  • jimg

    Wearing a politician’s name on your clothing is insane. R or D.

    I mean, seriously. Get a grip. They’re politicians.

  • Rachelle

    Next they will be selling Obama branded slim jims for stealing cars.

    Nothing like helping out the bros in the hood if they will only get off their lazy butts and vote for him again.

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  • wanumba

    They selling Joseph Kony hoodies yet?
    From the execrable sequel which is as phony as the first, looks like they are selling Joseph Kony pizza boxes while encouraging students to pick up trash on beaches in order to ‘get’ Kony.

    WHat’s with the demonic-looking upside down pyramid logo they’ve come up with? Anyone know? creepy.

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  • Frenly Henery

    Probably cheaper than tattooing “Racist” on their forehead and says the same thing. Now we’re gonna find we have to pay for their tattoos too.

  • anti-bho

    They will declare them ‘collector’s items’ now and they will get the herd to buy them at three times the original price….

  • donh

    How about replacing Reagan’s jelly beans with a jar of skittles he can offer to any little sons touring the white house who look like him.

  • Anon

    Jim: This article is bunk, they used the wrong URL:

  • Patty

    There have been so many things that are troubling about Obama putting his foot into everything. The blacks want Zimmerman charged with something but the reality is he may not be. Hoodie or not,

    I am upset with our debt, the corruption, the Black Panthers, Holder, the Axelrod and Wasserman hate for the Republican Party. The attack job that this administration is getting ready for on the GOP.

    Anyone who buys a hoodie are contributing to Obama campaign and maybe this is because Jesse Jackson wants blacks to wear the a all polling places.

    I consider the source and any Patriot and those of us who love our nation will SEE RIGHT THROUGH THIS. I am not too worried about a hoodie. It is a piece of clothing.

    Our nation is in trouble and America knows it and Obama isn’t up for the job, hoodies or no hoodies.

  • Patty

    I can’t imagine people who are poor being able to buy them, unless in the BLACK MARKET.

  • Patty
  • stuart

    I, for one, am sorry they stopped selling them. I wish they would have sold thousands. That way we could see Obama’s name flashed on every video of a flash mob looting a store or playing the knockout game with a helpless senior citizen.
    I guess the Obama campaign finally figured out it had the potential for bad optics. Too bad.

  • Bev Carlson

    Whether Zimmerman is guilty or not, this is turning into a lynch mob mode. Trying a person without benefit of a trial.

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