Shocker… Obama Sends Millions of US Dollars to Kenya – Where His Socialist “Cousin” Is Prime Minister

In 2006 Barack Obama took a trip to Kenya on the taxpayer’s dime.

While visiting Kenya as a guest of the government Obama campaigned for socialist Raila Odinga, who claims he is Obama’s cousin.

Odinga’s opponents said Odinga was using Obama “as his stooge.”
Here’s the video:

Raila Odinga was later elected prime minister of Kenya – after days of bloodshed.

There’s more…
Since he moved into the White House Obama’s still helping Odinga.
Kenya is enjoying a spike in Obama administration funded projects.
Trade Aid Monitor reported:

Kenyan businesses lately are increasingly becoming recipients of U.S. government largesse, as the Obama Administration, among pursuing other endeavors, aims to expand “livestock-related economic opportunities” in that nation. Although this and other recently released presolicitation notices for unrelated programs serve as advance alerts to potential vendors—and therefore do not offer cost estimates and other details— a review of U.S. government contracting actions nonetheless indicates a spike of activity in Kenya in a variety of sectors.

The White House is committing to a five-year effort to “improve the inclusiveness and competitiveness” of the livestock industry specifically in Marsabit and Garissa counties, Kenya, according to a presolicitation notice released April 12 that U.S. Trade & Aid Monitor located via routine database research.

The Feed the Future-related initiative, known as the Resilience and Economic Growth in the Arid Lands-Accelerated Growth, or REGAL-AG, program, will be carried out by contractors hired by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), according to the document.

The agency did not disclose the project’s estimated cost: “No additional information regarding this planned RFP [Request for Proposals] is available at this time.”

USAID that same day separately alerted potential contractors to the launching of yet another endeavor in that nation, known as the Kenya Agricultural Value Chain Enterprises, or KAVES, program.

The KAVES presolicitation notice simply states the agency’s intention “to use full and open competition for the contract, which will be performed in Kenya. USAID intends to release the solicitation within the next 45 days.”

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  • Timwi

    Here is good poster for pro life people that want to make a point. Pass it around. Warning- graphic

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  • The Worm

    Hey….don’t worry about it. At least half of that sum will return to the US in $3 anonymous donations to the Re-elect Obama fund. Jeez…talk about over-reacting. It’s all good!!!
    The Worm

  • Peckerwood

    If I had a black stooge it would look like Obama.

  • listingstarboard

    This issue ALONE should be enough to convince anyone in this country that this Obama is dangerous, dishonest and destructive. Alas after seeing how many people in this country have just realised the “Titanic” was an actual event I don’t hold out much hope for this country anymore.

  • Godfrey

    People please….l guess Obama is also related the Israeli prime minister or Saudi king…or why is his administration giving aid to these goverment…the shocker is your ignorance…

  • karenc

    Your reporting on this now? When the birthers have been talking about this since before 2008 election? As far as I’m concerned. Obama and U.S. Tax payer money has salughterd Christians all over the world. Its a shame. Americans are to stupid to find out information themselves. Please go investigate U.S. taxpayer money Obama donated to King George Hospital in Kenya. See all the Billions that went there. Why? Obama paying to keep them quite. America has been giving money for hiv/aids and malaria for years and plenty of it. So I find it fishy Obama needed to give more to this Hospital, and He had to send Kathleen Sebilious there to personally hand it to them. We have been screwed by our media and the deomocrat party

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  • paul52

    Forgive my ignorance, but how does Zero get to send $millions anywhere? Do we not have a Congress? No oversight whatsoever? How much has he stashed away overseas???

  • Militant Conservative

    One and done.

    Nothing Obama has done helps America. Nothing.

  • OBAMA FAILED E-VERIFY… google it!

    Moochelle: “his home country, in Kenya…”

  • SeniorD

    What is the expected Return on Investment of this money? Zero – just like Barry.

  • valerie

    OT — Is the Obama administration using the Forest Service to punish Arizona?

    “In the early summer of 2011 the massive Monument wildfire denuded the eastern part of the Huachuca mountains. With vegetation destroyed, subsequent heavy monsoon rains caused flooding, mud slides, and debris flows that buried springs and crushed waterlines, thereby shutting off the main water supply to Tombstone.”

    “Since that time, the City of Tombstone has tried to repair the damage, but has been stymied by a very obstinate Forest Service who will not allow heavy equipment into the wilderness area, even though the water rights pre-date establishment of the Wilderness Act.”


    Just askin’

  • owl

    #10 asks if we do not have a Congress?


    I am so sick of ranting about our ELECTED voices that some days I do not even bother.

    If those newly elected (2010) House members (as a group) do not get a hold of this House leadership and shake them until their teeth rattle, I am going to start on them. Start wiith the top. Replace the top with someone (anyone with a mouth) and it will be an improvement.

    We did the work in 2010. The House and Senate did not notice. I do not want to see these ‘nice’ people as we go down the rathole. Either make a wave or get out. I do not want to hear Issa threaten another time. Put up or shut up.

  • OBAMA FAILED E-VERIFY… google it!

    The FORGED Selective Service Card in 3:31

  • cal rifkin

    I am pretty much 100 % sure I’m staying home in November unless the whole eligibiliy thing gets brought out to the forefront. I have no faith in a party or media that sweeps something of that obvious import under the rug. I am finished with ’em all!

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  • http://BIGGOVERNMENT.COM redneck