Sarah Palin on Hilary Rosen’s Attacks on Ann Romney: “We Will Be Silent No More!” (Video)

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was on with Sean Hannity tonight to discuss White House adviser Hilary Rosen’s attack on Ann Romney. Sarah Palin told Sean – “I heard from a lot of Mama Grizzlies today.”

“We will be silent no more!… They’re underestimating the wisdom of the people.”

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  • bg



    love positive posts..


  • Tim in Cali

    Sarah Palin lives rent free in Socialist Liberals heads,and they can’t evict her…they’re srared to death of her morals and being a role model for their daughters..

  • IrishMarine

    Hillary Rosen is a lesbian activist no one seems to mention that, thought gays were open to other “lifestyles”??????????????????

  • Liz

    When Obama is not on vacation, he’s busy hating on women. At least he and Ann Romney have one thing in common. Neither has worked a day in their lives.

  • Jenny

    Way to go Sarah! The liberal minds need to demonize everything they disagree with and mock anyone who is not just like them. They project all their jealousy and self-hatred on others. They really can’t stand people who are happy and satisfied. It must suck to be them.

  • driguana

    Awesome…a working woman that liberals hate…the irony of it all….go Sarah….and don’t stop!

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  • Lady Mondegreen

    When was Sarah Palin ever silent?

  • neverends

    Ha, ha, ha!!
    Everyone should tweet the fact that Oblabla and his groupies heve yet again, missed the boat/ferry to the other side. As I have said MANY times, when you step in excrement, it splatters! The splatter is getting wider & wider. However, that can only mean that the “race wars” will begin, and soon. Axelrat, Pfluff, and groupies are running out of things to counter real Americans so that only leaves the alternative – race wars in the streets.
    There is a reason that MILLIONS of backgrounds have been run (buying guns) in the last four months – now up to 1 million per week.
    It is going to get MORE than ugly, people…BE PREPARED. As a frequent commenter here always states: powder dry! Beware!!!!!!!!!

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  • bg


    God Bless & Thank You Sarah..


  • Life By The Drop

    That woman represents what is good in America. The opposite of the liberal fantasy.

  • Al

    #10-Must be a pain having to constantly wipe that foam coming from your mouth.

  • omanyen

    Why do the Democrats/LIBERALS, Hate Sarah Palin SSSOOOOO much? What has she done?
    She has raised a family. became mayor of her hometown, then became Governor of the Great State of Alaska. Why do Liberals Hate her so???:?” OR – do they FEAR her???? Because she speaks ” common sense” and American Values!!!@!! GO SARAH!!!! LOVE YOU !!! You are SMART, INTELLIGENT,. And pretty freakin HHHOOOOTTTT To boot!!!!

  • Sam

    At least she’ll never be president…:D

    SUCK IT!!!

  • Opus#6@AmericanPerspective

    As a mom of 6, I can say that staying home is WAY harder than working in a calm, adult office.

    I challenge anyone to dispute that.

    Ann Romney has worked harder than most.

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  • S. Wolf

    President Sarah Palin sounds good. After Romney’s one term. :)

    In the meantime we are no longer America.

    ‘What do you do when an entire nation begins to lose the capacity to think rationally? Many Americans spend a great deal of time criticizing the government, and there is certainly a lot to complain about, but it is not just the government that is the problem. All over America, people appear to be going insane. It is almost as if we have been cursed with stupidity. Sadly, this applies from the very top of our society all the way down to the very bottom. A lot of us find ourselves asking the following question much more frequently these days: “How could they be so stupid?” Unfortunately, we are witnessing a complete collapse of common sense all over America. Many people seem to believe that if we could just get Obama out of office or if we could just reform our economic system that our problems as a nation would be solved, but that is simply not true. Our problems run much deeper than that. The societal decay that is plaguing our country is very deep and it is everywhere. We are a nation that is full of people that do not care about others and that just want to do what is right in their own eyes. We hold ourselves out to the rest of the world as “the greatest nation on earth” and an example that everyone else should follow, and yet our own house is rotting all around us. The words “crazy”, “insane” and “deluded” are not nearly strong enough to describe our frame of mind as a country. America has become a sad, delusional old man that can’t even think straight anymore. The evidence of our mental illness is everywhere.

    As mentioned earlier, what America is experiencing is not just an economic collapse. The truth is that our entire society is collapsing.

    For many years our great prosperity masked much of our decline, but now our great economic strength is rapidly fading and it is becoming very difficult to deny how far we have fallen as a nation.’

    20 Signs That We Are Witnessing The Complete Collapse Of Common Sense In America

    Largely thanks to Progressives-Liberals-Socialists et al.

  • Highlander

    #10 – tHePunisher – Are you suggesting that the Messiah comes from any different background? Oh puhleese … Pot, meet kettle …..

    What Hillary was saying was simple … “we hate Conservatives, and we will smear them any way we can, including attacking their wives and their children”.

    Now do us all a favor and go punish someone else. People like you, who despise others and seek to destroy them simply because they make more money than you do, or don’t share your particular political ideology, really make me sick … you aren’t fit to clean Sarah Palin’s rifles….

  • Highlander

    You’re a real class act Sam. I don’t know how old you are, but I hope you live long enough to eat those words …