Sarah Palin on Hilary Rosen’s Attacks on Ann Romney: “We Will Be Silent No More!” (Video)

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was on with Sean Hannity tonight to discuss White House adviser Hilary Rosen’s attack on Ann Romney. Sarah Palin told Sean – “I heard from a lot of Mama Grizzlies today.”

“We will be silent no more!… They’re underestimating the wisdom of the people.”

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  • bg



    love positive posts..


  • Tim in Cali

    Sarah Palin lives rent free in Socialist Liberals heads,and they can’t evict her…they’re srared to death of her morals and being a role model for their daughters..

  • IrishMarine

    Hillary Rosen is a lesbian activist no one seems to mention that, thought gays were open to other “lifestyles”??????????????????

  • Liz

    When Obama is not on vacation, he’s busy hating on women. At least he and Ann Romney have one thing in common. Neither has worked a day in their lives.

  • Jenny

    Way to go Sarah! The liberal minds need to demonize everything they disagree with and mock anyone who is not just like them. They project all their jealousy and self-hatred on others. They really can’t stand people who are happy and satisfied. It must suck to be them.

  • driguana

    Awesome…a working woman that liberals hate…the irony of it all….go Sarah….and don’t stop!

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  • Lady Mondegreen

    When was Sarah Palin ever silent?

  • neverends

    Ha, ha, ha!!
    Everyone should tweet the fact that Oblabla and his groupies heve yet again, missed the boat/ferry to the other side. As I have said MANY times, when you step in excrement, it splatters! The splatter is getting wider & wider. However, that can only mean that the “race wars” will begin, and soon. Axelrat, Pfluff, and groupies are running out of things to counter real Americans so that only leaves the alternative – race wars in the streets.
    There is a reason that MILLIONS of backgrounds have been run (buying guns) in the last four months – now up to 1 million per week.
    It is going to get MORE than ugly, people…BE PREPARED. As a frequent commenter here always states: powder dry! Beware!!!!!!!!!

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  • bg


    God Bless & Thank You Sarah..


  • Life By The Drop

    That woman represents what is good in America. The opposite of the liberal fantasy.

  • Al

    #10-Must be a pain having to constantly wipe that foam coming from your mouth.

  • omanyen

    Why do the Democrats/LIBERALS, Hate Sarah Palin SSSOOOOO much? What has she done?
    She has raised a family. became mayor of her hometown, then became Governor of the Great State of Alaska. Why do Liberals Hate her so???:?” OR – do they FEAR her???? Because she speaks ” common sense” and American Values!!!@!! GO SARAH!!!! LOVE YOU !!! You are SMART, INTELLIGENT,. And pretty freakin HHHOOOOTTTT To boot!!!!

  • Sam

    At least she’ll never be president…:D

    SUCK IT!!!

  • As a mom of 6, I can say that staying home is WAY harder than working in a calm, adult office.

    I challenge anyone to dispute that.

    Ann Romney has worked harder than most.

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  • President Sarah Palin sounds good. After Romney’s one term. 🙂

    In the meantime we are no longer America.

    ‘What do you do when an entire nation begins to lose the capacity to think rationally? Many Americans spend a great deal of time criticizing the government, and there is certainly a lot to complain about, but it is not just the government that is the problem. All over America, people appear to be going insane. It is almost as if we have been cursed with stupidity. Sadly, this applies from the very top of our society all the way down to the very bottom. A lot of us find ourselves asking the following question much more frequently these days: “How could they be so stupid?” Unfortunately, we are witnessing a complete collapse of common sense all over America. Many people seem to believe that if we could just get Obama out of office or if we could just reform our economic system that our problems as a nation would be solved, but that is simply not true. Our problems run much deeper than that. The societal decay that is plaguing our country is very deep and it is everywhere. We are a nation that is full of people that do not care about others and that just want to do what is right in their own eyes. We hold ourselves out to the rest of the world as “the greatest nation on earth” and an example that everyone else should follow, and yet our own house is rotting all around us. The words “crazy”, “insane” and “deluded” are not nearly strong enough to describe our frame of mind as a country. America has become a sad, delusional old man that can’t even think straight anymore. The evidence of our mental illness is everywhere.

    As mentioned earlier, what America is experiencing is not just an economic collapse. The truth is that our entire society is collapsing.

    For many years our great prosperity masked much of our decline, but now our great economic strength is rapidly fading and it is becoming very difficult to deny how far we have fallen as a nation.’

    20 Signs That We Are Witnessing The Complete Collapse Of Common Sense In America

    Largely thanks to Progressives-Liberals-Socialists et al.

  • Highlander

    #10 – tHePunisher – Are you suggesting that the Messiah comes from any different background? Oh puhleese … Pot, meet kettle …..

    What Hillary was saying was simple … “we hate Conservatives, and we will smear them any way we can, including attacking their wives and their children”.

    Now do us all a favor and go punish someone else. People like you, who despise others and seek to destroy them simply because they make more money than you do, or don’t share your particular political ideology, really make me sick … you aren’t fit to clean Sarah Palin’s rifles….

  • Highlander

    You’re a real class act Sam. I don’t know how old you are, but I hope you live long enough to eat those words …

  • Redwine

    Love Palin’s fightin’ words! “We will be silent no more!” That should be our motto going into the election. Stop with the defense. Go on the offense!
    Silence is cowardice, acquiescence and capitulation.

  • tommy mc donnell

    #20…maybe its that bad neighborhood everybody has in their living room.

  • Why didn’t she come out an endorse Romney? It’s been over since Super Tuesday (more than a month ago) and now Santorum has dropped out – and she can’t even come to get herself to endorse him NOW? She said something like “I want Ron Paul’s policies and debates to come out”? Who has heard a peep from him in a month?

    This is outrageous. Those of us who supported her all of this time expect her to step up and support the nominee and not continue with this “we need all of our voices heard” crap. Even Bret Baierd said “if Romney is the nominee”. What is this garbage? People get on board! Are you all Obama surrogates?

  • Sam

    I really hope Palin does keep silent for the campaign. We do not need the election to be about her.

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  • obfuscatenot

    The left keeps stirrin it up, don’t they?

    Look everyone……look shiny object over here….trayvon……stay at home wife……ANY THING BUT OBAMAS FAILED POLICIES! Hope and Change…is a shell game.

  • MUT’s Badass of the Week: Ann Romney — Some humorous aspects of my analysis of the Rosen fiasco: 1) A Mormon mother tagged as a “Badass”; 2) A reference to how Ann Romney will be Palinized with email inquisitions, requests for clothing expenditures, and rumors of affairs; and, 3) A hilarious pain scale, with an addendum as to how much pain Team Obama is in right now.

  • bg



    April 13, 2012

    Denial Is Leftist Reality

    [Leftists at their best are a curious lot, but those frothing and blathering
    while trying their best to defend Obama are…well…they’re just a sad lot.
    Their leader is threatened with exposure on all sides, and they are unable
    to handle it. Through the use of name calling they are trying to deny that
    which is glaringly obvious and is gaining a crescendoing resonance in the
    public square, i.e., Obama is a Marxist-Leninist. They might not like my
    saying it, and the media as a whole may not be honest enough to admit
    it–but that’s what he is, and more important, the Americanpeople are
    reaching that conclusion.

    The depth of denial the supporters of Obama exhibit is astounding. Them defending their ideological delusion is tantamount to them trying to convince a sane person the sky is chartreuse or that there really is a man in the moon.

    We do not have to make up things about this
    person, it’s all there for us to read and listen to.


  • mg4us

    Way to go Sarah. . Palin hits it out of the park again!

    MSM, Obama and Libtards try to destroy her because they cannot relate to the Average American.

    Love the comment that Obama, like Ann Romney, never worked a day in his life. .and with no college transcripts, probably never really graduated (you need good grades to do that)

    How is it these Libtards and RATs have a disproportionate share of voice when most hard working Americans toil away? Oh the elitists MSM? Definitely. . they control the narrative. . . or at least used to. .

    We will be silent no more!

  • crackermike

    RE#9. Palin was silent when she was a beginner at National politics in the moronic McCain campaign. She was pilloried for dressing like an average American woman, absolutely ridiculed beyond belief by lesbians and effete east and west coast metrosexual so called “men”. The attack continued and included the new wardrobe she used in response to the earlier ridicule. Then it got flat out nasty instead of just “bitchy”. Liberals and Progressive accused her of claiming her son was actually her daughters child. Then accused her husband of incest by impregnating their daughter. ONLY then did Palin begin to fight back thru the instinct of self preservation. You seem to have a selective memory. I always ask Palin haters WHY they hate Palin; they just stutter and then repeat Democrat talking points. The truth is, they hate Palin because they are TOLD to hate her by the lamestream media. and the weak willed and idiotic sheep do as they are damn well told.


    #35 April 13, 2012 at 7:03 am
    thePunishEr commented:

    Garbage! Twinks like you post nasty remarks just to disparage this blog and its readership. Go back to media mutters or thinkregress where your bs is appreciated and encouraged.

  • bg


    re: #31 April 13, 2012 at 5:44 am bg

    by Mychal Massie

    [We are Americans and the one thing Americans will not abide is despotic
    tyranny, Leninism, or Erebusic evil to exist abroad or at home. Resistance
    to same is ingrained in our DNA. The Founders of our nation were people
    with a fundamental belief in God and the Spirit of God guided their actions.
    Standing against the evil of tyranny was fundamental to their belief. That
    fundamental belief guided them in the creation of this great nation and
    guided us to correct periods of injustice in our history. I have no reason
    to believe that same fundamental belief will not guide us in our resistance
    to the tyranny of Obama.

    Obama Harbors Racist Feelings Toward Even His Mother

    [The white politically correct are dutifully ignorant to the reality of this.
    They blame the malevolence on historical actions, white racism, and on
    social inequality. The truth is that it has nothing to do with any of those
    things and everything to do with the socialist encroachment into the
    psyche of the first generation of post-slavery blacks.

    Certainly, while white guilt and demagoguery by nefarious, opportunistic
    blacks acerbated this animus, the Obamas have used their overt racial
    animus toward whites in a way that is nothing short of criminal. In my
    syndicated column, “Michelle Obama’s Inner Demons” I described in
    detail her open hostility toward whites.]


  • mg4us

    #33 Crackermike

    You are correct. . .most people who oppose Palin cannot give a valid reason. .

    She has more real life experiences running something and delivering good results than the INCOMPETENT and INEPT Obama

    She has clear and straightforward ideas to RESTORE America’s greatness (unlike O-duma who continues to get US credit ratings to slip)

    She loves people and treats folks with with respect Unlike the elitist MSM or goonion thugs or race baiters

    But MOST OF ALL Sarah Palin LOVES her Country, and the folks in it. . .seeimg the good the country can be and offer — You Betcha!!

    Unlike leftist Libtards who see everything that is wrong. . Palin’s approach offers a better view.

    The left, the MSM and RATs are still reeling from Nov 2010 landslide. .not just in the HOUSE but all across the Country. .in State Houses everywhere. . .

    Just a prelude to Nov 2012. . .

    After all, when you do the Wright Thing (ask Obama and Jeremiah) you always end up on the WRONG side.

  • Mark1957

    Sam commented:

    At least she’ll never be president…:D

    SUCK IT!!!

    Maybe not, but Sarah can be Energy Secretary or EPA Chief, just to make your pointy little head explode. hahahahahahahahahahah

  • mg4us

    Hey BG #37

    The reason Obama harbors racist feelings can be summed up as Malcolm X

    I used to think Obama was not a natural born citizen based on the story that his father was a Kenyan. . but I have started hearing rumors that Obama senior was not his real father. .that is why their is little to no resemblance. . .

    nor any love of his so called brother in Africa. .

    Rumor is that Malcolm X is his father. .at first I thought this a stretch. .but then, I never saw pictures of Malcolm X. . .

    Who does this look like?

    or this

    I heard rumors a while back about Malcom X being Obama’s real father. .that is why HE is not a Kenyan but natural born citizen of the US. . .

    If this is true, this is even scarier than the first. .

    this would explain why he went to Harvard and who he teamed up with there and why he is at war with so many.

    God help us!

  • Gary

    Punisher 10

    There are no poor people in this country. Not one. Not even the homeless here.
    I lived in China for 9 years. If you want to see poverty, take a look around China sometime, or maybe India.
    A homeless guy in America sleeps on a piece of cardboard.
    A homeless guy in China says, “Hey! You got a piece of cardboard?!”

    It’s pathetic that you call yourself poor. It also reveals the self-imposed victim mentality you have. Poor you, right? Had to work. Had to decide whether to spend a dollar here or spend it there? God, sounds like life has really dumped on you.

    As for Sarah Palin, her family wasn’t wealthy. Any money the Palins have made has only been recently from Sarah’s books and speeches. Before that, the libs (that team you cheerlead for) tried to bankrupt her. Unfortunately for you, she’s more about self-reliance and less about whining.

    Maybe you should try it some time.
    BTW, I’m not actually giving you friendly advice, just using your ridiculous post to make a point to more intelligent people.

  • Gary


    I’m not into conspiracy theory, but it is far more likely that Frank Marshall Davis is his father.
    But who cares? Once he’s out of the White House, I look forward to hearing the name Obama less and less with each passing day.

  • mg4us

    #39 Mark

    Fully agree. . . As Energy Secretary, Palin’s motto would be
    “Drill Babay Drill” and “All of the Above” including that pipeline from Canada!

    Hopefully, she will get the Billions back from Brazil and spend it drilling in our waters. . . under our control and supervision.

    Love to see the Arabs faces when she helps wean us off their oil. . .

  • mg4us

    $42 Gary

    Perhaps. .but looking at facial similarities. . Obama has many more traits of Malcolm X than of Frank Marshall Davis. .

    Coincidence or not?

    As they say in the Hood. .”Who’s your daddy?”

  • Noovuss

    thePunishEr commented:

    More intelligent people? on GATEWAY PUNDIT??!!!!!! LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!???????????????????

    Not since you arrived, now run along like a nice little troll.

  • bg


    mg4us #40 April 13, 2012 at 7:31 am

    yes, i know all about it, even posted about it way back..

    however, i don’t give a bats guano who Obama’s father was, i don’t give a
    bats guano whether or not he’s a Muslim, i don’t give a bats guano where
    he was born.. i only give a damn about what he and his radical friends are
    doing to US.. and as it was with MLK skin vs content, actions speak much
    louder than words in my book.. and Obama’s should scare the crap out of
    everyone, not just Americans..


  • Gini

    #5 April 12, 2012 at 11:48 pm Liz – Please read and stand corrected:

    Policymic has an article today by Susan Fox which lists Ann Romney’s volunteer work.

    •Since being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1998, she has been an active Board Member of the New England Chapter of the MS Society. She has been a leading fundraiser for advocacy and research for MS.
    •Governor’s Liaison to the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives
    •United Way of Massachusetts Bay supporter
    •Initiator, Co-Chair and Member of the Faith and Action Committee serving at-risk youth
    •United Way Board Member
    •United Way Executive Committee
    •United Way Community Impact Committee
    •Involved with the international program Right to Play
    •Volunteers time and leadership to equine therapy programs to physically disadvantaged children
    •Volunteers for the annual Scholastic Reading event
    •Volunteers for Partners for Youth with Disabilities
    •Volunteers for the American Red Cross
    •Volunteers for the Perkins School for the Blind
    •Was a Board Member for the Massachusetts Children’s Trust Fund
    •Received the 2006 Lifetime Achievement Award from Operation Kids
    •Director of Best Friends addressing needs of inner-city girls
    •Volunteer instructor at Mother Caroline Academy
    •Board Member of Families First
    •Served on the Women’s Cancer Advisory Board of Massachusetts General Hospital
    •Earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Brigham Young University

    Now if that isn’t WORK I don’t know what it is. Perhaps not 9 to 5 office work, but believe me volunteer work is long hours and no pay. Simply the reward of solving a problem.

  • Jerry C

    @ Gary & @ mg4us

    No. Neither Malcom X nor Frank Marshall Davis is LUITPOS father. The LUITPOS, Lying Usurper-in-Thief POS, is a lying, usurping, thief POS just like his REAL father, the devil.

  • Mark1957

    #46 thePunishEr

    Did your mamma give you that handle because you sit in her basement punishing your pecker?
    I was homeless for 6 months a few years ago, but worked my way out of it on my own. Handouts make people dependent on government. Hard work and the sweat of one’s brow not only achieve success but also pride & confidence in yourself.

  • bg


    re: #48 April 13, 2012 at 7:49 am bg

    re: mg4us #40 April 13, 2012 at 7:31 am

    that’s not to say that i don’t support the
    effort to get to the truth of the matter..

    imho, the truth of another matter is, it is the foundation that has allowed
    Obama to build and keep the focus on everything being “all about him” vs
    “what he’s doing”, not to mention with impunity.. albeit we can’t literally
    see them, Obama is not alone, he has powerful people standing right next
    to him pulling his strings.. the only thing we the people desperately need
    to do “collectively” is take Obama down asap.. or resign ourselves to the
    fact that our future generations will be IslaMarxists, aka: Communists by
    any other name.. 🙁


  • Mark1957


    Those Marxist professors really did a number on your head.

  • Ann Ominous

    All it takes to set a liberal’s mind at ease
    Is two are three pounds of government cheeze.

  • bg
  • bg


    re: mg4us #40 April 13, 2012 at 7:31 am

    Part 4: starting at the 26:30 mark:

    “our president, who was indeed born and raised a Muslim, up until
    a certain age at least, any child born of a Muslim father, is a Muslim
    according to Muslim Law”

    scroll for more here..


  • bg


    Gini #49 April 13, 2012 at 7:50 am

    thank you..


  • Gary

    Punisher 46
    I don’t need to know you from Adam. Adam never signed up for food stamps or called himself the working poor. God tossed Adam out of the Garden of Eden and told him he’d have to work hard if he wanted to eat.
    Applying for food stamps is not working hard. It’s thieving a living off others’ hard work.
    If you don’t think so, ask around the hardworking people you know if they consented to having their incomes confiscated to fund the food stam program.
    And yes, in this country where there is a wealth of opportunities, calling yourself poor and soaking up welfare is pathetic.
    BTW, now that you are a homeowner and all caught up on your bills, have you paid back those food stamp donations, or do you intend to make that a permanent gift to yourself there, Mr. hardworking Eisenhower Republican?

  • Gary

    Punisher 53

    Exactly what WE THE PEOPLE are you referring to?

    We the people, in order to form more perfect union, have decided to make ourselves wards of the state. Something like that? I think you should re-read the preamble. It sounds like you didn’t quite comprehend it.

    Also, I assume you’re referring to Ayn Rand (don’t know of Ann Rand). Well, I’ve read Atlas Shrugged. Have you? Hard to read that enormous book and conclude that Ayn Rand was pro-Socialism and anti-Capitalism. Really hard. I have a sneaking suspicion you haven’t read any of Ayn Rand’s work.

  • Gary

    Also for Punisher (punishing us with idiotic posts)
    Your flimsy road argument is pretty weak.

    Most roads are local, county, and state roads. They are funded by the state and local government after they are voted on in local referenda, where the funding is either allocated or not allocated at the local level.
    Put simply for you, if the people in the area don’t want a Hwy 10 going through the county, then they vote not to fund it, and it does not get built.
    Their right to do that is protected by the 10th Amendment to the Constitution.

    The definition of Socialism is not pooling resources for the common good. Socialism is (in a definition simplified just for you) the national government inserting its heavy hand not to ensure equal opportunity, but to ensure equal outcome.
    If you want to see the stark contrast between Capitalist roads and Socialist roads, go check out the roads in some Socialist countries. You’ll see what I mean. I know because I’ve been there.
    But that’s too much like work, and you’d rather spout off without knowing what you’re talking about, right, Foodstamp?

  • Gini

    53 April 13, 2012 at 8:10 am
    thePunishEr commented:

    I’ve tried to read your posting – may I suggest you take you meds? You are babbling.

  • owl

    Palin said we should be silent no more.

    The Professional MSM Poop Scoopers are in fine form today. Obama went into full damage control with that interview so they could use it as fertilize today. GMA served it up perfectly. These people are good. Money can not buy what they do.

    The problem is that spouse did not understand what happened. Spouse is not a political junky and did see anything wrong with the president saying that wives should be off limits and working moms had the hardest jobs. Millions that vote are not political junkies.

    How are they to know?

    Do not let them kill this thing with lies and Silence. How much did that 13 year old’s vacation cost? Even if they have now paid for part of it, it is a prime example of what Obama really thinks about the rich. Why did Obama say that they did not have the “luxury” of Michelle staying at home? Does he not know that many families manage to do that on less than his $100K salary?

    This is the time to push this crap back with his family. Yep. They dish it out and we sit and be nice. Why? So we will not look like meanies? Get real. Every word that comes from their mouths is about meanies and we sit like silent lumps when he goes into sermon mode.

    He and his Scoopers are into sermon mode. Is his family off limits because we are decent people that have a suicide wish?

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  • thePunishEr #34

    It doesn’t ‘explain’ a blog such as GP, this blog is an expression of sanity. You on the other hand are explained as an effect or symptom of progressivism etc. which are expressions of insanity.

  • twolaneflash

    Hilary Rosen was CEO of RIAA when it started its War on Families, eventually filing over 20,000 lawsuits against people who downloaded and shared music files on the internet, many of them single mothers. One woman in Minnesota has a judgment of $1.9 million against her because her children downloaded and shared 24 songs. Rosen’s War on Families was a huge disaster for RIAA, extorting just $1.4 millions over one 3 year period while spending $64 million in legal fees. Fear and intimidation – a Leftist favorite tools.

  • Chris

    Dear Preident Fraud is ‘rich’ by most standards I know, so let’s just call the game what it is—-political BS by the libs/progs/marxists currently in charge of our govt. Vote them out in Nov. and take back the country and get started on getting this ship turned around. Sarah would be great for energy Sec.

  • valerie

    #10 April 12, 2012 at 11:59 pm
    tHePunisher commented:

    You are talking to people who have all been working poor. We are the ones who want to be sure that the next generation of working poor have a way out, just like us. The problem we have with the current administration is that it is hell-bent on retaining policies that have stuck our current generation of working poor in a needlessly prolonged economic quagmire.

  • valerie

    #40 April 13, 2012 at 7:31 am
    mg4us commented:

    If Malcom X was BO’s father, then BO’s cozy relationship with Rev. Wright would be a big disappointment to him.

    Malcom X learned that hatred of white people based only on the color of their skin is not the way to live. He said so, and he was killed for it. The Rev. Wright never learned.

  • Gary

    Valerie 70

    And that’s why he’s still alive

  • Paid jobs I have had since the age of eight:

    1. Childcare: starting at age 8- I babysat for thousands of hours during my youth and as soon as I began HomeMaking and Mothering in 1988, most of the working mothers in my life saw a blinking sign on my forehead that said “cheap, affordable day care provider”. Most of the dozens of Mothers who requested I tend their children were told “No, I am not a day care provider”, but occasionally, when we needed the money, I would tend a baby along with my own five children.
    2. Detroit News Paper Route: age 10
    3. Secretary in Dads Birmingham Mich. State Farm Insurance office: age 14
    4. Walled Lake Michigan Macdonalds restaurant: age 16
    5. Medical Assistant in Birmingham Mi. doctors gastrointerology office: age 17
    *Each of the jobs I worked during the age of nineteen lasted three to four months  because I lived in three different states.
    6. Provo Utah Macdonalds: age 19
    7. Motel Maid: Holiday Motel West Yellowstone Montana: age 19
    8. Seamstress at West Yellowstone Montana Dress Shop: age 19
    9. Home Cleaning in Provo Utah: age 19
    10. Actor Playmill Theatre in West Yellowstone Montana: age 19
    11.  Waitress Appeteaser Restaurant Birmingham Michigan: age 19
    12. Mothers Helper/Nanny for family of six children: age 20
    13. Bradley Childbirth Educator/Doula: Age 21 to 29
    14. Cloth Diaper/Sling Salesperson: Age 21 to 29
    15. Sunrider, Shaklee, Young Living, doTERRA, and Alpine Distributor: age 21 to present (over the years I worked a variety of networking businesses.)
    16. Book Author/Writer and eventually a Mom Blogger: age 30 to present
    17. Janitor at Cain Travel in Boulder Co: Age 31
    18. Suddenly Slender body wrapper at day spa in Broomfield Co: age 31
    19. Child care worker/kid dance educator at Rallysport Health and Fitness Club in Boulder Co: age 32
    20. Part time para educator at Coal Creek Elementary school in Louisville Co: age 33
    21. Director of Musical Theatre Camp at Peak to Peak Charter School: age 40
    22. Chik fil A restaurant in Broomfield Co: age 41

    Please note the “Paid Jobs” do NOT include the thousands of hours spent raising my five children (including 7 years of Homeschooling and 13 years of on demand LLL style breastfeeding), volunteering for my community, church, schools, and neighborhood, and/or the many classes I have taught for free on Provident Living, Family Preparedness, and Self Reliance. (I am considered an expert teacher and consultant in these self taught skills)

    True, most of the jobs I have worked were typically for three to four months as a window of opportunity would open up and I would work for money. And no benefits were ever offered or expected from my employers.  My husband has always been employed as an IT engineer and we have always had Insurance, and a monthly income.

    I share my work history out of a desire to illustrate that although some would like to catagorize me as one of those uppermiddleclass woman who has no clue what the real working world looks like and thus has no right to speak out on the economic issues facing mothers, I do have a lifetime of experience as a working mother, working both in my home and out of my home while raising a family.

    I would invite those of you Mothers reading this to also share your work experiences in and out of your home so that people like Ms. Rosen can have a better idea what “full time” homemakers do with our precious time.

    Jenny Hatch

  • Patty

    “We will besilent no more!… They’re underestimating the wisdom of the people.”

    I hope that she is right. I hope that this time around Americans eyes are wide open. And that the media and web especially tells the truth. And when they don’t we will all call them out and NOT BE AFRAID TO DO SO.

  • Linda

    Sara Palin is the dumbest person – man or woman – in the world!

  • the real wow

    #74 April 13, 2012 at 11:51 am
    Linda commented:

    Doubt it. You might want to take a look in the mirror.

  • Mama Grizzly


    •Since being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1998, she has been an active Board Member of the New England Chapter of the MS Society. She has been a leading fundraiser for advocacy and research for MS.
    •Governor’s Liaison to the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives
    •United Way of Massachusetts Bay supporter
    •Initiator, Co-Chair and Member of the Faith and Action Committee serving at-risk youth
    •United Way Board Member
    •United Way Executive Committee
    •United Way Community Impact Committee
    •Involved with the international program Right to Play
    •Volunteers time and leadership to equine therapy programs to physically disadvantaged children
    •Volunteers for the annual Scholastic Reading event
    •Volunteers for Partners for Youth with Disabilities
    •Volunteers for the American Red Cross
    •Volunteers for the Perkins School for the Blind
    •Was a Board Member for the Massachusetts Children’s Trust Fund
    •Received the 2006 Lifetime Achievement Award from Operation Kids
    •Director of Best Friends addressing needs of inner-city girls
    •Volunteer instructor at Mother Caroline Academy
    •Board Member of Families First
    •Served on the Women’s Cancer Advisory Board of Massachusetts General Hospital
    •Earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Brigham Young University

    Whoa!! She did ALL that AND raised 5 boys. Hat’s off to Ann.


    About this stupid food stamp debate.

    Sure, tax dollars can and should be used to help people–give them a leg up toward their regular platform. It’s when it becomes a permanent paycheck that something is wrong with the system.

    Listen all you potentially judgmental icky ones: What happens when liberals force a conservative family with young children into homelessness and no food? Hmmm? What, you say? Can’t get temporary help from their families? Answer: No. Not if the families are gunning for them too. Money isn’t always instantaneous, and if someone finds themselves down and OUT, then sure, used tax dollars for some help. It is designed to encourage a better society, as down-and-outs, if they can’t get up, get REALLY down and REALLY out. If you’ve ever been there, it is most humiliating. Don’t be so small-minded that you can’t differentiate between the users and those who have been legitimately robbed of opportunity or who are in a bad situation but are still trying. Look at what Obama has done: force as many people as possible into this kind of thing–houses being foreclosed, no jobs. You do the math. This happened to us in the 1980s, following the Carter economy, and thankfully we “borrowed” our future tax contributions and got out of it. Lazy users are not the same as people who’ve been flung to the curb.

    Just sayin’.

  • Jenny

    #74 Comments like this reveal more about the commenter than the target. THE STUPIDEST? Really? Stupid better describes your comment.

       [stoo-pid, styoo‐] Show IPA adjective, stu·pid·er, stu·pid·est, noun
    lacking ordinary quickness and keenness of mind; dull.
    characterized by or proceeding from mental dullness; foolish; senseless: a stupid question.
    tediously dull, especially due to lack of meaning or sense; inane; pointless: a stupid party.
    annoying or irritating; troublesome: Turn off that stupid radio.
    in a state of stupor; stupefied: stupid from fatigue.

  • Renate

    I stayed home with my kids when they were growing up -my husband and I “couldn’t afford” it. But we managed. At that time my husband was working full time and going to night school to get his bachelors degree in chemistry.We had one carwhich hubby used in the winter and in the summer he biked 17 miles to and fro work. We had an income of $35,000, three kids, 1 car and a mortage plus school loans. We scrimped and saved because it was important for us that our kids had one parent at home raising them. Oh-we also sent them to a Christian school. Don’t tell me it can’t be done- it can. Michelle Obama didn’t HAVE to go to work, she WANTED to. It isn’t easy staying home with young kids and it’s a lot of work. To say a stay – at – home mom doesn’t work is insulting and to say she’s not concerned about the economy nor what goes on in the world is stupid beyond words. The left has jumped the shark on this one.

  • Renate

    I also volunteered at church-sunday school teacher, youth group helper, choir member,and once a week at a local crisis pregnancy center. Before retiring from the outside workforce, I worked as a secretary for an Ear Nose and Throat Surgeon. Before that, I worked in a Clinical Lab as a secretary and before that I worked summers as a lifeguard. I started babysitting at 13 and basically had a job outside the home until I “retired” from the work force to raise my 3 kids.
    At the present time I am a Custom Picture Framer and in November I will be working at the polls as an Election Inspector, yet my most important job has always been as a mom.

  • Sparky

    Ann Romney should have shut up and stayed out of the limelight. Now she is the issue instead of the real issues of this election. This is not an election for First Lady.

    The fact that Ann Romney is in the media defending herself shows the weakness and poor judgement of Romney’s campaignadvisors.

    The Left is framing the debate and controlling the issues.

    Romney is such a weak and pathetic nominee, but he will make a superb babysitter of the Washington rot!