RACE WAR! Democrat La Raza President: Blacks, Hispanics Should Team Up ‘To Attack Common Enemies’ (Audio)

Al Sharpton Show Promotes Race War–
La Raza President Janet Murguia used Wednesday’s Al Sharpton radio show to spew the latest round of racial hatred. Murgola called on blacks and Hispanics to team up against the common enemy (whitey).
It’s more of that hope-and-change we were promised.

Radio Equalizer reported:

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  • bobdog

    White people like George Zimmerman?

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  • RKflorida

    I don’t understand why these folks of “color” seem to ignore the vast number of non-color folks who are patiently waiting for them to make a move. There are many who are looking forward to the violence. This is dangerous stuff these colorful people are playing with.

  • Chris in N.Va

    So, by this line of ersatz “reasoning”…..

    If a half-Latino, half-white Zimmerman that killed bonafide, black Trayvon falls into the category of the “Whitey” enemy, what does that make half-black, half-white Obama to the the New (not really) Pigmented Pussycats?



  • JoyO

    From LaRaza’s perspective, the enemy would be all non-socialists and non-communists. LaRaza is like NOW — they will only defend Far Left folk. Their absence in the Zimmerman case clearly demonstrates this.

  • Liz

    Nobody has a bigger problem with Latinos than this administration. Holder ran guns down there to kill Mexicans and Mexican-Americans. Obama wants Zimmerman strung up because he “doesn’t look like his son”. La Raza is being played. The only thing in common they have with the Obama Administration is an affinity for communism.

    By the way. What’s with Obama’s war on women? How about equal pay, Mr. “Equality?” Oh yeah. Women don’t count for this guy either. I hope Michelle takes a cast iron frying pan to him over this one.

  • wanumba

    Um. If she wants La Raza and Black Panthers in the same room … doesn’t that sort of solve everyone’s problems? Put the KKK and Neo-Nazi in there, too and close the door.
    The entire rest of the world of normal people of all colors can then go about our normal business.

    The only thing better would be to shove NBC, ABC and CBS in there to ‘cover’ the brawl.

  • Lyle

    Race war? Bring it! See what happens.

  • http://BIGGOVERNMENT.COM ponderon

    Here you go folks……….http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3SIQMmIegtg

  • juandos

    Parasitic swine biting the hand that feeds them…

  • feduptoo

    Did you know that LaRaza gets our tax dollars every year? Along with other groups!

    LaRaza only helps illegals, when those 2 Hispanic border agents were sent to prison, not a one from LaRaza came out to help them….it was we, the ones that fight illegal immigration!

    I have written my Senator in the past to stop giving them and others our money, of course, like in all situations, the elite representatives think they know more than anyone and refused to listen.

    LaRaza, MALDEF and others need to be put out of business, they are mostly socialists, and have stated they want more Hispanics here in order to change our political system!

  • Peckerwood

    I thought the common enemy of blacks and red/browns are those dirty shop owning yellows. sarc…

  • Liz

    Obama is a white African American then, I guess. What he doesn’t understand is he is one of the few with a race problem – the rest of us intermarry, adopt, teach, work for, etc. any number of races every single day AND WE DON”T HAVE ISSUES WITH IT. Get over it, Obama. Grow up like the rest of the country has. And speak frankly with your violent race mongers Sharpton and the like. This low grade stuff belongs in the middle east or somewhere that outside appearances and stereotypes are all that matter.

    How about equal pay for the women in your administration? How about recognizing that motherhood actually requires a work ethic? Oh. No. Of course not.

    What a needed breath of fresh air a competent administration would be for this country. Register to vote NOW.

  • http://BIGGOVERNMENT.COM ponderon

    11# thank you for posting that fact LaRaza only helps illegals , not folks like Zimmerman ..Janet Murguia works with the Obumer regime, now they want to combine the illegals with the black thugs and unions will soon join in to bring a race war upon the rest of the population ………lock and load folks its coming

  • DeeDee

    This woman is full of it. Most hispanics are more racist than their American counterparts. In any event, hispanic is not a race but rather an ethnic/cultural group. Hispanics are made up of the same myriad of races than Americans. Furthermore, a study was conducted recently that stated that “hispanics” do not like being labeled as “hispanics” but rather being labeled as members of their country of origin.

    La Raza is a communist/socialist group and do not represent ALL hispanics. All they try to achieve with their “us or them” mentality is to keep hispanics down. If someone keeps repeating that they are the downtrodden people, instead of working to surpass that perception all they are achieving is making them think that they can never get ahead so why bother trying.

    I am what people call hispanic and I have never, ever been discriminated against. Maybe it is my attitude and the fact that I do not have a chip on my shoulder and think that I deserve everything.

  • Mr. X

    My money’s on the white and yellow guys.

  • Arch

    Posted this on the Zimmerman arrest thread:

    We no longer have a functional criminal justice system. We have no government.

    Whites are now being hunted by blacks with impunity. Expect no protection from this federal government. Whites and Latinos are being persecuted by blacks. It’s part of Obama’s plan. If attacked, do not panic; simply fight back with savagery and viciousness. Shoot to kill.

    If you are not black, arm yourself. Do not worry about the law. Buy your guns, accessories and ammo with cash. Do not apply for a concealed carry permit or worry about any prohibition on guns. If you carry a cell phone that has GPS, opt out “location services,” that give law enforcement an electronic time-space-position information history on you. Do not trust the police; they are being cowed by the Feds and will not treat you fairly.

    You will need three types of weaponry – carry, vehicle, and home. In each case, select the most powerful cartridge that you can handle. Keep the weapon loaded with a round in the chamber and the safety on. If you must engage, aim for the center of mass. If a down perp is moving his hands, shoot him in the head.

    For a carry gun, buy a .357 mag revolver or a .45 ACP. Under no circumstance should you drop below a 38 special or a 9 mm Lugar. For semiautomatics, carry two spare magazines and practice changing mags. When loading mags, wear gloves and wipe the cartridges of fingerprints. Don’t leave the magazines at the scene.

    In the trunk of your vehicle carry a semi automatic rifle. I have a .30 caliber M1 Garand with 98 rounds. The lethal range is 440 yards. Again wipe cartridges and pick up en bloc clips before you leave.

    At home, a pump shotgun or pistol is appropriate. Think about where you should position yourself to kill him before he sees you. Wait until the invader is in the house and there is evidence of forced entry. Expect more than one simultaneous break in. Protect doors first and windows second. If you stop a home invasion, don’t rush to call the police and under no circumstance give a thug first aid so they can testify against you. Say nothing to the cops until you have a lawyer.

    If you must travel to a dangerous neighborhood, take someone with you and talk about mutual defense. Think like them. take no prisoners, kill them and get out. These animals will soon get the message.

    Be Zimmerman.

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  • pink tie Republican

    Hispanics don’t like the moolies. At least not the white hispanics. Asians do not like the moolies either.

    The real problem is not pigmentation of the skin, but a cultural one. Thug culture that is praised and glorified by th emedia. Liberalism has destroyed black people.

  • Multitude

    What is “White Culture”? Contrary to the mythology of the NAACP and now, presumably, joined by La Raza, it is not “white culture” to promote married families, employment, education (including hard work in high school and college for those who can aspire to it). It isn’t “white culture” to promote law-abiding civil participation and scorn criminal activity. It isn’t “white culture” to want to work with society, not generally oppose, insult, and attack it. Yet the NAACP and other institutions that associate with the promotion of an oppositional culture curiously claim as such.

    What is deemed “white culture” by these oppositionalists is also found to be the predominant culture across India, China, Malaysia, Indonesia and other societies that sociologists can positively reject any connection to former white imperialism. India’s ethic of family and work precede western Europeans by multiple millenia, as does China’s ethic (where one can merely consult ethical systems such as Confucianism for an expression of such values). In fact, the appearance of such ethics tend to trace themselves to the emergence of society itself. Behaviors such as hard work, family stability, and civic participation and respect were mandatory for early civilizations coming together.

    What’s instrumental in understanding the message of the NAACP and now La Raza is not through what it attacks and rejects, but what it advances. The “black culture” promoted was also found in early civilizations, interestingly in conditions of profound and persistent inequality and subjection of s slave mentality. The NAACP model is one promoted by a slave mediator, the “king of the slaves” in a respect, to compel a demographic to become useful subjects to a master of inequality. Blacks and Hispanics who embrace this ideology will never become equal, only of their doing and rejection of the equality of the civil ethic that is known across the globe and advances civil success to Asians, Indians, Europeans and so many others.

    If you’re hating “white society,” you’re merely hating a society of equality and opportunity, subjecting yourself to those who desire your perpetual enslavement.