RACE WAR! Democrat La Raza President: Blacks, Hispanics Should Team Up ‘To Attack Common Enemies’ (Audio)

Al Sharpton Show Promotes Race War–
La Raza President Janet Murguia used Wednesday’s Al Sharpton radio show to spew the latest round of racial hatred. Murgola called on blacks and Hispanics to team up against the common enemy (whitey).
It’s more of that hope-and-change we were promised.

Radio Equalizer reported:

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  • bobdog

    White people like George Zimmerman?

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  • RKflorida

    I don’t understand why these folks of “color” seem to ignore the vast number of non-color folks who are patiently waiting for them to make a move. There are many who are looking forward to the violence. This is dangerous stuff these colorful people are playing with.

  • Chris in N.Va

    So, by this line of ersatz “reasoning”…..

    If a half-Latino, half-white Zimmerman that killed bonafide, black Trayvon falls into the category of the “Whitey” enemy, what does that make half-black, half-white Obama to the the New (not really) Pigmented Pussycats?



  • JoyO

    From LaRaza’s perspective, the enemy would be all non-socialists and non-communists. LaRaza is like NOW — they will only defend Far Left folk. Their absence in the Zimmerman case clearly demonstrates this.

  • Liz

    Nobody has a bigger problem with Latinos than this administration. Holder ran guns down there to kill Mexicans and Mexican-Americans. Obama wants Zimmerman strung up because he “doesn’t look like his son”. La Raza is being played. The only thing in common they have with the Obama Administration is an affinity for communism.

    By the way. What’s with Obama’s war on women? How about equal pay, Mr. “Equality?” Oh yeah. Women don’t count for this guy either. I hope Michelle takes a cast iron frying pan to him over this one.

  • wanumba

    Um. If she wants La Raza and Black Panthers in the same room … doesn’t that sort of solve everyone’s problems? Put the KKK and Neo-Nazi in there, too and close the door.
    The entire rest of the world of normal people of all colors can then go about our normal business.

    The only thing better would be to shove NBC, ABC and CBS in there to ‘cover’ the brawl.

  • Lyle

    Race war? Bring it! See what happens.

  • Here you go folks……….http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3SIQMmIegtg

  • juandos

    Parasitic swine biting the hand that feeds them…

  • feduptoo

    Did you know that LaRaza gets our tax dollars every year? Along with other groups!

    LaRaza only helps illegals, when those 2 Hispanic border agents were sent to prison, not a one from LaRaza came out to help them….it was we, the ones that fight illegal immigration!

    I have written my Senator in the past to stop giving them and others our money, of course, like in all situations, the elite representatives think they know more than anyone and refused to listen.

    LaRaza, MALDEF and others need to be put out of business, they are mostly socialists, and have stated they want more Hispanics here in order to change our political system!

  • Peckerwood

    I thought the common enemy of blacks and red/browns are those dirty shop owning yellows. sarc…

  • Liz

    Obama is a white African American then, I guess. What he doesn’t understand is he is one of the few with a race problem – the rest of us intermarry, adopt, teach, work for, etc. any number of races every single day AND WE DON”T HAVE ISSUES WITH IT. Get over it, Obama. Grow up like the rest of the country has. And speak frankly with your violent race mongers Sharpton and the like. This low grade stuff belongs in the middle east or somewhere that outside appearances and stereotypes are all that matter.

    How about equal pay for the women in your administration? How about recognizing that motherhood actually requires a work ethic? Oh. No. Of course not.

    What a needed breath of fresh air a competent administration would be for this country. Register to vote NOW.

  • 11# thank you for posting that fact LaRaza only helps illegals , not folks like Zimmerman ..Janet Murguia works with the Obumer regime, now they want to combine the illegals with the black thugs and unions will soon join in to bring a race war upon the rest of the population ………lock and load folks its coming

  • DeeDee

    This woman is full of it. Most hispanics are more racist than their American counterparts. In any event, hispanic is not a race but rather an ethnic/cultural group. Hispanics are made up of the same myriad of races than Americans. Furthermore, a study was conducted recently that stated that “hispanics” do not like being labeled as “hispanics” but rather being labeled as members of their country of origin.

    La Raza is a communist/socialist group and do not represent ALL hispanics. All they try to achieve with their “us or them” mentality is to keep hispanics down. If someone keeps repeating that they are the downtrodden people, instead of working to surpass that perception all they are achieving is making them think that they can never get ahead so why bother trying.

    I am what people call hispanic and I have never, ever been discriminated against. Maybe it is my attitude and the fact that I do not have a chip on my shoulder and think that I deserve everything.

  • Mr. X

    My money’s on the white and yellow guys.

  • Arch

    Posted this on the Zimmerman arrest thread:

    We no longer have a functional criminal justice system. We have no government.

    Whites are now being hunted by blacks with impunity. Expect no protection from this federal government. Whites and Latinos are being persecuted by blacks. It’s part of Obama’s plan. If attacked, do not panic; simply fight back with savagery and viciousness. Shoot to kill.

    If you are not black, arm yourself. Do not worry about the law. Buy your guns, accessories and ammo with cash. Do not apply for a concealed carry permit or worry about any prohibition on guns. If you carry a cell phone that has GPS, opt out “location services,” that give law enforcement an electronic time-space-position information history on you. Do not trust the police; they are being cowed by the Feds and will not treat you fairly.

    You will need three types of weaponry – carry, vehicle, and home. In each case, select the most powerful cartridge that you can handle. Keep the weapon loaded with a round in the chamber and the safety on. If you must engage, aim for the center of mass. If a down perp is moving his hands, shoot him in the head.

    For a carry gun, buy a .357 mag revolver or a .45 ACP. Under no circumstance should you drop below a 38 special or a 9 mm Lugar. For semiautomatics, carry two spare magazines and practice changing mags. When loading mags, wear gloves and wipe the cartridges of fingerprints. Don’t leave the magazines at the scene.

    In the trunk of your vehicle carry a semi automatic rifle. I have a .30 caliber M1 Garand with 98 rounds. The lethal range is 440 yards. Again wipe cartridges and pick up en bloc clips before you leave.

    At home, a pump shotgun or pistol is appropriate. Think about where you should position yourself to kill him before he sees you. Wait until the invader is in the house and there is evidence of forced entry. Expect more than one simultaneous break in. Protect doors first and windows second. If you stop a home invasion, don’t rush to call the police and under no circumstance give a thug first aid so they can testify against you. Say nothing to the cops until you have a lawyer.

    If you must travel to a dangerous neighborhood, take someone with you and talk about mutual defense. Think like them. take no prisoners, kill them and get out. These animals will soon get the message.

    Be Zimmerman.

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  • pink tie Republican

    Hispanics don’t like the moolies. At least not the white hispanics. Asians do not like the moolies either.

    The real problem is not pigmentation of the skin, but a cultural one. Thug culture that is praised and glorified by th emedia. Liberalism has destroyed black people.

  • Multitude

    What is “White Culture”? Contrary to the mythology of the NAACP and now, presumably, joined by La Raza, it is not “white culture” to promote married families, employment, education (including hard work in high school and college for those who can aspire to it). It isn’t “white culture” to promote law-abiding civil participation and scorn criminal activity. It isn’t “white culture” to want to work with society, not generally oppose, insult, and attack it. Yet the NAACP and other institutions that associate with the promotion of an oppositional culture curiously claim as such.

    What is deemed “white culture” by these oppositionalists is also found to be the predominant culture across India, China, Malaysia, Indonesia and other societies that sociologists can positively reject any connection to former white imperialism. India’s ethic of family and work precede western Europeans by multiple millenia, as does China’s ethic (where one can merely consult ethical systems such as Confucianism for an expression of such values). In fact, the appearance of such ethics tend to trace themselves to the emergence of society itself. Behaviors such as hard work, family stability, and civic participation and respect were mandatory for early civilizations coming together.

    What’s instrumental in understanding the message of the NAACP and now La Raza is not through what it attacks and rejects, but what it advances. The “black culture” promoted was also found in early civilizations, interestingly in conditions of profound and persistent inequality and subjection of s slave mentality. The NAACP model is one promoted by a slave mediator, the “king of the slaves” in a respect, to compel a demographic to become useful subjects to a master of inequality. Blacks and Hispanics who embrace this ideology will never become equal, only of their doing and rejection of the equality of the civil ethic that is known across the globe and advances civil success to Asians, Indians, Europeans and so many others.

    If you’re hating “white society,” you’re merely hating a society of equality and opportunity, subjecting yourself to those who desire your perpetual enslavement.

  • Alana

    OK, from this and other articles I just got done reading about La Raza, I have concluded that for them, it is more important to gang up together against whitey and thereby increase their numbers, than it is to withhold judgment on Zimmerman, much less stand up for him.

    They will throw him to the wolves for the greater cause, easily.

    Or maybe there is a divide among Hispanics I was unaware of, where “white Hispanic” is some kind of code for “not one of us”, not a La Raza type? I don’t know.

  • Finncrisp

    The most civil administration in history strikes again! Educate. Organize. Agitate. They are just following the plan…

  • havok

    I’m telling you.. America is currently in a Civil War. Just one incident can light the fuse and things are gonna explode in to violence…

    Come Nov…when “the 0bama” is voted out…. it is gonna be a scary time. I plan on voting early and planning to take off election day and possibly the next few, armed to the teeth.

  • forest

    This is what the term “of color” has been about all along. It’s an anti-white racist term being pushed to set the narrative of everyone vs. white people. I reject it.

    I’ve had it with all the progressive race hate. It’s out of control.

  • valerie

    #7 April 12, 2012 at 8:17 am
    wanumba commented:

    Threadwinner. 😉

  • anti-bho

    From white sheets to hoodies. No difference but the color of the apparel and the wearer. The aims the same.
    But these latter-day-klansmen forget that whitey and crackers may not spook so easily.

    The rise of the black Klan | Times 247


    get your obama hoodie: (and maybe you should consider the purchase of a good bullet-proof vest to wear under it to complete your ensemble)

  • geo

    Bring IT!!!

  • valerie

    Trayvon’s mother is one of us:


    Let’s piece together her version of the story.

    Trayvon is a big, strong kid with a 17-year-old male mind. He walks to the local Stop-n-Rob to pick up junk food, and gets confused on the way back to his father’s girlfriend’s house. He’s looking around, and notices that he’s being followed. He is in an area known to have bad guys.

    He thinks he sees a thug following him, and that the thug is smaller than he is. He slips around, confronts him from behind …

    I can readily see how Trayvon’s mother could see both guys trying to be heroes, and it just got out of hand.

    The hell of it is, she could be right.

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  • StrangernFiction

    The more noise the Left makes over this (or just about any issue really) the better. Their greatest asset is apathy, and our greatest weapon against them is them. I hear a lot of talk that a race war is what Obama wants so that he can impose martial law. Well that may be what he wants, but it is not in his best interest. What is in his best interest is that the frogs stay in the pot.

  • democraps suck

    Al Sharpton should be charged with hate speach crimes…just like the left would say if the shoe was on the other foot…

  • BlackBush


  • Arch

    Valerie said “he’s one of us.” Who are “us”? “He thinks he sees a thug following him, and that the thug is smaller than he is. He slips around, confronts him from behind … ”

    So Trayvon was the aggressor. He had no duty to “confront” anyone. “Confront” means punch the smaller man in the face, knock him down and bash his head into the concrete sidewalk, as observed by two witnesses.

    We are watching a racist black administration convene a kangaroo court.

  • BlackBush

    Nuke em

  • valerie

    #33 April 12, 2012 at 10:43 am
    Arch commented:

    I said “Trayvon’s mother is one of us:”

    The essence of prejudice is when you can’t even read the plain language of a post, and substitute something entirely different. We do not have a kangaroo court, here. We have a bunch of prejudiced idiots blabbering around a normal court.

    Reading. It’s what adults do.

    The person I was talking about being one of us is the mother of a dead kid. The mother. She’s got sense enough to have room in her heart for the defendant.

  • Economan

    I’m Hispanic and I will do no such thing! La Raza is what the Black Panthers are. Racists.

  • Militant Conservative

    Many have prepared decades for such a revolution. The entitlement class has nothing.
    Gotta steal thier weapons. Ammo is the key, otherwise a gun is an expensive club.
    Victory goes to the prepared not the willing.
    Powder is dry

  • Arch

    She is simply trying to appease Al Sharpton, the New Black Panther, Barack Obama, Eric Holder and the other black racist bomb throwers. The second degree murder charge is an attempt by the special prosecutor to negotiate a plea bargain. She has no evidence that Martin was being profiled or that Zimmerman initiated the fight. If I were Zimmermen’s attorney, I’d tell her to stuff it. Fish or cut bait.

    Malik Zulu Shabazz, the New Black Panther leader has a very anti-Semitic history. If you need Florida to win in November, it would be unwise to hitch your wagon to a Jew-hating star. The governor should call up the National Guard if Shabazz shows up with any kind of para military force. It might be an opportunity to select them out of the gene pool.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    You white people out there had better get yourselves some weapons and ammo, and learn how to use them. It would be a good idea to get a Concealed-Carry License, as well.

    If Romney is elected, many welfare programs (currently totaling over $1 Trillion per year,) will have to be ended or pruned substantially. You know how “they” will react to such cuts.

    If Obama is re-elected, he will have stolen the election, and the white middle-class will become Enemies of the State…

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Looks like these guys are hell-bent on undoing all the progress made up until 2009, when the current reprehensible administration took over.

  • Arch

    #39 April 12, 2012 at 11:13 am
    Earl P. Holt III

    What makes you think we don’t have weapons or don’t know how to use them? I have been shooting an M1 Garand and Colt Model 1911 since August 1962. Fought in Vietnam, El Salvador and spent yesterday on the range with another retired military officer. Many of us reload our own ammunition. Most have concealed carry permits.

    According to a University of Minnesota study, in the US there are about 310 million firearms in private hands. 80% of those are owned by 20% of the population who are conservative, suburban, rural, middle and upper middle class white men.

  • YourMaster

    does that mean la raza will be attacking islamist marxists…

    because 0bama is an islamist-marxist… I expect to see la raza storm the whitehouse any day now… because arabs aren’t hispanic… or black.

  • Alana

    “If Obama is re-elected, he will have stolen the election, and the white middle-class will become Enemies of the State…”

    We already are. I learned that during the Tea Parties.

  • Hey_Ange

    Good luck with that Janet, as a Caucasian I married a Mexican-born lady and she considers herself a “White Hispanic” just like media has labeled Mr. Zimmermann. I can tell you one thing, if blacks think “Whites” don’t care for them most Mexicans have no use for blacks.

  • Voice of Reason

    Divisive to say the least. Who/what specifically are the common enemies she refers to? What is the blueprint for her vision of America under a Latino-Black alliance? Liberalism gone unchecked will devour itself.

  • Nelle

    It’s a good thing that anthropologists and journalists recently discovered the “White Hispanic” variant. LaRaza (The Race) hasn’t yet realized it, but their numbers are going to be way down. They’ll need to root out the white devils among them before they can unite with the Black Panthers.

  • TrickyDick

    It’s about time for the white people in this country to wake up and realize that they are the ones being discriminated against and have been for a long time.

  • Kingslayor

    Its pretty sad no matter what happened with Zimmerman and Trayvon someone is still dead! And for those who wish for more killing and death to their enemies, may some day realize the their real enemie looks back at them in the mirror. And for those of you that scream where is the justice in this world??? If not found in this world you can be certain it will be in the next!!! AND YOU WILL BE JUDGE BUY ONLY ONE!!!! BE MERCIFUL AND BE PREPARED!!!!

  • bg


    re: valerie #28 April 12, 2012 at 10:13 am

    why has the media silenced his Mother??

    oh wait.. the same reason they silence anti-Islamist Muslims and
    ex-Marxists, it doesn’t fit in well with the IslaMarxists maximizing
    v wasting an orchestrated crisis in order to bring about a chaotic
    revolutionary Godless UN NWO plan.. *sigh*


  • ppl

    Shame on Murguia for not standing up for her own people.

    Who paid her off?

  • Winston Wolfe

    My wife – a very sensible sort – has never been comfortable around guns. My Mossberg 12-gauge (with 00) was our only home defense, and that was fine. It would do the job that needed to be done.

    However, the other night I told her I’m going to start pricing AR-15s and showed her a picture … anticipating she’d kinda freak out.

    Nope. She agreed. It’s time.

    That really woke me up.

  • bg


    valerie #25 April 12, 2012 at 9:54 am

    thanks for pointing that (post) out..

    as it’s worth repeating..


  • Ajanel

    My friends and I will stand with white people , any time any day, I have better experiences with white people than with blacks, Blacks are playing with fire , especialy those call panters, stupid animals, they give panthers a bad name, bring it on blacks.

  • Arch


    Sorry I misread your comment, but what you are saying still doesn’t make any sense.
    Neither Trayvon nor his money grubbing mother are “one of us.” She, the media, leftists and the race pimps cooked up this circus. Trayvon attacked Zimmerman. Zimmerman shot him, which he richly deserved.

    You said, “Trayvon is a big, strong kid with a 17-year-old male mind. He walks to the local Stop-n-Rob to pick up junk food, and gets confused on the way back to his father’s girlfriend’s house. He’s looking around, and notices that he’s being followed. He is in an area known to have bad guys.

    “He thinks he sees a thug following him, and that the thug is smaller than he is. He slips around, confronts him from behind …

    “I can readily see how Trayvon’s mother could see both guys trying to be heroes, and it just got out of hand.”

    The word “Confront” comes from medieval Latin “confrontare,” from Latin con- ‘with’ + frons, front- ‘face.’ Face & front are the opposite of “behind.” Had Trayvon been content with a confrontation, he would have turned and “faced” Zimmerman, not ambushed him from behind.

    Zimmerman was a supporter of a black man beaten by local police. He was a volunteer watch captain. Trayvon was a self described “No Limit Nigga.”

    The courts are going after Zimmerman out of fear of race riots. It has nothing to do with justice.

  • tcircle

    Voice of Reason commented:

    “… What is the blueprint for her vision of America under a Latino-Black alliance?

    Look across the Southwest Border. That should tell.

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  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Um, considering the fact that African Americans have a high admixture of European blood, and Hispanics are usually classified as “Caucasion”, am I the only one who sees the irony of them calling for a war against “Whitey?” Guys, if you were serious about this, you’d all have to attack yourselves, first!

    In the meantime, actual black Africans in Nigeria and the Sudan suffer actual persecution from Islam—but no one’s going to protest against that.

    ‘Cuz it would be RACIST!

    Um, what race is Islam?

    The world has gone insane.

  • Patty
  • kathteach

    Jim is so right – his work is done – he has sufficiently “stirred the pot” and now has delegated the work to Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the New Black Panthers.

    This is what true despots do in totalitarian governments. Read history to find out how easy it really is for the leader to simply “send out the code word” and then wash his/her (yes – Elizabeth in Shakespeare’s time was a true anti Catholic despot) hands while their underlings do all the work.

    One day at a time – stir the pot of “rich” vs “poor”………”women with kids who work vs women who stay home with kids”……those who “have” and those who “have not”……”victims of society (the moochers who rely on government money for food and rent) vs “creators” (people who fins jobs or create jobs – people who open up their own hot dog stand, so to speak).

    Marxism 101. And by the way – this “haves” vs “have nots” ideology has caused quite a few dramatic revolutions in the past century. Google “haves vs have nots” for a lesson.

  • joker

    If they kill white people…… there will be no more tax dollars to support their sorry asses

  • Bringiton

    Taken from another site, think about it:

  • bg


    Bringiton #61 April 12, 2012 at 2:23 pm

    nah, don’t believe so, as Zimmerman had clearly lost sight of Martin and
    indeed stopped following him only to be confronted by Martin on his way
    back to his vehicle..

    timeline & 911 taped evidence Trayvon doubled back


  • bobdog

    Obama’s team is watching all this like an arsonist watching a building he torched burn.

    Joy in Mudville.

  • kato

    There is always a point where the pendulum of history begins to swing the other way. Those who think we’ve put all that old stuff behind us might someday be surprised at what can happen.

  • Nolan

    Sharpton needs to get out of the race-baiting profession. His Daily Rash interview with the pilot of that Navy jet that crashed into the Virginia apartment building is a classic example of top notch journalism. http://www.thedailyrash.com/al-sharpton-interviews-pilot-of-navy-jet-that-crashed-into-apartment-building

  • Simon Said

    Low hanging fruit! That is almost like saying you can clean out 2/3 of the entire welfare roles and future generations of it in one war. That is one way 0bama can help balance the budget, just continue to throw gasoline on the fire and all these boys who looks like his son will be no more.

    I can’t see this getting any better. This is only getting worse and worse for white people. I don’t mean the odds of a race war, no matter what a lot of white people will still be around even when the other races are annihilated, but for the rampant attacks and the advocacy on violence towards whites by minorities. That appears to be the ultimate minority goal. I just wonder how much more white people can take before they finally put an end to this and it would be the end of it!

  • you still don’t believe the democratic party invented the”hispanic race” to keep caucausan hispanics from aligning politically with other caucausans. la raza is a left-wing racist, marxist, organization that was created for just this purpose. if the blacks and la raza are going to form an alliance to get the whites they will be getting most hispanics, the majority of whom are white. when are you going to wake up there is no hispanic race.

  • oh by the way, la raza is funded with the confiscated income of white american working people. does anybody here think this is a service for your tax dollars

  • L.E. Liesner

    Obama starts the race war and his army of fools pick up the sword. Then he says he is done talking on this subject. If that isn’t the sign of a coward please enlighten me. Obama is nothing more then a rabble-rouser hiding behind the rabble. I’m not even sure he has gotten the trains to run on time.

  • Nahanni

    This is just another version of “Communists of America unite!”

    You might wish to read this for a glimpse of what the rality is with relations between the “minorities”.

    Here is a taste…

    Blacks may also be starting to realize that many Latinos hold intensely negative stereotypes about them. In a 2006 study that ten academic researchers conducted of various racial groups’ attitudes in Durham, North Carolina, 59 percent of Latino immigrants said that few or no blacks were hardworking, and 57 percent said that few or no blacks could be trusted. By contrast, only 9 percent of whites said that blacks weren’t hardworking, and only 10 percent said that they couldn’t be trusted. Interestingly, the survey found that blacks were broadly well-disposed toward Hispanics, though how long that will be true remains to be seen.

    It is no surprise that the Asian population has absolutely no love (or use) for the blacks, either. There is no future in the black race warriors to court them and they know that.

  • Nahanni

    Bah! Forgot the link…The Rainbow Coalition Evaporates

  • Who is going to stand up and put a stop to this by making some arrests???!!! I don’t hear any comments, comdenation, accusations of brutality and lawlessness, nothing coming from either Republican’s or Democrats who, at least would be supporters of law abiding citizen’s of this nation. Where are those who believe in our nation being a nation of laws? Where are the Republican’s who claim that they stand for law and order? I don’t hear or see anyone except TV commentator’s, radio commentator’s, and read and see video’s of those on the internet who are comdeming this sort of thing. They are saying this is just like the old West where you’d see “Wanted Dead or Alive” posters tacked to the front of the Sheriff’s office, or a tree outside of town or some thing.

    What’s next, gun fights on main street? A White guy and a Black guy standing in the middle of the street with their “9’s” at the ready?? C’mon, give me a break!!

    If Blacks want that sort of thing to begin, then, HEY BLACKS!!, let’s get it on!! Do you wonder who it is who is doing all this huge buying of hand guns, long guns, shot guns, at all these manufactors gun stores and at the larger gun stores all around the country?? It ain’t Blacks, it’s White’s!!! Even White women are taking gun training courses like no one has ever seen. So our women are trained and ready, all you Blacks. The reason why you don’t see Blacks at hand gun training courses is because most are wanted or their boy friends are on the wanted list and the cops would love nothing more than to get their hands on some of these people in order to catch these guys who committed crimes and haven’t been caught yet.

    So you Blacks hide out and we’ll take our gun training courses and we’ll be ready whenever you decide to come down the street carrying your dumb signs about White supremicy. It’s not White supremicy, it’s called hitting your target which we’re all pretty good at, including our women and children. Let’s see who survives and who gets killed! The race with the most left after the smoke clears, so to speak, takes over the country. How about that?

  • I am an American of Spanish descent and a vet.

    I went to a few meetings of la Raza when I was in HS. I was disgusted and heartbroken at the position of this organization. My friends and I refused to attend anymore meetings.

    Everyone, and I do mean everyone in my family , and all of my Latino friends have asked the question, ” Why do these people think they can speak for us?”

    No American of Hispanic descent supports La Raza and its communist agenda. None of us would ever support “ethnic cleansing” of the gringos. (in their words) , as most of us are now kin with Americans of English, German, Italian, Swedish, and even a few Irish, descent.

    And I say to those who would try and return (reconquista) the SW region of these United States to Mexico, we will stand with our countrymen, and defend the Constitution of The United States and her legal citizens, as my ancestors did in the Battle of San Jacinto, we will defend Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, and the rest of the States from any mexican led invasion.

    We are Americans first and foremost, our ancestors fought and died to make this country the greatest in the world.

    Do not destroy it!

  • J Stuart

    Be careful what you wish for Laraza and Panthers. Since you’ve made us working whites the slaves for your parasitic existence we are now the ones with seething rage. To paraphrase Khan, “From hell’s heart i laugh at thee.” We will leave you nothing and you’ll have to actually work someday.

  • mdottwo

    Mexican gangs have been murdering black Americans for decades! A California court confirmed that Mexicans were practicing “ethnic cleansing”(racially profiling and killing black strangers simply because they were black.) Almost half of California’s black population has relocated over the past 40 years.

    Two Pennsylvania university studies concluded that 57% of invading hispanics are “clearly anti-black racists” and 44% could belong to the KKK. In Chicago police warnings have been issued regarding hispanic gang initiations where gang groups abduct and gang rape black women in order to be “jumped” into the gang. Even, hispanic cops have been accused of mercilessly killing black youth. All across this nation hispanics(especially Mexicans) have been slaughtering African Americans. Mexicans have openly expressed their contempt for black Americans. The current outrage at Trayvon Martin’s murder does not come out of thin air.

    Black people were never confused about Zimmerman’s ethnicity – that was a leftist media distraction aimed at minimizing the fallout from heightened black/hispanic friction. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have been given the job to forge blacks and hispanics into a united “minority” voting block.

    What Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and their unseen masters don’t understand is – Black Americans are not up for a race war; especially in the name of a fake coalition with hispanics.

    Black Americans have nothing in common with hispanics.
    Black Americans view hispanics as foreigners. Black citizens have nothing to gain from coalitions with non-citizen hispanics. Black Americans have more in common with the Anglo/Saxon protestant, than it does with some people who have no history here and don’t speak English. We have Protestant names, their blood, and their DNA. We practice the same culture and worship the same God. We, more or less, speak the same language.

    Black America put hispanic America on notice, with it’s reaction to Trayvon’s killing.
    We’ve just about had it with everybody killing our sons; whether the killers be black, white, hispanic, or other. We will no longer stand by wringing our hands.

  • Harry

    My mother was part native Indian, and my father was part Scottish, and their parents came from over seas. So now I’m the enemy? The way things are going financially, a total collapse is just around the corner and then our enemy will see invaders from China, Russia, and NATO and then we will all be in the same boat. Americans.

  • nelson

    Smells Like BS! Divide & conquer is name of the game. I am an American of Mexican&American Indian Background. I was born an american and i will die an american. The media is full of dirty tricks. The only oppressor is big brother and they are going to come after every one including whites. Do not fall for the dirty tricks. I love people of all colors and all races. I hate ingnorant people and comments. ingnorant like (mdottwo) plain old ingnorance Wakeup!

  • Tricia Kelley

    I heard Pres B.O. was going to try to incite race wars; and btw, isn’t all this race crap considered hate speech? Oh, I guess when the other side does it, it’s ok….war of words is used to control people because no one knows how to think outside the box, follow truth and you won’t be fooled. Promote Love and you won’t be lost….

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  • Bill

    let them riot, once they begin and try murdering my family I will blow there head off, and then we will call for Eric Holders and Obamas head along with the black racist caucus who agitated the entire scene for evil.
    We would want justice immediately and nothing will stop us, no court, no military, no police. It would be wise for all authorities to sit it out , if not you will be charged with sedition and treason and then hung without trial.
    let these animals have there riot, there only less then 9% of the population and a warning to La raza from Italians ,you mess with us latins we will use your own people to take you all, and I mean all out, we know where you are and who you you are. there will be no safety for you even in Mexico. get my point.

  • Bill

    a word of caution to my latin brothers, it’s time you take down Laraza , maldef and mecha for once and for all, if not they will anger the Italians in the various Lafamiglia’s accross the United States, Mexico, Central & South America, and Italy , especially if one of theres in the families get murdered because of these communist back groups breeding hatred of the racces. they will unleash hell on you if you don’t shut them and this lunatic Janet down now. the Families have no boundaries or borders and cannot be stopped by anyone or anybody.

  • PepitaConchitaNarvaez

    Bill STFU with you LaFamiglia bs. Those Mexicans will eat you with beans for lunch. Have you seen what they are doing over there? If you have to talk bs, it probably is all bs. This whole thing is just dumb.

  • Dennis Teel

    there won’t ever be any race wars initiated by hispanics.even if there were,once cops start killing off the bad guys they’ll buckle under and flee…

  • eath

    no race war plese.. just stop .. it’s not nice..

  • eath

    just shut up or something and read some books.. your all stupid.. and have low iq like not humans..

    mix more..

  • eath

    just uh what if we turn everyone white by making a special cream.. then just say everyone is the same race..

  • eath

    actually no I don’t care you can have a race war long as i’m not involved.. 🙂

  • eath

    o yea blacks and hispanics should team up to attack common enemies..

    yes and no.. no .. we should take them.. and make them a part of us..

  • eath

    and use them as tools and their superiority to escalate ourselves..

    which I foolheartedly acknowledge..

  • eath

    be escalated like Obama’s half white azz..

  • tuvoc

    La Raza is declaring a race war on whites and asking for an alliance with blacks? Meanwhile the mexican mafia has declared a “Green Light” on ALL Los Angeles Blacks regardless of age sex or gang affiliation? How does that work?