Oh Brother: New Obama Ad Claims Romney Would Not Have Taken Out Bin Laden

It’s pretty clear by now that any 6 year-old would have ordered the hit on Osama Bin Laden last year. Yet, it took Barack Obama hours, and possibly days, to give the military permission to pull off the attack.

Now Barack Obama in a new web ad claims Mitt Romney wouldn’thave ordered Bin Laden raid.

Oh brother.

It’s all they’ve got.
The Hill reported:

President Obama’s campaign is using Bill Clinton to argue Mitt Romney would not have launched the raid to capture Osama bin Laden last year.

The argument is being made to coincide with the one-year anniversary of bin Laden’s death.

In extended, previously unreleased footage taken from an interview with the former president for the 17-minute pro-Obama film “The Road We’ve Traveled,” the campaign suggests that the presumptive GOP nominee would not have ordered the mission to kill bin Laden.

Related… An admiral, not Barack Obama, controlled the mission.

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  • FurryGuy

    Yet it is Biden who is on record as not supporting the decision to take out bin Laden, it was Biden to tried out the new meme about Romney himself in a recent speech.

    Un’ca Joe is not a good foreign policy wonk to listen to, nearly every one of his positions all the way back to the Cold War have been shown to be totally wrong.

  • Well, we don’t know about Romney, but we certainly know about Bill Clinton because he STOPPED a couple of attempts to get Bin Laden during his terms as President. They sure picked the most non-credible spokesperson they could for that ad.

  • donh

    Romney will take out Bin Laden Nov 6 2012.

  • Jim

    Romney, as President, would be on the job when that infamous phone call came at 3AM. So far Obama has been on vacation.

  • JC


    Every time I see this picture I still can’t believe they released it. Obama looks like a skinny, pathetic, scared little boy sitting in a room full of grown men doing real work. Jeez, even Biden looks like a man compared to the president. The people who let this photo go public must be unbelievably tone deaf. I wonder – did Obama personally approved this photo for publication thinking it made him look like a serious and stern leader?

  • StrangernFiction

    Says a rapist.

  • bg


    Obama Ad Claims Romney Would Not Have Taken Out Bin Laden

    hah, as if he did??

    *sigh*, yet another political charade in an election year parade..


  • Biden is a liar.

    ‘Today, Time magazine got hold of a memo written by then-CIA head Leon Panetta after he received orders from Barack Obama’s team to greenlight the bin Laden mission. Here’s the text, which summarized the situation:

    Received phone call from Tom Donilon who stated that the President made a decision with regard to AC1 [Abbottabad Compound 1]. The decision is to proceed with the assault.

    The timing, operational decision making and control are in Admiral McRaven’s hands. The approval is provided on the risk profile presented to the President. Any additional risks are to be brought back to the President for his consideration. The direction is to go in and get bin Laden and if he is not there, to get out. Those instructions were conveyed to Admiral McRaven at approximately 10:45 am.

    This, of course, was the famed “gutsy call.” Here’s what Tom Hanks narrated in Obama’s campaign film, “The Road We’ve Traveled”:

    HANKS: Intelligence reports locating Osama Bin Laden were promising, but inconclusive, and there was internal debate as to what the President should do.

    VICE PRESIDENT BIDEN: We sat down in the Situation Room, the entire national security apparatus was in that room, and the President turns to every principal in the room, every secretary, “What do you recommend I do?” And they say, “Well, forty-nine percent chance he’s there, fifty-one … it’s a close call, Mr. President.” As he walked out the room, it dawned on me, he’s all alone. This is his decision. If he was wrong, his Presidency was done. Over.

    Only the memo doesn’t show a gutsy call. It doesn’t show a president willing to take the blame for a mission gone wrong. It shows a CYA maneuver by the White House.’

    What ‘Gutsy Call’?: CIA Memo Reveals Admiral Controlled bin Laden Mission

  • Holly

    According to a report in the Daily Rash, MSNBC host Chris Matthews was startled when Obama admitted to him that killing militant Muslims was more fun than he expected. I guess Obama is now a war time president. http://www.thedailyrash.com/obama-says-killing-muslims-more-fun-than-he-expected

  • NeoKong

    Says the guy who turned down Bin Laden.
    Are we seriously going to listen to Clinton on this issue….?

  • Redwine

    It’s all they’ve got.
    Actually, they have nothing. Comrade Hussein did not make the call to take out Bin Laden. All of the operational decision-making and control were made by Admiral McRaven: http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Peace/2012/04/26/Get-bin-laden-memo-CYA

    That the regime would release an ad touting the lie about the “gutsy call” a day after the truth about the operation was revealed only shows how desperate they are.

    Rush is right. They will lose in a landslide. (But we can’t just sit on our butts and wait for it to just happen. Get out and make it work.)

  • tommy mc donnell

    when did wolf blitzer start caring about three thousand americans being killed on 9-11-2001?

    we have had bad presidents before, this is the first time we have one on purpose!

  • bg


    FurryGuy #1 April 27, 2012 at 1:19 pm

    more than likely Panetta..

    but we’ll never know, heck, we haven’t even seen Obama’s BC, not
    that we need to, as his supposed daddy was a Kenyan Muslim, ergo,
    Barry, whether or not his mommy was married, held dual citizen at


  • Charlie

    “A Strong & Secure America”

    That was the sign on the lectern when Biden gave a speech yesterday. I guess that’s their new slogan to replace “Hope & Change”. So the Obama strategy is to go with strong man/military approach. Break out the popcorn and slurpees guys, this is going to be a fun election.

  • Redlite

    I have never seen a coach spike the ball in the end zone after a touchdown. But here we have Barry taking all the credit for taking out Bin Lazy.

    Just another example of Obama ‘voting present”.

  • bg


    re: #13 April 27, 2012 at 1:41 pm bg

    still don’t know what to make of this.. ❓


  • Adam

    Redwine is right, they have nothing. Nothing to run on, no record, no job growth, no deficit/debt reduction. Nothing. All they can do now is make sh*t up.

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  • bg


    oh btw, in case you missed yesterday’s posting..

    Bin Laden’s Family Deported To Saudi Arabia

    [Pakistani authorities deported Osama bin Laden’s three widows and his
    children to Saudi Arabia early Friday, less than a week before the first
    anniversary of the unilateral American raid that killed the al-Qaida leader
    in his hideout in a military town.

    [The departure of the family closed another chapter in an affair that
    cemented Pakistan’s reputation as a hub of Islamist extremism and
    cast doubt on its trustworthiness as a Western ally.]

    more links here..


  • gene r

    no, Romney would have never taken Bin Laden down. He would take him back to America, strapped him in a cage on top of his car and go tooling down the road on vacation. I could go further but I would have the Secret Service at my door in a heartbeat. Use your imagination.

  • Patty

    A president takes credit for the Good, Bad and the Ugly. Even if Obama had nothing to do with the Death of Bin Laden, the Liberals will have fun saying he did.

    It is for certain that the never credited Bush for one thing and bash him at every turn.


    {…}Obama will fundamentally transform our into a third-world country. It’s coming, but like everything for Barack, it’s scheduled for…again…after the election. And all this, he will do by himself. Because when you are transformative, you don’t have to abide by the Constitution, separation of powers, checks and balances, and judicial review. Executive fiat will be sufficient. All he needs is another term. The president says we should vote for him, because only a few have prospered while many have struggled. He has a point. After all, the man has spent three and a half years doing everything in his power to make this a reality.

    This article covers just a few topics. The president has equally disastrous plans for international affairs, race relations, government ubiquity, union primacy, guns, taxes, health care, and the judiciary. Every single aspect of American life will be affected in Barack II. The theme of Obama’s re-election campaign is “We can’t wait.” If Barack Obama is re-elected, Americans will soon long for the misery of “hope and change.” We can’t afford to be innocent..Stand up and face the enemy It’s a do or die situation NoBama in ’12.



    {…}If the mission has failed, “Obama would have gotten the blame — as Jimmy Carter would attest about the failure to rescue hostages held in Iran,” the Post reported. While stating “Obama clearly built on efforts initiated during the Bush administration” and he “might have given a bit more of a public shout-out to his predecessor,” the Post concluded “the buck stops with the current occupant of the White House.”

    “Certainly, if bin Laden had not been found, Obama’s Republican rival might have used a clip of Obama promising to kill bin Laden in some kind of attack ad. We’re with Pete King on this one: This happened on Obama’s watch, and he will reap the credit,” the Post wrote.


    If anyone is waiting for Obama to say anything respectful towards Romney, don’t hold your breathe. Obama will say and do anything and this is a real problem for Obama winning the elections. It is not just his actions but it is what he says and what is being covered up. One day we will know the “Truth” about Obama. We have just begun uncovering the real Obama.

  • bg


    re: #13 April 27, 2012 at 1:41 pm bg

    citizen = citizenship


  • tommy mc donnell

    well we don’t know what romney would’ve done, but we do know what clinton did. without clinton’s decision those three thousand people that died on 9-11-2001 would still be alive.

  • Patty

    One thing for sure, while republicans are chasing the horrible actions of this administration. Jones and Ayers and Czars are changing America from within. We must never lose another Threat that is going on and yet, it seems to me it is being ignored or America is chasing each news story and not digging into the real system that this radicals are taking down.

    I worry that we have so many balls in the air because each day Obama’s underlings are destroying our freedoms undercover and some even right out in the open.

  • Tim in Cali

    This is just more of Socialist Liberals throwing any and everything against the wall..They got nothing and they’re scared (remember a cornered animal) If I were Romney,flick it off like a nuisance bug,and remind the people,Obama is running not ON but FROM his failures as POTUS !!!

  • FurryGuy

    #13 April 27, 2012 at 1:41 pm
    bg commented:

    No, not Panetta, Vice President Joseph Biden Advised Against the Bin Laden Raid.

  • bg


    gene r #21 April 27, 2012 at 1:56 pm

    at least he wouldn’t be dinner.. 😯

    more here & scroll for more here..


  • bg #13

    That reminded me.

    ‘For several years, an Orwellian-type fear of being “marginalized” held reporters and pundits back from questioning Barack Obama’s eligibility to hold the office of the presidency. To raise an eyebrow at the bizarre secrecy of Obama was off-limits. To question whether the historic definition of “natural born citizen” applied to Obama was taboo.

    The era of fear, however, is happily winding down. It will take some time for this realization to fully take hold. But make no mistake: the tables have turned.

    Like it or not, the ground has shifted, and it cannot shift back. The evidence of Obama’s forgeries is not going away.

    Up until this point, Mr. Obama controlled everything, including the talking points and burden of proof.’

    The Sea Change: Obama’s Confirmed Forgeries Are Not Going Away

    The video link at your #16 is private.

  • FurryGuy

    First we get lies about Romney via false ads, then we get intimidation of donors by Barry:

    The President Has a List – Obama attempts to intimidate contributors to Mitt Romney’s campaign

    So now inciting violence against private citizens is acceptable and lawful? Only tyrants and dictators do what Barry did.

  • bg


    FurryGuy #27 April 27, 2012 at 2:06 pm

    oops, sorry, misunderstood..

    but Pannetta did have a major roll in the decision, Obama, not so much, he
    was just relying on Bush’s original “dead or alive” orders.. only he termed it
    “kill or capture”, big whoop..


  • Patty

    When Obama has done such damage and Blames the other guy or just doesn’t bring up his failures and then Says This About Romney.

    My head is shaking every day, Obama is following rules for radicals. Deterring Americans from what is really going on.

    Obama never said anything about the CIA, the Navy SEALs, or the efforts of the Bush administration. Obama clearly built on efforts initiated during the Bush administration. It is true that ultimately Obama had to make the final decision on whether to proceed, but he may have given a bit more public credit to his predecessor.

    Obama doesn’t mention is Failures in his Campaign speeches. The 6 trillion debt he has created, the mandates and regulations that our killing the private businesses and Coal industry and Farmers who have to fill out stacks of forms each day because of the astronomical paper work mandated by his administration. Failures but yet, he talks about Romney like he is a traitor to this nation. They are saying Republicans will kill the elderly, poison the waters, take food from the poor.

    He is a liar and he won’t stop blaming everyone in the Republican party, Fox, Rush, Hannity the ones who are actually telling us the truth.

  • bg


    S. Wolf #29 April 27, 2012 at 2:12 pm


    i know Obama’s black hole machine follows me around sucking up vids
    & article’s i post, i should get paid for making their job easier.. gah!!


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  • FurryGuy

    #8 April 27, 2012 at 1:38 pm
    S. Wolf commented:

    An admiral very well may have been in operational control of the mission, but no military member, especially any flag officer, would have unilaterally started the bin Laden mission without Presidential Approval.

    The CIA might have done this as a Mission: Impossible Black Op rogue operation, but not career minded flag officers.

  • bg


    S. Wolf #29 April 27, 2012 at 2:12 pm

    fast forward to January 30, 2012:

    somewhat related to deleted 2010 video link at #16..

    Impeachable Offense? Obama Takes
    “Bribe”, Institutes SOPA’s Evil Twin ACTA


  • FurryGuy

    OT, but laughingly not since the subject is bin Laden:

    Book: Stud bin Laden used sex potion, Just for Men

    Aging 9/11 terrorist Osama bin Laden considered himself a stud who deserved multiple wives, but had to use a sex potion and Just for Men hair dye to keep his harem interested, according to a blockbuster book due out May 1, the one-year anniversary of his assassination by U.S. Navy SEALs.


  • Bill Mitchell

    I still want to know why Obama was dressed in full golf regalia and sitting off to the side on the most important day of his presidency – almost as if he had been out playing golf and got called into the meeting after the operation was already underway.

    Is it just me or does he look “pissed”.

  • bg #33

    There may be others out there, video or audio.

    Obama told by Military you’re no longer Commander-in-Chief! Waking Up In America w/ Kelby Smith Pt 5

    ‘I never thought I’d ever see the day I’d see traitorous behavior from our Commander-In-Chief. Has this ever happened before in the history of this country? In the history of ANY country? Tell me how this isn’t considered traitorous? We are at war. What country at war gives away military secrets? OK, so Obama doesn’t believe in the War On Terror – let’s assume that its a “police action” instead. Do the cops reveal their interrogation techniques to the criminals they are trying to apprehend? This is BEYOND incompetence if you ask me and is negligent behavior.’*

    Commander-In-Chief Obama Reveals Military Secrets

    *from youtube link above

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Well, he sure made “the right decisions” with respect to Egypt and Syria and Afghanistan.

    Chirstians slaughtered daily now, churches burned to the ground, alignment with Iran, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Ummah, our soldiers being killed daily by their “students” and allies.


  • Taqiyyotomist

    I didn’t want to be right.

    When I said three years ago, here on GP, that I thought Barack intended to leave our military over there, on the other side of the planet, to be killed, with no mission and rules of engagement designed to get them killed, forever.

    I really didn’t want to be right.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Old Barky sure made the right decisions with these companies:

    Green Stimulus Bankruptcy Watch List

    A123 Systems ($249 M Fed grant, $141 M in MI state subsidies)
    Abound Solar ($400 M Fed loan)
    Amonix ($5.9 M Fed credit)
    Beacon Power ($43 M Fed loan)
    Ecotality ($126.2 M Fed grant)
    Ener1 ($118.5 M Fed grant)
    EverGreen Solar ($25 M Fed credits, $58 M in MASS state aid)
    Fisker/Tesla (Fisker – $529 M Fed loan / Tesla – $465 M Fed low-interest loan)
    Solar Trust of America ($2.1 B DoE loan guarantee)
    Solyndra ($535 M Fed loan)

    That’s a lotta cabbage. Stolen and “redistributed”, with maybe one token indictment someday in the far future.

    What a WONDERFUL decision-maker we have in Barack Obama!

    Barack Obama is awesome.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Hat tip:



    Google search “list of green bankruptcies”

  • Taqiyyotomist

    #37 FurryGuy

    Aging 9/11 terrorist Osama bin Laden considered himself a stud who deserved multiple wives, but had to use a sex potion and Just for Men hair dye to keep his harem interested, according to a blockbuster book due out May 1, the one-year anniversary of his assassination by U.S. Navy SEALs.

    Obama used Just for Men, and the threat of death by strangulation and headchopping, to keep his harem interested…

    …but mostly the threat of death by strangulation and headchopping.

    Which is also “just for men”, in the Mohammedan Religion.

  • bobdog

    Like many, if not most, of the storylines that emanate from the White House political spin machine based on what this or that Republican “would do” or “what Republicans want”, this story was manufactured out of thin air.

    I’d sell your everlasting soul to be in a press conference with the cameras running and be able to ask Obama, “And how is it you know this to be true? Can you support your statement, or do we have to keep listening to this bullsh*t?”

  • aprilnovember811

    This wreaks of desperation. Mark Levin read the CIA memo last night, Barry. You did nothing.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Lots and LOTS of stuff in Islam is Just for Men.

    Driving. Exposing skin. Raping. Killing (although, they are opening up lately, sort of a macabre Women’s Suffrage Movement, and allowing women and girls to blow themselves up now!). Stealing. Destroying. Goat-sex. Dead-spouse sex. Boy-harem sex. Multiple spouses. Land ownership. Property ownership. Human dignity.

    JUST FOR MEN. Islam is so cool.

  • Taqiyyotomist


    “Reeks of..”, as in smells badly of…

    /spelling police off

  • Questionman

    As expected, the ones who have a problem with this are the REAL racists!
    He was never a communist activist. Stop watching only fox. He showed his birth certicate, you just can’t accept it. His history is an open book.

    I could document what he has done to bring US out of the recession caused by Bush, but you wouldn’t believe the facts so I won’t waste my time.

    Never mind, Look at the path of destruction that Bush and the Republican-controlled Congress started last decade, with the TARP bill being the shining turd on top. I do not want to imagine the damage Romney would continue to deliver to the GOP and conservative brands by continuing “compassionate conservatism”, better known as “socialism lite”.

    Deficit spend was never called “treason” until a black man became president. Conservatives have no problem with deficit spending or ballooning the national debt, but only when “their guy” is in office.

    Obama is more conservative than Clinton, and nobody (sane) was calling Clinton a marxist. The right-wing in America came completely unglued on Nov 8th 2008 and they’ve been dominated by lunatics like Michelle Bachmann ever since. Obama isn’t/and Never WAS a Marxist!

    GM is alive and Osama bin Laden is dead, thanks to the leadership of
    Barack Obama. Don’t ask, don’t tell is done. The economy is adding
    hundreds of thousands of jobs every month, unlike the the last months of
    the Bush presidency, when we were losing 700,000 jobs a month. Is THAT a failure? No the REAL failure is trying to give this success of American history to a man who, HE HIMSELF, decided to quit looking for Bin Laden.

    … The system is and has been failing from the top down for a long long while (not just the last 4 years…) So you can get that lets blame Obama for everything out your brain… The presidents in recent history ie: G.W.B. (ya’ll got some explaining to do for that one…rofl) haven’t done any better, and if you can’t agree with that then you been drinking Koolaid too!!! By the way besides Obama, what other race has sat as president?

    Where does all this vitriolic hatered come from? I don’t use the race card lightly when criticizing Obama haters but what else can it be here?

    THAT is real racism. Pure and Simple!

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  • Taqiyyotomist

    #49 Qman

    Stop watching only fox

    Some of us haven’t watched television in more than 10 years. We prefer reading and seeking and researching to being spoon-fed.

    …but you wouldn’t believe the facts so I won’t waste my time.

    But you’ll waste your time (and anyone’s who bothered to read it) by posting a wall of text. You have no facts.

    You are a waste of our time if you won’t bother yourself to back up what you say.

    Thereby proving that your mind cannot be changed on any of the myriad points you raised.

  • Winston Wolfe

    Never mind, Look at the path of destruction that Bush and the Republican-controlled Congress started last decade, with the TARP bill being the shining turd on top.

    Democrats controlled one or both houses of Congress for 3.5 years of Bush’s eight. That’s nearly half the time.

    And TARP was passed by a Democratic Congress, you dumb ass.

  • Questionman #49

    re GM is alive and Osama bin Laden is dead

    As for the first GM is barely alive, propped up with a massive infusion of taxpayer funds after unions bankrupted it, and now that unions have ownership of GM it will need government money forever or it is dead. As for the second can you prove bin Laden is dead? Have you the photos of a dead bin Laden? Can you prove bin Obama gave the order to kill bin Laden? Can you prove bin Laden was killed in Pakistan, as separate from dying of kidney failure years ago?

  • mg4us

    One Chance and BJ Clinton didn’t take it. . . and because he didn’t over 3000 citizens , not soldiers, died in WTC on 9-11. . .

    What a perfect spokesperson for the WON. . lol. .

    All Clinton knew was how to fool around with an intern in the White House. . .

    And Obama is no better. . . A real leader gives credit where credit is due. .to Admiral McRaven and the team. . . but OBAMA needs this to look like he is in control. . NOT!!

    It was years of searching and interrogating that led us the team to that time and place to take OSAMA out. . . of course they were going to take it. . .

    So let the little man in the small chair (you know the pizza delivery boy) feel like he made the call, , . he knew he would have been toast if he hadn’t. . .so little man-boy Obama, our Liar-n-Thief feel impotant. . cause when you impotant, you da man!

    and as for BJ Clinton. . go back to chasing skirts so Hilary can hang with her girlfriends. . like Houma Weiner. . lol. . .

  • mg4us

    Hey #49 Questionman. .

    Wake up and smell the Humus!!

    Let’s assume Obama really is not radical and loves his country and is proud of it and what we have accomplished as a nation. . then all this criticism is based on him being INCOMPETENT, INEPT, And INEXPERIENCED. . .

    Even McDonalds would have a hard time hiring him to flip burgers given his lack of experience running anything (other than his mouth) and with no college records or genuine verified Birth Certificate, he couldn’t provide proper identification to be employed. .


    Obama has spent loads of money on lawyers to keep things hidden. . .

    So maybe YOU are right, Obama is INCOMPETENT, INEPT and INEXPERIENCED. . . and our country deserves better than Jimmy Carter on steroids. . .

    but for others. .such a pattern of secrecy, un-constitutional actions, power grabs, divisiveness, stoking racial tensions, anti-allies/pro-enemies, socialism-in-action. . .well seems a bit radical. . regardless of skin color. . don’t you think?

    The only real color OBAMA happens to be is RED. . while patriotic Americans are Red, White and Blue. . .

  • Sam Stone

    At 13 seconds in the video, it is a picture or video grab of the UBL compound. Is that from official US Government surveillance video that a judge just ruled not open to public view?

  • Practical Jane

    The funniest thing about this whole subject is Obama’s “Gutsy” Call. Gutsy? Really? Is there any American sitting snug and warm in their home that wouldn’t make the call for Seals half a world away to take out Bin Laden? No. The only difference between what Obama did and what any American would do in this situation is the American wouldn’t have the hubris to label the decision “Gutsy”. Well, that and the American wouldn’t have waited 9 1/2 months after discovering Bin Laden’s location before giving the green light to terminate.

  • mg4us

    #49 Questionman



    I watched the vid. . wow. . . so true if we but open our eyes to the things happening around us. . . .but there is more. . .
    let’s all add to it and make this the message for November 2012:

    – If I wanted America to fail, I would explode the debt by spending billions and trillions on fake technologies and companies run by my crony capitalist friends (who really are my supporters and I am just paying them back)
    – If I wanted America to fail, I would print so much money that it would devalue the US dollar and drive inflation through the roof. .first with energy prices then commodities, then food (wait til 2013)
    – If I wanted America to fail, I would turn my back on allies while supporting our enemies, sending Billions to the Arab Brotherhood in Egypt, trying to overthrow Honduras leaders, sending a stealth drone to Iran and not destroying it, or asking my pal Putin to wait for me to turn over more secrets and reduce our military even more
    – If I wanted America to fail, I would drive up the unemployment of middle class American and new college grads, and have Colleges turn out graduates unqualified to compete with China and India for Math, Science and Engineering jobs.
    – If I wanted America to fail, I would seize industries like automotive (GM and Chrysler) or Banks (like Citicorp) or even healthcare (Obamacare)
    – If I wanted America to fail, I would issue executive edicts and ignore Congress’s authority and would challenge the unelected judges of the Supreme Court on their Constitutional Authority
    – If I wanted America to fail I would stack the Supreme Court with Friends and Cronies that are idealogues and not committed to upholding the US Constitution.
    – If I wanted America to fail, I would create divisions in the people, stoke the flames of racial hatred, class warfare, and envy
    – If I wanted America to fail, I would elect a person with:

    – little to no experience running anything other than their mouth,

    – who hides their past,

    – who had parents from other countries so that their loyalties are divided,

    – who sits in a Wright filled church of hatred (The white man’s greed drives a world in need and 9-11 is America’s chickens coming home to roost),

    – who is married to a lady who was only proud of her country for the first time when her husband got on the ballot,

    – who flies around in Air Force One campaigning, vacationing, playing golf and partying instead of leading the country or leading by example
    – who is getting a pass from MSM (with softball questions, cover ups, and reciting White House talking points and propaganda) and
    – who is an empty suit and can only speak semi intelligently when reading a script from a teleprompter and getting a pass from MSM (with softball questions, cover ups, and so-called reporters acting as “repeaters” reciting White House talking points and propaganda)

    If I wanted America to fail, I would support someone who has Axelrod on their team, or Rahm Emanual, or Harry Reid & Nancy Pelosi in their party.

    If I wanted America to fail, I would vote for Obama again in November 2012.

    – – – Come November 2012, Let’s HOPE there is CHANGE!! – – –

  • mg4us

    and for those needing some facts about Obama how about this but first a primer on socialism:


    Think of all that’s associated with him and what he has accomplished. . .

    1 – Fast and Furious – Operation Gun Runner
    2 – G.E sending 36000 Jobs Overseas,(Obama handpicked G.E. CEO to head his Jobs Committee)
    3 – Solyndra
    4 – Lightsquared
    5 – Increased our deficit over 40% in 2/12 years
    6 – The harassment of Gibson Guitars
    7 – The Drilling Moratoriums
    8 – Soaring FOOD and Gas Prices
    9 – NO Shovel Ready Jobs
    10 – The Downgrade of America’s credit rating ( First time in American history)
    11 – First time in American history over 42 MILLION Americans are living in poverty
    12 – Never passed a BUDGET ( First time in 34 YEARS)
    13 – America drops to 5th place in GLOBAL COMPETITIVENESS
    14 – Over 400,000 small businesses closing every year under Obama
    15 – Our Debt has increased $4,247,000,000,000 in just 945 days! . (That’s the fastest increase under any president ever!)
    16 – No Summer Recovery
    17 – Fed Suing States and States suing Feds
    18 – Pressured Retired General Shelton to ALTER his testimony
    19 – Enable the LARGEST number of HOME FORECLOSURES
    20 – Turn America into the LARGEST FOOD STAMP NATION
    22 – Force a Trillion dollar disaster down our throats called Obamacare WITHOUT EVEN READING THE BILL
    23 – Create OVER 25 million UNEMPLOYED
    24 – Appoint a TAX CHEAT for Sec. of the TREASURY!
    25 – Appoint over 34 UN-ELECTED CZARS
    26 – Eric Holder turns a blind eye to voter intimidation by the Black Panthers then justifies with racial comments
    27 — Eric Holder pardons Mark Rich! (Indicted on charges of tax evasion and illegal trading with Iran.)
    28 – First President to File Lawsuits Against the States He Swore an Oath to Protect
    29 – First President to Terminate America’s Ability to Put a Man into Space
    30 – First President to Tell a Major Manufacturing Company In Which State They Are Allowed to Locate a Factory
    31 – First President to Propose an Executive Order Demanding Companies Disclose Their Political Contributions to Bid on Government Contracts
    32 – First President to Withdraw an Existing Coal Permit That Had Been Properly Issued Years Ago
    33 – First time in American history a President with a Socialist radical anti American past gets elected, with the help of ACORN and the Black Panthers and gets away with it!

    28 – First President to hide all his history including Birth Certificate and college transcripts.

    29 – First President to explode US debt in 3 1/2 years what it took Bush 8 years to do
    30 – First President to ruin AAA credit rating and have it reduced

    Now think about all the “wars” Obama is waging. . .

    War on Farms !
    War on Oil
    War on Drilling
    War on women
    War on religion
    War on mining
    war on energy
    war on middle class
    war on the rich
    war on success
    war on big business
    War on military
    War oin common sense

    No war on illegals
    no war on terrorists
    no war on laziness
    no war on sending guns to druglords
    No war on spending
    No war on regulations / red tape
    No war on cronism

    Its time we stopped this radical from declaring war on America.

    And he speaks down instead of speaking presidential. . Dividing instead of uniting. . .Send the no-good Liar-in-Thief packing.

    Back up our rhetoric with a determination to vote the Obama Regime and his minions out of office on November 6th 2012. Tell your friends and family we need their vote to save America!

    The Country You save will be YOURS!

  • bg


    there Questionman goes again..

    ROTF 😆 MBO!!


  • bg
  • bg



    White House Walks Back NYPD Support

    [A group called Muslim Advocates issued a statement the same day,
    calling Brennan’s comments “appalling” and demanding that President
    Obama “quickly and clearly repudiate Brennan’s comments and reassure
    the American people that his administration will not tolerate or condone
    racial and religious profiling by any federal or local law enforcement


    Now the White House says Brennan wasn’t talking about the
    surveillance controversy when he said the balance struck
    “has been an appropriate one.”

    He certainly didn’t criticize it.]

    Obama’s right under our nose in plain sight
    inch by inch IslaMarxist agenda, *sigh*


  • bg




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  • Questionsitzpinkler




  • Taqiyyotomist

    Good freakin’ grief, man! They had a “Mao” ornament on the White House Christmas Tree!

    Most of Obama’s Annointed Czars (hey, where’d that word come from?) are admitted and proud Communists!

    Research John P. Holdren! Obama’s so-Annointed “Science Czar”!

    No evidence? There are MOUNTAINS of evidence!

  • bg


    S. Wolf #39 April 27, 2012 at 3:41 pm

    thank you, that’s it..


  • bg


    S. Wolf #39 April 27, 2012 at 3:41 pm

    re: #67 April 27, 2012 at 9:09 pm bg

    upon listening to the entire tape, don’t think that’s the one i had posted..

    but whatever, there’s plenty of other information everywhere, well, not as
    much as there used to be, but sometimes what’s been lost is found again..

    aah, patience..


  • mg4us
  • Joanne

    I don’t believe Obama made the call; I think he is just taking credit for it, and even then, no body, no death.

  • Limousine Barry

    Although I have great respect for Pakistan I had my doubts about the black ops plan to take out bin laden. Romney wouldn’t have.

    As you know I called the New York Times and ask them to be prepared to lay the blame on the military if something went wrong. Romney wouldn’t have.

    I played video games during the operation to pass the time and to pass the buck should something have gone wrong. Romney wouldn’t have.

    But, I still have my limousine and Barney Frank to accompany me. Four more years of suckatude! Four more years!

  • ebayer

    Bill Clinton had three chances to kill Bin Laden,but passed.

    So we know what he would have done and did do.

    “Dereliction of Duty: Eyewitness Account of How Bill Clinton Compromised America’s National Security”

    Publication Date: June 14, 2004
    Robert Patterson

  • bg @68

    Sorry. I’ll keep looking. Somewhere is bound to have it.

  • bg


    S. Wolf #73 April 27, 2012 at 10:49 pm

    oh not to worry, it’s really not that big a
    deal anyways, well, not yet at any rate.. 😉


  • bg


    S. Wolf #73 April 27, 2012 at 10:49 pm

    btw, it could always be me recalling it differently.. 😀


  • FurryGuy

    #66 April 27, 2012 at 8:31 pm
    Taqiyyotomist commented:

    Most of Obama’s Annointed Czars (hey, where’d that word come from?)…

    FDR and WWII. Used by the administration to try to make government takeover of private industry and companies appear to be less obviously Socialist. More than a wee bit ironic when it becomes known how infiltrated the federal government was in all its bureaucratic facets with Soviet spies and operatives from the start.

  • bg #74

    I get a bit obsessive about finding things. 😆


    I doubt that, if you said you saw it you saw it and not differently. Proof is it is private now, ever since Breitbart said he had a video they have been going private and/or disappearing as though bin Obama has been throwing paranoid temper tantrums and screaming to get those videos down…

  • Robert Morgan




  • bg
  • bg


    re: #79 April 28, 2012 at 12:39 pm bg

    just in case the link somehow gets lost..

    Dr. Jasser discusses One year after Bin Laden death
    and Politics- Fox and Friends-April 28, 2012 FNC

    You Tube
    Dr. Jasser discusses One year after Bin Laden death
    and Politics- Fox and Friends-April 28, 2012 FNC

    Dr. Jasser discusses One year after Bin Laden death
    and Politics- Fox and Friends-April 28, 2012 FNC



  • bg


    S. Wolf #77 April 28, 2012 at 1:14 am

    found a couple more relevant links here:

    Panetta: International Permission Trumps
    Congressional Permission for Military Action

    Global Civilian Security Force

    [Advocates of limited government are concerned about comments
    by Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) regarding his national service plans
    and views on the “burden of global citizenship.”]


  • bg

    Thank you kindly. 🙂

  • bg


    S. Wolf #82 April 28, 2012 at 2:54 pm

    you’re welcome..

    thankfully have all of that info (just in case the links
    are “disappeared”) copied, pasted, and filed away..