Protesters demand “justice for Trayvon” after his shooting death. (LA Times)

Now they tell us…
After weeks of hyperventilating, the Obama-media finally gets around to reporting that neighbors saw Zimmerman, a Hispanic Floridian, with bandages on his nose and the back of his head the day after the shooting of Trayvon Martin.
Reuters reported, via Free Republic:

Neighbors of George Zimmerman say he had bandages on his nose and head the day after he shot dead Trayvon Martin, supporting statements by the neighborhood watch volunteer that he was beaten in a confrontation with the black Florida teenager.

The extent of Zimmerman’s injuries could be crucial to his legal defense under Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” self-defense law, which allows the use of deadly force when someone has the reasonable belief he could face death or great bodily harm.

Police said Zimmerman, who has been charged with second-degree murder in the racially charged case, was bleeding from the nose and the back of his head and was treated by medics before being taken to Sanford police station after the February 26 shooting.

But public doubts were later raised by the release of a grainy surveillance video from the police station in which no injuries were readily visible.

Zimmerman later sought medical treatment for injuries including a broken nose, his former lawyers have said.



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  1. Are these goons still whining about racism? According to the hispanic/latino/chicano/aztlan/la raza/brown-revolution(etc., etc., etc…..) mantra they are brown, and never see themselves as white. If they did, they would lose all their street creds and all the government goodies accruing to them due to their “unique” race.

    It requires an over the top paranoia for the black “community” to actually believe that ALL other government-defined and “protected” groups are out to “get” them.

    Unless, of course, most of the black “community” believes that everyone else is just as politically and morally corrupt and phony as their “community” is. Sounds like projection, IMHO.

  2. NOTICE – This story is declared counter-narrative and is hereby prohibited. You are ordered to cease and desist posting fictional stories of this type. You are being watched. This is your first warning. We know where you live and you will have to answer for this blasphemy if you persist in attempting confuse the proven truth related to the heinous murder of Poor Little Trayvon ™ — peace be upon him.

    You may atone for your sins by donating $10,000 or more to the Committee to Re-Elect Obama 2012 campaign within the next 24 hours. If not, you will be publicly denounced and your name released to the New Black Panthers ™ for further action.

  3. Jury nullification anyone?!

    Payback for OJ is a bitch.

    LOL, the left has contaminated the whole jury

    Powder is dry

  4. Mainstream-media@#NARRATIVEFAIL

  5. he’ll have to move, change name

  6. Zimmerman could end up owning a big chunk of the media for deliberately trying to frame him for murder.

    And I wish someone would get on Concilio National de la Raza and ask them why they are taking orders from Sharpton not to defend “white Hispanics”. Ditto MALDEF. These ostensibly Hispanic groups have not objected to Reuters creating a new splinter ethnic group, and have apparently not raised a finger to defend Z-man’s rights.


    If you scroll down this site to the article about George Zimmerman, it is eye opening.

  8. Thanks Jd #9

    Here is a direct link to article

    In it it says:
    “. . .In our own way we are all George Zimmerman. We think that society should be moral and rational, and that people should do the right thing. But that’s not what it is. It’s an insane braying donkey’s laugh as the thieves, large and small, rob the people blind and then muscle them into a lynch mob to go after some handy victim. It’s George today, it will be someone else tomorrow.. . .”

    Braying Donkey as in Democrat?

    The Democrat party of today is not like the one of old. .it has been hijacked by the left and commies. . .and morphed into DemocRATs. . .or worse. . . DemonRATs

    With Obama at the helm and the Libtard Elitist MSM driving the propaganda. . .

    Weeks and months after this tragic event, the MSM continues to distort and lie. . .using photoshoped images of Trayvon when he was 12 and unflattering mugshot images of Zimmerman. . .of not reporting the facts. . .

    Where is the convenience store video? Or a video of Trayvon entering the gated-community through the main (gated) entrance? and what about an autopsy report or medical examiner. . Trayvon was in the morgue for three days before anyone called. . .

    The article Jd #9 referred makes sense. . . beware. . and be on guard

  9. Z’man,start writing your book while you’re a “political prisoner”.. I’ll shell out $25 ,gladly….No jury of 12 peers will convict and they know it..that’s why no Grand Jury,she has nothing (2 main witnesses,mom & gf)weren’t even there….IMO,this will be plea bargained down AFTER election,you’re to hot right now..Yes,I’m aware of “Son of Sam” doesn’t have to be about this case..Z’man can’t earn a normal living ever again..

  10. When a person is bopped in the nose, they suffer a period where they are actually stunned and unreactive, which gives the person who punched the person in the nose the advantage. When a person has their nose broken, they are trying to access the situation in their brain, so it is no wonder Zimmerman used his gun – he more than likely believed he had the underhand in the situation. If I had a black man beating me, I’d think like another black man, and that would be that I may be killed. Blacks are afraid of blacks, so why wouldn’t Zimmerman fear for his life too.

  11. I just had my MENSA bright ex-partner look over the PC affidavit. He was struck dumb, which is almost impossible! I said, “Told ya. What would you say to the officer that brought that to you?” He said, “I would tell him he had some more work to do before he met the threshold or got anywhere near the threshold for 2nd degree murder!” I explained the exculpatory facts intentionally left out and the PC statement was really a cut and paste of news reports (Zimmerman “stalking” Martin- “pursuing” etc.)

    Worse I pointed out that they intentionally left the self defense evidence from the statement. He said no judge in their right mind would allow this charge to go forward, the statement does not have the elements in it. Then he read the jury instructions for 2nd degree and thought for a second. “Maybe with his comments about punks they can argue something, BUT that doesn’t matter because it doesn’t take into account the issue of self defense.” In Florida the law is VERY VERY straightforward and clear. It also was designed to prevent civil suits filed over the death. (Years ago, you could be found innocent and still be held accountable in civil court)

    In a real world, where Rick Scott’s desire to avoid race issues and Corey’s willingness to order her investigators to offer the court a false affidavit don’t exist(and trust me there are falsehoods in it and truths left out- Zimmerman should sue), this case would not last past first appearance.

    Shameful, shameful. But it does show you what political people will do to your freedoms.

  12. ++

    ht Taqiyyotomist via another thread..

    [Martin’s killing set off vocal protests – led by Al Sharpton – demanding
    the arrest of Zimmerman. Faced with threats of escalating fury from the
    protestors, Florida officials arrested Zimmerman last week. Obama and
    Attorney General Eric Holder have both suggested sympathy for the
    protestors or for Martin himself.]

    iow: typical leftist ‘they are the victims’ propaganda mantra..
    and i agree, only not of any racial divide, but of Obama’s Inc.
    fostering revolution stride..


  13. ++

    oops, re: #16 April 17, 2012 at 11:32 am bg

    original ht source is:

    ponderon #13 April 17, 2012 at 10:34 am

    thank you..


  14. Eight Minutes You Missed: George Zimmerman’s Former Lawyer’s Press Conference

    Since April 11th, the MSM has known at least as much as George Zimmerman’s former lawyer told them about the facts of the case. Those facts were woefully out of line with the Narrative. So the MSM just let us wonder about the strange moment and didn’t find much else very interesting. Except that it was. That’s why you didn’t see this. It’s part of the entire 45 minutes’ presser. All you or I got to see was a somewhat strange assembly listening to some lawyers throwing their client under the bus, or publicly wondering whether they had been thrown…

  15. Patty


    Note that the uploader claims to be a black male.

    Thanks much.

  16. Thomas Sowell: Mix, matching class and race

    read sometime, a real intellect in a time when we need it.

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