Nice. Florida Democrat Jumps in Ring – Bashes Ann Romney

What a rare treat.
This week we got to see the true face of the Democrat Party.
And they hate moms.

Tonight Democrat Rep. Scott Randolph jumped in the ring and attacked Ann Romney.

Very classy, Scott.
Thanks to Dana Loesch for the story. She’s sitting right next to me in Madison, Wisconsin and if I don’t thank her I think she’ll pull my hair and put me in a headlock.

That wasn’t his only offensive tweet. Here’s more.

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  • SpideyTerry

    What’s truly stunning is that they think this is a good strategy. I realize that Democrats need distractions from their epic failures, but this? Good Lord, between the PR mess and the pettiness of it all, how does it not benefit Romney.

    And besides, do Democrats really want to set the precedent of attacking candidates’ spouses what with the First Wookie walking around?

  • Economan

    Stupid moron.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    What’s truly stunning is that they think this is a good strategy.

    If repulsive people want to commit suicide, why interrupt them? Let them run their mouths for as long as they want.

  • crosspatch

    The Democrats have no campaign strategy this election other than to try to heckle Republicans. I hope they keep it up because it is turning voters against them. Nobody likes to see this kind of vile talk.

    How much “real world” experience does John Kerry’s wife (a billionaire) have? When was the last time Diane Feinstein cleaned a toilet or struggled to make their personal checking account balance?

    We aren’t buying in to the class warfare. People understand that the economic troubles they are facing aren’t because of Ann Romney. They are because of Barack Obama and Senate Democrats who blocked regulating the GSEs for years even though the Bush Administration had been warning of this very collapse since 2001.

  • Multitude

    So Rep. Scott Randolph is what they call a “bitter clinger”?

    I don’t follow why he’s attacking President and Mrs. Obama, with all their “nannies, gardeners, cooks, drivers, in all their vacation houses.” Does he find it offensive that Mrs. Obama sent her tween off to spring break without either parent, instead sucking the taxpayers for the supervisory expense of a few dozen secret service men?

    Does Rep. Randolph have a problem with the first lady having her own 757, since she can’t possibly be asked to wait four hours to fly with her husband on one of his two personal 747s? Is he complaining about the $10K per day rental on Hawaii and Martha’s vineyard extra house rentals?

    What makes this man so angry at those who live in luxury? Is it the fact that the Obamas, unlike the Romneys, are doing it with money seized (via force, if necessary) from the taxpayers, while the Romneys actually earned theirs?

    Does Janet Napolitano know Rep. Randolph is so angry at the President? Has the IRS added him to their audit list?

  • squeaky
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  • YourMaster

    the republicans should use so sly tact like…
    point to john kerry’s wife…
    she was a stay a home mom
    and I’m sure it didn’t matter much to democrats then
    when he was running …and… he looked like Frankenstein…

    ….if they ever do another frankenstein movie: John Kerry would be perfect for that role. *l*

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  • Carbon Pootprint

    So is this one another breeder hating gay too? bahaaha

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  • Mama Grizzly

    Can anyone find the tweets now? Looks like they’ve been scrubbed. Post them here if you can find them — before they’re gone.

    Also, has everyone read the story linked at Drudge regarding the Feds requiring the media to “use government computers” controlled by the White House when accessing info on the economy?

    I kid you not.

  • dan’l

    class warfare, the communists’ favorite weapon.

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  • mg4us

    #8 Your Master

    Good point. .Teresa Heinz. . . worth a heck of a lot more than Ann Romney

    Clearly shows Libtards DOUBLE STANDARD. . . let’s call them on this. . .

    These Libtards have disdain & disgust for people who are different from what “THEY” (the Left) decides should be the norm (even if THEY the Left are the minority!)

    And to mock nannies, cooks, garderners, house cleaners and others who labor and toil for a living rather than pontificating and spewing their mouth off at taxpayer expense is a travesty and perversion of our political system. . .


    Yes, Come November, time to FLUSH out these leeches and good-for-nothing Libtards and RATs (DemocRATs) as we TAKE our country back and RESTORE OUR CONSTITUTION for LIMITED Government!!!

  • bobdog

    How long before we hear that Ann Romney killed poor little Trayvon?

  • The Elector of Saxony

    Leftists think that everyone they know is like them. They think most women are like the women they know; feminist, transgendered lesbian law professors who have one adopted child from China that THEIR nanny looks after. They forget that there are a great many stay-at-home moms in “flyover country” who take care of children, go to Church on Sunday, and love their lives.

    It’s a terrible miscalculation. Let it proceed. If it sends the Obama family home to Chicago, keep tweeting, Leftists. Of course, when Obama gets desperate, the Mormon card will be played over and over. When oh when will the Republicans stop playing by Marquis of Queensbury Rules and start fighting the way the Left fights? (dirty)

  • Peckerwood

    Punch Scott in the face day… $10,000 bounty. It’s the Florida way…

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  • Dave-O

    Does Rep. Scott’s comment about women not having jobs apply equally to all those welfare queens who sit on their a$$ all day long? Do they similarly lack “real world experience” and thus are unable to relate to the “working women” of the world??