Madison Tea Party Rally Today – #Occupiers & Union Goons Threaten Chaos

Last February THOUSANDS of Tea Party Patriots turned out in Madison, Wisconsin, in support of Republican Governor Scott Walker. It was an amazing turnout considering the Saturday rally was only announced on Friday morning.

The tea party patriots filled the state capital grounds from the steps to the street over 100 yards back. There were so many Walker supporters there that you couldn’t hear the speakers from the stage in the back of the crowd.

Today we’re doing it again…
Show Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker that he has support by coming out to the Wisconsin Tax Day Rally at the Capitol on Saturday April 14 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Confirmed Speakers Include:
Fox News Contributor – James T. Harris
Conservative Talk Show Host – Vicki McKenna
Big – Dana Loesch
Gateway Pundit – Jim Hoft
PJTV – Stephen Kruiser
Nashville Recording Artist – Krista Branch
AFP WI State Director – Luke Hilgemann

Click here for more info.
Hope to see you here in Madison!

Last night Stephen Kruiser and I snuck down to the #Occupier hobo camp here in town. They informed us that the #occupiers and union goons would be out in force today.

I’ll keep you posted. Also check GatewayPundit, Dana Loesch and Stephen Kruiser on Twitter for updates.

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  • OT:

    “Justin Gibson wants Larry Conners fired for doing his job”

  • That didn’t take long, did it?

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  • GunsSaveLives

    In Obama’s America, the climate for conflict is great. I don’t know what laws are on the books in WI, but here in my state we struck down a “public gathering” law a couple of years back. At our Tea Party event today, I expect 40% of us to be armed and ready to defend ourselves and our families should trouble arise. I pray for the safety of the Madison Tea Party peeps today and for everyone around the country holding Tea Party events.

    God Save the Republic.

  • bad weather day for any type gathering. Media will call it “poorly attended”

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  • Governor Scott for President!! There are plenty of governor’s who would be a better choice than even Romney, or Santorum, that’s how conserative they are. They understand that you can’t spend the state into prosperity, that you have to make cuts, and even here in Louisiana the retirement for these crooked politician’s is 98% of their base pay. That is unbelieveable. Gee, don’t they know that no corporation gives that much even to their top executives, close to what they made, but not 98%, gee whiz!

    I can remember when Braniff Airlines went bankrupt, Chapter 7 liquidation. And some of their machanic’s came to work for the airline I was working for as a aircraft mechanic. In conversation’s with them about the airline they said that the company cut what they were supposed to get in order to pay off their debtor’s. They said they cut back the retirement from 18% for each year, that’s 18% of their base pay for each year they worked for the airline, the company cut the contribution back to 12% of their base pay for each year they worked for the airline. To them that was alot. You’re talking about a 6% cut, or in ratio a thirty percent cut in retirement! That would mean they were going to get a thirty percent cut in what they got every month. If you got a thirty percent pay cut wouldn’t it hurt bad? You damn right it would.

    Even when the Bush Tax cuts are removed, our taxes will go up 380 billion dollars base line. That is $600 dollars per person or there abouts, some will go up to $1200 per year depending on your income. So from $600 – $1200 per year. Do you know what that is going to do to some people’s incomes? Of course at $1200 a year that’s only a hundred dollars a month. That’s not much, but you know what Obama said he was going to actually raise it to, that is the increase in income taxes won’t be the 380 billion, he said he was going to raise it to a trillion dollars increase in taxes. So that will be a another $600 billion dollars worth of taxes each working person will have to cough up. I’m only guessing but I will add that to, let’s say you pay the $1200 a year. Now, let’s add in Obama’s increase, and that will be 400 dollars per part of the increase and that will be a total of 800 dollars added to your 1200 or $2,000 per year or $166 dollars per month more than you are paying now. That still doesn’t sound like much, and some of you won’t even miss the money.

    But just imagine what your life would be like if you had all that money back by killing off the unConstitutional “income tax” that was pushed through the Supreme Court by the government lawyers rewording the tax bill that said paying the tax was “voluntary”. Did you know that paying income taxes was voluntary? If you will go to your personel office and ask to look at your W-2 form. In small print it says that the tax is volutary and if you elect to pay the tax then you are liable for all taxes. But if you don’t elect to pay the tax then you will be held liable for the tax yourself and not your employer. It’s as if you were a contract worker.

    And here’s how the government forces your employer to force you to volunteer to pay the tax. What the government tell’s the employer is that they must collect the taxes they are liable for, they must collect the tax for everyone working there, or the employer will be liable for the tax they would be short if someone decides to not elect to pay the tax, then the employer will be liable for it. So what they do is they threaten you with the job. They say if you don’t elect to pay the tax, then you won’t get the job because the employer isn’t going to pay the tax that’s for sure, so they tell you that the company can’t hire you if you don’t sign the W-2 form to volunteer to pay the income tax.

    Isn’t that some crap? Of course most all people don’t even think about it, they just go ahead and sign the form and move on. But then they complain about having to pay such high taxes. Well, they signed it, but if they didn’t they wouldn’t get the job, but if they take the job then they have to sign the form, but if they sign the form they will owe the taxes.

    This is called CATCH 22!!!!

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  • J.

    How was the rally…
    What happened…
    Where their any counter demos…?

    Was Vicki McKenna there…?

  • J.

    I heard…313 conservatives…?
    100++ progressives…?

  • J.

    Have WE…lost commitment and dedication due to Romeny’s, ascendance…?

    This could be a terrible “harbinger”… with respect to the election[s] in November…both with respect to the Senate and Congress and the obvious Presidential…?

    Lord have mercy…!

  • J.

    @ olde glazier…it was a positively, beautiful, wonderful day for a rally…
    Bright sun blue skies, southwest winds at 10 miles per hour, temperature 69 degrees…

    That’s a Wisconsin beautiful “spring day”… if I’ve experienced ONE…?

    Where the HELL is the enthusiasm…?

  • Elaine S.

    Not sure how many of you have heard this… Gov. Walker is scheduled to address a meeting of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce in Springfield on Tuesday (he was invited to do so a few weeks ago). He is supposed to be talking specifically about pension issues, and AFSCME members have been quoted in one of the local papers as saying they will “run him out of town.”

  • G Mac

    Yesterday was the Taxpayer rally in Madison at the capitol. I was looking forward to it but yet felt a tinge of anxiety when I thought about it. Those who know me understand my passion to my causes and know that I can’t pass up questioning those who most deserve it. We remember the interview at the Capitol protests last year that brought me grief as well as thanks. As such, I promised my wife I would not get on t.v. this year.
    Saturday was a nice sunny day so I got the bike out and headed down to Madison. I have not been there since the protests last year as I have since chosen to shop anywhere other than Dane county if at all possible. I stopped at the Come Back Inn to have a mug of German Ale to take the edge off. I do like that bar as it serves a great variety of imported beer as well as micro brews. I also like the thousands of tap handles in their collection. It dwarfs mine. I parked and headed up to the Capitol. I came up the street and to the corner that the rally was to be held on and I was greeted by a ragtag bunch of protesters. There were a couple AFSCME guys and what appeared to me to be Madison Occupy types. I may be wrong but the shabby dirty clothes and missing teeth led me to believe this. They were at the time the most vocal yet most idiotically juvenile of the protesters.The signs were shabby cardboard with rather unwitty slogans. Like “Walker sucks” or “Corporate greed”. I wondered how much thought went in to making those. I had the feeling the “handlers” of the left didn’t want to hurt their image so close to elections as I expected more of a disruption like last year.Perhaps the film of the guy screaming obscenities at a 14 yr. old girl or the union member shoving and screaming at granny was bad press, even for the Madison Left. At the entrance to the event was were there was some chaos. It mostly consisted of loud bellering and the occasional recall Walker chant led by a slovenly AFSCME member. I did thank him for his union giving me the inspiration to quit state service and go into business for myself. Which I have on and off since then. I did tell him when I belonged to AFSCME the laziness,greed and abuse of benefits was more than I ever imagined. Even Jeremy “Segway” Ryan stayed well away. When I saw him he looked disheveled and was around the corner. Pizzabox Dickman took time away from his singing group in the rotunda to be there and he was the only vuvuzela present after his lame attempt at a social media call for a march of disruption. I feel his handlers did tell him to back off. There was also a guy who was standing on a confederate flag which really confused me and moved me very little because being from Wisconsin, I could care less what they did with the Confederate flag. If we would have been in S.Carolina it may have had the desired effect. It made no sense. He then put a Gadsden flag down and was dancing a little jig on it.He then dumped coffee on it in some grand gesture of disrespect. It did nothing but make me even more disgusted by their actions. If it would have been an American flag that he was doing that to I would believe I would have had to defend my flag no matter the outcome. As they yelled incoherently I approached a rather dignified older couple wearing the blue fist on red solidarity sweatshirts, and asked them if they were proud of their people.The guy said those aren’t our people. I replied that oh yes they are, you guys own them. The lady said they were no different than “Your” group over there. I symbolically took a few seconds and looked toward the rally members who were peacefully gathered and said sarcastically “ oh yeah, I see what you mean”. The woman then asked politely for me to leave them alone because they didn’t come down here for this. I did leave however I thought how absurd that you came to a conservative rally dressed in your blue fisted solidarity costume and you are irritated that you have been asked a question about your “brethren”. Gimme a break.
    I entered the rally area. I did at this time notice “Sly” Sylvester the liberal Madison radio talk show host who made the well publicized horrible remarks about our assistant Governors cancer recovery and the sick sexual references about her.(But we conservatives are at war with women right?)He was holding a sign with Vicki McKenna, the conservative Tea Party radio hosts mug shot from when she was arrested many years ago for disorderly conduct at a rock concert by the Madison police. Hmm. I then asked him if he obsessed much, he looked at me and said nothing. I guess his war on women is ongoing and excusable as long as it is against conservative women.I can’t stand him. I followed him and his ragtag bunch into the rally. They were there to do nothing but cause trouble. During the national anthem they stood fairly quietly however were giggly and didn’t place hand over hearts or sing. When the pledge of allegiance came they were noisier and joked that the guy should take his hat off to not cause trouble. He did but they were loudly disrespectful during the pledge causing anger from those near them. It was sick. He was sweating profusely and I asked him if he needed me to find medical assistance because he didn’t look to good and had butter running out of his pores. He once again gave me a pathetic look and said nothing.
    The rally progressed. I thought all the speakers were good. Kim Simac I thought was particularly moving as she is known to be. I wandered around observing. The crowd was respectful and subdued. There were babies to grannies and all made be proud to be on their side. I didn’t really see any signage that was offensive. There maybe was one or two borderline but I have pics of absolutely horrid ones from the union protests.
    When it was Vicki ‘s turn to speak I noticed Sly and his motley crew pushing there way up to the front. They had the AFSCME bull horn guy with them. They were again disruptive and angered people.We would like to peacefully gather and not have the freak show. The Capitol keystone cops did see this and laughed and I think waved them off. Police chief Tubbs probably met with them ahead of time. By the way I did walk by Tubbs and he said hi. I ignored him as I think he is a joke and has no business being the Capitol Police Chief.When Sly and his minions pushed their way out they got a rousing chorus of “shame,shame,shame”. It was never more fitting.
    The rally went on and the only other thing that happened to me of note was I met Ann Althouse. For those who do not know Anne, she is a Conservative law professor at U.W.Madison who has been just great at being a historian during this past year of chaos in Madison. She has been verbally and physically attacked by the fringe left and has received threats. I greatly admire her and it was a definite highlight of my day to meet and chat with her.
    After that I did leave as the day was nice and the open road was calling.I am glad I went and saw many committed that want to save our state. These are the people that realize that we are on a precipice and now is the time to save ourselves. I hope to be there next year and celebrate many victories that we face this year.