Liberal Media FAIL: Only 32% of Non-Blacks Say Zimmerman Is Guilty


Nice work, Obama. Nice work, race hustlers.
Only 32% of non-blacks believe George Zimmerman is guilty.
The Washington Examiner reported:

Black Americans and Americans of other ethnicities have widely-divergent views of the Trayvon Martin case, according to a new poll that shows the black community overwhelmingly believes he was murdered and that police let his killer get away due to racism.

“The average black American has strong views on the case, perceiving that Zimmerman is guilty of a crime and that race has played a major factor in the case,” Gallup reports in a survey of how “blacks [and] nonblacks” view the Martin case. “Nonblacks, by contrast, are much less likely to think Zimmerman is guilty and are substantially less likely to believe that race was a factor.”

“It is clear that the case struck a highly responsive chord with blacks across the country,” Gallup added “and that blacks’ immediate judgments are that this represents still another example of a racially biased criminal justice system.”

Fifty-one percent of black poll respondents “strongly believe” that George Zimmerman, who claims he shot Martin in self-defense, is guilty of murder,” according to a new Gallup survey on how “blacks [and] nonblacks” view the case. Another 21 percent of black Gallup poll respondents say he is “probably guilty,” bringing the total to 72 percent. Just 32 percent of “non-blacks” believe Zimmerman is guilty, with only 11 percent saying they “strongly believe” he is guilty.

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  • Frank Scarn

    I’d like to think that the MSM/Goebbels Propaganda Machine is experiencing the result of diminishing returns. Yes, I want to think that.

    But is it true? Are more and more seeing the MSM and Democrats for what they are, cheerleaders for big and bigger yet government.

  • Militant Conservative

    The media has all but guaranteed zimmermans

    aquital via tampering with the jury pool.

    Damn funny that!

  • JB

    Why do I have to look at Mochelle,s mug on this site?

    Take it down-Jim you are better than that.

  • Sasja

    JB, she’s everywhere. It’s like a recurring nightmare you can’t shake.

  • Sasja

    I wouldn’t say it’s a media fail. I think they, along with the other race baiters including the putz in the WH, got what they wanted; stir up the Black community and further divide our nation racially.

  • Joe College

    It doesn’t matter what white people think. The whole purpose of the Martin affair is to get black voters to the polls in November.

    The Fluke affair was designed to get women energized for November.

    In both instances, the Republicans are left standing there swearing up, down and sideways they are not racists or sexists.

    It is not pleasant to think of what may be next. Unless it comes from this budding story. Make sure you watch the Bettina Viviano video…

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  • Rachelle

    I doubt that blacks really think Zimmerman is guilty. They probably just object to his being a tough victim.

    Notice that black ‘leaders’ scream for gun control while they demand Zimmerman be strung up. It’s like Marion Berry’s demand that Asian store owners in D.C. take down the protective plexiglass shields between them and their customers. Basically they just don’t want it too hard or dangerous to rob someone.

  • BurmaShave

    I must emphatically disagree. This is NOT a Liberal Media failure. NOT at all!

    The very fact that this issue is a national issue at all, to say nothing about it being an obsession for weeks, is indicative of a smashing success for the MSM at polarizing, radicalizing, and incrementally destroying this once great nation.

    You can be da*n sure the SOBs within the MSM (and especially at Media Matters) are patting themselves on the back and preparing to shove more of this cr@p upon the nation for the rest of the election cycle, and forever if they can keep Obama in office.

    Does anyone think that it is just a coincidence that this issue followed right upon the heels of the Sandra [sl*t] Fluke brouhaha and the ridiculous so-called GOP war on women?

  • Joe College

    This is the original WND interview with two women who speak of terror tactics by Obama’s people in 2008.

    There is a murder involved.

  • valerie

    It is indeed a media fail, because the talking heads haven’t convinced people who do not self-identify as black that this was necessarily a racial incident, rather than a crime incident.

    I know from discussion with some very capable friends that black people have been taught that garden variety, stupid prejudice is somehow limited to skin color, and to people who are “white.”

    They are surprised to find out that a person can be prejudiced and unfriendly toward them, NOT because of their skin color, but because of their sex, religion, accent, alma mater, or other trivia. They are surprised to find out that so-called white people, which seems to cover everything not part-African, including India-indians who are blacker than most US blacks, also have experienced unreasoning, reflexive, stupid prejudice, too.

    The funny thing about this is that blacks seem to worry more about prejudice from red necks who are close by, raucous, and winnable as friends, rather than about distant, elitist, close-minded types who are determined to wreck their livelihoods.

  • Tired

    We have reached the point where something really needs to be done about the rampant racism of the black community. They are willing to believe any calumny as long as they get to play the victim and it is getting old. A black president would have been the perfect person to call them out about all of this but instead we get stuck with Obama and his divisiveness.

    You can’t even begin to list the number of ways Obama has failed.

  • NorthernX

    When presented with FACTS contrary to what one believes, whites generally re-evaluate their position and come to the appropriate conclusion. However, once black people make up their mind there’s NOTHING that will change it. I’ve seen this anomaly manifest itself time and time again. Very curious…and somewhat retarded as well…

  • jorgen

    Just 32 percent of “non-blacks” believe Zimmerman is guilty

    Confirming once again that blacks are racist. This can not go on!

  • StrangernFiction

    My favorite part of this whole saga is that Zimmerman is a D E M O C R A T. So if Martin was murdered by a racist, he was murdered by a racist D E M O C R A T.

    I often wonder to myself, has human nature gone insane or has it always been this way and I am just now noticing.

  • DMartyr

    It’s ironic that the same people who insist Zimmerman is guilty despite an abundance of evidence proving otherwise believe Shaima Alawadi’s murder was a hate-crime because a dubious note left at the scene ‘proves’ it.

  • Gary

    I’m going to lose count of all the national distractions being kicked up before November.
    People murdered with malice in this country every day. And unfortunately for the media, Z-man wasn’t white like they’d hoped.
    The best way to deal with this story is to ignore it.

  • tj

    #3 JB .. while I find Moochel’s mug rather nasty.. I’m thrilled that they are pumping money into supporting this site! send mo’ money!!!

    There were probably a few things this propaganda piece accomplished…
    * Stirred up the black voter based (obie wanted)
    * Created racial tension (Obie wantted)
    * Likely created a level of sympathy among so no-supporters (
    Obie wanted)
    * Likely to increase poll violence against whites (like the NBPP episodes of 2008) and hence reduce the white vote (Obie wanted)
    * Threat of widespread racial violence to create martial law (delay or cancel elections)
    * Threat of widespread racial violence to show Congress what would happen if Obie were impeached or charged with any of the serious felonies he’s committed (Obie wanted)

    So, overall it look like a huge propaganda win for Obie . especially as he controls the discussion (if you’re against Trayvon.. you must be a racist!) Also helps keep the “racist right wing gun toting” narrative going so we can avoid issues like Obie’s eligibility, forged BC, fradulent SSN, fake Selective Service Record…

    btw.. looks like this shows that Arfican Americans are either
    a) easily swayed by simple propaganda (lack critical thinking skills?) or
    b) racists (making a decision based on skin color rather than facts of the case)

    Stalin referred to groups like this as useful idiots.. you gotta ask… Are these Obie’s useful idiots?

  • jony101

    luckily the black people who are aquitted of crimes, usually go back to the black communitys and committ crimes on other blacks. White victims are mostly targets of oppurtunities that they usually avoid because it brings too much heat onto them. Trayon was already on his way to being a good thug, maybe zimmerman saved many innocent blacks from being his victims. but black people will never admit that trayon was a thug.

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