Laws, What Laws?… Big Sis To Grant Illegal Aliens “Unlawful Presence Waivers”

Laws, what laws?

Is there any law this administration is willing to honor?
Big Sis will grant illegal aliens “unlawful presence waivers.”
Judicial Watch reported:

In its quest to implement stealth amnesty, the Obama Administration is working behind the scenes to halt the deportation of certain illegal immigrants by granting them “unlawful presence waivers.”

The new measure would apply to illegal aliens who are relatives of American citizens. Here is how it would work, according to a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announcement posted in today’s Federal Register, the daily journal of the U.S. government; the agency will grant “unlawful presence waivers” to illegal aliens who can prove they have a relative that’s a U.S. citizen.

Currently such aliens must return to their native country and request a waiver of inadmissibility in an existing overseas immigrant visa process. In other words, they must enter the U.S. legally as thousands of foreigners do on a yearly basis. Besides the obvious security issues, changing this would be like rewarding bad behavior in a child. It doesn’t make sense.

But the system often causes U.S. citizens to be separated for extended periods from their immediate relatives,” according to the DHS. The proposed changes, first announced in January, will significantly reduce the length of time U.S. citizens are separated from their loved ones while required to remain outside the United States during the current visa processing system.

The administration also claims that relaxing the rule will also “create efficiencies for both the U.S. government and most applicants.” How exactly is not listed in the Federal Register announcement, which gives the public 60 days to comment. That’s only a formality since the DHS has indicated that the change is pretty much a done deal.

And the lawless regime rolls on.

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  • Ron

    Just the Dems way of buying more votes. Let’s see; They granting these waivers and fighting states that are trying to pass voter id laws. Remember when BillyBoy and the Dems came up with”Vast Rightwing Conspiracy”? I’m beginning to think that that claim was more projection from the left. What’s the old addage Guilty dogs barks first or glass houses. Take your pick. I truly believe that this administration is conspiring to undermine our republic. That’s a scary thought./

  • OBAMA FAILED E-VERIFY… google it!
  • pink tie Republican

    Big Skank needs to be fitted for an orange jumpsuit if found guilty in her treason trial, and sent to a men’s prison – she would like a women’s prison too much.

  • Rock

    Oh great Big Sis just gave back door amnesty to Obama, bummer. 🙁

  • Lucky one

    It’s the We Can’t Wait Dream Act.

  • OldSailor

    Is anyone surprised? Waivered illegals become potential Democrat voters.

  • Rock

    Wonder how long before WTF figures out how many potential voters are lock up in the nations prison and grants pardons? On the same note if he should lose the elections, how many will he turn loose out of spite?

  • saveus

    there is no US law that applies to the obama crowd

  • BlackBush

    Not surprised since we have an undocumented worker as our president.

  • Now, let me ask a question. Is this another part of the Dream Act being put into activation, or is this the actual worded legal part of the Act that Napolitano and Durbin were saying was going to give these illegal aliens the right to stay so long as they haven’t committed any crimes? Well, isn’t being here illegally committing a crime of violating our immigration laws? Like the guy holding the sign in the picture of this article, “I may be illegal but I’m not a criminal”, is a lie. Being here illegally automatically makes him a criminal! A criminal of the worse kind that anyone who is not a citizen can commit. They could commit murder while they are here, but that comes under our judicial system and not our immigration system, murder would be in addition to being a illegal.

  • Kingslayor

    They have already reduced the voting process in this country to the level of a third world country. Just for non other than for POWER,GREED,and CONTROL!!! OBAMA, HOLDER, REED, POLOSI, and he-she BIG SIS should find the same end as SADAM did!!! Funny that this happens just before an election. Could it be non other to get the the Latino vote???

  • Mick

    Anything Criminal and Big Pig is all over it.

  • Unlawful presence waiver is illegal for anyone who is not coming here as a neccessary person to be admitted into the country, like as if someone was a spy who was defecting. They would come under this kind of thing where they could be waived into the country in order to save their lives or something like that. But for a ordinary Mexican is not it. And this crap about being separated from their family member is part of going off somewhere, and saying goodbye to your loved ones is part of it. You don’t know how long you’re going to be gone and you don’t know when you are going to get to call them. Being separated is part of doing what Mexican’s are doing coming into the country. They aren’t supposed to be made to be comfortable while they are away from their families, that’s just silly to be able to come here illegally then be able to have your family come here so you won’t be lonely. Of course this is pending on the person being here becoming a citizen. This law does not do what it says it is doing. This law is allowing the families of illegals to be able to come here to be with the lonely illegal.

    There are already laws that allow the families of citizens to come here. That’s where all the other illegals come from, and we see this more with Muslims than Mexican’s because the Mexican’s can come anyway. This law may be for the Muslims. It’s for all the so-called “immigrants”.

  • when the democrats devised their colonization strategy back in the 1980’s the purpose was to increase their voter base, thats what this is all about. the only people that should be allowed to come to this country are people that come here with the approval of the majority of the american people. this colonization is the politicans way of conquering the american people without having to fire a shot. if you won’t do what we want then we’ll bring people here that will. if this administration were as concerned with the rights of american people as they are with the colonizers we would be a lot better off.

  • jb books

    “Unlawful presence waivers.” Positively Orwellian.

  • Patty

    I might be Illegal…..but I am Not a Criminal…:)

  • Patty


    Did Obama Threaten The Supreme Court? (With Addendum)

    I gasped yesterday when I heard Obama shoot off his mouth about the pending Supreme Court decision on ObamaCare. From the Guardian:

    Obama warns ‘unelected’ supreme court not to strike down healthcare law

    Barack Obama has said it would be wrong for the “unelected” supreme court to take the “unprecedented and extraordinary” decision to strike down his signature health care legislation when it was passed by an elected Congress.

    The comments suggest the president may make an election issue of those described by Democrats as partisan judges if they throw out the Affordable Care Act…

    I cannot recall ever hearing before a President violate the Constitution and its principles of the separation of powers by issuing such a statement about a pending decision from the highest court in the land.

    In fact, ever since Marbury v. Madison in 1803, it has been the TASK of the United States Supreme Court to rule on the constitutionality of legislation!

    The Supreme Court Justices are as unelected today as they were in 1954 when they overturned precedent and the sense of the nation and insisted on integration in school.

    Obama’s preemptive strike on the Supreme Court.

  • Chris in N.Va.

    Gotta love the sign.

    I may be illiterate, but that doesn’t mean I can’t reed or rayht!

    Uh huh…

    “Illegal” is the opposite of what, and that means a what has been committed when the law has been broken? Oh yeah, I remember now — a new Democrat voter has been created, of course! How silly of me.

    Like the Occupy Space Cadet that proudly held up a sign that said: I don’t need fossil fuels, I ride the bus!

    Yeah, the really short one, apparently!

  • Finncrisp

    Next , they will grant waivers to anyone who knows anyone who is here illegally – Party on!

    I am sure another lecture is coming from Dear Leader about his love of the rule of law. He really loves the rule of Tyranny! More obvious every day.

  • Nelle

    So now our immigration laws have to take into account whether they cause psychic pain to immigrants? What about the pain we suffer seeing every third world terrorist who wants to come in here as easily as if he was a citizen, because being a citizen no longer means anything?

  • bg


    communists (by any other name) cannot be wrong

    scroll thread for more, or not, your choice..


  • Patty

    RNC chief: Congress’s approval rating would skyrocket if Pelosi quit

    Life in general would be better if she left.

  • demoturds suck

    these commies need to look at the definition in the dictionary of illegal… I am so sick of this crap…Illegal is ILLEGAL wether you have been here 5 minutes or 50 years…YOU ARE ILLEGAL.. I n’t care what yourlife is or what you have done or your family…YOU ARE ILLEAG

  • well seeing as how his drunk driving uncle comes up for deportation hearing in few weeks this makes sense…….

  • RB

    As a US Citizen who has a UK Wife and undergone the I-129F Fiance visa process – I have more of a right to be extremely pissed off over this than most.

    We PAID thousands of dollars in USCIS Fees and are currently in waiting game for the I-751 (permanent resident). We did it LEGALLY, and ETHICALLY. Every ‘i’ dotted, every ‘t’ crossed and still has been 4 years and counting. This in addition to the other expenses of flights, moving costs, etc – well in excess of $15K

    The current system requires illegals to exit the US and wait 10 years as a penalty before applying. If ILLEGALS can get a more immediate “amnesty”, I want a refund as they effectively have cut in line before the millions who files legally.

    Damn stupid socialists.

  • bg


    “for whatever reason people leave their homeland & come to America..
    they need to leave their homeland behind & embrace America as their
    homeland.. not bring their homeland from which they fled for whatever
    reason with them to America & try to reestablish their homeland here..
    this is America, not (fill in whatever homeland here)!! or go back from
    whence they came if they were so happy there as to want to duplicate
    it here.. go fight for your own homeland in your own country, i will fight
    for my homeland in mine, namely America.. God Bless America, land of
    the free, not the wanna be (fill in whatever country here)..” – bg


  • bg


    “what the fascist left have been aiming for is to “equate” good with evil..
    that’s the only way they can appease their conscience in the face of the
    harsh reality they are trying to escape from because it does not fit in with
    their ideological utopian matrix.. if there is no good vs evil, then all is good
    even if [the] all is evil..” – bg


  • Freddy

    Unmentioned in this article is the CHAIN MIGRATION that it will ENCOURAGE!

    IF you have a family member that managed to get across the border and have a baby, then it is now as simple as sneaking into the us, demanding a waiver, and then going directly to the welfare rolls, food stamps, etc, as you have no job!

    Someone needs to challenge this ILLEGAL unilateral decision in a court of law!

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  • bigL

    In 09 over 100,000 Mexican Nationals became US citizens the Old fashiones way- they earned it.
    So it can be done.
    Close the border drum -tight and the illegals, thwarted from drifting back-and-forth across the border to see grandma or for Christmas re-unions or business, will leave .Permanently. about half to 3/4s I bet.Lets try it for acouple of years and see if it works. We have become a loser country to afraid to try things out. Then correct them.

  • DWD

    If they can’t come here legally, they are criminals and don’t belong here, GO HOME

  • how long do the waivers last, till after the election.

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  • Davev Francis


    For many years Americans have been financially haunted by unfunded mandates, forced on them by the courts–taxed into paying for illegal aliens who managed to slip through the border or travel on an international jet with no intentions in returning to their country of birth. The most expensive payout is illegal females who are carrying a fetus within her womb, who know if they reach American soil they will get free delivery, post natal care and every conceivable extra that should be the exclusive rights of birthright and naturalized citizens.

    The fourteenth amendment has been overreached by the courts and as there is very little chance of changing the law. But the American voters can at least alter the statute, which grants only immediate citizenship to a newborn infant of where at least one family member has actual citizenship status. The “foothold” baby is probably the most expensive unfunded mandated law, which states have to pour out their pockets from U.S. taxpayers. Billions dollars could be saved from bringing commonsense to this section of the law, by passing an amendment. The majority of European nations have passed laws, which are designed to change this insane law we are held accountable too?

    I assume that Presidential contender Mitt Romney is aware that illegal immigration is causing fiscal suffering specifically to the working class Americans. Romney also better understand he needs to gain the trust of the TEA PARTY and the women voters. American citizens and legal resident females have no such escape from aggressive debt collectors, while illegal pregnant foreigners are not subject to paying their bills and walk away with no claim. That is why many hospitals in the border states of California, Arizona, Texas and New Mexico have been forced to close their doors, because of unpaid fees. This is why many states are on the edge of bankruptcy, because they cannot arise from the red ink the federal government has created. Same with the children of illegal aliens by the millions that have registered, which have drained our school budgets and so teachers are forced by shortage of educational materials, to buy them for their classes.

    This is a new alliance that not just the Republicans, but disheartened Democrats, Liberals, Independents and other party members. The TEA PARTY is sustaining its growing numbers into the millions, who are frustrated with the reluctance of the main leaders in considering the illegal alien explosive growth and the costs of support.

    NumbersUSA, a non-profit organization whose dedication is to lower immigration and enforcement of immigration laws, that unless them two parties start by securing the border and have remained inert to increasingly alarmed public of their deteriorating quality of life due to sprawl, congestion, overcrowded schools, lost open spaces and increasing restrictions on their individual liberty caused by the new population explosion! Stop this travesty that is being deliberately bypassed by the Senate and House. Close all the loopholes in the law, which is pandering to the illegal alien invaders.

    To learn more about the Obama Socialist agenda, illegal alien invasion and many other social issues, the observer should go to “American Patrol” for in-depth daily articles and reports that should be assessed by all readers. On this website you will find the true facts and not lies, that is distributed by the National Liberal media. A few of today’s subjects are:

    World News daily: Obama eyes rebuilding business – in AFRICA!
    Jim Kouri, CPP — The Examiner: Lawmaker: White House bends immigration laws
    Dave Gibson — The Examiner: India now trying to dictate terms of H1B Visa program
    WJLA-TV — Washington: Usual suspects whine about deporting criminal illegal’s
    Dave Gibson — The Examiner: Deportable illegal aliens now getting free dental care
    New America Media: California immigration ballot initiative hit from left, right
    Chattanooga (Tenn.) Times Free Press: Immigrants experiencing quicker job growth than native-born Americans
    Cynthia E. Ayers — Family Security Matters: How the enemy uses political correctness to divide and conquer America
    Michelle Malkin — Family Security Matters: Don’t do business with progressive appeasers
    Kevin McGinty — Topeka Capital-Journal : Eric Holder: There’s no such thing as voter fraud…

    Punish the Politicians, Governors, Mayors and the whole mix of elected officials that are harboring foreign nationals, who have implemented Sanctuary cities ordinances, who have driven policies of Dream Acts, Chain migration and other catastrophic Comprehensive Reform packages. Even citizen voting privileges are not safe anymore, from groups like ACORN involved with voter fraud. The U.S. citizenry must step forward and adjoin with the TEA PARTY “THE PEOPLE’S PARTY” to stop the erosion of legal rights, which are being reduced by this administration. Both parties have abused immigration enforcement, by neglecting the fence and the incompetence of acknowledging that ID theft is out of control, that every foreign worker is committing a felony by using U.S. victim’s Social security number and identity in the majority of cases. The illegal alien occupation are racking up over a $100 Billion dollars a year, with no end in sight. Additionally, illegal foreign workers are estimated to wire over $40 Billion dollars annually outside this country to foreign banks.