Jimmy Kimmel hosted the 2012 White House Correspondents’ Dinner tonight in Washington DC.
He unabashedly took on President Obama.

“Mr. President, remember when the country rallied around you in hopes of a better tomorrow? That was hilarious. That was your best one yet… There’s a term for guys like Obama. Probably not two terms. Even some of your fellow democrats think you’re a pushover Mr. President. Thy would like to see you stick to your guns. And if you don’t have any guns they would like for you to ask Eric Holder to get some… You know the real reason people thought you were from Kenya had nothing to do with your birth certificate. It’s because you lost so much weight we thought you were the guy who won the Boston Marathon. This is how you know our country is in bad shape, our president is starving.”

Needless to say – This was fun to watch.




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  1. Hopefully this will be a trend that continues through the end of the year.
    This must’ve drove the thin skinned narcissist crazy.

  2. This is so misleading: “Jimmy Kimmel Skewers Obama.” Kimmel was as tame as a house cat, only flatter… It seemed he spent more time ripping Republicans, etc…. than he did “skewering” Obama.
    I played this video twice trying to find any actual humor, that wasn’t flat-lined… It would be one awesome site to actually see a comedian skewer Obama too!

  3. Who is paying this guy?

    I think it is time for an IRS audit on Jimmy Kimmel. Me a one term president! That sucks! We will see who does one term – in jail! Then my fake smile will not so fake.

  4. Just viewed the video with Kimmel’s presentation. I thought he was brave to make the wisecracks he did about the Libs, but the audience didn’t seem to find it very funny, in fact, they seemed uneasy.

    No wonder, the audience was his target most of the time.

    That said, he seemed rushed and scared. The audience seemed taken aback.

    Therefore, I give it 2 thumbs up since he didn’t get many good laughs from our elites.

    I like it when they don’t guffaw at our expense.

  5. currently commented: “I thought he was brave to make the wisecracks he did about the Libs, but the audience didn’t seem to find it very funny, in fact, they seemed uneasy.”

    Yes, they did seem uneasy. They are an audience of top news correspondents who become uneasy when someone pokes fun at the president and his party.

  6. Obama is a SCOAMF… just saying…

  7. I hope and praythe correspondents had a lousy time and their cars got ticketed.
    We are scrod if this “tradtiion’ isn’t cancelled.

  8. I lost it at Barbara Walters.

  9. Obama himself is a joke. GSA that’s funny? What a disgrace to America. And all those super star Hollywood millionaires sitting in the audience -karmas a bitch. Now we find out who is really running the country..the brotherhood? Its just gets worse everyday! And the pedophiles working at TSA—so much class in the white house. I feel like we are all watching a bad movie and we Americans are the fillers.

    Can we bring a mature adult to the White House?? Spend, spend, tax, tax….this is ALL they do-except attack farmers..oil, religion, military..

    Oh and take the “I” out of illegal?? How about replace it with “D” for diseased individuals
    coming across the borders! All you DISEASED undocumented non legal individuals-how about getting your shots??? We have to assume they are diseased since they are undocumented without a physical–since legal immigrants require a PHYSICAL! makes me sick!!!!

  10. Kim Kardashian and Lindsey Lohan were at this event…..It’s kind of ironic, two talentless, mentally challenged media ho’s with big boobs, would be sitting at a party with the two biggest talentless, mentally challenged, media ho,s who are bigger boobs in their own right, I now introduce you to the President and the First lady of the United States”.

    What Jimmy Kimmel should have said……..

  11. Make no mistake:

    Big Hollywood is in the bag for Zero. Everybody turned up and they will pay for him and vote for him come hell or high water.

    BO stinks, but they all smell like him by now.

  12. Another 6 letter word for Felony… BARACK!

  13. I think I saw steam coming out of Bark obama’s ears. Moochelle didn’t look happy either. Kimmel has never been funny. Is he on Soros’ payroll?!

  14. If Mooschelle would learn to flap those fake three inch eyelashs faster the country’s taxpayers could save millions.
    Her mom, the kids, the luggage, and a couple of secret service agents could ride along on the caboose.

  15. I watched the video..until the website auto-updated itself a few minutes in. AARGH

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