It Figures… Obama Camp Accused Clinton Of Using Bin Laden To ‘Score Political Points’ In 2008

It figures. The Obama campaign lambasted Hillary Clinton in 2008 for using images of Osama Bin Laden in her television ad – “Kitchen.”

But that was sooo 2008.
Now the Obama Campaign is running their own Osama ads (but he won’t let you see any pictures!)
ABC reported:

The Obama campaign opened up a new line of attack on Mitt Romney Friday, suggesting that as commander-in-chief Romney might not have made the same decision to order an attack by U.S. forces to kill terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden that President Obama did.

In a new web video titled “One Chance,” the Obama team features former President Bill Clinton praising Obama for deciding to launch the strike last year. “Why path would Mitt Romney have taken?” the clip asks.

But four years ago this April, the Obama campaign criticized Democratic rival Hillary Clinton for using Osama bin Laden in a political ad.

On the eve of the 2008 Pennsylvania primary, Clinton’s campaign released a television commercial featuring an image of bin Laden and invoking President Harry S. Truman’s quote: “If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen.”

The ad never mentioned Obama by name, but it was part of the Clinton campaign’s effort to brand the Illinois Senator as inexperienced, especially in the foreign policy arena.

“Who do you think has what it takes?” the ad’s narrator says as an image of Clinton flashes on the screen. (The ad showed a brief clip of bin Laden as well as images of Pearl Harbor, the 1920′s stock market crash, Fidel Castro, the fall of the Berlin Wall). “You need to be ready for anything, especially now.”

The Obama campaign spokesman, Bill Burton, accused the Clinton team of playing “the politics of fear” just like George W. Bush.

“When Senator Clinton voted with President Bush to authorize the war in Iraq, she made a tragically bad decision that diverted our military from the terrorists who attacked us, and allowed Osama bin Laden to escape and regenerate his terrorist network. It’s ironic that she would borrow the President’s tactics in her own campaign and invoke bin Laden to score political points. We already have a President who plays the politics of fear, and we don’t need another,” said Obama spokesman Bill Burton.

Of course, the fact that Obama is playing the Osama card today when he ridiculed it in 2008 surprises no one.

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  • bg


    “no way Islamists are going to be our allies”; the war on
    terror is not over; “spiking the football”
    ; and a bit more..

    yet Obama has “redistributed” them
    throughout American Governmental
    (scroll for more)..


  • Three points…

    Point #1) The campaign SAYS (through CNN which got the quote from the Associated press) Romney said this…

    —-It’s not worth moving heaven and earth and spending billions of dollars just trying to catch one person—-

    But here is what Romney ACTUALLY SAID, which AP took out of context and CNN and the Obama Campaign (same thing) ran with it…

    GOVERNOR MITT ROMNEY: “I think, I wouldn’t want to over-concentrate on Bin Laden. He’s one of many, many people who are involved in this global Jihadist effort. He’s by no means the only leader. It’s a very diverse group – Hamas, Hezbollah, al-Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood and of course different names throughout the world. It’s not worth moving heaven and earth and spending billions of dollars just trying to catch one person. It is worth fashioning and executing an effective strategy to defeat global, violent Jihad and I have a plan for doing that.”—-

    In other words, Romney doesn’t want to overload and concentrate on one guy while the rest of Al Qeada blossoms, and instead, have a systematic attack which goes after everyone…

    Remember the line in the movie “Colors”?…

    The bull shouldn’t run down and bang one cow…He should WALK down and bang them ALL…

    That’s what Romney was saying, but the Democrats and the media (redundancy alert) strip the quote from its actual meaning to turn it into something that never existed…

    Point #2) The Obama Campaign attacked Hillary Clinton for an ad on foreign policy in 2008…The OP points this out…

    So we see the hypocrisy of Obama using the exact same tactic that was used against him (by another Democrat) when he whined like a brat…

    But, as with everything else, “With Obama, it’s different.”…

    Point #3) Joe Biden is already ON RECORD saying that he would not have approved the raid on Bin Laden…

    Joe Biden Advised Against the Osama Bin Laden Raid

    If Obama wants to make you believe that Romney wouldn’t be a good president because he wouldn’t have approved the raid (which is something he’s never said), then, by Obama’s own admission, he is saying that his own vice president doesn’t have the nads to lead either…

    So there you go…The campaign (and the media) misquoting, Obama doing something he complained about when other candidates did it to him, and an admission that his own second-in-command in unworthy to make bold decisions…

    It’s a trifecta of lack of leadership and fecklessness…

    Political Wrinkles

  • bigkahuna

    Kinda like the race card.

    It doesnt matter what you believe…if you think it helps you win…use anything to get elected and worry about the lies being discovered and being covered up by MSM later

  • FurryGuy

    Barry bashed GW for running trillion dollar deficits, and then tripled down on stupid by increasing the debt and deficit spending into the stratosphere.

  • Joe College
  • Joe College

    WND is reporting “It’s still unclear if Cormier personally worked on the probe into Breitbart’s death, and WND has left messages with the coroner’s office seeking comment.”

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  • Andrew X

    I am far from convinced that trumpeting Osama’s carcass is going to do Obama any good at all. First off, it’s April, so even the trumpeting itself is going to have a half-life.

    Then, does anyone get the same sense from the people thumping their chests over this a year later that you might get from meeting a member of ‘Dexy’s Midnight Runners’ in a bar last week, and having him hit on you based on how cool ‘Come On, Eileen’ was? I mean, it was a nifty little ditty, and offing Osama was a neat and well complimented piece of work, but, dude…. c’mon.

    Third, is this going to convince us that Obama, third-world-er to the core, is some sort of Sgt. Slaughter, taking on all comers who might threaten truth, justice, and the American Way? We’re gonna buy this? Funny thing is, even if it WERE true, Obama’s handlers are idiots for trying to convince us of that. Who was Africa’s best presidential friend ever? Ever? EV-ER? That answer is: George W. Bush. True to the core. Now, go out and try to convince people of that, in a manner that even if you get them to agree, they will still believe it two days later. Good luck with that.

    Obama ain’t gonna win on National Security credentials, probably no Democrat ever will, for the same reason no Republican will ever win on Civil Rights credentials. Doesn’t mean they don’t walk the walk, it’s just that the electorate’s core beliefs on these matters are too set to overturn in a single election.

    This “bloody turban” tactic is a dumb one, and it reinforces my observation that when we were sold on Obama as some sort of political genius, it was the same level of nonsense and bovine excretion as it was with all the other Lightworking, Churchillian orating, ocean-lowering crap.

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  • Zombie Rutherford B. Hayes

    I’m surprised I didn’t get thrown into the blame game.

  • bg


    Joe College #5 April 29, 2012 at 1:36 pm

    didn’t see your post before posting mine (which i proceeded to do as
    soon as i received the obviously late email and googled it to confirm)..


  • Tim in Cali

    Romney could run an ad thanking the Seals / Intel community for getting Osama… showing Barry sitting at the little kids card table, while the grown ups were busy making decisions…Was he still wereing his golf shoes?..If he plays this to much,it looks as though he’s slapping the military in the face..

  • bg


    Joe College #6 April 29, 2012 at 2:01 pm

    wanted to leave a ;-).. but death being the
    topic, it didn’t seem appropriate, so thanks..


  • Nick Shaw

    Mittens and his Pacs should be using a lot of these “compare and contrast” ads!
    Nothing will defeat Zero better than his own words!!
    The “necessarily skyrocket” one needs to be used continuously!
    Who does higher electricity rates hurt most?
    So, green energy is paid for on the backs of the poor and middle class. Rich folks don’t care what their power bill is. Algore. Need I say more?
    Just sayin’

  • bg
  • Joe College

    BG, yeah, I know. I’d rather the story is that Breitbart rests in peace. Yet, here is another strange death. The connection between this coroner and Breitbart’s autopsy is still fuzzy. Anything is possible, but I understand FDR said there are no coincidences in politics.

  • Sasja

    Re the Breitbart “coroner” death story. Michael Cormier, the deceased, was a forensic technician with LA County. He was not a coroner. Drs. Craig Harvey and Ed Winter were the two major coroners on Breitbart’s autopsy. Whether Cormier’s death was accidental or a homicide, we will have to wait to find out. Right off the bat, I cannot come to any logical reason why he would be targeted by those some of you think murdered Breitbart.
    If I let my imagination run wild, I can conjure up all types of scenarios as to why he was targeted and then dispatched.

    Did find this interesting piece on him though.

  • MJ

    Where are any pics of dead Bin Laden?
    There are none

  • bg
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  • gracepmc