And here he told us Obamacare would cut costs.

A new study reveals that Obamacare will add another half trillion to the already out of control Obama deficit.
Reuters reported:

President Barack Obama’s healthcare law could sharply exceed its cost-savings targets and add up to $530 billion to the federal budget deficit, a leading authority on U.S. government benefit programs said on Tuesday.

A study by Charles Blahous, a George Mason University research fellow and the Republican trustee for the Medicare and Social Security entitlement programs for the elderly, challenges the administration’s contention that the 2010 law would better keep healthcare costs in line.

Known as the “Affordable Care Act,” or “Obamacare,” the measure to expand health insurance for millions of Americans is considered Obama’s signature domestic policy achievement.

The Supreme Court is currently weighing whether Congress overstepped its authority to regulate commerce in approving the law. The justices heard arguments in the high-stakes case two weeks ago.

Republican presidential candidates have promised to repeal the law if one of them wins the White House in the November election. Conservatives denounce the standard as an unwarranted government intrusion.

A White House official could not immediately be reached for comment.

There’s no bigger spender than Barack Obama. He tripled the deficit his first year in office and never looked back.

(J. Hoft Chart)
In fact this year will be the fourth year in a row that the US deficit will top $1.1 trillion and is expected to reach $1.33 trillion – another Obama record.




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  1. I have got to learn that new math! I could be a paper billionaire over night!

    Does he do anything that doesn’t increased son’s tax burden?

  2. Not a thing that I’m aware of Brad. The debt that he and the Congressional Democrats have heaped on us is going to take at least 100 years to pay off as things stand now.

    Democrat constituants will riot if any serious attempt is made to rein in the dole.

  3. “Yes, we can”

    In retrospect, the threat was clear – – and is being expertly carried out.

  4. Drudge: White House Dismisses as New Math

    Drudge: DOJ: O’Keefe Evidence ‘Manufactured’

    Drudge: White House warns media not to get ‘co-opted’ by NKorea…

    That’s just today. Seems like the Obama folks are doing a lot of denying today. Do you suppose everybody is lying except them? Who you gonna believe? Obama or your lying eyes?

    Can we have a show of hands?

  5. Perhaps the deficit grew so quickly because of the economic downturn that occurred in 2008? And without spending to help the banks they would have failed leading us to another Great Depression?

  6. ABC was on at the gym this morning and they did a breif report that Obamacare was going to cost 340 billion more than expected.It was some think tank report.
    The completely ignored the CBO’s projection from like two weeks ago that the extra cost was almost a trillion dollars.
    But don’t tell Bryant Gumbel.

  7. Also the Bush tax cuts didn’t expire until the end of 2010, but that FACT would only hurt the argument, so I understand why it wasn’t included.

  8. How could anyone in their right mind not realize and admit that a program of this magnitude would increase costs and tax burdens?

  9. We know he is out of control. Our debt has never been this bad. His ideas are failing. We need new blood in the White House. We see it but I am worried that Americans going about their every day lives will vote this guy back into office. This is troubling that his administration is so corrupt and the real specifics aren’t being made known or Americans are too tired or lazy to hear them.

  10. Horror!

  11. Who is that in the picture with suck Big Ears?

    No, not Moochelle. . Angry Big mama. . I said “Big EARS” not “Big REARS”

    Moochelle was at the Buffet line

    She does love dem slurppies!!!

  12. Drudge kept the headline of college youths “rioting”, after their school won the NCAA , up for almost 48 hours. “Obamacare half trillion increase to deficit” barely made it 12 hours. I think I know where Queef Olberdouche might be working soon.

  13. Obama is spending the money, but where is it all going? Who is getting very rich at the expense of American taxpayers? Just imagine, you’re a usurper with access to trillions of dollars and not only is anyone able to get you out of Office, but no one is going to be able to track where all the monies are going.

  14. Barry’s Deathcare 2010 legislation continues to disappoint. Less coverage, tax bombs going off everywhere, medical device mfg. ( a market we dominate) will soon be offshore with all the domestic jobs as well. Did I mention the taxes/budget shortfalls are as far as the eye can see?

    Hopefully, the Supreme Court will do it’s job and put a stop to this unconstitutional boondoggle.
    Our lives are at stake, our country hangs in the balance.

  15. I believe that Congress must authorize all spending. They hold the power of the purse. What new spending bills have they passed to create this debt?

  16. Does Obama have a friend named Harvey? There is something kind of creepy about this photo and it is not the bunny.

  17. It is time the public says ENOUGH!!!!

    What would happen if everyone does not pay on April 15? Keep the money aside, as I do not want to risk encourging breaking the law – after all I am white.

    But, seriously it would get noticed and it would make a point.

    WE WILL NOT TAKE THIS ANYMORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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