Former Marine Striker: It’s Time to “Start Viewing This Administration As an Existential Threat to Israel”

Earlier this week the Obama Administration leaked information on a secret Israel-Azerbaijan Alliance. According to a Foreign Policy report based on “four senior diplomats and military intelligence officers” Azerbaijan has given Israel permission to land planes on Azeri airfields after an attack on Iranian nuclear sites. The Obama Administration endangered the two countries by leaking this information to the press.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lectures Barack Obama in the Oval Office on the dangers facing Israel back in May 2011.

On Friday a former Marine Corps strike planner weighed in on the implications of this leak Friday on The Mark Levin Show. In light of this latest leak, the Marine told Mark Levin, “I would start viewing this administration as an existential threat to Israel.”
Doug Ross reported:

You have to ask for the motivation behind the leak. I mean, if the Israelis can do this operation, it’s to our benefit! From a diplomatic standpoint, if you wanted to tell the Iranians that the Israelis did this, it’s without our permission. And then try to butter up the Iranians after the strike, so they don’t close the Strait of Hormuz, that’s one thing.

But giving away all of the secrets of an ally? When you’re doing that, you have to ask whether we still have Israel as an ally. We are not acting like an ally. In fact, if you ask me, based on the amount of time I expect the Israelis put in this relationship with Azerbaijan, I would start viewing this administration as an existential threat to Israel.

In early March, an administration official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, told reporters, “We’re trying to make the decision to attack as hard as possible for Israel.”

UPDATE: Here is the audio of the interview.

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  • Ham and Eggs

    re: “In light of this latest leak, the Marine told Mark Levin, “I would start viewing this administration as an existential threat to Israel.”

    Actually, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Many have “…started viewing this administration as an existential threat to America.” Is it any reason that so many individuals consider him a tool of Islamic power politics, if not a Muslim in truth and in fact?

  • FurryGuy

    Barry is no Charles Martel. More like an Islamic/Marxist Vidkun Quisling.

  • StrangernFiction

    He’s just in over his head.

  • Redwine

    – Hussein’s varying associated fathers – Muslim or Communist, his having been brought up Muslim in Indonesia
    – His associations, from Pakistani roommates (and lovers?) to Rashid Khalidi, Edward Said, Ali Abunimah, Jeremiah Wright, Farrakhan, Shabazz (of the NBPP)
    – His appearance at a pro-“Palestinian” celebration for Khalidi (the video of which should be subpoenaed from the LA Times)
    – His possible Saudi backers of his term at Harvard Law School
    – His pronouncement in one of “his” books that he would side with the Arabs should he need to
    – His description of the Muslim call to prayer as one of the prettiest sounds at sunset
    – His telling Freudian slip – “my Muslim faith”
    – His denial of the Jewish historical presence in the Land of Israel in his Cairo speech of 2009
    – His reprehensible, undignified treatment of Netanyahu
    – His constant undercutting of Israeli diplomacy

    … I guess you could say that he is an existential threat to Israel.

  • Adi

    Earlier this week it was discovered that CIA’s top is a Islamist convert.

    Exit question: how many “leaks” on Israel happened recently?

    (btw, it probably took Israel more than 6 years to forge the Azerbaijan alliance).

  • clarityrising

    By diminishing U.S. capabilities and supremacy, hamstringing the economy and refusing to allow the U.S. to become more oil indepedent, d’oh-bummer has become an existential threat to the stability of the world.

  • I’ll bet the Israeli military would be welcome in Georgia, too… they’ve done a lot for Tbilisi

    But Obama is NOT to be trusted, he’ll screw over ANYbody to get his way… Bibi won’t be telling him squat now

    And I hope he bombs them TOMORROW

  • Redwine

    Reaganite Republican (#9):
    I’ll bet the Israeli military would be welcome in Georgia, too… they’ve done a lot for Tbilisi

    Not only have the Israelis been working together and training Georgians (which the Russians put an end to in 2008), but they have worked very closely for decades with the Iraqi Kurds, a real indigenous people (unlike the Fakestinians), who are being denied the country they truly deserve.

  • An “existential” threat to Israel? No, the Obama administration’s actions against Israel are very real.

    Redwine’s list is far to short. There’s the recent denial that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, ordering Jews in Israel where to live, financial aid to Hamas without any preconditions, denial of a travel visa to a member of the Knesset (Israel’s Parliament), no statement issued by Obama or Hillary Clinton’s State Department after Jews are murdered in France, the large bow to Saudi Arabia, refusal to build the Keystone Pipeline to make the U.S. less dependent on oil from the region, U.S. support of “Arab spring” Muslim Brotherhood-ruled countries, …

  • Obama administration arms Muslim Brotherhood against Israel

  • squeaky

    i have a memory like a seive but this a 30 minute video i saw at free republic. the title being Daylight: obama and Israel. maybe already posted but worth a look. the first couple of seconds in at aipac meeting obama talks about breaking before evening prayer….some people thought it meant something. could just much ado about nothing.!

  • squeaky

    [Hillary Rodham Clinton, US Secretary of State, who met with the foreign ministers of the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) here yesterday, proposed a strong missile shield to protect Gulf Arab states from Tehran and sought to work with them to help end the violence in Iran’s ally Syria.] i wonder what the people in poland and the czech republic think?

  • bigL

    The Gop will do nothing with this. After the convention, Who knows?

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  • Joe College

    Jeremiah Wright is running the world.

  • J

    In what way would neutering Israel benefit the USA? That is the question I would like asked and answered. Obama’s chief responsibility is to the USA and no other country. That it is in our best interests to support an ally that operates in a way that is similar to the USA and serves our interests in the area (as opposed to the oppressive countries surrounding it), I understand our support. I do not wish Israel to be exterminated. But, by disclosing the air base, how does that serve the best interests of the USA? Obama does not operate in a vacuum…..there are other entities who support and enable his actions. The question I ask, how does this benefit (the disclosure)the USA, I truly would like answered.

  • mg4us

    Whether Obama is a Muslim or not is only part of the equation. . .

    The question is who’s side and values does he represent and work towards. .Clearly not the AMerica described in OUR Constitution. . .

    His actions regarding the middle east geo-political moves may also have something to do with his Pal Putin in Russia. .recall the open mic in Korea asking Putin (former KGB) to give him more time. . . maybe not about missle defense but in helping Iran. . .why?

    If Iran gets the bomb, then they will effectively change the power in that egion and become kingpin of the strait of Hormuz and all oil production and shipments. .who will stop them? And if they push oil prices up, who benefits the most. . .yes, Russia and Putin. . their whole economy is based on Oil & gas shipments to Europe and elsewhere. . .

    How convenient, high oil (energy) prices will give Putin and Russia control over Western Europe’s economic activity. . . and flood Moscow and the coffers with lots of money too.

    Obama is untrustworthy. . but more dangerous are the people behind him pulling his strings and funding his operation. . .

    The worse is yet to come. . . be prepared. . .

  • USMC Thomas

    Anybody responsible for attempting to destroy Israel had better sleep with one eye open the rest of their life.

  • Hugh

    This administration is underhanded, divisive, dishonest, disconnected, and, I am coming to believe, evil . . . not only is it a grave threat to Israel, it is a grave threat to its own people.

  • Campfollower

    USMC Thomas, have you ever read the Mitch Rapp novels by Vince Flynn? Term Limits is, I think, the one where our spec ops/and other “forces” decide that, after years and years of fighting threats outside our country, they realize that there are certain politicians inside our country who are more of a threat to our national security than actual terrorists. Use your imagination from there.

    Premises such as that one, which years ago seemed the stuff of a novel, seem much closer to reality today. As a mom and military wife, that makes me so incredibly sad.

    And another thing: John Kerry is now stumping for Obama. I got an e-mail yesterday from Obama’s campaign where Kerry is yet again maligning the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. (that would be Kerry, whose own Swifty campaign spokesman is now in federal prison on child pornography conviction). I hope Kerry keeps it up. Can’t help Obama, can only hurt him.

  • clarityrising

    Umm, #19, three words: Nuclear, bomb, Iran. Pretty clear how that affects us. The base was supposed to be an endpoint after Israel took care of the nuke problem in Iran since the U.S. and UN have been criminally negligent in the whole matter.

    Pansy-ass diplomacy and sanctions will not work with an enemy determined to get the nuke as they see it as part of asserting islamic dominance in the world.

  • democraps suck

    TRAITOR…..I thought traitors used to be shot dead…biggest POS EVER…mooslums hate america and mooslums hate israel…figure it out people…

  • Redlite

    Maybe it should also be disclosed that Canada has given the Isralies permission to land the planes on Canadian soil.

    I don’t expect that we will see Bibi at the WH while Barry is in charge. You can tell who your friends are by the secrets they keep. This administration is no friend of Israel!

    Today is Palm Sunday. So pray for Israel today that they may live in a peacfull world free from enemies like Obama.

  • Male Silverback

    Not only Israel, we are in the deep doo doo as well. I feel a “fundamental transformation” moment coming our way too:

    Obama is intentionally degrading race relations in this country with his foolish comments about Trayvon. One day soon we will be at a flash point, Hispanic against black, and all of the above against white.

    The recent passing of the executive order making it easy for him to install martial law.

    Admits that he wants higher energy prices, knowing that would cause stress and near collaps of the American financial infrastructure.

    There are more examples, too many to list really. But it is starting to become clear that it could be his attempt to create chaos so that he could make himself ruler for life.

    I have always thought ill of conspiracy theorists, but now I am starting to believe in it.

  • Sickofobama

    Obama is a Soviet plant.

    Heard it last weekend and now I am convinced.

    Thanks you *^(*&%$@#$^&*&%$$%*s that voted for him.

  • bigkahuna

    Isreal, USA, etc Obama hates both and is a threat to both

  • BarbaCat

    I heard the former Marine Striker on Mark Levin’s show. I was stunned, and I could tell Levin was also, as he escaped into a break so he could look into what the guy was saying to him off air. When the show resumed, he encouraged him to reveal more.

  • kato

    It’s time to start viewing this administration as an existential threat to the United States.

  • jb books

    This administration is a threat to the US.

  • Arch

    Comments should be made very carefully, especially in reference to removing a president from office by any means other than impeachment or electoral defeat. Anything you can read on the web may be used against you.

  • USMC Thomas

    “Anybody responsible for attempting to destroy Israel had better sleep with one eye open the rest of their life.”

    This wasn’t meant to be taken as a personal threat, but pointing out that Israel, ever since the Munich Olympics seeks an “eye for an eye” for retribution.

  • bg


    when the life or death of any country hangs in the balance..

    what matters is what Obama does and/or does not do..

    it does not matters what Obama is or is not..


  • bg


    re: #33 April 1, 2012 at 11:11 am bg

    ipso facto:



  • Joanne

    “Anything you can read on the web may be used against you.”

    Yah, well I’ve read plenty and heard plenty about how Obama-the-Dictator-in-Chief is a fraud, is committing treason, is a muslim usurper and people who can bare witness to his fraud tend to end up dead.

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  • Rock

    7 Days in May

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  • The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting such a man like Barack Obama with the Presidency. It will be far easier to rein in and undo the follies of an Obama Presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a person for their President. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Barack Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America.

    Blaming the Prince of Fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama — it is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their President and who fervently endeavor to keep him there.

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  • Pamela

    Well said Tommy! I have serious fears for our country, Israel and our citizens if he is re-elected. Since Attorney General
    Eric Holder is trying to keep California and Texas, the 2 biggest states of electorial votes, from requiring someone to show a picture ID before voting…leads me to believe they will steal the election with fake votes. They are trying to do it to SC too, my state, but we are sueing Eric Holder.

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  • Kate

    This administration poses an existential threat to America—-and it’s long past time that was understood. And #39, Tommy, so true, so true….

  • Kate

    Oh….and he will continue to be a threat even after he’s booted from office. Think of all the sensitive, classified information he possesses.

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  • Al

    Thank you for your comments. The Administration has logged your IP addresses and identified you. All here who disagree with us will be notified next week, when and where to report to your local FEMA camp to be re-educated in the progressive idealogy.

  • Alkaline

    Since when is Israel an ally of the US?

  • Questionman

    Also, where I live, the majority is Republican, and very un educated, simple folk. I am a registered as an Independent. I go for the candidate, not the party. I am going to share with you something that many Independents as myself feel. What made most of us vote for Obama last election and probably what will make us do it again is that right wingers are a turn off, your candidates, so far are a joke(don’t get me started with last election, I was ready to cast my vote for Mccain until he chose Palin the genius-gawd-) Republicans are not winning any votes if you keep calling Obama a Marxist (ridiculous), blaming him completely for the economic meltdown he inherited from the previous administration (yes, indeed), and questioning his birth certificate (stupid). Makes u all sound like hicks.

    In fact, …calling center-right Obama an extreme leftist/communist/Marxist is pretty outrageous. Not to mention

    Yes, he is. He was born in Hawai’i to an American citizen. Whether you like that or not, it makes him as American as Mom’s Apple Pie.

    Disagreeing doesn’t make you a racist, calling the president the N-word makes you racist…

    And obviously you have no idea what “socialist”0r “communist” mean. You guys need a dictionary and a new line of attack because neither of those apply even the slightest bit. Isn’t it weird and sad that the exact party that unites Racist, bigots, extremists, homophobic, etc. Any group that hates people who aren’t White or Christian calls Obama the “Great Divider”? Disgusting!

    Obama actually helped out more Americans than Bush, can you give a good reason for impeachment? Presidents are NOT supreme overlords! How is our country more at risk when Obama took out many terrorist leaders and helps overthrow some selfish leaders? Our country has the most powerful military and friends in the world, it would take Russia and China together to even pose a real threat.

    There is no impeachable offense. Besides, if GWB can lie to Congress about wmds to start a war and avoid impeachment as a war criminal Obama at least doesn’t have that kind of blood on his hands. Hell, check this out:

    Everyday I keep saying the truth. That these racist losers hate having black people in the White House and EVERY. SINGLE. DAMN. DAY I am proven right!

    “in order to serve the judges own considered estimates of the vital needs of contemporary society when the elected political branches…” fail to meet them. What do the other branches do? Make laws and execute laws. So, if the court is doing something in lieu of the legislature doing it, they are, effectively, “making law.”

    President Obama did not “pre emptively slam” the Supreme Court “as a bunch of ‘unelected group of people'”
    Even by the recent standards of knee jerk pro-conservative bias and trying to rile right wingers, that is a shamefully hyper partisan reading of carefully calibrated remarks.

    He’s hardly the first president of recent times to have said that about the Supreme Court overturning congressional law

    I’m sick of these racist claiming the American People are against Obama, last I checked, The racist right NEVER spoke for America, neither do the democrats.

    As far as the supposed lack of “support of a majority of the American public”–Obama openly ran on a platform of universal health insurance, as did the Democratic Congress. They were elected on that platform and they kept their promise. That is they way the Constitution envisages the will of the people being represented.

    Right before our eyes, American conservatism is becoming something very different from what it once was. Yet this transformation is happening by stealth because moderates are too afraid to acknowledge what all their senses tell them. But I see through it.

    The facts are the Conservative party are racists, bigots, extremist and hateful people.

    Barack Obama doesn’t deserve re-election. Not because he’s the “socialist” that the Republican Tea Party traitors claim that he is, but because he isn’t, he’s a black president in a STILL racist countries. Random comments from the usual cesspool of right-wing racism is the proof. Why don’t you come out, admit your racism (it’s obvious), and stop with the name calling?

    Republicans could use Barack Obama’s election as the first black president as evidence of racism’s demise, except that they can’t acknowledge that he’s an American. Former Speaker Newt Gingrich, who enjoyed a moment in the sun as the Republican frontrunner, even calls Obama the “food-stamp president” and recently accused the Commander-in-Chief of exhibiting “Kenyan, anti-colonial behavior.”

    I was right. The racist right can’t stand black people in the White House. Black people make them sick.They also hate Obama because he hates America and is destroying it which is code for ‘I’m angry that black man is in the White House and now I’m going to make up some reasons why so I won’t sound racist’. Yep, that’s right…

    President Obama isn’t a Muslim. If you are looking for a religious definition, think of him instead as a Jew because his deeds matter more than his rhetoric.