Remember how Barack Obama repeatedly lectured us on how we had to be more like Spain?

Obama loved Spain’s green energy policy despite the fact that every job created in the sector cost 2.2 private sector jobs.
Gabriel Calzada’s full study can be found here:

Now there’s this…
Spain announced this week that they would halt all new renewable energy and co-generation projects.
Renewable Energy reported, via Steven Hayward at Power Line:

For over a decade, the Spanish government has prevented utilities from charging consumers the true costs of electricity. In other words, the final price paid by both large and small electricity buyers has been kept artificially low, in an arguably misguided attempt to contain inflation, protect consumers, and maintain the competitiveness of Spanish industry.

But it doesn’t matter. Obama is set on forcing the same failed policies on the United States. After all, he has donors to take care of.



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  1. The Spanish government can admit when it’s wrong.

    The Obama administration cannot.

    Big difference. Huge difference.

  2. Green Jobs

    Maybe Spain has seen this.

  3. There were already huge incentives to develop alternative energy solutions in our country before this administration took over. Americans also value cleanliness, and their investors have supported research in this area for many decades. Those two factors explain why we never had the kind of dirty, ash-laden air the Europeans had at least through the 70s.

    The Obama administration is making the same mistake as the AIDS activists: they think they can just add an additional incentive or penalty, and the solution will appear. They are engaging in magical thinking, probably because the entire administration is peopled by non-math majors, who are incapable of doing any math at all, beyond counting by integers.

  4. This is only part of a bigger story. . .Jobs growth have been over-stated. . no kidding. . .just look around. .

    all part of government LIES to spend more and more. . .

    And Obama working with Iran and Russia to allow Iran nuclear capabilities to shift geo-political power in Middle East and cause oil to sky-rocket. . which benefits Russia the most

    $7 – 8. . maybe even $10 gas – – here we come!!

  5. See what I mean?

    Our Energy Department doesn’t even know when it offering a prize for something that people already want, and can have.

    Our government is run by technological illiterates, probably because they are all confirmed non-math majors, led by a non-reader-in-chief.

  6. To Jim Hoft’s Gateway Pundit – CFO, CAO and Creative Director:
    Please gather to discuss an alternative course: MO’s “Are You In?” ads are frankly offensive and misplaced.

    (There’s got to be less offensive money out there somewhere.)

  7. OT

    Britain’s most senior Catholic cleric has called on Christians to wear a cross every day as “a symbol of their beliefs” and to combat the marginalisation of religion in modern society.

    While here, Jesse Jackson calls for Blacks to wear Hoodies at polling places.

    Jesse Jackson Calls On Blacks To Wear Hoodies To Polling Places

    Speaking to The Tom Joyner Morning Show on Wednesday, Jesse Jackson said:

    “If a white kills a black we revolt, if a black kills a white it’s jail time, we kill each other it’s Miller time. It’s as if somebody has the right to kill us.”

    Jackson then added “This right wing, we got to win the election, so wear your hoodie, put a voter registration card under your hoodie if you have a hoodie without a voter card you’ve been Hoodiewinked.”


    Something is seriously wrong and dangerous here. We have freedom of speech but when that freedom is to spread hate and malice. Enough is enough.

  8. Obama is malicious and dangerous when in every speech coming from him is so destructive and impeding on the rights for a free society. Spain has news and the net, they know better that after 11, actually more than that, failed green projects and the wasteful spending in such poor economic times, they are that stupid.

    And the only way to recover is through the smart Ideas of those who know we have the resources under ground and in our waters to make the real changes and to once again give us hope. But because of Obama contributors and his political expediency, he continues to put us on a path of more debt and more hardships for all of us.

  9. Correction:

    Spain, they are NOT that stupid to follow a failed America, lead by Obama. They have NO desire to go down the same financial failure. NO ONE CAN AFFORD IT. But we are living proof of it. Thanks to Obama

  10. That’s because the Popular Party (conservative) have got their heads screwed on straight

    I loved the last leader Aznar, he was awesome- not everybody in Europe is a leftist

  11. Obama gave them another job — counting the votes in the 2012 election. Private company in Spain. Tallying Hoes.

  12. Anyone who believes in this GREEN crap is a marxist…get over it it…it is a false lie to take more money and control you…damn people are so shallow to believe that crap

  13. if some kind of alternative energy is going to be successfully developed in america(something we do need)it won’t be this administration that helps. this administration is socialist, an economic system that rewards failure. any company that is successfully working on an alternative fuel system will be punished. i don’t know of any alternative fuel that has been successful but any company that is producing one will be punished by the politicans.

  14. Dear brothers don’t feel frustrated SIR, Obama will never be wrong green will work and green energy will be the only source for the world and OBAMA is the only Leader to lead the green movement and bring peace to this living planet.
    with regards

  15. Funniest thing I’ve read in a quite a while.

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