Unreal!.. Dem Adviser Hilary Rosen Doubles-Down & Defends Attack on Ann Romney (Video)

FOX News

Top Democrat adviser Hilary Rosen defended her attack on Ann Romney today on CNN.
Yesterday, Rosen claimed that Ann Romney “never worked a day in her life” because she chose to stay home and raise five sons.

Today, Rosen blamed Mitt Romney for her attacks on his wife.
“Look, Mitt Romney brought his wife into this conversation.”

No, Mitt didn’t bring his wife into this conversation… You did!

Nearly 2 of 3 Americans stand with Ann Romney and mothers.

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  • donh

    The Obama cult are Margaret Sanger / Sandra Fluck types who believe a women has to kill a baby inorder to achieve their dreams and get the most for themselves out of life. Supressing child birth empowers women and saves the planet from the evil human species.

  • democraps suck

    we need to purge the leftists of marxists once and for all….just a sick breed of people

  • aprilnovember811

    She represents the America they can’t stand.

  • Kate

    Rosen said what feminists/liberals have been saying for decades and showed her contempt for stay at homes mom. They have never been about women’s rights. They are all about women who believe as they do. Everyone else is stupid and worthless. My contempt for them is boundless. I am not a feminist and actually consider that term worthless. Her attempts to cya is pitiful. Sadly, we have more brains than she thinks and we heard what we heard. Cover up is a failure. Time for Obama, et al, to choose something else to enrage the masses.

  • Tim in Cali

    Headline: “Snakes in the grass” have issued a “cease and desist” order forbidding anyone from comparing them to Socialist Liberals..they claim it has damaged their reputation !!!

  • aprilnovember811

    For you Ann Romney. What a gift. And for all of you hard working dads too!

    They just lost the “mom” vote! Whooohooo!


  • NeoKong

    What a shameless liar.
    There is no “Romney/Ryan budget”
    Actually there is no budget at all.

  • Hey_Ange

    Well them Dems probably outnumber the Conservatives with stay-at-home-moms that never worked a day in their lives too. We just call them welfare moms. You know the kind that sit on the sofa waiting for their next check from the gubmint.

  • owl

    Even though Romney was never a first on my list until it hit 4, Ann Romney was always in the top 2 and possibly #1.

    She is good stuff and will be our fighter, while being a lady.

  • owl

    Go get em’ Ann.

  • waicool

    God Bless Hilary Rosen! I pray envy does not consume her.

  • Tim in Cali

    Inside the mind of a Socialist Liberal….That picture can’t be real…not one kid has “their pants on the ground”..no underwere sticking out of their pants and please..not one kid flashing gang signs..not one underage girl pregnant…Liberals believe the photo is a fake !!!

  • Skinner

    That beautiful family portrait looks like Obama’s campaign staff photo!


    What a refreshing change this wonderful family shall bring to our White House.

  • TXPatriot

    Someone who puts FAMILY above self? If you’re a Dem, she must be destroyed!

    Oh, and how can they rail on Ann for staying home to raise her family and at the same time say Sarah is a horrible mother for NOT staying home with her children? I don’t know about you, but those appear the only two choices in the matter. I don’t understand how they can BOTH be wrong.

  • olm

    That woman is not smart enough to shut her pie hole. Wow.
    I guess the Obama team doesn’t have a collective brain.
    What waitress in Nevada gets day care funding?

  • Peggy R

    Whatever flaws one might find in Mitt, he did well in Ann.

    She is now my hero. A woman of class, dignity and genuine affability!

    A hero for moms and grandmothers everywhere.

  • Joanne

    This woman’s attitude has had its hand in the destruction of the family unit. The Romney’s lifestyle used to be the norm where women stayed home and raised their families. Now the family unit consists of unmarried mothers or fathers, divorced mothers or fathers, and homosexual couples. A family unit is a man and a woman married with or without children, and they can’t stand it. Going out to work was suppose to be a choice for women, but now, more often than not, it is a requirement to put food on the table or to feel like you’re ‘doing something.’

    More often than not it is all about envy. I quit a particular job, and nearly every single woman told me they wished they could do the same.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    …Rosen claimed that Ann Romney “never worked a day in her life” because she chose to stay home and raise five sons.

    So what? If the Romneys could afford to support that arrangement, then good for them.

  • jb books

    All irony aside, she totally misunderstands. We are not angry, we are thrilled. Her mask is off.

  • labman57

    There is certainly nothing wrong with being a “stay at home” mom.
    But it is disingenuous to suggest that the viewpoints of an extremely wealthy homemaker represent the needs and concerns of women — whether married or single, with or without children — who need to earn a living in the workplace to make ends meet.

    Romney to female voters: “The GOP has your back.”

    Meanwhile, the governor of Wisconsin repeals “equal pay for women” legislation, conservative pundits and politicians claim that men deserve higher pay for equal work because “men need the added income more than do women” or because “men know more stuff than do women”, Congressional and state Republican legislators strive to make affordable access to contraception and breast cancer screenings more difficult with their assault on PP and health insurance coverage, and GOP-controlled state legislatures mandate that women seeking an abortion provide social conservative politicians with “a womb with a view”. So much for the tea party/conservative movement’s mantra: “small, non-intrusive government”.

    The 2012 GOP campaign slogan: A chicken in every pot and a spy-cam in every uterus.

    American women to Republican Party: “WE will decide whether or not our rights are being assaulted by conservative policies, thank you very much.”

  • Multitude

    Consider that Barack and Michelle are using the Secret Service as a child rearing service, sending their daughter to Mexico on “spring break” (unusual for an early teen not even in high school) for a week. Consider that progressives across their history have attacked family child raising practices, instead using the government and persons trained in the application of approved culture and ideology to raise them (e.g. Romania, fascist Germany and Italy, the USSR, communist China and Vietnam, North Korea, etc.).

    Having a mother raise her child is one of the greatest threats to a progressive imaginable. It deprives the state of a worker, a soldier, and a compliant, unquestioning subject.

  • Larkin

    I can’t believe that in this day and age of “enlightenment” we’re even talking about this.

    This is one, seriously despicable administration, from top to bottom.

  • Toddski

    This one is a Jewish commie, the worst kind……These traitors need to be eliminated !

  • Interesting
  • StrangernFiction

    Did Ann Romney lie to her children to get them some exercise? Does she recommend other parents do this?


    Unfortunately for them, the Romney’s aren’t the type to fight back against the Left, so I wouldn’t expect this to be used.

  • Skip

    Rosen was one of the people who pushed the Sandra Fluke joke.

    Ann Romney had 5 children, has MS has had breast Cancer.

    Rosen has visited the White House 36 times since Obama has been president. This is also a part of the Obama war machine gearing up for the election of 2012.

  • Multitude

    Incidentally, Anne Romney has plenty of work experience:

    – Board Member of the New England Chapter of the MS Society
    – Served as the Governor’s Liaison to the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives
    – Served on the Board at the United Way, as well as on their Executive Committee and Community Impact Committee
    – Formerly worked with Right To Play, formerly Olympic Aid
    – Volunteers for children reading education efforts, including Scholastic Reading
    – Participates with Partners for Youth with Disabilities, the American Red Cross, and the Perkins School for the Blind
    – Prior director of Best Friends, an organization that addresses the special needs of adolescent, inner-city girls

    Why, Barack Obama ought to recognize Anne’s community leadership: “As a dynamic community leader, she has been a long-serving supporter and leader in the United Way of Massachusetts Bay.” Does the left have a problem with one being a community organizer? She’s the community organizer Barack never was.

    Remember Michelle Obama calling upon college students to take the path toward volunteering and nonprofits? Not seeing a buck at the end of the day? So now we know the reality about the progressives, via Hillary Rosen, that it’s all about power and profit?

    This admission by progressive leader Rosen is utterly huge.

  • StrangernFiction
  • Multitude

    btw, the source for my post above on Anne Romney’s community organizer experience is this:


  • bob loblaw

    Hillary, remember, the hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world. BTW, how’s that foot taste?

  • wtd

    A commenter over at WeaselZippers pointed out the following NYT article dated January 23, 2003 :
    Hilary Rosen, Recording Industry Lobbyist Plans to Leave Her Position

    “Ms. Rosen said today that she was leaving the association because she wanted to spend more time with her two children, twins — a boy and a girl — adopted in 1999 by Ms. Rosen and her partner, Elizabeth Birch, the executive director of the Human Rights Campaign. . .”

    So she finally decided to devote her “full” attention to adopted twins once they were fully potty trained and verbal. . .primed and ready for pre-school and full time academies.

    Keep doubling down, Rosen. She couldn’t provide better material for GoP political ads if she tried.

  • Empirefalls

    Rosen was given her attack orders from the adminisration. Like any good soldier, she will continue this until told to desist by her leash holders. I predict she will back off soon, as the administration are fine-tuned to the polls. They then will deny she made any negative statement against homemakers.

  • olm

    Where were Ms. Rosen”s kids while she was visitting the WH?
    I always wonder about these loudmouths who start off by saying “I have kids……………”
    OK, so where are yours?

  • olm

    #31, oh great. So she is a lesbian mother of adopted twins? Did both mothers work? Ok, Ms. Rosen, tell us how it is done.

  • NoBama2012

    Rosen is a lezbo and a gay rights activist and that explains why she hates Anne Romney who exudes traditional American values.

  • valerie

    Yes, let’s change the subject. Let’s all run off and talk about Ann Romney, up close and personal, instead of the absolutely miserable economic results of the Obama policies, which have hurt all women, whether they work in the home or outside it (or both!), or as so many more than in the past, want to work and can’t.


    The real news today has nothing to do with Ann Romney, and everything to do with those women who are still trying to find work!


    “Mathur said about 43% of the 12.8 million Americans officially labeled out of work fall into the category of the long-term unemployed, “which is huge, we’ve never seen those kinds of numbers in any recession,” she said.

    “That problem is reflected in the U6 rate.”

    “Mathur said the gap between the official rate and the U6 rate is usually about two percentage points. But in the wake of the financial crisis that followed the collapse of the U.S. housing market in 2007, the gap has widened to about seven points.”

    “Usually the difference is pretty low so it’s not something people have really focused on because there’s hasn’t been that big of a gap” she said. “The tremendous difference in this recession has been the long-term unemployed. The labor market hasn’t really recovered at all.”

    And, the attack has nothing to do with Ann Romney, and everything to do with a proposal by Duncan Hunter R-Ca to use the real unemployment rate in our national discussion.


  • lizzy84

    I read an article this morning that said Hilary Rosen visits the White House all the time.. I think that’s coming to an end!

  • OhioMary

    How is Ann Rosen any more capable of being empathetic than Ann Romney toward a waitress in Nevada – Is that the type of job or salary she is used too? Is she and the dems the only people on the planet that can feel for those who are struggling. What an ego.

  • Alana

    It’s not 2 out of 3 anymore. Now it’s 97%.

  • well now

    All liberals are humorless,envious and mean-spirited people, I know this from the ones I used to be friends with including those in my own family.Militant lesbians and gaysare among the most obnoxious about in your face “tolerance”

  • StrangernFiction

    All liberals are humorless,envious and mean-spirited people

    Fortunately Ann Romney should know this as well as anyone, which should give her an advantage.

  • Lee

    I am a registered nurse and worked until my fourth child was born. Then I quit working outside the home and stayed home full time.

    It wasn’t easy. Finances were always an issue, but it was worth it. Today, I have 7 grown children, including a set of twins (my last pregnancy) and not one has ever been in jail. Two have college degrees, one is a petty officer in the US Navy, one daughter is a Marine Staff Sgt in Afghanistan, one manages a pizza parlor, one works at a convenience store, and one is in college.

    Every one is a good person, with no police record, none of them takes drugs, and all of them are hard workers. Three of them are married and between them have given me nine grandchildren.

    Stay-at-home moms work hard. I’ve been in the work force and I’ve been a stay-at-home mom. The stay at home part is a lot harder. Take it from me.

  • MaryW

    #27 Multitude

    Haha….You can cut the irony with a knife, can’t you?!?

    The left is so blind. More often than not they leave me speechless.

  • Redwine

    Rosen is a lesbian activist (former partner Elizabeth Birch, with adopted twins). Like other leftist activists, she’s probably jealous of Ann and her 5 boys. Just look at how the left ripped other prominent conservative women, like Bachmann and Palin.

    BTW – Rosen’s Wikipedia page is about to be scrubbed. I found this notice: “This article is being considered for deletion in accordance with Wikipedia’s deletion policy.”

  • Multitude

    #43 MaryW: Thanks, and yes they are quite remarkably intellectually blunt and omnidimensional. The only aspect I’m intrigued about them exploiting out of this that would show strategic opportunity is if they try to spin this into an issue for gays and lesbians. I’d expect decent tea party folks not to give them any ammo here, but as we saw from their machine and Travan, all it takes is a single incident.

    I’m allied with many GLBT issues and know many tea party friends who are as well. I’m a big fan of Judith Butler (in spite of her confusion and misbelief that the political left is their ally, as the experiences the GLBT had in progressive Germany and Russia had shown quite communitarian systems to be quite deadly to the individuality of gender construction and identity). May we show respect and deprive the progressives of another false issue to incite a demographic segment like they did with Travan and attempt to do via La Raza now with Hispanics.

  • Gini

    Daily Mail says that Rosen and her girlfriend split in 2006 and have two adopted children. I wonder who has custody of the children.

  • Since she says that Romney’s wife was “the one who got in this”, and a couple of years ago she was glorifying Michelle Obama for being such a “wonderful woman”, I want to know IS OBAMA’S WIFE FAIR GAME NOW SINCE SHE GOT INTO THIS, LIKE ROMNEY’S WIFE DID? Does it mean that we can start attacking Obama’s wife now? I’m drueling waiting for the chance to unload on Michelle’s job that Obama created for her so she could be in charge and make more money at that hospital she worked at. Did you know when Michelle left the hospital that job and dept. was removed from the hospital system and that job she had doesn’t exist any more? Hummm, I wonder why?

    But Romney’s wife had all kinds of bad health issues and still raised five kids, and helped with her husbands campaign’s took care of their home and did everything all other mothers did taking care of that many kids and was bad sick in and out of the hospitals. Gee, I guess *(MS.)* (I’m putting extra attention to the liberal change to what used to be Mrs. as in the wife of her husband) Rosen wouldn’t know anything about that would she.

  • DnD

    I cannot believe they are actually trying to make this a ‘privileged Mom’ against the ‘poor and must work Mom’ scenario, it is more class warfare. For our family, WE WENT WITHOUT the ‘fancy privileges’ (think cable, more than one car, high priced food items, vacations, toys and electronics, etc… you know, the whole keeping up with the jones’ thing) that other families had, because we made a choice to actually raise our children, for me to stay home, teach them and love them. How DARE this administration attack those who PUT FAMILY FIRST!!

    I have been a wife and mother my entire adult life… I homeschooled all three of my children, from 1998 to 2012. It was not only my choice, but my privilege and DUTY. I chose to have children, thus, I chose a career in raising them.

  • gracepmc

    Ann Romney responded with grace and professionalism. And I applaud her for standing up. Hopefully if there is more to be said, it will be done by surrogates. It’s clear that Obama wants to make the distinction between “privileged” women and whatever segment of the female population he is sucking up to now. Also I thought it odd, although now getting to be a habit, that he had to over reach and comment that Michelle “didn’t have that privilege”. Why open that door and what about keeping the family out of it? Oh well, good luck with that. That said, I read that the WH or the DNC I am not sure which, recommended that Debbie Wasserman-S needed to tone it down a bit. And they suggested that she meet with Anita Dunn and Hilary Rosen for some PR tips. Reality — sometimes stranger than fiction.

  • driguana

    What a disgusting individual! She certainly doesn’t represent any women in my life, mothers includeed!

  • Winston Wolfe

    @ #20 – You couldn’t be more tedious and predictable if you tried.

  • EBL

    Hillary Rosen is insane!

    Team Obama will not only throw her under the bus, but will back it up and hit her with the wheel her several times to kill this. They were hoping on this war on women thing since Trayvon Martin is too fraught with danger for them.

  • EBL

    labman57, given that the Obama White House pays women less than men, it really does not need Hillary Rosen attacking stay at home moms. Which is why Michelle Obama her self sent out a tweet today defending stay at home moms. They recognize how badly Hillary Rosen screwed this up for them and are trying damage control.

    But keep arguing what you are arguing. It actually works for the benefit of conservatives.

  • EBL

    Rosen is apologizing now. Axelrod must have finally reached and and told her to stop digging. Apology now. Sepuku to follow.

  • Patty

    I take such great offense from Hillary Rosen’s statements about Ann Romney. She has MS, she could be on Disability. She had Breast Cancer. She know the cost of Health care. She know the cost of groceries.

    I raised my sons and worked while they were in school. We aren’t privileged and we did without and I still managed to even send my sons to Private School.

    I suppose that I was the originator of working for the opportunity to send my sons there.

    My life was wonderful and still is and all these years we aren’t privileged but what we have in Love and Family is better than all the money in the world.

    If a mother wants to badly enough she will find a way to stay at home at least until children are in school. There are many employers and companies that will work with you.

    I happened to work in the school system and I even dropped my sons off at school and picked them up from school. We had one car and I did it. It takes a wonderful and courageous women to have the strength and make sacrifices for their children.

    We make choices and for some women they do wish to work. And that is their choice. Anf for economy comments by Rosen. A person who have to be living on the moon not to know our economy is in the tank. You don’t have to be a Rosen to know that this national debt is the worse in U.S. History.

    H. Rosen is working for a person who is just perfect for her. They hate the right, hate the conservative women, just remember what the did to Palin, Jay Carney spun this issue and never answer the question in the press conference. I don’t believe Rosen even is aware of Ann Romney’s MS.

    If that would even matter, as Rosen has alienated a large group of voters, today. The vary ones Obama needs. In this respect, that was a good thing.

  • KMB

    The headline does need to be corrected. She is not a democratic adviser.

  • Patty
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  • valerie

    #58 April 12, 2012 at 1:48 pm
    Patty commented:

    He’d be more credible if he said “Lay off our wives.”

  • Brooklyn Girl

    Hilary Rosen has two kids. And this is what she actually said:

    If they want to attack me and distract the public’s attention away from their nominee’s woeful record, it just demonstrates how much they just don’t get it.

    My favorite tweet was from someone who said that Republicans like Ann Romney so much more than Mitt that by attacking her (which I didn’t), I got people to defend him in a way they never would. That last one, I can actually understand.

    Now let’s be clear on one thing. I have no judgments about women who work outside the home versus women who work in the home raising a family. I admire women who can stay home and raise their kids full time. I even envy them sometimes. It is a wonderful luxury to have the choice. But let’s stipulate that it is not a choice that most women have in America today.

    Why does this even matter? It matters purely because Mitt Romney put the issue of his wife’s views squarely on the table.

    Please try to keep up.

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  • Jackson

    Great family for the White House……….they’ll make us feel proud once again.

  • MVH

    Maybe Rosen’s just jealous that she and her partner couldn’t keep it together for as long as the Romney’s have…

  • Obamas regulation destroy jobs

    Obama is at war with WOMEN who cant afford high gas and high food costs!! You did this to women who struggle!! And are NOW being forced to leave their home to help pay for gas and food!! YOU did this to women!!!! I want OPEC to get lost! Go freedom! Go capitalists!!! Inventors,Scientists, IT developers, innovators…STOP the welfare check obamas…dictators!!! Get lost parasite Hollywood!

    I am for Romney and his wife and I want the Racist black panther thugs out of the white house, DOJ racists…all of the liars! And it makes me vomit about what he is saying about Reagan–he is disgusting..Reagan CUT taxes not raised them and he NEVER bowed down to Russia..he loved America.

  • MUT’s Badass of the Week: Ann Romney — Some humorous aspects of my analysis of the Rosen fiasco: 1) A Mormon mother tagged as a “Badass”; 2) A reference to how Ann Romney will be Palinized with email inquisitions, requests for clothing expenditures, and rumors of affairs; and, 3) A hilarious pain scale, with an addendum as to how much pain Team Obama is in right now.

  • oldguy

    This is subterfuge. Obama is in serious trouble because of the Trayvon situation, hence the misdirection with this story.

  • Jeff Peaco

    Don’t hate these people, that’s what they want you to do, feel pity for their ignorance, but when they attack defend yourself.

  • ever notice almost all these attacks on stay at home moms come from lesbians. when people say a woman’s place is in the home instead of launching into an attack on the most basic institution in society, why don’t they just say wait i’m a lesbian, i’m not going to get married, i’m not going to have children, i need a job. do they really thing a society without a strong family unit is going to give them a better world to live in. if they really believe that all they have to do is move to inner-city america to see what the world is like that they are advocating.

    my own personal opinion is that a stay at home mom contributes more to society then a career woman or someone that puts their kids in daycare so they can be indoctrinated by the political left. if you don’t believe me ask the kids with the black hair, nails eyes, pasty skin with pins and needles in them if they were in daycare.

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  • noah

    If anyone knows people in the area, would love to stop these jerks from picketing.

    The idiot Baptist are coming.

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