Chicago Blacks to Jesse Watters: ‘We Don’t Shoot White People’ (Video)

The O’Reilly Factor producer Jesse Watters went to Chicago this week to investigate the recent killing spree. So far this year 109 people have been murdered in that city. That’s up 56 percent over last year. The blacks he interviewed weren’t so worried about the Trayvon shooting as they are about black-on-black violence in their city.
FOX Nation reported:

From the transcript:

JESSE WATTERS, FOX NEWS: Murder is skyrocketing in the city of Chicago. What’s going on?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It’s three times more deadly in Chicago than anywhere in the nation.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It really starts at home because you’ve got a lot of people born into families without fathers.

WATTERS: Chicago gets millions of dollars each year to fight this. Where’s the money going?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Money is not enough. It’s going to take family- to-family, block-to-block to not only bring the crime down but raise the value of life.

WATTERS: What’s this neighborhood like?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Confused. Desperate. Desperate for resources and I don’t know where the resource is going but it’s not coming in our community.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It’s World War 17 over here. If you get caught in the crossfire just hope you make it out of here…

…WATTERS: If Bill wanted to come out here, what would you — what would you guys like greet him with open arms?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes there’s no black on white crime. He is safe down here. They don’t want him.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We just heard pop, pop, pop. People started screaming and running everywhere.

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  • PJ

    The ONLY news/opinion program to actually venture into the hood. The rest of them repeat lies by NBC and Sharpton.

  • Patty

    Jesse Jackson is calling for Blacks to wear hoodies at polling places. But this is not racist?

    Some of the ignorant and dangerous statement made by blacks is proof positive are education system is failing. No wonder the gangs are killing each other.

    And Obama said if he had a son he would look like gold teeth Trayvon Martin. Middle finger and his tweet on F-ing the Biotches.

  • Mitsouko

    The most interesting comment was at the end when it was revealed that Arabs are buying up storefront businesses and running drugs out of them, and “for some reason” the police are reluctant to raid them. Geez, wonder why that is?

  • valerie

    Chicago has had crime waves, before. They’ll handle this one, too. I just hope they do it soon, so that the body count will be lower. This is not something that will burn itself out.

    Also, notice how sane these men are? When I lived in Chicago, I noticed lots and lots of grownups everywhere, working in ordinary ways, together. So, if there was a picture in the Tribune of a couple of paramedics working at a car wreck, one might be black, and one white. They also have black cops and aldermen. And one day, when some black hoodlums decided to take over a city bus, some little, old black man in the back pulled a gun on them and told them quietly to get off the bus. The news story did not name the old guy.

    I’d much rather live in Chicago than DC.

  • Rock

    And in a city with some of the toughest gun law on record, imagine that.
    OT, but only slightly, I noticed that many links pointing to high crime rates have disappeared down the memory hole making it tough to ID cities with high crime rates verses gun laws.

  • Patty

    OT sort of,

    Barry, 76, served four terms as mayor, a tenure interrupted by his six-month term in federal prison on a drug charge.
    He is running once again for political office. Unopposed

  • squeaky

    chicago also has a pile of dead bodies problem. [Times are so tough in Illinois that the state and its largest city are having a difficult time burying its poor.In Chicago, bodies are stacking up in the city morgue because the medical examiner’s office hasn’t paid for the burial boxes used for the dead who were indigent.]

  • Patty

    At his primary election victory party Tuesday, Barry said: “We got to do something about these Asians coming in and opening up businesses and dirty shops. … They ought to go. I’m going to say that right now. But we need African-American businesspeople to be able to take their places, too.” His comments were first reported by WRC-TV. Barry apologized Thursday for the comments.

    Marion Barry Quote.

    Seems Blacks have something to say about others. They seem to think they are special.

    I wonder why.

  • “we dont shoot white people down here” something the black civil rights leaders have been complaining about for years.

    seems rham emanuel is as competent as is former boss.

    the guy is correct the solution is the family not more government programs. however, liberal america has been destroying the family in america for sixty years. any government program will have that as its real goal not stopping the violence. the gangs are the kids makeup for the lack of a family.

  • Marsh626

    Crime statistics say otherwise.

  • democraps suck

    Round up all gang members and unemployed thugs and send them to Afghanistan and tell them it’s open season on the rag heads….have fun

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    The O’Reilly Factor producer Jesse Watters went to Chicago this week to investigate the recent killing spree. So far this year 109 people have been murdered in that city.

    So are they shooting each other, despite a de facto gun ban there?

  • Kellie

    Really? Well it was a black man who murdered my brother… so I guess that means my brother was the one exception to that rule? What a crock of $hit!

  • They don’t shoot white people, a black guy told me so…….He said they kill a bunch of crackers though…….

  • shibumi

    Come to Detroit. I’m pretty sure they can rival those numbers. Plus, many of the deaths in Detroit are under 18.

    /as for not killing crackas, we don’t venture into the hood, so there are less opportunities to pop us. So to speak.

  • bg


    UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We’ve got to stop referring to people as African
    – American, Hispanic-American. These are American kids and they are
    being slaughtered by other American kids.

    was thinking the very same thing (again) yesterday.. we’re “American”,
    color, creed, and credential blind, and we were more or less succeeding
    until the brilliant “post-racial” usurper in cheif decided to stir all that crap
    and a bag of chips vs serious issues our country is facing up again.. 😐


  • owl

    Yeah, I am so sick of the racism. When you get your own special crime laws and clubs, that is racism. It makes me ill that we have ELECTED voices that think this type of racism is okay.

    Racism is wrong, regardless of where it originated.

    I feel sorry for a lot of the people who live through this horror but they do not have decent leaders. Can you imagine being a mother/father and the fear for their children. Then some just get this crap drilled into them from birth that they are victims and no one shows them the way out.

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  • Punch bowl floater

    but crackers are fair game up here in da hood.

  • bg


    ‘We Don’t Shoot White People’

    Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan strongly disagree..

    reads like the writing on Obama’s wall..


  • bg


    April 05, 2012

    Third News Network Admits to False
    Reporting on George Zimmerman ….

    [TOOBIN: The only way the federal government has jurisdiction over this homicide is if they can prove there was some sort of racial hostility at the core of it. This is obviously very important. It’s not the only piece of evidence in the case. The Justice Department presumably will investigate every aspect of this. But certainly if the word is “cold,” not c-o-o-n, that is highly relevant.]


  • freedom_AZ

    But they get millions and millions of dollars to combat this where does the money go? To the political machine, where else.

  • PhilHartmanonic

    The guy’s right. I used to live in, shall we say, a transitional neighborhood in Chicago and I picked up pretty quickly that so long as I didn’t seriously press my luck I was going to be left alone. In my neighborhood around Puerto Rico Day there was a tradition of Latin-American gang bangers beating up black people, so at times I’d have to walk my black friends home so they didn’t get messed with.
    I knew to keep quiet when the Latin Kings were shooting a video on my front porch, but aside from that life for me wasn’t too much different from the suburbs (except no one got on my case for putting a McCain sign in my window in the hood, North Shore, not so much).

    On the crime issue, really I think it’s the new police commissioner. The last guy was very unpopular because he pushed ridiculous ideas taking cops out of rich, white, very safe neighborhoods and sending them to the neighborhoods where there were unbelievable crime rates. So he got pushed out in favor of some dude who’d do as he was told. This city is a disaster.