Still obsessed after all of these years–
Chicago artist J. Taylor Wallace’s “We’re having a Tea-parady” is a screaming Sarah Palin head on display at the Bridgeport Art Center,

The sculpture, called “We’re Havin’ a Tea Pear-ody,” doubles as a working stove, and at 5 p.m. Friday, it will cook a whole suckling pig, which will be roasted right in the mouth. The smoke from the roasting process will billow from the sculpture’s head, which is adorned with hair ratted up in a high bun just like the real Palin. (CBS Chicago)

Yahoo reported on the latest Palin-hating exhitit.

COMMENTARY | Sarah Palin, besides being the most powerful female politician on the planet, has been the inspiration for art. The bad news is that some of the art in question is nasty and is meant to be unflattering.

For example, during the 2008 campaign, the owner of a Chicago pub called the Old Towne Ale House displayed a nude full body portrait of the then-vice presidential candidate with a gun, red high heels, a polar bear rug, the rugged Alaska landscape and a decidedly frightened moose. The owner’s daughter served as body model for the Palin portrait, according to the Chicago Tribune.

This rendition was mild compared to a painting displayed in 2011 that depicted Palin being nailed to a cross and screaming in agony. Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit suggested at the time it was a way for the left to express its undying hate for Palin and Jesus at the same time. It was an incredible piece of torture porn, rancid with ugliness and rage.

Now, according to CBS News, Palin has become the inspiration for a sculpture that will be used as a barbeque pit. On the face of it, being the model of a barbeque pit would seem to be the height of flattery. It would certainly be that way in many parts of Texas, where grilling and smoking meat is a way of life.

Unfortunately, the sculpture in question, executed in metal by artist J. Taylor Wallace, depicts the former governor as a wide-eyed, screaming harridan, which might be an accurate depiction of how the far left views her. The sculpture was used to roast an entire, pear stuffed pig at a recent art festival. It is said the fire made the eyes glow and the mouth shoot flames, in a sort of parody of a female demon.

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  1. :-0

  2. Sponsored by the NEA? Such civility!

  3. Well, Jim….

    …at least they quoted a voice of reason.

  4. And yet the Left says the GOP is fighting a War on Women, eh? Such imbecility, such a fine case of utter projection.

  5. It doesn’t even look like her!

  6. #5 April 22, 2012 at 10:42 pm
    Hugh commented:

    It doesn’t even look like her!

    The sculpture does have a slight resemblance to Tina Fey, though.

  7. THAT is supposed to be Palin? If it hadn’t been labeled as such, I wouldn’t see ANY resemblance. Of course, Palin should buy it and roast a couple of elk in it.

    Best way to defuse that idiocy is to co-opt it.

  8. Maybe we can get Artist Jon McNaughton to Paint a picture of Former Governor Sarah Palin

    The left are ignorant, I have no time for them. I am just glad that Sarah has a Voice to speak for me and everyone who believes in the great nation. I am so excited and can’t wait for November Elections. This is pay back time.

    And I can wait for Zimmerman to be acquitted.

  9. Ridiculing the enemy is a pure Alinsky tactic of the psychotic and deranged Left. Ridicule IS fear. And they truly fear Palin.

  10. …the sculpture in question, executed in metal by artist J. Taylor Wallace, depicts the former governor as a wide-eyed, screaming harridan, which might be an accurate depiction of how the far left views her.

    Sounds more like an accurate description OF the far left.

  11. total leftist scumbag. the only reason some people are still walking around is that it is illegal to kill them. that being said, i think throwing j taylor wallace into the flaming mouth would be totally appropriate…

  12. It looks more like Rosie O’Donnell to me.

  13. Patty, I too M looking forward
    To November. My son’s first
    Presidential election to vote in. I have two signed books by Romney. (not a fan, he was at the Citadel)

    I hope Zimmerman makes it to trial. I think he’ll be killed before that.

    The pig pit does look like Tina fey.

  14. Anyone heard from Gus lately?

  15. Where’s the sculpture of barry sucking dick in a bathhouse? Would have more regional signficance.

  16. Does anyone know of a statue to Biden, or how about Piglosi, nah conservatives just ignore fools. Quite a compliment to the stature of Palin though, when you think about it.

  17. We should re-title it so it makes more sense. Call it “Obama ate WHAT?”

  18. Roasting a Pig! How Freudian…the perfect metaphor for the left!

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