Chicago Art Museum Opens Giant Screaming Palin Head Garden Exhibit

Still obsessed after all of these years–
Chicago artist J. Taylor Wallace’s “We’re having a Tea-parady” is a screaming Sarah Palin head on display at the Bridgeport Art Center,

The sculpture, called “We’re Havin’ a Tea Pear-ody,” doubles as a working stove, and at 5 p.m. Friday, it will cook a whole suckling pig, which will be roasted right in the mouth. The smoke from the roasting process will billow from the sculpture’s head, which is adorned with hair ratted up in a high bun just like the real Palin. (CBS Chicago)

Yahoo reported on the latest Palin-hating exhitit.

COMMENTARY | Sarah Palin, besides being the most powerful female politician on the planet, has been the inspiration for art. The bad news is that some of the art in question is nasty and is meant to be unflattering.

For example, during the 2008 campaign, the owner of a Chicago pub called the Old Towne Ale House displayed a nude full body portrait of the then-vice presidential candidate with a gun, red high heels, a polar bear rug, the rugged Alaska landscape and a decidedly frightened moose. The owner’s daughter served as body model for the Palin portrait, according to the Chicago Tribune.

This rendition was mild compared to a painting displayed in 2011 that depicted Palin being nailed to a cross and screaming in agony. Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit suggested at the time it was a way for the left to express its undying hate for Palin and Jesus at the same time. It was an incredible piece of torture porn, rancid with ugliness and rage.

Now, according to CBS News, Palin has become the inspiration for a sculpture that will be used as a barbeque pit. On the face of it, being the model of a barbeque pit would seem to be the height of flattery. It would certainly be that way in many parts of Texas, where grilling and smoking meat is a way of life.

Unfortunately, the sculpture in question, executed in metal by artist J. Taylor Wallace, depicts the former governor as a wide-eyed, screaming harridan, which might be an accurate depiction of how the far left views her. The sculpture was used to roast an entire, pear stuffed pig at a recent art festival. It is said the fire made the eyes glow and the mouth shoot flames, in a sort of parody of a female demon.

More here.

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  • John Fembup


  • dnb

    Sponsored by the NEA? Such civility!

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Well, Jim….

    …at least they quoted a voice of reason.

  • FurryGuy

    And yet the Left says the GOP is fighting a War on Women, eh? Such imbecility, such a fine case of utter projection.

  • Hugh

    It doesn’t even look like her!

  • FurryGuy

    #5 April 22, 2012 at 10:42 pm
    Hugh commented:

    It doesn’t even look like her!

    The sculpture does have a slight resemblance to Tina Fey, though.

  • THAT is supposed to be Palin? If it hadn’t been labeled as such, I wouldn’t see ANY resemblance. Of course, Palin should buy it and roast a couple of elk in it.

    Best way to defuse that idiocy is to co-opt it.

  • Patty

    Maybe we can get Artist Jon McNaughton to Paint a picture of Former Governor Sarah Palin

    The left are ignorant, I have no time for them. I am just glad that Sarah has a Voice to speak for me and everyone who believes in the great nation. I am so excited and can’t wait for November Elections. This is pay back time.

    And I can wait for Zimmerman to be acquitted.

  • Redwine

    Ridiculing the enemy is a pure Alinsky tactic of the psychotic and deranged Left. Ridicule IS fear. And they truly fear Palin.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    …the sculpture in question, executed in metal by artist J. Taylor Wallace, depicts the former governor as a wide-eyed, screaming harridan, which might be an accurate depiction of how the far left views her.

    Sounds more like an accurate description OF the far left.

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  • stonedome

    total leftist scumbag. the only reason some people are still walking around is that it is illegal to kill them. that being said, i think throwing j taylor wallace into the flaming mouth would be totally appropriate…

  • It looks more like Rosie O’Donnell to me.

  • Militant Conservative

    Patty, I too M looking forward
    To November. My son’s first
    Presidential election to vote in. I have two signed books by Romney. (not a fan, he was at the Citadel)

    I hope Zimmerman makes it to trial. I think he’ll be killed before that.

    The pig pit does look like Tina fey.

  • Militant Conservative

    Anyone heard from Gus lately?

  • henrick

    Where’s the sculpture of barry sucking dick in a bathhouse? Would have more regional signficance.

  • DaMav
  • jainphx

    Does anyone know of a statue to Biden, or how about Piglosi, nah conservatives just ignore fools. Quite a compliment to the stature of Palin though, when you think about it.

  • Nelle

    We should re-title it so it makes more sense. Call it “Obama ate WHAT?”

  • Practical Jane

    Roasting a Pig! How Freudian…the perfect metaphor for the left!

  • CR

    I wonder how long it took to make that POS? That’s an awful lot of effort and long-lasting hate to make such a piece of ‘art’ that you know can’t cook worth a damn. That kind of behavior is surely some sort of psychosis.

    BTW – I thought those lefties were against carbon emissions. What about all the greenhouse gasses that thing emits when cooking? Looks like they hate Sarah more than they love the planet.

  • MaryW

    For someone who is supposed to be so irrelevant, she sure occupies the lefties minds. Keep driving them crazy, Sarah!

    #19 – Nelle: ROTFLMHO!!!

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  • Andrew X

    Sarah Palin is an insect. Sarah Palin is fungi.

    I mean that lovingly, of course.

    One of the absolute freakiest and creepiest elements of the natural world are these really messed up insects (and some fungi) that literally get into the brains of other insects and alter their behavior to the benefit of the invader. They can actually get spiders to change the design of their webs to protect the invaders young rather than feed the spider, get ants to hunt for them, stuff like that. I mean, it is really creepy weird.

    Sarah Palin has done just that to the bugs of the left. She has climbed into their brain-stem, never to be removed. She can move to freekin’ Mars tomorrow, it will not matter. Her screaming into their heads “I’m still here, I’m with you, all day every day, and I will be here tomorrow!!” will not relent. She does this by…. um… posting on Facebook occasionally.

    And so the host bugs of the left go crazy. They act in ways which make every single person who does not have Sarah Palin wrapped around their brain stem think they are genuinely crazy, like something is in fact deeply wrong with them. They act with the verbal and written equivalent of someone desperately fighting off an invisible bee. The rest of us watch and back away slowly. And then they catch their breath for a moment and say… “Don’t forget to vote how we tell you to!” And then go they back to battling the Alaskan grandmother and Facebook demon who will not let them rest.

    It’s been funny for a while, but now it starts to give one that uneasy feeling one gets when you learn about insects that have evolved to master mind-control. Just who are the infected ones, and what are they capable of in the end? And how did they get this way? Because at heart it really is deeply, deeply weird.

    But don’t forget to vote for them! We need them to run the country, doncha know.

  • Tim in Cali

    What is art ? Let’s see,I make a video with a jar of urine. After a few seconds,I drop a GAY flag in it. A few seconds later,I drop a BULLET in the jar with the GAY FLAG..Before the LGBT goes crazy..I title the ART piece…GAYS SHOULD OWN GUNS ALSO…There’d be no outrage,right?..remember,it’s just ART

  • Ed

    What a hateful ugly bunch. What the Left is going to reap from mocking this woman the last four years will leave the rest of us speechless.

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  • Bedtime Bonzo

    Who cares?

    The Left only mocks and ridicules conservatives they fear. I’d take it as a complement.

  • bg


    looks more like Tina Fey..


  • bg


    “We’re Havin’ a Tea Pear-ody”

    forget artists, they need better writers..

    Plain could come up with a better title..


  • bg


    which is adorned with hair ratted up
    in a high bun just like the real Palin


    ROTF 😆 MBO!!


  • forest

    They cooked a baby pig? I’m outraged!

  • tommy mc donnell

    another example of the famous liberal civility. i wonder if they sang”all you need is love” when they held their tea-parady.

  • Tim in Cali

    IDEA: Sarah,please show up with some Caribou steaks..but no wolves,thats to close to canines..This isn’t a 3rd world country..

  • mg4us

    My question is who paid for this? Was any taxpayer money used? If so, someone should be investigated like the GSA scandal. And where is the EPA on carbon emissions and pollution? And he he have a license to serve food?

    Funny how the liberal left cover up one another. . .

    While I see no resemblance to Palin, the fact that the “artist” (if you can call him that) created this only goes to prove she lives in his head. .

    The reason for the fire is that he has a burning desire for her. . The pig that is roasted represents him and his perverted mind.

  • Sally

    They remain terrified of strong, bright, courageous, effective (and gorgeous) logical women.

  • Blackbird

    Wait, that isn’t Michael Moore?

  • BridgetGB

    If NOW was interested in anything besides abortion on demand they’d be calling out the faux artiste behind this Tina Fey-esque BBQ pit for the misogynist that he is – but since it’s against Sarah and against a conservative woman – it’s a perfectly understandable situation for a man to publicly celebrate hatred of strong women. NOW is a joke. The left is intolerant and can’t come up with a decent argument for their crap views so they indulge themselves in personal attacks.

    BTW, Chicago is the worst city in the country for start ups … the worst. Democrat Politicians have financially gutted the place for their own obsession with power and control.

  • MN Jim

    If this were a model of one of the obamas, it would immediately be branded “raaacist” by the media, the black congressional caucus and all the lib groups.

  • Dick Dastardly

    The socialists fear her. This so called art is a visual demonstration of how much they fear her. This fear is well placed because Sarah Palin speaks the truth that the left is afraid of.


  • Warthog

    Palin just lives rent-free in their heads, doesn’t she?
    I mean, I’m concerned with politics and all, but the most I’ve ever done is goof around with an Obama JPEG or two. Sara is like some evil dentist who has drilled out every one of their teeth.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    She’s no longer governor or Alaska, and she’s not running for any office at the moment.

    Why does the Left continue to obsess over Sarah Palin? (And why are they now beginning to obsess over Ann Romney?)

  • The “artist” couldn’t even get the eyeglasses right.

  • paul fort

    this artist needs to update his intel.
    this rendition makes him look stupid.
    palin is nothing like this.

  • feduptoo

    Amazing, how one woman can send these left lug nuts over the edge!

  • burt

    I hope they got it for free. I did not recognize it. I would have guessed Madcow.

  • john b

    Looks like African art.
    Now, imagine they made one of Obama with his mouth wide open to signify his devouring of everything… dog and economy.


  • Ajanel

    Can there be hate on art, can art be hateful, would a good person buy it, would a folower of Jesus agree this is art, would you teach this kind of art to your own children, would you want to be friend with the person who spent time and money on this piece of $^&*@.

  • owl

    #47 Good one. Someone good with the pics ought to immediately give us one. Then we can give new meaning to Come Here Bo.

  • owl

    What would the Left be without their MSM, funny people, movies and art? I bet they could even teach us to be civil. Sweeties.

  • bg
  • bg


    re: #51 April 23, 2012 at 9:55 am bg


    [curses here]


  • jorgen

    Yes, keep shouting at them, Sarah, they need to be told again and again!

  • Thescribbler

    Personally, this OFFENDS me and I demand it be taken down. It looks like me, I wear my hair in a ponytail, wear glasses, have a big mouth. I’m OFFENDED and something needs to be done IMMEDIATELY! Any other ladies offended? 🙂 Sometimes, if you can’t beat ’em, ya just have to join them.

    On the other hand, Sarah could take this as an honor. It shows that she’s HOT! lol

  • donh

    She looks like the Granny in Sponge Bob that steals his pet snail Gary to eat…>

  • Patty

    #14 April 22, 2012 at 11:12 pm
    Militant Conservative commented:

    Patty, I too M looking forward
    To November. My son’s first
    Presidential election to vote in. I have two signed books by Romney. (not a fan, he was at the Citadel)

    I hope Zimmerman makes it to trial. I think he’ll be killed before that.

    The pig pit does look like Tina fey.

    Anyone but Obama. We need that extra vote. Great for your Son.

    Grill is ugly. I over the dumb thing.

    Now, Zimmerman is going to get acquitted and now, there are rallies for this young man and JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED. If someone hurts or kills Zimmerman, I do believe that many will pay and we will then have one or many WHO DID COMMIT MURDER.

    We don’t need to look far to find the murderer, now do we.

  • anti-bho
  • Patty

    #57 April 23, 2012 at 10:30 am
    anti-bho commented:

    meanwhile back in the real world:

  • Flannery

    Thescribbler commented:
    “On the other hand, Sarah could take this as an honor. It shows that she’s HOT! lol”

    I agree with this sentiment. It’s neither vile nor pornographic, it good clean political satire. And unlike most products of the left it actually serves a useful purpose.

    I smiled when I saw it, laughed when I read about it and dismissed it as unimportant when I thought about it.

  • Flannery

    P.S. – I wonder if they will have Indonesian hot dogs to go along with the roast pig?

  • Michael

    Seriously, there should be a big Tea Party rally there to celebrate it. That would infuriate the left.

  • Flannery

    Maybe we should use it as a Tea Pear-ody fundraiser for Seeing-Eye Dogs programs.

  • Gary

    Furry Guy, Hugh

    Funny. My exact thought when I saw it.
    It looks a lot more like Tina Fey than Sarah Palin.

    Man, oh man, did she ever get inside their heads.
    Lives there rent-free four years later.


  • Gary

    On a lighter note, maybe in a couple thousand years when we’ve all destroyed ourselves, the new emerging society will dig this thing up and think it’s some kind of goddess.
    The left just can’t win when it comes to Sarah Palin.

  • dba…vagabond trader

    With a little covert artistic action that contraption could easily be converted to a Nanny Pelousy cooker.

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  • DomesticGoddess

    We need Obama’s head as a dog house!

  • BurmaShave

    I wonder how the demwits would like if the NRA put an insulting statue of Obama on the front lawn of their headquarters.

    My bet is that they would turn Al Sharpton and their various other race baiting individuals and networks into full riot inciting mode.

  • BurmaShave

    First cost cutting move for the next Congress: eliminate NEA, CPB, NPR, and PBS as budget items altogether.

    If there any complaints, clauses should be incorporate for garnishing improperly spent money, such as money spent on this statue.

  • even steven

    I’ve been trying to get an NEA grant for my sculpture of Obama’s head surrounded by giant penises. So far, no luck. I think maybe there is politics involved with the decision making… just a guess, though.

  • AuntieMadder

    “The sculpture was used to roast an entire, pear stuffed pig at a recent art festival.”

    I guess they didn’t want Muslims at their barbecue. Racists.

  • JG


  • AuntieMadder

    @ Thescribbler #54: I wear glasses and, sometimes, a ponytail. I don’t have a big mouth but I can get loud. If that’s close enough, then I’m offended – nay, outraged! – that I’m being mocked and made the butt of their joke. That thing must be taken down, dismantled, burned, smelted, or whatever it takes to ensure it’s gone from this earth completely, never to be seen again. Dammit.

  • Joanne

    She still looks better than democrats

  • Joscefi

    Do they even know if they’re demonizing, or deifying her, anymore?

  • dba…vagabond trader

    Wonder if a KFC stuffed Michael Moore would fit in the oven. Now that would be epic! 😈

  • SpideyTerry

    The irony is, that coconut is still more attractive than Tina Fey.

  • Dylan

    Looks alot like Tina Fey except for the mouth, that, obviously, is scaled after Dinghy
    Whatser -name Schitz.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    This is art?

    It looks like those coconut heads they sell at Disneyland, and on Southern California boardwalks.

  • Jenny

    What a creative, insightful and valuable work of art! (cough) Tina Fey is so funny!!

  • DeeDee

    #54 – I wear glasses that are shaped the same and lately my hair looks like that. It looks a lot like me and I am Hispanic. I had people over for tea and served baked pears. This is just an insult to Hispanics and just racist. It must come down immediately or I will call ACLU.

    I am a private citizen and my facsimile should not be made public without my permission.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    What’s even freakier is reading the comments.


    I mean seriously, what is it with the Marxists’ Palin hate/obsession? Even Richard Nixon didn’t make them this crazy.

  • Jim

    So what? There is a display of a quitter, liar & tease. She needs to go away forever. her 15 minutes are long ago over!

  • DeeDee

    Jim, for someone whose 15 minutes were over long ago, she certainly irks you and your leftist liberal cohorts. The left cannot stand a strong female, maybe because they are afraid of being further emasculated. I don’t know but I am sure that a psychiatrist could write a book about leftists liberals’ issues with women.

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  • charlotte

    There should a GIANT Obama statue with a dog ins mouth oven. I WISH!

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Jim, she’s gone away.

    You liberals just can’t admit it.

    You are far more obsessed with her than conservatives are. Why is that?

  • Rhinestone Suderman


    (Charlotte, yes, an Obama oven with a dog in it would be hilarious! “Why did Romney put his dog on top of the car? He wanted to keep it away from Obama!” No applause, please—just throw me your spare change. And if you don’t like that joke—-blame Sarah Palin! She’s responsible! She created Ice Age, and wiped out the dinosaurs! Have we had the two-minute Ann Romney hate yet?)

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Or howzabout an Obama doghouse? The entrance, where the dog goes in and out, could be the mouth!

    (I swear, that Palin head looks exactly like one of those coconut head thingies they sell down on ocean boardwalks for $5.00. I wonder if that’s where the artist got his inspiration? And I wonder if he got any tax dollars for creating this “Masterpiece”? If so, wouldn’t it have been cheaper just to go to the beach and buy some coconut heads? The artist could have stacked them all in a pyramid or something, and called it “Portrait of the inside of my head”, or “I’ve got a loverly bunch of coconuts” or “I HAVE AN UNHEALTHY OBSESSION WITH SARAH PALIN! SHE MAKES ME CRAZZZZEEEEEEEEEE!”)

  • Thescribbler

    If this is what they call art in Chicago, they have bigger problems than I thought. Just saying….

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