This is breaking news…
A bus is on fire- possible explosion in New York City according to police dispatches in New York City.

A team of dispatchers – New York City Alerts reported this:
Brooklyn: *Bus On Fire* Box #2748. 7 Ave & 92 St. U/D; units repotring a MTA bus exploded involving 6 cars. NY01

Brooklyn: *Bus On Fire* 7 Ave & 92 St. U/D; EMS treating 7 victims, 1 in serious condition likely to die. Fire is knocked down. NY01

Here’s a photo from Twitter

A bus and six cars were torched in the blaze.
The New York Daily News reported:

A twin-size mattress that ended up under an MTA bus is being blamed for sparking a bizarre Thursday night Brooklyn blaze that left the bus and six parked cars torched.

The S53 bus from Staten Island ran over the mattress just after 11 p.m. and dragged it across the Verrazano Bridge, a police source said.

Metal springs in the mattress apparently punctured the bus’ gas tank, setting the coach ablaze moments after the driver pulled over in Bay Ridge and evacuated passengers.

Witnesses said gas from the bus spilled into the gutter on Dahlgren Place near 92nd St., triggering a fiery stream underneath a half-dozen cars that rapidly went up in flames.

No one was injured.




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  1. Here we go…

  2. Kind of late for a terror attack? pray for all of New York and for all of us.

  3. Other than the NY Daily News, this story is not getting reported.

  4. Heh, do a yahoo! search for “new york city bus fire”, and Gateway Pundit is the first entry.

  5. Really? Sounds more like a B-movie scene – or a crock.

  6. I’m from Brooklyn and lived up that way, I always get upset when I hear things like this because I still have a lot of friends there, I dont’ live there anymore but I am always worried about things like this happening there. This sounded strange but not like a bombing it was just a fired up matress right? But how did it wind up under the bus? How could they go from saying 1 victim, likely to die, to no one hurt? weird. Well glad there are no dead .

  7. Successful soft target hit. It will be ruled an


    Powder is dry

  8. The killer muslims are planting mattresses all over NYC

  9. Thank God nobody was killed.

  10. even voting for obama and a slate of dems won’t get n.y.c. off the possible target list.

  11. Were any of Obama’s OWS Operatives on the mattress?

  12. muslim prayer rug for some high level muslim potentate left in the street after prayers?

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