This is huge.
Utah Republican delegates forced longtime Senator Orrin Hatch into a primary race today at the state convention. Hatch will face Sen. Dan Liljenquist in a June 26 primary. has a livefeed from the convention today.

Broadcasting live with Ustream

Reportedly neither candidate U.S. Sen. Orrin Hatch and former state Sen. Dan Liljenquist received more than 60 percent of the vote in the second round of voting today. The two will advance to a June 26 primary.




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  1. Good.

    He hates Tea Party types, so it would be sweet for him to be swept out of office by them.

  2. He did better than Bennett in 2010 — Hatch made it to the primary and could win it. This isn’t over yet.

  3. Hey Orin, “you may want to put some ice on that.” It looks like YOU just got, “punched in the mouth” by the Tea Party.

    Don’t worry, the WAPO has your back.

  4. If he had any decency he would have had a hand in picking his replacement and not forced a lot of money to be spent in a primary battle, but he is the same type of swine as McCain.

  5. This is how the system works. I believe that this presidential election will be filled with fraud.

    I cannot believe with the way this administration has acted out and short of truly great endeavors will do anything to correct Voter Fraud.

    Iraq has fingerprints, we need voter ID, picture and address that coincides with each voter.

  6. Note that the WaPo article clearly states that this was expected to go to the primary

    “Said Hansen, “The odds are, we’ll probably go to a primary, and if we do, we’re ready for it.” ”

    Assuming the stats in the article aren’t completely made up (a non-zero possibility), Hatch should still probably be considered the favorite.

  7. “Iraq has fingerprints, we need voter ID, picture and address that coincides with each voter.”

    Iraq doesn’t have fingerprints. They have indelible ink. Purple ink.

  8. hatch is a classic example of what the people get when they vote for career politicans. he lose since ceased to be a representative of the people and became a party member of the RNC.

  9. ++

    April 20, 2012

    Conduct unbecoming a senator

    [“Some of their disciples here who are Utahn say they’re not Republicans
    but they are going to take over the Republican Party,” Hatch has said.
    “We don’t want radicals to take over our party.” Radicals? Isn’t that what
    Nancy Pelosi and President Obama call us?]


  10. You would hope that one of the most conservative states could do better than someone who openly despises actual conservatives.

  11. Excellent point tommy. No matter if its the republican,democrat,green,socialist or communist party,its always Party First.Let the prolitariat hang and stay on four legs.

  12. Rid our Nation of career politicians, begin to cure the cancer.

  13. ++

    re: #15 April 21, 2012 at 3:26 pm bg

    [Sen. Hatch also has a penchant for bailouts and spending earmarks. He
    voted for TARP, the bailout of Wall Street. He supported the bailouts of
    GM and Chrysler and the housing bailout that rewarded Fannie and
    ’s bad behavior. He even voted to protect the infamous “Bridge
    to Nowhere.”


  14. I think he said of us (that he regards as libertarians or something) that he’d punch us in the mouth. I wonder how much wealth this mooch accumulated while on the thrown? I wonder how much debt the nation has accumulated during his spending spree?

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