Black Teens Beat 50 Year-Old White Man With Hammer Near Sanford, FL… Media Silent

Where’s the outrage?… Where are the protesters?… Where are Al and Jesse?

Hammer time. Suspects Julius Bender, and Yahaziel Israel beat the victim with a hammer then dragged him from his car and beat him some more. (WFTV)

The victim is struggling to stay alive.
October Freedom’s Blog reported:

A fifty year old man, race undisclosed, is on life support after a near fatal beating. Police have arrested two black teens. The attack occurred near the community where the Trayvon Martin self-defense shooting took place.

The victim is from Winter Springs, which is 88% white. The victim was attacked in nearby Midway, which is 94% black. Both communities are within about a six-mile radius of Sanford.

Hat Tip Mara

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  • Peckerwood

    Holders people.

    Obama’s son.

    America’s future.

  • democraps suck

    It doesn’t fit the demo-turd…holly-wierdo-turd..lame-stream media turds…agenda…it is only news when a so called ghetto thug is allegedly assaulted or killed by a white…obumbler and his fat a$$ moo cow need to get the f out of our country for good…I am sure al and Jesse will hold a rally for the victim here…NOT

  • bg


    truth is it will only receive attention via blogs.. and if it does make it to
    mainstream, it will be a “flash in the pan” compared to the month long
    strategic staging of the “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon” BHO et


  • bg


    uhg re:#4 April 3, 2012 at 4:46 pm bg

    compared to the month long strategic staging of the “If I had
    a son, he’d look like Trayvon” BHO et al cartoon, uh, no justice
    no peace agenda..


  • JDubya

    These two men must be “white”-black people, or Caucasian-African-American. This is the new catagory from now on. Please retain this info for future use.

  • Jenny

    What two more misunderstood honor students?

  • PB-in-AL

    If I were the victim’s relatives, I’d be combing twitter and facebook for what these guys have said. If they so much as alluded to Spike Lee, Jackson, Sharpton, or the NBPP, there’d be some ‘splainin’ to do, Lucy!! …. You can talk to my lawyer.

  • squeaky

    a poster at free republic reportedly e-mailed the reporter and the man is not expected to live.
    also something about if he dies it won’t be prosecuted as a hate crime [or some such]. scroll down to see the facebook picture.

  • MilitantCatholic

    No justice! No peace!

  • willis

    If our President had a son who killed people with hammers he would look like Yahaziel.

  • Militant Conservative

    Comment deleted for offensive language.

    Gateway Pundit Administrator

  • In the meantime, the Sanford Chamber of Commerce stumbled over to Fleaworld for more beer.

  • Joanne

    These black men are justified in beating a possible white man with a hammer because a white/hispanic man shot a black man dead who he says attacked him. In fact, black men are justified in killing other black men because they owed them money, wanted their cool sneakers, didn’t pay back the $2.00 they were owed for drugs, and the insanity goes on and on. These black men kill because they are evi, their only punishment is jail, and they don’t have fathers.

  • Well Joanne, we can only hore they didn’t hit them with hammers.

  • Joanne

    There was a time when if a black man or men attacked a white man with a hammer, heads would roll, but white people don’t seem to get off their backsides and protest anything, and this is probably why our countries are sucking the hind teet.

  • olm

    How terrible. My heart hurts just thinking about the victim and his family.
    My God, if this were happening in my family I would sue every race baiter I could find right up the the WH.
    Central FL is a hotbed of racial shiite just waiting to happen. The racebaiters knew exactly what they were doing and they should be held accountable.

  • If that damn Cheney would stop hogging up all the hearts, we could give a couple to these goons

  • TiminPhx

    Move along folks, nothing to see here. It’s common as heat in the summer…and if you comment on the obvious, YOU are the racist.

  • Chicagojenn

    Didn’t Obama say that if he had a son ….

  • donh

    Obama has made the race card as broke as MC Hammer…>

  • NeoKong

    Why are they showing the racist mugshots in an attempt to demonize them….?
    I want to see their pictures from the fifth grade.

  • jb

    I wonder if Crazy Charlie will post on this one . . .

  • Taqiyyotomist


    Let’s see their facebook pages and twitter feeds.

  • anti-bho

    throwin down the gauntlet……..sez they ain’t playin’.
    see how long youtube leaves this video up.
    and you can bet your a$$ I and many others aren’t “playin” either.

    G-lane Aka Pakistan!!!!!! (Baton Rouge Louisiana) Dangerous Neighborhood! – YouTube

  • John Bourne

    Almost hate to say this, but the Trayvon thing may in the end mainly serve to bring out in public just how much black-on-white and black-on-black violence there is really going on.

    That’s not really fair to the kid who was killed – self-defense or not – but I’m afraid that’s where this thing is going.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Black Teens Beat 50 Year-Old White Man With Hammer Near Sanford, FL

    Hate crime!!

    Oh wait, it was the white guy that got beaten up.

    Never mind then, carry on.

  • saveus

    o’s sons in action

  • Taqiyyotomist

    If it DOES make national news — and the MSM should know this:

    This behavior will go viral and be copycatted nationwide by wannabe ‘Hood Stars.

    Maybe it’s good that the national news won’t cover this?

    Regardless — these types of attacks have been on an exponential, “hockey-stick graph” increase for exactly three years and two months. Go, and figure.

    I think in one year this nation (or large parts of it) will be unrecognizable.

  • Redwine

    anti-bho (#28) – Cripes. That armory is probably illegal, too. This is the kind of crap that won’t be affected by gun control law that would shred the Second Amendment. These thugs will still be out there making war on civil society. Holder’s – and Hussein’s- people.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    #28 anti-bho

    Everyone please: make yourself watch this.

  • olm

    #28. I watched it.
    The only thing I really caught was the n word.
    WTH is that? I guess we really have no idea what it going on in this country, do we?

  • Taqiyyotomist

    A comment at YouTube on #28’s video, severely redacted (props to youtube for NOT censoring out “The Freakin Dreaded Enn-Word!”.):

    (It was in response to another comment, “This is why the rest of the world hates black people.”, and an excellent response.)

    “No it’s the reason why the rest of the world hates n-words. Black folks are cool as f-word like any other race. Google Black People VS. n-wordz. (Bring the Pain 1996)” — commenter ktfo101

  • “UPDATE: We have confirmed that the victim is white. A reader received an e-mail reply from the Orlando Sentinel admitting that the race of the victim was censored on purpose, and that it is the policy of the newspaper to censor race in crime stories. Also, shortly after wrote about this crime, the Orlando Sentinel removed the suspects’ mug shots from their online article. They eventual re-posted the mug shots probably because so many readers posted angry comments on their website. The Orlando Sentinel censored the race of the perpetrators in a previous article, even though they were still at large when it was published.”

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Genetics, no. Culture, yes.


    You a$$holes.

    Thanks, Hollywood. Thanks, “Ebonics”-creating academia.

    You still have your slaves, Democratic Party! Be proud of yourselves. Instead of picking cotton, you have done to humans what MICHAEL VICK DID TO DOGS. Making money and enjoying the entertainment.

    You sick f-words.

  • Apostle Bob

    My daughter (that stays in Stanford) ,said that Al and Jesse don’t come unless they get paid. I am push that that Sanford get rid of their Chief Of Police. He’s one of the problem.

  • Annoyed In Illinois

    These same pieces of sh** could come to Illinois and we, the lawful taxpayers, are not allowed to pack any kind of heat to countermand their animalistic behavior.

    Golly, would I like to be able to act out and paraphrase the Clint Eastwood line from Gran Torino:

    “When I was in Chicago, we used to stack f***s like you five feet deep and use you for sandbags.”

  • Taqiyyotomist

    #38 Remco Kimber

    Regarding what you just ignorantly spouted:



    “Horsepower”? You have obviously never read the writing of Thomas Sowell. Or Dr. Walter Williams. Or, good God, Booker T. Washington.

    Or the writings of hundreds of other black conservatives who KNOW WHAT’S WHAT.

    Don’t buy that racist line, Remco. It’s insanity.

    Kevin Jackson. Alfonzo Rachel. Bill Cosby. Armstrong Williams. Star Parker.

    Wake up, Remco.

    IT’S CULTURE. NOT “RACE”. We’re all human. It’s NOT FREAKIN’ GENETIC, this thuggery.

    Plenty of other blacks UTTERLY DEPLORE this so-called “black culture”. You need to wake up to the fact that they exist.

    Google: Black Conservatives.

    And quite making GP look like a Klan hangout.

  • bg


    Militant Conservative #13 April 3, 2012 at 5:11 pm


    you really need to keep your racist thoughts in check MC..


  • Taqiyyotomist

    If you think this behavior is genetic, Remco, then you should just start donating to Margaret Sanger’s eugenics lab Planned Parenthood.

    F-word. F-wording unbelievable.

  • Rod

    If the mainstream media ran this they’d look 9 years old and would have been running a lemonade stand.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Wow, this incident brought out a lot of latent stupidity and ignorance in some of our regular commenters.

    Thanks for taking those masks off, Remco and MC.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Just f’ing unbelievable, this thread.


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  • Diane Harvey


    Take a chill pill, man,

  • babyf

    “If you are WHITE and can’t see the forest for the trees, it’s high time to WAKE THE FU*K UP ! If blacks want a war I say LET’S GIT IT ON”

    Please let’s not buy into the same race baiting crap that’s being touted by Al (not so) Sharpton and Jesse Jerkson. It isn’t “the blacks” who want this war – it’s our communist _resident and his minions. It’s much easier for them to take advantage of us if there is a crisis going on. That’s they way it’s been done even in 3rd world countries.

  • olm

    Can someone else post as a regular poster? Yes, they can.
    This was never about race until it was made so by those that benefit.
    And look at the result. A race war that benefits nobody but the Dems.
    The fools on the you tube…………..geez, I don’t know anymore.
    I do know one thing, the left in this country profits from keeping people in their segregated groups. I have no idea what those dudes with guns are after but I know one thing, it is very easy to blame whitey for all the ills of the world. But it is not whitey who is profitting. It is the political elites. Look to the Dems, Holder and “his people” and of course those who would like to fundamentally change this country.
    Please, if our regular posters are that bigotted, tone it down, if not, let us know that there are others on here.

  • Mike Mose

    On a side note: I wonder how many Democrat voters will be nuked when NYC, DC, Philly,LA and yes….Chicago get nuked by Obama’s friends! LOL!!! When the country survives and after hanging as traitors all govt officials, will the commies be hunted down like dogs? Can this nation afford to wait for the nukes to go off and before the hangings to take place… you think 08 was scary as a election…Obama speaks like he knows he’s won already!!!!!! If there was an obama guard that wanted to be elected president he could win that election by what…?????

  • Taqiyyotomist

    #52 Diane

    No need. I’m as chill as can be.

    I just know ignorance and pure evil philosophy when I see it.

    And I’ll always call it out when I do.

    #54 d.s.

    F.Y.I., in case you didn’t know: “defend” is the F-WORD OPPOSITE of “hunt”.

    Read MC’s comment again. And tell me Jim Hoft shouldn’t delete that ignorant s&^t.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    It’s comment number 13, Militant Conservative, by the way.

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  • george

    Look at the BIG Frickin ears of the guy on the right!!!

  • Joanne

    I’m pretty sure we all know the difference between decent, hard-working black people and the black thugs who have no respect for the lives of anyone of any race. The truth is that these black thugs feel empowered with Obama in the Whitehouse. They beat white people to the point of death and death without an ounce of compassion. White people have every right to be outraged and have every right to take every precaution to keep themselves safe – and yes that means carrying a legal weapon to save their lives and if need be, take the life of those whose intent is to bash their heads in with a hammer. White people should be outraged.

  • Taqiyyotomist


    Why, you might ask, didn’t I find #15 Joanne’s comment to be even remotely racist, besides the fact that I am almost sure she a fan of many black Americans that I mentioned, and many which I didn’t?

    Here’s a clue

    #15 Joanne

    These black men are justified in beating a possible white man with a hammer because a white/hispanic man shot a black man dead who he says attacked him. In fact, black men are justified in killing other black men [implied, for those who know what’s going on, that this part of the statement holds true for The Powers That Be — just like Shanklin’s magic negro was coined by a liberal and used in reference to Obama]because they owed them money, wanted their cool sneakers, didn’t pay back the $2.00 they were owed for drugs, and the insanity goes on and on. These black men kill because they are evi, their only punishment is jail, and they don’t have fathers.

    Nothing AT ALL RACIST in that. Key word “these”. These ***particular*** black Americans (who hate America, and other Americans).

    Racism, my GP friends, is assuming that thug-like characteristics are genetically inherent in the so-named black “race”. That is FOLLY.

    Also: me crossing the street and considering my options when there is a group of blacks acting rowdy and dressed in “hoodie attire” — THAT IS NOT RACIST.

    That’s SMART. I wear a freakin’ hoodie. I’m not a threat to anyone, why? Because I’m not in the statistical demographic which has lately been noted to be participating in mass race-on-other-race beatings. Nobody worries when I’m coming up behind them with my hoodie up. I say “Hey, how you doin’ today, ma’am!” and have a usually good conversation about the weather or the city. No matter the race. Beating people doesn’t even enter my mind. Robbing people, ditto. Treating people other than brothers and sisters under God? Never.

    But statistics are statistics.

    Jesse Jackson himself said that he is relieved when the people walking up behind him are white. (is he racist? or just “discriminating” and exercising an instinct of self-preservation, because he knows this CULTURE, and how evil it tends to be?

  • Militant Conservative

    Made ya google it huh?!

    Prepared is just that. That other fella could have

    You or I. Human debris.

  • Simon Said

    Taqiyyotomist is the thought and speech police now. Who elected you to monitor this board on who says what? You wasted 20% of the comments and bandwidth on your Gestapo like censorship. You are wasting your talent here, im sure the Puffington Post can use a good comrade like yourself… Let the free people on this great open board be just that!

    You keep defending the race and blaming the culture when the race walks lock and step with Dimocrats in the 95+ percentile. I would say its the race. Most executive decisions made are usually based on 60 percent, yet you have a factor of 10 out of 10 who think on the same lines forcing the measuring scale to be raised as not to be shown as unanimous. 3-5 out of a hundred, I would say you can blame the dam RACE at this point and thank the party who enabled and continues to enable it, but ultimately the race is to blame in free country where everyone has the right and ability to achieve.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    And this particular culture — this self-styled “Black Culture” is evil. Listen to popular Hip-hop and R&B. (Which supposed “fad” of the ’70s and ’80s has LONG eclipsed all other genres in Pop music, and, therefore, in Number of People Brainwashed By It.) You’ll see if you dare listen and search for “song title lyrics”. Nothing but pure antichrist.

    Guess what?

    Many black Americans don’t subscribe to that point of view. They love their children, too.

    I hate racists. Can’t stand ’em. Of any color. Big ups : Bobby McFerrin, most respected vocal musician in the world, ever, save for maybe Pavoratti… Vic Wooten, best living bass guitar player, hands down.

    So, MC — shaddup.

  • donh

    Pastor Manning has been preaching about the coming “White Riot ” since the Long Legged Mac Daddy took office…> ….Comment #13 is only proving just how close Obama is coming to achieving his African style race riot. The rising food and gas prices just add to the stress. America is already in the early stages of a Zombie horror movie, and the press won’t be able to mask it with censorship much longer.

  • Taqiyyotomist


    I elected me to say what the heck I feel like saying.

    Hence: me saying what the heck I feel like saying.

    Especially when I feel that it is important to admonish folks not to be evil and racist.

    Which folks are doing — which led me to do that which I elected myself to do, both online and in real life. I see racist a$$holery, I call it out.

    Kudos for also engaging in your God-given freedom to criticize what I’m doing, BTW.

  • StrangernFiction

    Thomas Sowell and Clarence Thomas are two of my absolute favorite Americans. But I do hate me some hip hop culture, and I do hate me some statists. It isn’t about race, it’s about ideology and culture.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Bible is dry.

  • Militant Conservative


    First give me justice for the NBP’s wearing uniforms

    And blocking a polling place. The racists ARE

    Black. I’m just practicing what I have always

    Taught. Situational awareness and preparedness.

    My guns have killed fewer people than Ted

    Kennedys car.

  • Pingback: Anonymous()

  • Militant Conservative

    I do not subscribe to self censorship,

    You know it as PC.

    Bible can be dry but it is very explicit on killing

    For sport like those young thugs.

  • Militant Conservative

    I know how bout a bounty?!

    Oh wait, that’s another racist issue the NBP’s have.

  • MaryW


    Thanks for calling out these posters on their racist remarks. I’d like to see Remco in a debate with Dr. Thomas Sowell; Sowell would rip him to intellectual shreds.

    It is our sick culture which is perpetuated by the government and our educational system. We need to stop dividing people by classifying everyone by race and ethnicity.

    I help my daughter, who works outside the home, to complete all the school admission paperwork for each new school year. For the questions asking you to check the box for their race and ethnicity I would answer human and American under the option “other”. I guess a lot of parents are offended by those questions because the box for other was eliminated last year. They must think we’re stupid and don’t know how to write outside the lines.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Not all blacks are racists, MC.

    Research every name I and SnF have offered. And see and read what they have to offer.

    If you understood the Bible you would understand that justice will be done.

    If you think you can get yourself justice by killing random black Americans, even random black “thug-life-ni&&as” Americans, you are no better than those same thugs who think they can get justice by killing random white or hispanic Americans.

    Defend: yes.

    Hunt: no.

    I hope you don’t go on a mad, insane, demonic rampage, MC.

    Instead I hope you find Christ, and realize that His armory surpasses yours.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Please, MC. Earnestly consider this.

    I’ll leave you with this:

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Thanks much, MaryW.

  • As the owner of a hardware store, I fear the ‘boycott hammer sales’ people are gathering their sleeping bags and ipods for massive crime scene errrrr…protest

  • Militant Conservative

    Yes but he is also telling you not to be a victim.

    I no other “cheeks” left. Evil is here and now at

    Our doorstep. Too many do not understand what

    Is getting ready to bust loose. I seek the light

    and truth. Two books of many “Thomas Sowell, “basic

    Economics” I forgot the other author “whites, blacks

    And racist democrats”.

    Worry bout your splinter I got mine covered.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Jesus’ armory > MC’s armory.

  • MaryW

    Whoops – that’s paperwork for my grandkids.

    Oh, and another thing, English should be taught to newcomers as a FIRST language. My maternal grandparents immigrated from Belgium which has been divided for years because the country has no common language. My ancestors spoke Flemish. They came to this country with two children and were sponsored by family and friends who were already here. My mother was their first child born in the U.S. They forbade their children to speak anything but English in the home so that they could learn the language of their adopted country.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    What splinter, MC?

    Okay, maybe God has Appeared to you in a burning bush and told you specifically to go and hunt down “black and tan”, as you put it.

    You better hope to God that you heard Him correctly.

    My body is a vessel. So is yours. We are both eternal. Polycarp lives, I know that.

  • NorthernX

    Two more stupid-looking apes who will soon cavort behind bars where they belong. Otherwise it would only be a matter of time before they get their worthless asses blown away on the street too.

    Planned Parenthood is a good thing as one of its primary goals is to stop beasts like this from being born…

  • Michael

    Are those mug shots or couldn’t the press find angelic 5th grade pictures to post.

  • Since we are on the topic…

    ‘“You will recall the incident of the beating of the black homeless man Sherman Ware on December 4, 2010 by the son of a Sanford police officer. The beating sparked outrage in the community but there were very few that stepped up to do anything about it. I would presume the inaction was because of the fact that he was homeless not because he was black. Do you know the individual who stepped up when no one else in the black community would? Do you know who spent tireless hours putting flyers on the cars of persons parked in the churches of the black community? Do you know who waited for the church-goers to get out of church so that he could hand them flyers in an attempt to organize the black community against this horrible miscarriage of justice? Do you know who helped organize the City Hall meeting on January 8, 2011 at Sanford City Hall?? That person was GEORGE ZIMMERMAN.” – from a letter to Turner Clayton of the Seminole County NAACP written by “a concerned Zimmerman family member”’

    Quote of the Day: Narrative Destroying Edition

  • Militant Conservative

    Raised from a dead level to a living perpendicular.


  • Taqiyyotomist #83

    I’m giving MC the benefit of the doubt and assuming he wants to hunt some Black & Tan beers. :mrgreen:

  • bg


    yes Taq.

    racists come in all colors, creeds, credentials, and cultures..


  • Taqiyyotomist


    Damn right.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    And that was to your #87.

  • Militant Conservative

    Yup, big one in the WH too

  • bg


    Militant Conservative #89 April 3, 2012 at 8:13 pm

    no, but they fit your stupid racist comment, and what’s
    worse, no matter how you twist your words, you know


  • Taqiyyotomist


    Why your grand kids killers in the hood?

    And even they can be turned. Did you get anything at all out of Star Wars? Not to mention the history of Saul of Tarsus?

    Go, hunt them down, MC. And destroy your soul.

  • Militant Conservative #89

    re Back to your treehouse

    Oops. I guess you really did mean black and tan people.

  • donh

    Mug shots look the the sons of Benjamin Jealous and Obama….Just what the race mongers wanted…..Kill some old innocent white hispanic male driving through the hood …justice for Trayvon !

  • Militant Conservative


    She’s a retired forest ranger.

  • bg


    NorthernX #84 April 3, 2012 at 8:02 pm

    beasts also come in all colors, creeds, credentials, and cultures..


  • Taqiyyotomist

    Why don’t you hunt them down, so to speak, and try to convince them that GOOD is better than EVIL? By speech and example, for instance? Ever heard of the Big Brother program, MC?

    Are you really a conservative? Or just someone who believes that genetics, — not good examples, heroes, and training — is the only thing that determines human behavior?

  • Glenn Koons, LB, Ca.

    I think that 50 yr. old looks like Bama’s son, don’t you think?? Wait, that goes only for a pic of a 13 yr. old when the kid is 6ft2in man child. And after all, as stats show, black on black crime is a horror but this incident rallies the black Base and makes whites feel guilty all over again as they did in….2008. Bama awaits for the same results in Nov. With the MSM ruling the waves, it might just work again as the Dem race-class warfare playbook is used once more.

  • bg


    they are thugs, and they take after their
    thug white house plantation mac-daddy..


  • Taqiyyotomist


    Would you mentor a couple of inner city black kids, about to be taken by the “black culture” and turned into thugs?

    Because that’s our only hope.

  • Militant Conservative


    Been teaching truth for years,

    I fought ignorance and ignorance won.

    Many people just wish to be entertained.

    Dancing w stars and sports, reality is a bummer

    To them. They want nothing to do with the realities

    Of the world. Yet they think they are an “informed”


  • Taqiyyotomist


    As has been said:

    It’s not the darkness of the skin — it’s the thug culture that’s been pushed by the Communists in every aspect of our nation from education to the arts to the mainstream media — all so that they could keep their slaves, which they lost in the south because of Republicans.

    The Republican Party of Texas was started by SEVENTY BLACK MEN, among many other men. Real men, MC. Who knew that skin color was immaterial to the issues.

  • bg


    Taqiyyotomist #104 April 3, 2012 at 8:27 pm

    Alabama’s Homeboys


  • Taqiyyotomist

    See my 104.

  • bg


    Militant Conservative #105 April 3, 2012 at 8:30 pm

    ignorance is putting race in a black & tan box..


  • Militant Conservative

    Comment deleted for offensive language.

    Gateway Pundit Administrator

  • look how we have been conditioned by liberal america. a guy gets beat to within an inch of his life with a hammer and its not really that bad, it not a hate crime. if these two pillars of the community called him the n-word or some other racial slur while they were beating him then it would be bad. i don’t know about you but i think if you beat someone with a hammer there is plenty of hate in that. liberal americans are sick to the core of their being.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Already saw it, bg.

    We need to intercept these kids before they are taken by this culture.

    Introduce them to truth and love. There is no other way.

    MC wants to just hunt them down.

    MC, I bet you’d just love Andreas K., who thought Anders Breivik was the cat’s pajamas.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    MC I grew up in the “black community”.

    I know. More than half of my friends were black until we all reached the age where all their cousins, brothers, uncles and friends told them “don’t be friends with white people” around the 7th or 8th grade. And then we were, to them, persona non grata.


    And you’re buying into it — which is what I’m trying my a$$ off to thwart, MC.

  • bg


    this man and his followers are ignorant
    racists, as is this man and his followers..


  • Militant Conservative


    Your not following.

    This is the result of evil, it’s too late now.

    Evil has Thier hearts and only the big guy can

    Fix this mess now. All we can do is hope for

    Change. WE are powerless cept to CYA

  • what this country is a hammer control law.

  • bg


    Boys Town


  • Militant Conservative

    PS. Got a couple of black kids I mentor.

    Sadly too damn many are lost.

    A far reaching host of gladly doing evil.

    Bible tells us evil will run rampNt and unchecked

    This the sons return, this is it, too many signs

    to be ignored.

  • bg


    Militant Conservative #110 April 3, 2012 at 8:34 pm

    there you go talkin’ thug Barry lingo again.. *sigh*


  • Michael

    It’s a good thing they didn’t deal with me. They would have stood there wondering why they bought a hammer to a gun fight.

  • donh

    Bottom line is there are now streets in Florida that are unsafe for any white hispanic looking man to travel because of the hate preaching of race mongers in the media .

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Video at bg’s #107 is excellent, and eye-opening — by the way.

  • bg


    donh #121 April 3, 2012 at 8:51 pm

    and the 9th is yet to come.. 🙁


  • Militant Conservative

    Obama’s thug speach has thread of truth.

    The democrats have spawned an Army of

    underclass that is ready to do Obamas bidding.

    This is just the latest symptom of a cancer

    Eating America.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    The video at bg’s #107 was dedicated to another Treyvon.


    Treyvon Earl Jeffers

    Everyone, read the article, PLEASE.

    After you watch the video at #107.

  • CommonSenseGuy

    Just spent a weekend at Silver Dollar City (Branson MO) with 13 teen-agers… some white, some black, a couple somewhere in between. They all come from a rough neighborhood, and they are all influenced by the “gangsta” culture — but I, and others from my church, love them, and we are doing our best to provide them with a DIFFERENT set of standards and influences. I constantly stress to my group that life is NOT just something that happens to you… You get to determine where you go in life by the decisions you make.

    These kids are raised from birth in a victim mind-set (actually “raised” is probably too strong a word — they are more like feral children). Everything that happens to them is the fault of someone else and they are never responsible for their own actions. It is a huge challenge to get them to see that they CAN make choices and be responsible for themselves, because it’s a completely new concept for them. Their CULTURE is one of victimhood and they feel like everyone and everything is against them.

    As Taq says, this culture is evil and it must be broken — I am doing my part, and if I may say, having small victories from time to time. (There were no fights on this recent trip!)

    And, btw, if anyone comes “hunting” for any of the young people in my youth group, they will have to go through me first.

    Racists are lazy.

  • #116…should read… what this country needs is a hammer control law.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    This video is 10 million times more important than “Kony 2012”, folks.

    And by LATimes, no less. A broken clock is right twice a day, I guess.

  • Militant Conservative

    107. How’s that war on poverty doing?

    This business model does not work.

    Make ya “feel” good. I can only care as much as

    They do. Sad but true.

  • Where’s Jesse when you need him?
  • Taqiyyotomist

    #126 CommonSenseGuy

    Thank you for what you do.

  • Sasja

    Lot of emotion here tonight. There are problems in the Black community they need to address, but don’t.

    While waiting for the rain to let up today, spoke with a very nice guy and while we were talking, a young man (white) walked by wearing those saggy pants. I made the remark that I wanted to walk over and pull them up. He laughed and told me his boys wear their pants like that and try to act all rough and tough and even the girls do it.
    He said the girls will wear those boxers that are 2 sizes too big. What does one say to that? I’m talking to an obviously intelligent man who seems okay with his boys acting and dressing like thugs. Go figure. When a child’s parent doesn’t seem to have a problem with this type of behavior, what can an outsider do?

    Saw where NBC finally finished their “investigation” or should we say, “focus group” on the deliberate editing of Zimmerman’s 911 tape. It would be funny if it weren’t so pathetic. I hope the Zimmerman’s sue their butts off.

    I don’t know how one goes about it, but I think this warrants a complaint or two to the FCC. Probably won’t make a lick of difference, but I hate to not do anything.

  • Sasja

    I have been fortunate to be able to tutor children from the projects, most of them are children who want to achieve something in life and to get out of their current environment. There were a few who were not interested in learning and as soon as they were able, dropped out of school.

  • Where’s Jesse when you need him?


    Dear Mr. Israel,

    If you have already retained a lawyer for this matter or if this was sent to you in error, please disregard this letter.

    I see from the Seminole County Jail Daily Booking List that you have been arrested for Battery (Domestic Violence). The Trabin Law Firm may be able to help. Eric J. Trabin is a former prosecutor who has handled literally thousands of cases. Mr. Trabin can bring his extensive experience to aid you in your defense.

    Please call our office today to set up a FREE consultation. In an effort to assist my clients, we offer flexible payment plans and accept major credit cards.

    Eric J. Trabin, Esq.
    The Trabin Law Firm, PL
    7200 Aloma Avenue, Suite E-5
    Winter Park, FL 32792
    (407) 925-2949

    Office in Winter Park, FL
    Member of the Florida Bar since 2007

  • Where’s Jesse when you need him?

    Yahaziel Israel
    Eric J. Trabin

    Please call our office today to set up a FREE consultation. In an effort to assist my clients, we offer flexible payment plans and accept major credit cards.

    Eric J. Trabin, Esq.
    The Trabin Law Firm, PL
    7200 Aloma Avenue, Suite E-5
    Winter Park, FL 32792
    (407) 925-2949

    Office in Winter Park, FL
    Member of the Florida Bar since 2007
    The Trabin Law Firm

    Share · January 24 at 3:53pm ·

  • bg


    re: #130 April 3, 2012 at 9:05 pm
    Where’s Jesse when you need him?

    not sure i did this right, but here goes anyways..

    Julius Bender


  • taqiyyotomist…unless you can put the black male back in the home and fix the black family that was broken by the civil rights leaders nothing is going to change. hell try fixing the white family while your at it.

  • Where’s Jesse when you need him?

    with comment – damn bae this one when yu first got out
    September 2, 2011 at 12:14am

    got out of where?

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  • Where’s Jesse when you need him?

    Contact Information
    Website http://​​izie21

    leads to

    “NUMB@ 1 NIGG@”

  • Monkey Wrench

    I don’t understand how this story relates to the Zimmerman story.

    If the police had showed up and decided not to arrest the two teens, then I see how the the two stories relate.

  • Kurt Montandon

    The difference, for all you idiots, is that in this case [i]people were arrested[/i].

    Is that seriously too hard to understand? Should I employ Pictionary to reduce it to the level of you mouthbreathing race-baters?

  • Kurt Montandon

    Also, the race of the victim was not reported.

    Assume much?

  • Monkey Wrench

    I think you want to find a story where a Black man shoots an unarmed White teenager and is not charged with a crime.

    According to Sharpton and Jackson, that would never happen. Someone should prove them wrong.

  • Peyton

    Disgusting bastards. Thanks you for supporting the black stereotypes. i hope they die in hell.

  • Militant Conservative #99

    Ah. I didn’t know that.

  • bg


    Kurt Montandon



  • Joshua

    @Kurt – they weren’t arested at first. Law enforcement was searching for them. Local media announced they were looking for two males. Gave age and height. No race. Very strange. It has been verified victim is white. Why were the races not disclosed originally? Contrary to the media (liars) reports, Sanford DID investigate. State Attorney said not enough for a conviction. State attorney STILL had the case when this went national. People believing the media lies made their judgements and convicted Zimerman without allowing the judicial system to complete their job. Hope none of those people ever get selected for a jury.

  • sablegsd

    @pink tie

    “Brother on the right look like Obama son, got Obama ears.”

    Got his souless eyes too.

  • #144 April 3, 2012 at 10:06 pm
    Monkey Wrench commented:

    I think you want to find a story where a Black man shoots an unarmed White teenager and is not charged with a crime.

    According to Sharpton and Jackson, that would never happen. Someone should prove them wrong.

    Ok, I can do that.

    April 2009, football-player-sized 42 yr old black man Roderick Scott shot and killed 17 yr old Christopher Cervini in Greece, NY, a suburb of crime ridden Rochester.

    Awakened at 3 a.m. by sounds in his driveway. He looked out to see someone breaking into his car. He grabbed his .40 cal semi-automatic, chambered a round, and went outside to stop or detain the suspect until police arrived. His girlfriend was calling 911. In moments, Christopher Cervini lay dying in the street, protesting, “I’m just a kid.”

    Scott found three white teens who had been breaking into the cars parked along the street. All three had been drinking stolen gin and Christopher Cervini’s tox report showed he was legally drunk with marijuana and amphetamines in his system. One suspect, James Cervini, 15, Christopher’s cousin, had been on probation twice.

    No one knows exactly what happened, but the lawyer for one of the teens argued that Christopher rushed Roderick Scott who fired his weapon killing the teen hoodlum. Scott was arrested, charged and tried. The Asst Dist Attorney went full bore after Scott in and out of court for murder. The jury, however, believed the story of the black man, Roderick Scott, over the stories of the white teens, and acquitted him.

    The worst part was “the fact that there are plenty of people in Roderick Scott’s neighborhood, and in the greater Western New York area, who wrongly think he’s a murderer. The local AM talk shows featured many Mondy morning quarterbacks, newly minted firearms experts pontificating from ignroance on why the shooting could not be justified. Why, after the fact, we learned that those teenagers weren’t armed this time, so clearly Roderick Scott could not have feared for his life. After all, the man dared to leave his home and confront those committing a crime. Has he learned nothing from living in modern society in New York State? You’re supposed to cower in your home, hiding under the couch, praying dearly that those terrible, mean people outside won’t choose to come inside. You’ll have plenty of time to pray while you’re on hold with the 911 operator, waiting for police who can’t possibly get there in time.”

    No Al Sharpton. No Jesse Jackson. Al and Jesse, consider yourselves proved wrong.

  • sablegsd

    @where’s jesse

    Seems they have a gun, why use the hammer? More satisfaction in the up close and brutal? I wonder if they have killed before.

  • bg


    Indigo Red #150 April 3, 2012 at 11:24 pm

    last paragraph sums it up well.

    [That lawyer’s message is clear: If your kids live like garbage, trade in
    garbage, and contribute nothing to thier community but garbage, they
    very well may die like garbage. If that happens they have no one to
    blame but themselves… though their parents ought to think good and
    hard about whether they share responsibility.]

    food for the vultures like Al & Jesse..


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  • Jason Mac

    While I don’t agree with the race war agenda, it does seem to be a double standard to be a dead black man at the foot of a white, then to be a white butchered brutally.

  • Monkey Wrench


    That’s a heck of a lot better than this other story. But in your story the Black man was arrested and charged with a crime. I understand that the jury found him not guilty, but he was prosecuted.

    There must be a story somewhere where a Black man shoots an unarmed teenager and is not charged with a crime.

  • jorgen

    Is there a race war or is it just a coincidence that so many blacks are attacking everybody else?

    The one with the Obozo-ears to the right must be Obozo’s son!

  • its not race war its a slaugther, whites are the victims of a black crime FIFTY times more often then a black is the victim of a white crime. although #’s 141,142,143,144 wouldn’t know that they’re in college.

  • and for all you racists who like to repeat the al sharpton, jesse jackson, liberal media lie that george zimmerman was immediately let go, that guy getting of of the police car in handcuffs is george zimmerman. he was detained by the police for four hours before being let go for a lack of evidence.

  • Monkey Wrench

    Blacks are slaughtering whites? Yikes! Things are much worse than I realized.

  • Jimi Streets

    It is a fact that all over the country, young black men, and women, have become more blatantly hateful and violent toward one another mostly, but also in cases like this, since Obama has become president. Like expecting Obama to pay for their home and gasoline, subconsciously these folks think Obama’s got their back as they exact revenge against society.

    Obama could have been a Great Healer of the nation, but cared more for ideology than people, especially black people. He has not done anything to even address the epidemic of crime and murder among blacks, let alone fight it.

    As his people pay the price of death or incarceration, Obama throws gas on the flames of simmering anger, which of course results in more of the same. This man has no business being president. None…

  • Militant Conservative

    160 says it straight.

    Informed white people are on notice.

    Expecting civil behavior in uncivil times is really

    being ignorant of the truth of the world.

    It’s hunting season on whites right now with

    Federal DOJ approval. Prove me wrong.

    Thus violent activity and uncivil behavior is

    Passively endorsed by the WH and it’s agencies.

    Powder is dry

  • squeaky

    somehow i doubt that if Zimmerman had been arrested it would’ve mattered. the “outrage” would have just been bumped up a notch. and if they did arrest Zimmerman solely for the benefit of the community…….and as it happens a couple of officers who cleared Zimmerman were subject to calls for disciplinery action by none other than Zimmerman….i supposed they could have evened the score.
    [Zimmerman passed a voice stress test, something similar to a lie detector test, that was administered by Sanford police, Uhrig told WOFL on its 6 p.m. newscast.]

  • Let’s see… We have two dead British tourists, stripped and shot for fun, one brain damaged car jacking victim and one dead thug who got was “SWT”ed. (Shot while thuggin’).

    If anyone is keeping score it seems they have the advantage 3-1. Not that anyone in the media or at the DOJ is counting.

  • Oh, for those who think Zimmerman wasn’t “arrested”. He was taken to the station for an interview in what appeared to be handcuffs in the back of a police car. That is the definition in Florida of arrested. What he wasn’t was charged.

    Here, if you move any individual in a secured manner or against his will he is arrested.

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  • jorgen

    The one with the Obozo-ears: The Biblical baby name Jahaziel is Hebrew in origin and it’s meaning is beheld by God, or whom God watches over.

    Five men of that name can be found in the bible, most notably: Jahaziel was one of the mighty warriors in David’s army. He belonged to the tribe of Benjamin.

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    All you guys do with those comments and all attention to events like these – you bring more hate and problems. You are trying to point the fingers on others. Stop doing this. It is not going to be a solution. Start with the man in the mirror – yourself! White, black, yellow – any color – there are always going to be those who profits from us not being united. If a black dude assaulted white dude – it does not mean that whole black population is hating white and other vise. We are prisoners of technological advance, and suckers for the big news. Why are we believing everything that we see in the news? Why not being smarter and stop for a second to make your own decision and get out of the mainstream? Remember – every story could be presented differently. Here, look at this image and see what i mean:

    Dont be part of the herd…

  • Catherine

    Democrat’s cry outlaw hammers?
    Democrat’s cry racism?
    Democrat’s cry the attacker looks just like obama with the ears and color of his skin?

    Democrat’s = Hippocrat’s


  • Stan

    There was no backlash from all the frenzied media race baiting!
    It never happened.

    Move along folks, nothing to see here.

  • bg


    #155 April 4, 2012 at 12:43 am
    Monkey Wrench

    seriously.. as if that would ever make
    the headlines, never-mind msm news..


  • bg


    #167 April 4, 2012 at 8:05 am
    Maximus Decimus Meridius

    excellent reminde/illistration, thank you..

    “we control the media”


  • bg


    April 3, 2012

    Florida shooter will surrender if charged: lawyer

    [4. Police play the 911 tape for Trayvon Martin’s father, who
    tells police that the voice screaming is not the voice of his son.]


  • leanne

    these boys look & act like obama. coincidence?

  • Valerie

    Got a lot of mobys, today, sho’ nuff.

    It’s very odd. Here is a site where there is tremendous support for Alfoso Rachel, Allen West, Thomas Sowell, Bill Cosby, Herman Cain, Condoleeza Rice, etc., and yet when Jim Hoft posts a crime article that cuts against the racial prejudices of the Democratic party, all of a sudden we get visited by a bunch of people posting with unfamiliar handles and attitudes like Kluxers.

    How very odd, especially for a TEA Party supporting-site.

  • #155

    There’s no statute of limitations on homicide; there’s always a chance Zimmerman will be arrested. In the meantime, he is not going anywhere and a prosecutor has been assigned to the Zimmerman case and is reviewing, investigating, interviewing to determine if there is sufficient evidence and probable cause to present the findings to a Grand Jury. The GJ will then decide if there’s enough to bring charges and go to trial.

    One thing I left out of the Scott/Cervini story is that the event happened in April 2009 and Scott was acquitted in Mar 2012. These things take time, the law works slowly. I understand, though, that lynching is so much faster and immediately satisfying.

  • Dayvid Franke

    There aren´t any votes in it for Democrats or the liberal media. That´s why there isn´t a national outrage.

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  • Shawn
  • hmm

    Those look like mugshots. I bet those kids were arrested and charged. That’s where the outrage is. A self-proclaimed murderer is walking free and not facing the law.

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  • Trev

    Zionist-controlled media is out to demonize white people. I hate to break it to ya, but this is not just a black vs. white issue. Jews are pitting us against each other as to weaken our social integrity. They push us towards “tolerance” and “multiculturalism” by opening the floodgates on immigration, and by excessively covering the Trayvon story to make white people feel guilty for their (instinctual and often justified) prejudices. On a side note, there seems to be a lot of disdain for Obama and the Dems (rightfully so), but I just hope you all realize that voting for Romney is not any better. Romney’s primary backer is Goldman Sachs (CEO Lloyd Blankfein is a Zionist Jew), the SAME abhorrent company who financed Obama’s campaign and received your taxpayer dollars in the bailout of Wall Street. “United Slaves of Israel.”

  • I think that one on the right is one of those pesky Jews.. No wait….

  • Trev

    Is this website filled with Jewish commentators? Or just white apologists who have been duped into defending the Zionists? If it is the former, I will leave. If it is the latter, I’m just trying to answer the question of why this story gets NO publicity, and yet the Trayvon one does. There is a reason for this. Who do you think controls the American media?

  • Spivey

    Those kids are in jail, Zimmerman is still walking free. Any more questions?

  • Jovon

    Lol wow you can tell “who’s who” here. Way to showcase your racism openly guys. :p but i laugh cause alot of you only have opinions behind closed doors and internet blogs. I bet some of you all even justify Zimmerman. But what you cant justify is how quickly these kids got locked up and taken away while George is walking with a fake ass story of self defense. Thats like saying these kids beat this guy in self defense. All of you need to find faith and quickly if your understand on life is really that shallow.

  • I am confident that these two young men did not mean any harm to the fifty year old they struck with a hammer.Their motive and intent are being distorted by the media,oh thats not quite true as the article is dated 4-3-2012 and this is the first time and place I have heard or read anything in regard to the attack.
    If this actually happened two things need to happen other than their arrest.
    My understanding from the article is the victim of this alleged attack is a fifty year old white man.
    Someone needs to explain the differerence in White and whatever George Zimmerman ,the one that did the shooting in Sanfors is to these two Rhodes scholars.
    The next thing is they might want to find out if George has a green card.

  • Justice for all

    why should jesse jackson get involved we all know when black people commit a crime they go to jail quick and no questions asked 🙂 I bet these boys went to jail right after it happened rightfully so and will probably spend the rest of their lives in jail unlike someone else in the news who actually killed someone and will probably get away…….

  • raymond

    Seems like, a lot of the people love to dramatize about race, you americans love to hate each other so much to the point you people are willing to forget about people being out of work, Banks are still foreclosing & kicking people out on to the streets, companies are still moving out overseas, how do you people lose your focus on the real issues. though tragic all of the events that happened,.. no one race should ever blame the other over a few bad apples,… Occupy Wall Street, was about the average person pointing the finger at big government giving money to Big Bank and Corporations,.. don’t lost focus, allow the justice system to work, it will be slow for sure, and some people might not feel justice has been received, or served,…but thats still no reason to destroy your country or your fellow american brothers and sister regardless of your race.,,DONT ALLOW MEDIA TO PLAY YOU AMERICANS AGAINST EACH OTHER.

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  • Lakalaka

    “Where’s the outrage?… Where are the protesters?… Where are Al and Jesse?”

    I don’t get you point man, there was an investigation. they were arrested. in the trayvon case there was no investigation. so i think we are heading into a civil war again.

  • time to get th white sheets out of storage

  • gene willis


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  • Strange1

    some one psot when jesse or sharpton show up to …ah never mind

  • Vaffonculo

    I am predicting the man dies from his injuries. When is law enforcement going to stop using kid gloves on this type of thug? Tell Jesse Jackson Al Sharpton etc to shut up since they ignore black on white hate crimes. Also use duct tape on Rev Jerimiah Wright who hates whites and America. GOD Dam him since he said GD America.

  • Well, since this happened over a year ago it should be easy to find out if he did.

  • Vaffonculo

    yes I would like to know.Anyway I am wondering if these thugs are in prison or out on bail like a monopoly card free to go [ do it again ].

  • Michael Gerardi

    And racist black thugs get yet another pass from the Dishonest Liberal Media. Next time maybe they’ll beat up a JOURNALIST. Then maybe the DLM will see fit to publicize it. Or maybe not. Libturds are great at self-hatred!

  • jessie rae

    Ok, this article is coming up because people are mad about Paula Deen getting screwed over and of course the Trayvon Martin trial on TV. I’m sorry white people, but despite the unfairness in the media as far as those 2 cases are concerned, this story is EXACTLY the thing I actually hate. (I thought ya’ll too)

    The article says “undisclosed race”, yet the Title says White. They did this on purpose, They Want to cause outrage. Kind of like showing pictures of a young innocent looking Trayvon instead of more recent pictures. Playing manipulative racial games is wrong regardless of what side is doing it. I don’t appreciate the media, Left Or Right treating me like a tool to be used instead of a person to be informed. At least the liberals put a little effort in their trolling. People commenting here obviously didn’t even read the article. They don’t know. They are just reacting like the good Tools Gateway wants you to be.

  • Vivian

    Jesse, I’m tired of being played by those who publish and otherwise report the news from their own perspectives.

  • Michael Nappi

    You are right Jessie rae this article is racist…by NOT saying “race undisclosed. I googled this and found half a dozen other articles that do list it was a white man assaulted by two black teens
    Racism today is a bigger, wide spread problem then it has been in decades. And the biggest racists who are helping to keep the hate alive are black people

  • Too_Old_For_IT

    Please come back and post when Rev. Al, Rev. Jesse and Rev. Jeremiah all show up.

  • Okaholly

    Poor victim gets lost in this racist article. Shame on you all. We all bleed red. Get it right.
    Totally off point, This is what is wrong with people.

  • watcherofolde

    “The Orlando Sentinel writer who wrote both articles says that the race of the victim was known to him but censored in the two articles on purpose. He cited the newspapers policy. He says that the paper “generally does not publish race unless there is a reason.” The papers’ website shows 396 Trayvon Martin articles. Race appears to be a major theme in most, if not all of them. Many of them mention race in the headline. To date, the Orlando Sentinel has never published the fact that the victim of the hammer attack was white.

    I managed to get in contact with a family member of the victim. They do not want his name given out, as they still fear for his safety. His injuries are severe and he is still in critical condition and now has pneumonia. 75% of his skull was damaged in the attack. The victim also has a broken arm, a broken hand, and a broken jaw. His family and friends ask that you please pray for his recovery.

    The family commends the Sanford police for quickly finding and arrested the suspects. However, they say the Sanford police are very reluctant to treat it as a hate crime.​”

    ”At the same time the gruesome hammer attack took place, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and the New Black Panther Party were all holding events in the area. This may have played a direct role in the near fatal attack. Tensions and fears of a riot were extremely high in Sanford that night.

    I have also linked one of the suspects to Florida’s notorious Nation of Yahweh cult. Suspect Yahaziel Israel, 19, just got done serving a seventeen month prison sentence before the attack. His Hebrew name suggests that he is part of a “Black Hebrew” cult. It turns out that Israel has a Facebook page. On it, he identifies his father’s Facebook page. His father has posting on Facebook promoting the Nation of Yahweh cult, the most notorious of all “Black Hebrew” groups. His father has an English name, but a girl identified by Yahaziel as his sister also has a Hebrew name. This suggests that Yahaziel was raised in the Black Power cult.

    This is the Black Power religious cult founded by Yahweh Ben Yahweh, whos members have committed at least fourteen murders and two attempted murders. The founder, Yahweh Ben Yahweh served eleven years in prison for his involvement in the murders.

    The group has an ideology similar to the Nation of Islam. Both believe that Sub-Saharan Africans are Gods’ chosen people. Both believe that American blacks are special even among the black race. Both believe an apocalyptic race war is coming. It is probably fair to compare the Nation of Yahweh to the Nation of Islam splinter group, the Black Angels of Death. The Black Angels of Death were the perpetrators of the San Fransisco Bay area Zebra Killings. Both are believed to have carried out the murder of random white people as an initiation into the higher levels of the group.”

  • Ozark Ranger

    HEY, I’m a conservative Independent and I agree fully with what you just said.

  • Viscious

    I agree with you! divide and conquer other wise find a label, and dispel the proof in the pudding, I was a resident in this area for 20 years, and I know for a fact, the ”hood”s consist of both welfare laden benefit seeking of all colors, races and creed!! but all in all, it is a major problem, that colored folks are top priority for blame, if they are innocent? why use the color card? either way, it proves that these sort of crimes happen almost daily here, and it is always from that same hood!!



  • krmike

    It’s time for whitey to reciprocate in kind !!!!!!

  • krmike

    Yea like their heads smashed with a hammer !!!!

  • krmike
  • Bonni

    Jessie Rae, I still think that among all of the other posts here, yours rings most true. Until I read your post, I was thinking exactly the way the article wanted me to: “How come when it’s black on white nobody seems to care?” Thank you for showing me the error of my ways. Two main concerns should be (1) is that poor man okay? And (2) did those two young men get punished for their crime? Thanks again, Jamie. This just proves to me yet again that life is full of learning. 🙂

  • Stephanie Ferguson Bell

    They need to go to jail too!

  • Stephanie Ferguson Bell

    Totally agree – and it doesn’t matter if they are white or black or if the victim is white or black – or purple with green stripes. If they did it , they should go to jail.

  • Stephanie Ferguson Bell

    Vivian – dear, where have you been the last 20+ years? Journalism is dead in our country!

  • lucky1

    This happens with regularity in most cities in the USA. White people should never go into black areas!

  • Michael Bowler

    Too bad the old guy didn’t shoot ’em both dead. Guess he wasn’t armed and paying attention.

  • Michael Bowler

    jessie rae, brought something up, I want to expound upon it.

    The people who hold power, and those who cling closely as part of their power structure, both party leaderships, but mainly the Democrats because they have effectively institutionalized it as part of their political rhetoric and ties to their base, use the racial differences between us to ensure we stay divided.

    Let me put this another way:
    As long as the general public is so preoccupied with race, blacks are so polarized, whites are largely helpless to even make inroads to normalcy with any large group of blacks, Latinos are told they are hated by whites too.
    Yes there are racists, white ones, black ones and Latino ones, they are a fairly large group, though a minority. Racism by whites is unacceptable, by anyone else is understandable and on the way to being institutionalized as permanent and deserved.
    This is being done to keep us from voting on the real issues. Were the blacks not to see themselves as a separate tribe, they wouldn’t vote as a bloc, Latinos do so also, though not quite as markedly. Both parties are now pandering to this lowest common denominator…and the country is falling into tyranny.

  • If Obama had a son……

  • Johnny Gibbs

    If Obama had two sons…

  • Infuriating actions by heathens who deserve the harshest punishment under the law! Infuriating title when within the article, the race of the victim is not known! It doesn’t matter what race the victim is, this is a horrendous crime; but to ignite passions with an inflammatory title is irresponsible! Ugh!

  • Beth Hembree

    It should be, but it isn’t. Couldn’t find any mention of the incident since May, 2012. Surprising? Not really…

  • Lori Matlock

    Jessie, I grew up in the 70’s when everyone got along and hung out and had a good time.Yes there were radical groups from both sides,but as young adults we didn’t much care….Then Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton came along and poisoned our minds to NOT trust anyone out of your own race..The media went wild and eventually we actually believed them.People really started to hate each other.Rev.Jackson is rolling in his grave for what this has all became.He did NOT die for this sick and actually uncivil behavior for this country and it’s citizens to be displaying!!!

  • becky21k

    We need to just start shooting dogs like this in the street. Either they learn that if they want to live, they behave, or eventually none are left.


    Innocent … just misunderstood…………. sincerely, another brain dead libby!


    Neanderthals win a round. Temporarily!

  • Debi

    what was he doing there in the first place. did he initiate by running his mouth!!

  • Debi

    Do u mean Martin Luther king/ He was a peaceful leader, and raised awareness with out spreading hate like Al Sharpton and Mr. Jackson

  • Difster

    If you’re white, never go in to a primarily black neighborhood for any reason. You take your life in to your own hands.

  • Nick

    If that happened, he would be in jail and they would say he did it out of racism.

  • Anna Rose Redlich

    Figures you would say that…if it was 2 white teens that beat a black man then Jesse and Al would be all over it. You cant deny that. I just wish people would stop with all this and I wish J Jackass and Al would go away too…..

  • 1911HeadBanger

    OK let’s observe that we see no reason for use of the N- word, but the same people who seem to find it so offensive, always get a free pass to use it blatantly. It appears that only whites are held to that standard of conduct. How can we expect whites to not see the hypocrisy and sooner or later disregard that standard. Especially since in recent court testimony coverage, that the term “Cracker” is used when describing whites and those same blacks see no racism in it’s use, as long as THEY are the ones using it. Double Standards generally cause people to no longer observe a standard. And for Paula Dean to use it to describe a man 27 years ago, who entered a business and stuck a gun in her face, threatening to kill her, I have to agree with her. She used the correct description.

  • Guest

    He had no clue or time to react.

  • Karla Marie Slavin

    The victims family appreciate your continued support. He has gone through a long recovery period after being in a coma for 3 months. He has had reconstructive surgery to replace his skull, and to repair his hand. Hearing loss, vision loss, short term memory. His life as he lived it for so long is over. He has had to completely start over.

  • Vivian

    I take it you accept it without question – dear.

  • Rocket1300

    My sad commentary is that sadly, we has a whole global community will never never be without race hatred. Ever. We as humanity will never be able to come together until we come together biologically and that won’t happen anytime soon, but it will have to happen eventually. Then, we will be separated by nation, religion, both or either. Till then, I am a racist.

  • summer chick

    I totally agree too, (except the liberal part!) I am an idependent who leans toward republican ideals.But the media (and I believe the white house) is pitting us all against each other. I do feel we have the right to speak out though when it does seem very one sided. We all need to fight racism on both sides and treat each other as HUMANS. Has anyone seen this article yet??

  • Andrew

    People are mad about Paula Deen getting screwed? She obviously had it coming. And George Zimmerman is Hispanic so how does that have to do anything with “white people”? You seem to be pretty confused.

  • Yukidongo

    Just pointing out, that the news has been played from the Socialist, admittedly, perspective for the last 20+ years. They are proud to admit it, until they are called on it, and then they don’t deny it, they merely skirt it.

  • Yukidongo

    I am sure she meant MLK. As his daughter is saying, he “didn’t take a bullet” for a lot of the things going on. She is disgusted with the Democrats for keeping the blacks enslaved and without motivation to achieve, because she says they think they have to be taken care of or are owed something. She is right. As long as we pay them to stay passive, and in their respective projects, and ghettos, they will have no motivation to doother than wit on their welfare check.

  • Yukidongo

    No, Andrew, you do. They played Zimmerman as WHITE, (the media did), to stir up the racial tension in Florida. It was then the further divisive issue after Obama had to play his racial sentiment. And, as far as using the N word, Paula Dean is from the south. She also has some age, and falls around a time when the word was still way more common among White folks, than it is now. Now it is what they call each other, and I don’t mean black people of class, either. I am talking about the actual people the word would fit, if it were being used like it used to be. But, she was referring to a man who stuck a gun in her face and threatened her life. I think, personally, the term was used correctly. There are black folks, and there are white folks. There are black trash, and white trash. Nothing has changed except what is politically correct, and permitted. And, it was 27 years ago. I say , Hell yes, I called him, that… Is anyone asking what he might have called her? Is anyone even thinking of her terror? A friend of mine’s daughter worked at the local bank. A “black” man kidnapped her at gunpoint after she and the other teller had done what he said, and he dragged her out with a gun in her ear, crawled into a car, and held her hostage for most of the day. She was 18, and it was her first job. She doesn’t work now. She can’t leave her home because of the severe agoraphobia. That was 25 years ago, almost. Bet you I don’t mind calling him what he was.

  • Gi Dede

    Hey he should not have been there but noone smashes a person’s head in with a hammer. That is sick. People and young teens who do this should be off the streets and in jail or death. These sick crimes should be reported and investigated to see what is the cause behind the crime. We are one sick nation. Where is wisdom and values that we once had as a nation and family and individually.

  • wildknives

    J.J.jr is on his way to prison…wish granted.

  • wildknives

    The “poor victim” did not want to be exploited. That is why he “gets lost in the(..) article. Of course it is racist…when one group attacks another group just because of the differences of race, it makes it about race.

  • wildknives

    I live in FL, know where Midway is located, been through there more than once. You. Don’t .Stop. In. Midway. Ever.

  • Debi

    Parents and peers teaching so much hate.

  • Debi

    I grew up in 70’s, in a black community during civil rights movement. We got bricks in our windows, beat up, property destroyed. So, if shoe was on other foot nationwide, things would have not been any better. We got KKK just to walk down street. Things cleared up. Near late 1978 our community races started to get along…and our children played together. But, their grandparents keep the racial hate going. Hopefully, when they pass on, not so much hate. Al Sharpton showed up here for a possible race one showed up…lol

  • irishmicm

    You seem to be assuming that the VICTIM in some way started this thing. No matter what he was doing there, he didn’t deserve to be beaten by 2 thugs with a hammer. Are you just looking for a way to excuse them?

  • Gradivus

    I understand what you’re saying, but in this case they are not “playing manipulative racial games” in order to inflame outrage about the case itself; they are pointing out the difference in coverage to show the racial bias of the media in their differing responses to the two stories.

  • Miles Cole

    Why is this article over a year old and just now being passed around? We don’t have to go back a year to find black on white crime. It’s a daily thing. It’s just that black on white crime is hardly ever written up as a hate crime. In most cases the newspapers wont even mention the race of the victim. It’s one of the main reasons I left my job of 15 years and moved out to the country. I didn’t want my kids to be killed just because they were white.

  • Oneauta

    Y’all sayin’ that Rupert Murdock is a Socialist? Yer jivin’ me aren’t ya.

  • American Vet


  • Patty

    Amen!! We are a sick society and its a crying shame that we give excuses for bull shtt like this!! Nail their ass to a cross and don’t let these thugs get away with such a horrible crime!! I’m sick of everyone giving excuse after excuse for thugs and their bad behavior…

  • Patty

    Exactly!! The democrats are enslaving the black community and they are allowing it. We should NOT allow people to have 5 babies with 5 different daddies!! If you make a mistake we will help you but after that one, no, no and no we will NOT give you anymore money. So learn to feed your babies yourself. When did it become ok to think that its the government place to be your babies daddy?? The government is NOT here to feed, cloth and house you or your children. They are here to protect our borders and to protect us from enemy’s foreign AND domestic.

  • Rob

    It doesn’t matter where anyone is, this should never happen. You make it sound like it’s ok for it to happen in a bad neighborhood. Technically there should be NO “bad” neighborhoods. You should be safe to go WHEREVER the hell you please without fear for safety. js.

  • mad_mom_of_3

    @Jessie Rae: I couldn’t agree with you more. I am by no stretch of the imagination racist. I have friends and family who are black, African American, Irish, Polish, Mexican..etc. The media are the ones who turn these crimes in a huge race war when it shouldn’t be one. The crime is what it is and the same law should pertain to all who commit a crime. People wonder why racism is alive and well in this country…it’s because the media and others put the racism where it’s not even important. When the media gets involved…the racism runs even deeper and more rampant than ever. People need to stop letting every little word and/or comment offend them. JMO

  • jessie rae

    start making a fuss about the term cracker. It comes from those who cracked whips. It’s has just as bloody a history as the N word. You don’t Have to be quiet about something hurtful just because you’re white. Equality mean being understanding to Everyone, white people too. And this Paula Deen stuff ticks me off to no end. This is the same woman who got the Neely’s a show. Hired minorities and celebrated foods from my culture and brought it to millions. Get real, a girl from the south said a bad word. Everyone does. She shouldn’t lose her entire career over a racial slip that didn’t oppress anyone. I don’t talk like this, but I know plenty of my own family members would have said pretty much the same thing, and they are black too.

  • jessie rae

    the point of doing that is to not put more flame in the fire. All suspects were arrested, there was no need for the public to be on the lookout. At that point, the race of either the victim or the perps doesn’t matter as that info is used to help identify the parties involved. Fact remains, a crime occurred and a victim deserves justice. The racial makeup of the neighborhood shouldn’t matter either. I should be able to walk down the street in any neighborhood without having anyone try to come after/rob/harass me.

  • jessie rae

    why? They don’t speak for all black people. Do you expect your pastor to show up every time a Christian commits a crime? Everyone has personal responsibility. Need to cut that group think out.

  • Me

    You mean like Trayvon?

  • wildknives

    I agree with you, wholeheartedly! In FL though “cracker” has a much different meaning. Mostly now it means “poor white trash” , but in the day…

  • jericho

    “Bender and Israel were booked into the John E. Polk Correctional Facility with no bail.”

    Zimmerman initially wasn’t even ARRESTED. See the difference there, sparky?

  • Anon

    So, white people can’t be enraged that a 50 year old man was beaten to death WITH A HAMMER, yet black people can riot when a black kid gets shot by a white man. Oh the double standards of race. Makes me sick.

  • John

    Sorry to disappoint you, He was white, you can listen to the 911 caller and you can hear it on the news Posted: 11:15 a.m. Monday, April 2, 2012 at the link is also under the two teens photos above. The man did die, I remember seeing the news about the incident when it happened. I can also send you a list of videos of blacks attacking whites all over the country long before and after the death of Trayvon Martin. The author is simply asking a question, why is the main steam media silent? I know why, because Al Sharpton and other civil rights activist? But just do your own research, search YouTube for “Blacks attack whites”, and if your not appalled then you my dear are a racist.

  • John

    Oh, the case is not the Trayvon Martin trial, your saying they are trying a dead kid?

  • rick

    when are the t-shirts coming out ? who has the rights to the slogan ” I am { insert victims name} ”

  • jessie rae

    That’s not the Point.
    The point is they INTENTIONALLY are trying to cause Racial outrage genius

  • Anne

    Stop crying about being black. Damn. Get the pacifier out your mouth and the misguided ramblings of race mongers like jesse, al, Louis F. It is your own prison, in a land of freedom, that you remain a slave.

  • jimandcheryl

    Hey i do not give a rats ass who did it .. The fact remains that two teens not just attacked but beat a man nearly to death with a hammer that alone justifies throwing their asses in jail and if the man dies charging these two young men with premeditated murder as it was planed or they would have not had a hammer to cause such damage on a human life no matter what race they are

  • USA

    Does it really matter black/white lol worthless comments it’s no secret American has and always will be racist,England is less racist than USA lol you all are jokes just live your lives I believe in an eye for an eye no talk.

  • Heather

    Who cares? was he in a unauthorized area? I don’t think so you aren’t very intelligent so what people aren’t allowed to drive down a street and parents and teachers teaching hate PLEASE! Just listen to yourself my God!

  • Heather

    Enslaving???? where did this crap come from? What does this have to do with what the topic is? Not a damn thing! You are a half witt. White women have babies with different fathers idiot, and i have been on welfare the most it pays no matter what is 300 a month damn thats alot of money are you kidding me? Our government sucks!!!! other countries help their people we don’t do anything but keep them down. I have had it good and things turned bad you need to live it and then make these absurd statements. BTW I am American Indian I do believe they were treated worse than anyone and are true Americans everyone else came here from other countries, so get off of your high horse of bitching about people collecting welfare. besides WTF does that have to do with anything? All of this black and white BS the media feeds you and you suck it all up, like so many others and act on it what morons for even listening to the media to begin with they love starting trouble

  • jessie rae

    Why are you telling me this? Did you not even read my comments? wtf

  • jessie rae

    of course they can, But this shouldn’t be about race. I’m just as disgusted with these 2 guys as I would be with anyone who did this

  • jessie rae

    well, go figure. Although wikipedia is not the best source of info, I appreciate the info 🙂

  • damdoneit

    Actually, the original term of ‘cracker’ in Florida was derived from the crack of the whip the cattle drivers utilized. It was not a derogatory statement.

  • Cathy

    In the middle east it’s tribes. They are all the same color but there’s still racism. There will always be racism. Nothing we can do about it. It could be over religion areas of a country. But there will always be racism of one kind or another.

    But it’s funny how the media hasn’t brought this case or the baby shot in the face because they don’t want to fuel the fire maybe? Yea right.

  • Cathy

    I’ve always said we will all be equal when blacks can come into white neighborhoods without fear and whites can go into black neighborhoods without fear. Until then forget it.

  • Lori Matlock

    Yes I meant DR.Martin Luther King…Just got caught up

  • Lori Matlock

    Yes,I meant The great DR. Martin Luther King!! Just got caught in the moment..

  • Hilda Ward

    This is a ridiculous comment to Jessie Rae. Read her comments again. She doesn’t sound misguided at all, but you do Anne.

  • Glenn

    jessie rae i am hearing but many just comment and have not even read or either understood your comments. Crazy for me to be reading and noticing hey they need to read your comments. You sound rationale to me. I was with a black lady while in the military and saw first hand racism coming from other white soldiers and black soldiers as well. Was picked up by the mp’s and threatened. I stopped short of being with her the rest of my life from peer pressure but would I do this today absolutely not if I was in love color would not be seen but on the other hand I teach my children about watching out for smooth tongue people of all colors. Do I want to see my daughter marry a black man I do not prefer this but what can i do it is their life just do not be fooled. I truly believe blacks are being fooled by radical groups and race baiters who actually profit from this or have hidden agendas. Oh and if my past lover reads this let me tell her it was the best three months of my life.

  • Edie Simmons

    Living in Florida it was a shock We really should rejoice a person got not guilty Florida is hard on crime I’m sure those two men who beat the old man well never get out I know a lot of people feel for the mother I feel with you ,We can’t blame all the other innocent people for 6 stupid jurors

  • Jake77

    They could be Obama’s sons!

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