ANGRY MOTHER Says Matthew Owens Deserved It for Using N-Word – Kids Are the Real Victims (Video)

An African American woman who lives on Delmar Drive screamed at News 5 about what she feels was unfair coverage in the Matthew Owens beating case. The mother said the kids were the real victims. Matthew Owens clings to life after 20 black neighbors, including women in skirts and children, beat him bloody with paint cans, brass buckles and anything they could find while screaming about justice for Trayvon Martin.

News 5 has more on the latest developments in the brutal beating.

Mobile police tell News 5 they still hope to make an arrest in the Matthew Owens case before the end of the night.

Owens was beaten Saturday night in front of his home on Delmar Drive. Witnesses, including Owens sister, say 20 black people attacked Owens with pipes, paint cans and chairs. Owens is still in ICU at USA Medical Center. Weaving in and out of consciousness, Owens told his brother Lloyd, “Don’t let me die.”

Police continue to downplay the Trayvon Martin connection to the beating. But a neighbor confirms what his sister told News 5. The neighbor, too scared to go on camera, told News 5’s Lauren Vargas that they heard one of the suspects say “This is justice for Trayvon” as she drove away.

Tonight, an angry mother who lives on the street told News 5’s Blake Brown that the kids who live on Delmar Drive are the real victims.

“Every single day it’s a problem with Mr. Owens concerning our kids,” Lemica Whisenhunt. “All these kids do is shoot basketball. We keep ’em in the yard. They don’t bother anybody. We’d rather them play basketball than to be around here vandalizing, breaking into people’s homes. We try to bring our kids up the right way and show people that all black kids are not bad.

The racial beating of Matthew Owens is not being treated as a hate crime.

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  • http://somewebsite.somedomain.comandChristiansaredoingWHATaboutIT!! C-Christian Soldier

    IT is coming! and the Progressives (communists) have inflamed IT -for $$$$ and power—what is IT—- the raaaaace WAR!!

  • Sasja

    “We try to bring our kids up the right way and show people that all black kids are not bad.“

    No, not all black kids are bad; just most. And you “adults” have most certainly shown just how rotten most of you are as well.

    It’s a shame we can’t round you up and ship you back to your “roots.”

  • Rhoda R

    C-Christian Soldier might be right – especially if the authorities don’t start cracking down. White kids are going to see what’s going on and want to copy; then add in the Hispanics. Holder not withstanding, you can’t let one group do whatever it wants without other groups reacting.

  • Oh Noes!

    Throw Obama out in November and everything will change.

  • Zelsdorf Ragshaft III

    If this happened in my community, I would investigate forming a group of armed citizens bent on protecting citizens from gangs of angry African/Americans who think they can take the law into their own hands. I woulld mete out the justice Trayvon Martin so richly deserved.

  • dnb

    ‘We keep ‘em in the yard. They don’t bother anybody.’ If they were kept in the yard, I don’t think Mr. Owens would be in the hospital.

  • Patty

    “Every single day it’s a problem with Mr. Owens concerning our kids,” Lemica Whisenhunt. “All these kids do is shoot basketball. We keep ‘em in the yard. They don’t bother anybody. We’d rather them play basketball than to be around here vandalizing, breaking into people’s homes. We try to bring our kids up the right way and show people that all black kids are not bad.“

    Wow, so they beat this guy to a pulp. Just short of death. N-word is bad “if” he said it and if there is a problem Owens needed to call the cops. In the tremulous time we are living through tempers are hot and nerves are on edge.

    She says, “We keep ‘em in the yard” that is a lie or why would Owens tell them to leave.

    But this really isn’t the problem, the real danger is the Media and the lies and lack of reporting the truth and all facts.

    The n-word doesn’t warrant a beat down, so horrific that Owens is clinging to life.

    Some blacks are on edge and they are ignorant when it comes to making the right call in situations like this. They don’t call the cops often until one of their own is hurt or killed.

    Instead they take the law into their own hands and some believe they are above the law.

    This is another tragedy of racism and all Trayvon’s death has done is help it rear its ugly head that is still in the hearts and minds of the Blacks. Obama should never have weighed in, in this case. His actions have fuel the flames.

  • Matt

    According to Liberal news outlets, it’s ok this happened because it was black people involved, and no guns. But if it were white people, it would be racist and covered non stop by MSNBC.

  • Patty

    There is no excuse for beating a man to near death. None.

    Blacks and Whites must live together in many Neighborhoods. If someone is on your property and especially constantly, you call the cops.

    Problem is in these neighborhoods word gets out who called the cops. They have you on their radar. Catch 22. This is why Owen’s sister feared talking to T.V. reporter.

    Whites more often are attack by Blacks, Blacks are more often attacked by other Blacks.

    Civility is one of Obama favorite words. He talks about how he can do a better job then anyone. Brags about it, when this guy in out of our White House things will change, that is for certain.

    Again, this is a true story: Right after Obama became President blacks entered in a Walgreens and shouted at the Clerk, “Now, you will listen to us.”

    Whatever that means, they still feel they can do anything and everything and nothing will happen to them.

  • Patty

    Education system failure! Law is not taught to the kids from middle school to high school.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    “We try to bring our kids up the right way and show people that all black kids are not bad.“


  • Redwine

    That woman needs to be arrested and interrogated. sense that she knows a lot about who was involved in this horrific lynching.

  • Patty

    Taking Advantage of Trayvon

    The subsequent fallout resulting from the Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman incident, has caused black racists to assemble en masse to ostensibly support the Martin family. But is this the real reason Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the New Black Panther Party have gathered in Sanford, Florida? In a word, no. In fact, situations such as the Trayvon Martin incident serve to further their own agenda – the promotion of black superiority over all other races. This agenda, of course, is in line with their manner of thinking. According to black superiority movement, it was black Africans who provided mankind with the first semblance of civilization, as well as being the first to discover the sciences. I believe Al Sharpton described this thought best when he said of blacks, “White folks was [sic] in caves while we was building empires…. We taught philosophy and astrology and mathematics before Socrates and them Greek homos ever got around to it.” ( )

    Along with this black superiority belief comes the belief that because they are superior to whites and all other races, they are entitled to respect, deference, reparations (because slavery was the white mans way of building themselves up and oppressing the superior blacks), and all manner of other things.

    They do not believe they are racist, because in their minds they are superior, all other races are inferior, and therefore they are simply assuming the mindset of a superior race. In other words, whites and all other races simply need to learn their place. It is this mentality that drives the New Black Panthers to declare that they do not obey the “white man’s law” and will only obey their own laws ( ), and to sing songs in “tribute” to Trayvon Martin which blatantly call for an open rebellion, armed rioting, and the killing of “crackers” and police (
    ( ). As well as producing openly racist T-Shirts such as is worn by the racist in the photo included in your article. The result: open attacks on whites (and sometimes other races) by blacks, such as the recent South Carolina attack ( ).

    Much in the way Middle Eastern terrorists indoctrinate their children from the moment they are born to hate America, Israel, and the west, those who believe in black superiority teach their children their own brand of racist hate, thus perpetuating the problem of racism in America. This is, of course, not to say that there aren’t white racists and Hispanic racists and Asian racists, etc., but the fact is, we are talking about black racists here.

    On a related note, I also find it curious that President Obama has not come forth in condemnation of the black superiority racists that have found such a willing venue as the Liberal Dominant Media through which to spew their vile message. He has not condemned the call to murder George Zimmerman, he has not condemned the racist hate speech, he has not condemned the racially motivated attacks on whites by blacks. Perhaps he really did listen to Jeremiah Wright after all, and perhaps he listened closely and took Wrights words to heart.

    If the New Black Panthers and other black supremacists have their way (which, as I mentioned, the media is more than willing to promote), and their obvious push for a race war is successful, then what will be the result, especially in an election year? Will such a war, if it grows large enough, provide President Obama with an excuse to declare martial law? Will it give him an excuse to suspend the November election? Just a thought.

  • http://n/a anne marie

    Ok folks. This is the deal. Obama wasn’t the cause of this. What fueled this is the racism that occurrred and continues to occur in the Trayvon case. I kept quiet while I read so many racist comments during the Trayvon tragedy. The same people who want to excuse Zimmerman’s behavior are the same people now who want justice for the attackers in this case.

    I see these attackers as fearing that the justice system would allow this white man to harm their children as in the Tryvon case, and let him get away with it. I am not excusing the mob action and 2 wrongs do not make a right, but let’s be honest with ourselves

    If we want the violence to stop, we have to start by being fair. I am black, and I can admit that it was wrong to beat this man. Yet, many cannot and will not admit that a young black boy was wrongfully murdered after profiling. Shame on you. Shame on what you are teaching your kids. I hope your conscience is pricked at the injustice in your own heart over the two cases.

    We talk about blacks being animals and criminals yet most of the heinous family killings happen in white families. I refuse to call either race animals. People are victims of their environment and I bet if you put most of this black criminals in the right environment from birth, we would have a different product. Let’s not blame a race, but try to find solutions.

    Let’s not perpetuate more violence but find the right solution — which is Jesus Christ.

    This country was built by immigrants, including the slaves. And so noone –white or black has any right to tell anyone to go back home to wherever. If anything, the Native Americans should be telling us all to go back home.

    America and the world are in a recession. We need to all, black and white, come back to God. He is the only one Who can help us. Our mistake was when we strayed away from Him. We are all here concerned about racism but I have one question to ask, where is your soul going for eternity?

    My prayers fo out to the Martin and Owens families.

    Jesus is Lord.

  • Patty

    Until our kids learn right from wrong in the way in which God wants, then we will never change a D… thing.

    This is naive but it is true. Kids don’t start life as racist or bruits, they are sponges and they are innocent in the beginning. It is the enraged parents that turn them into animals.

    We reap what we sow.

  • S. Wolf

    That woman is probably one of the women in dresses who helped beat poor Mr. Owens into a coma. I wonder if she had a chain or a paint can.

  • La-SHA


  • Patty

    We truly need someone with Faith in the White House. But recently someone said that the next president’s faith wouldn’t matter in the Elections. My jaw dropped. After hearing the rants of Wright? FAITH DOESN’T MATTER?

    The Middle East is on fire. Iran wants to wiped Israel off the map. Words of hate coming for comedians to politicians. Our nation is in TROUBLE and Faith is going to take a back seat?

    Why do you think we are in trouble, because of LIES, HATE, GREEDY PEOPLE AND LACK OF FAITH AND GOD.

  • cobra

    @anne marie
    There is no evidence Trevon was murdered or attacked bcase he was black.The race hustlers, and that includes Obama, along the democrat-media complex are GUILTY of intentionally inflaming the situation for their gain.
    We must defeat the hustler in chief in November, otherwise the race relations in this country will reverse fifty years.

  • rumcrook

    We try to bring our kids up the right way and show people that all black kids are not bad.“

    now thats an epic fail.

    this is what perpetual victimhood breeds. the most dangerous people on the planet have all thought themselves the victims.

    nazis convinced the germans they were victims of the joooos
    communists convinced people they were the vicxtims of the “bourgeois

    “victims” allways think they are justified in doing the most heinous things.

    and this savage thinks the “kids” are the real victims while a man who was savaged by 20 savage people fights for the only life he has.

    he got what he deserved for the audacity of telling the kids to go play in front of thier own homes?

    wow those little savages must have been truly devastated. thats worth beating someone to death.