It’s an Obama World… President Holds Talks With Muslim Brotherhood at White House

It’s an Obama world…
Obama is holding talks with the Muslim Brotherhood terror group in the White House.

U.S. President Barack Obama (R) meets President Mubarak of Egypt in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington on September 1, 2010 before he threw him under the bus. (UPI/Ron Sachs/Pool)

Three years ago Egypt was a dependable US ally and Muslim Brotherhood members were in jail. Today the Muslim Brotherhood is running Egypt and Mubarak is under arrest.
How’s that for hope and change?
AFP reported:

White House officials held talks with representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood in Washington this week, as the Islamist group threw itself into the fray in Egypt’s presidential election.

The meeting on Tuesday with low-level National Security Council staff was part of a series of US efforts to broaden engagement with new and emerging political parties following Egypt’s revolution last year, a US official said.

The White House pointed out that Republican Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain, and other US lawmakers and officials had also met with Brotherhood representatives in Egypt and elsewhere in recent months.

“We believe that it is in the interest of the United States to engage with all parties that are committed to democratic principles, especially nonviolence,” said National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor.

“In all our conversations with these groups, we emphasize the importance of respect for minority rights, the full inclusion of women, and our regional security concerns.”

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  • Ella

    I bet all they talked about was how to destroy Israel the fastest.

  • Redwine

    Exactly, Ella.

    I’m sure Comrade Hussein assured them that they will have their caliphate and that he supports them completely.

    Impeach the traitor NOW!!

  • democraps suck

    Talking about how to line up his money when he gets his a$$ kicked out in November…or how he will let the mooslum bro hood come in and not hold the election…or how he will let the mooslum bro hood come in and be vigilantes against Americans…take your pick…either way Hussein is the devil against the USA

  • bg



    anybody in there??

    more here to kingdom come.. gah!!


  • Texas_Treeroach

    This is what Our Country wanted as President.
    Now we must all face the consequences.
    Unless he is defeated in November, Our history won’t be worth reading.
    America will appear as nothing more than a bright footnote is an otherwise predictable lineage of monarchies and “-isms”.

  • KR

    And remember BO’s rude frozen glare he gave PM Netanyahu when they met.

  • Sickofobama



    Rick and Glenn Beck were right.

    Obama is helping the Islamo-terrorists set up the caliphate.

  • Bizarro World

    Pathetic. this man has single handedly made this country look pathetic and weak in just 3 years. Amazing and frightening all at the same time. Dont know how anyone can possibly ignore the fact that this man is no good.

  • Bizarro World

    not too mention, hes now dealing with terrorists. Nice message there jerk off. Goes right up there with the whispered promises to Russia and your gaffe about Trayvon not to mention calling the Supreme Court out of line, basically. Obama, you are more than shameless, you are a first class prick whose going to make it hard as hell for any other black man to ever get elected again in this country.

  • L.E. Liesner

    Do you get the feeling that the “war on terrorism” is going the way of the “war on poverty” or the “war on drugs”? Spend a lot of money,say a lot of words and do nothing else.

  • StrangernFiction

    The White House pointed out that Republican Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain, and other US lawmakers and officials had also met with Brotherhood representatives in Egypt and elsewhere in recent months.

    This is why statist R’s are so dangerous. It needs to be repeated ad nauseum: Republican does not equal conservative.

  • Taqiyyotomist
  • ahem

    American taxpayers are actually funding Al Qaeda. You realize this, don’t you?

  • Taqiyyotomist

    #6 KR

    He showed Netanyahu the bottom of his shoes while he was talking to him on the phone.

    And I believe it was on purpose — this is a great insult to Muslims.

    Obama has done this, and flip the bird on multiple occasions — and MUCH MORE — and people still refuse to see.

  • bg


    Sickofobama #7 April 4, 2012 at 9:26 pm

    well, don’t rightly which Rick you speak of (Santorum?), but
    i’ve been preaching it long before either one them.. *sigh*


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  • ‘The only religion I respect is Islam’- A. Hitler


    Muslim Brotherhood and Nazi Connection

    ‘The Muslim groups which today threaten the West with terrorism, subversion and insurgency are not only “fascist” in the broad sociological sense, but can trace their literal historical origins to Nazism and its genocidal ambitions.

    The ideology of the Islamists whose ranks today include not only al-Qaeda but also Hamas and Hezbollah, originated with Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, which was founded in 1928 by Sheikh Hassan al-Banna. The Muslim Brotherhood finds not just its roots, but much of its symbolism, terminology, and political priorities deep within the heart of Nazi fascism.’


  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Note to American Jews: Go ahead, vote for the guy. Again, if that’s the case.

    I double-dare ya.

  • Taqiyyotomist #14

    I’m sure Netanyahu knows what he and we are dealing with:

    ‘WSI: Evil. Corruptive all-encompassing evil.

    UM: Barack Obama is evil?

    WSI: Certainly the seeming…I don’t wish to have this conversation devolve into the subject matter of…to take a more spiritual course. That may not appeal to a great many of your readers.

    UM: Don’t worry about that – you think Barack Obama is evil? Please explain.

    WSI: My belief is that what is being attempted…the…reforming if you will of the United States…yes – that is evil. The danger it poses to the country, to the world – yes…evil. Be it ignorance on the part of Barack Obama, or willful neglect…I cannot determine for certain…but he does appear willing to cooperate with those who have long sought to destroy this country…not so much a physical destruction mind you…but rather the…spiritual destruction of America. A kind of…cancer that will eat away at its internals leaving nothing but…an empty shell of what it once was.

    WSI: You know of course of the meeting between the prime minister and the president?

    UM: Yes – of course.

    WSI: That is what happened.

    UM: You…can you elaborate please?

    WSI: No – not at this time. I apologize.

    UM: You gotta give me something here. And I think you want to say it – say something. I assume you received feedback of the meeting?

    WSI: That is correct.

    UM: And?

    WSI: I cannot share any of that with you at this time. Again – I apologize.

    UM: So the meeting did not go well?

    WSI: Obama revealed himself to us…in full. While it was suspected…certainly we feared the possibility…but to have it so openly confirmed was…it was very unsettling to people who, shall we say…don’t unsettle easily.

    UM: Please explain. Something. Explain something on that.

    WSI: I will simply say this – and someday this information will get out…I likely will be long dead when it does…but the truth will be spoken of this someday.

    In 2008 the American people voted for a man who has absolutely no regard for human life if that life is an impediment to the agenda. The meeting between himself and the prime minister confirmed that fact. The Israelis are now staring into the face of evil – a selfishness and disregard that is stunning in its scope and singular purpose. A delay was requested that has no basis in saving lives – but rather one that puts so many lives at risk! A delay that is pure political calculation – a calculation whose sole purpose is for but one political candidate – while all others are to be sacrificed if need be! This goes beyond the disrespect and immaturity put on display when they met last…that…you told of that. I fed that information to -name deleted- and you then told of that.

    But THIS…what…what Barack Obama asks of Israel now…what is threatened if Israel does not comply…for nothing more than politics? It is…it is Chamberlain all over again. And just as Chamberlain strutted and preened to the world…this Obama does much the same. To not act against evil makes one complicit with that evil…that…he ignores history…or worse yet – he hopes to repeat it!

    UM: Who?

    WSI: Obama! The son-of-a-bitch Obama! That pathetic, preening political abortion that now holds the title of President of the United States! What he asks of Israel…for HIS re-election? What kind of human being thinks on such…the dangers…if he thinks the danger is only to Israel…he is putting ALL of us at risk! The entire world! And he doesn’t care. Nothing! Nothing matters but his…the campaign. The money. The legacy. Let me tell you this young man…let me say this of our current “president”. If every man, woman, and child now living in Israel were to be wiped off the face of the earth in order to secure Barack Obama’s re-election…THAT possibility is something the president would qualify as one worth considering! And if he thinks we are to simply allow that…NO. Not this time. NEVER AGAIN. We will fight this kind of evil this time. Victory may elude us…but this time our souls shall remain intact. There are those of us…we who are not simply Jews in name only in America…but the offspring of survival…the living and breathing embodiment of having survived the kind of evil that walked this earth not so long ago…we will not simply stand down and hope the future serves to protect us. NO. This old Jew has some fight in him yet! This old Jew is at war against this evil! Yes, I am tired…bent, fearful, sick, – but I will not simply allow the world of my children and grandchildren and their children and grandchildren to once again be given over to the corruption of appeasement! NO. NOT THIS TIME. The bones of so many in my family were ground under the heals of a modern political evil. Their lives are not forgotten. That lesson was learned. The blessings…such blessing that this country has afforded me – simply because my parents were just quick enough – just a little quicker than others to flee while others remained because they could not fathom that such evil actually existed. Such evil DID exist young man. And that kind of evil now exists AGAIN. It was elected President of the United States in 2008 and hopes to be re-elected again in 2012!

    You wish to know something of that meeting between Barack Obama and Benjamin Netanhayu? The prime minister stared into the eyes of our president…and he saw the truth of the man. He understood fully and completely the corruption of his heart.’

    My God…My God…What Has Become Of America?

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  • saveus

    obama makes neville chamberlin and jimmy carter look like a strong leaders

  • i have a question for all the jewish supporters of obama that seem to be willing to sell out israel. you seem to think that if we eliminate israel this will appease the muslims and we will all live happily ever after. my question, what are you gonna to do when obama brings the muslims here(as he is already doing)and they want to eliminate the american jews. after you sold out the israelis don’t expect me to fight for you.

  • #17 s.wolf…actually the nazis got most of their ideas for genocide from the muslims. they have been doing it to other peoples for 1400 years.

  • ommy mc donnell #24

    Yes, they ‘potentiated’ each other, making Islam and Nazism (Socialism) more virulent than they would have been apart, much as the Left (Socialism, Communism) and Islam does today.

    ‘The Reich offered great power connections to the movement, but the relationship brokered by the Brotherhood was more than a marriage of convenience. Long before the war, al-Banna had developed an Islamic religious ideology which previewed Hitler’s Nazism. Both movements sought world conquest and domination. Both were triumphalist and supremacist (in Nazism the Aryan must rule, while in al-Banna’s Islam, the Muslim religion must hold dominion). Both advocated subordination of the individual to a central power. Both were explicitly anti-nationalist in the sense that they believed in the liquidation of the nation-state in favor of a trans-national unifying community. And both rabidly hated the Jews and sought their destruction.

    As the Brotherhood’s political and military alliance with Nazi Germany developed, these parallels facilitated a full-blown alliance, with all the pomp and panoply of formal state visits, de facto ambassadors, and overt as well as sub rosa joint ventures. Al-Banna’s followers easily transplanted into the Arab world a newly Nazified form of traditional Muslim Jew-hatred, with Arab translations of Mein Kampf (translated into Arabic as My Jihad) and other Nazi anti-Semitic works, including Der Sturmer hate-cartoons, adapted to portray the Jew as the demonic enemy of Allah.’

    another video

    Nazi muslim connection pictures

  • dang, not again.

    ommy equals tommy

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  • Joanne

    Obama just does whatever he wants. We all know he supported the uprising in Egypt, and he knew, just like we all knew that the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist organization, would be taking over Egypt. Obama still wants to send them billions of dollars knowing full well that the monies will be going to a terrorist regime. WAKE THE HELL UP PEOPLE. WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE.

  • mcc

    Don’t forget Barry’s snuggle session with another pal —

  • uncle d

    You all are a bunch of idiotic hillbillies that need to open your closed minds did you forget that Mr. Bush is the one that single handed destroyed America. Get a life and leave Obama alone you bunch of hipocrits.

  • uncle d #30

    re did you forget that Mr. Bush is the one that single handed destroyed America

    Gee whiz, genius. How can we forget what we never knew? If Bush singlehandedly destroyed America why was it doing just fine until Hussein bin Obama began occupying the WH? Think hard with your single brain cell.

  • bg


    uncle d #30 April 5, 2012 at 12:31 pm


  • Questionman

    A Message to the Racist Right:
    Obviously here IS something wrong with you. You are a racist, hateful, sick-demented scumbag! If you’re not a racist, you’re doing a horrible job proving you’re not, and a great job proving you are! This is without doubt a sick, sick, hateful country! All it took was a Black man to become President and the racism and hatred flows through liike a Volcano.
    Obama is not a marxist; he is a flipping corporatist. In other words, no, you can’t name any Marxist things Obama has done, despite claiming he’s a Marxist. I see.
    Obama is NOT a racist, you have a problem with that, why don’t you ask his White grandmother? He is a Christian who has attended Trinity United Church of Christ for nearly 20 years. And you low lives are quailified to judge another man’s belief? NO. Neither am I. I have met real Christians, and they are not haters.
    Ryan Budget: Turn Medicare into a voucher system (throwing the elderly at the mercy of the private insurance market) and give enough tax cuts to the rich to add 4 trillion to the deficit over ten years. Sad that your completely baseless accusation that Obama is trying to sell out America, as if the president is basically a traitor, will stick.
    And it does with your fellow racist, bigoted extremists liars. Obviously you hate being called what you are some racist rants and name-calling is ALL you’re good for! You all are a bunch of idiotic hillbillies that need to open your closed minds did you forget that Mr. Bush is the one that single handed destroyed America. By the way, It does not matter whether or not the information is correct. Those who leaked it presumably thought that it was. It does not matter that the President says that he did not knife Israel in the back and has “no interest” in leaks of this kind, or that “…the US is crawling with thousands of intelligence and former intelligence officials.” The buck stops at Obama’s desk.
    it’s obvious what you’re doing. Trying to make America feel bad for not working for ditzy Palin and voted for a black man as President, we get it.

    If you don’t like his views, or the views of well-educated, respected journalists, by all means unlike his page….no one is forcing you to be here……but at least for us please unlike because unfortunately we are forced to read the un-educated, racist remarks that someone like you who probably thinks an unethical person like Newt Gingrich should be President…lol

  • bg


    Published in the spring of 1933

    Naziism is Socialism*

    [It would, indeed, hardly have been possible for the Nationalists to advance fundamental objections to the economic policy of the other socialist parties when their own published programme differed from these only in that its socialism was much cruder and less rational. The famous 25 points drawn up by Herr Feder, one of Hitler’s early allies, repeatedly endorsed by Hitler and recognized by the by-laws of the National-Socialist party as the immutable basis of all its actions, which together with an extensive commentary is circulating throughout Germany in many hundreds of thousands of copies, is full of ideas resembling those of the early socialists.

    But the dominant feature is a fierce hatred of anything capitalistic-individualistic profit seeking, large scale enterprise, banks, joint-stock companies, department stores, “international finance and loan capital,” the system of “interest slavery” in general; the abolition of these is described as the “basis of the programme, around which everything else turns.” It was to this programme that the masses of the German people, who were already completely under the influence of collectivist ideas, responded so enthusiastically.]

    scroll thread for much more..


  • bg


    Questionman #33 April 5, 2012 at 6:54 pm


  • bg


    Questionman #33 April 5, 2012 at 6:54 pm

    again with the ‘Obama is not a Marxist crapola??

    rtof 😆 mbo!!

    but alas alack & allahu akbar you’re right, Obama is an IslaMarxist..

    bit more here, and lots of other places as well, try using
    your computer as an educational :aka: learning device..


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  • wb

    time for rebellion has come. everyone reading this needs to ask himself a question. if your kid is overseas fighting and dying against the very people obama is hosting today at the white house would you care? if you watch your son/daughter come home in a box are you content to let this muslim poser in chief destroy all your kid acted to save? people, we are being led into slavery. we will soon no longer be able to speak out, protect ourselves from thugs, while only our kids are forced to put their lives on the line to enforce the policies of the faggot now in the white house. our children are beaten at school, our women raped by the thugs who have attacked an innocent man in sanford florida, for simply trying to keep his neighborhood safe. we have a duty to this country and its constitution to defend it against all enemies, foreign or domestic. we have such an enemy occupying the whiyte house. time to remove that sack of s**t and put his ass in prison where he belongs. time to form up boys, grab your guns, and make preparation for war.

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