ABC: Tea Party Movement Is Stalled – Americans Want Humongous Debt, Record Spending, More Government Control

The tea party was founded to counter the government’s runaway spending, unmanageable debt, and historic deficits.
That’s it.

After three years of Obama’s failed crony socialist policies we now have a weaker economy, a downgraded credit rating, $4 trillion more of debt and a president who refuses to admit his policies destroyed the nation’s morale and confidence.

But, it is an election year. An Obama is going to need all the help he can get.
Enter ABC.
The far left outlet says Americans want more of Obama’s destruction… And the tea party sucks.

A major force in the 2010 midterm elections, the movement has stalled in public popularity, its support well below a majority and decidedly lukewarm. And Americans by a broad 23-point margin say the more they hear about the Tea Party movement, the less they like it, rather than liking it more.

That negative buzz has worsened from a 9-point gap in an ABC News/Washington Post poll as the movement was gathering speed two years ago. And its avenues for resurgence may be limited: Interest in learning more about Tea Party is down 7 points from spring 2010.

This poll, produced for ABC by Langer Research Associates, finds that six in 10 Americans aren’t particularly interested in additional information about the Tea Party, and 41 percent aren’t interested “at all.” Thirty-nine percent have at least some interest, but just 9 percent are very interested. Among those with interest, moreover, more than six in 10 already support it.

Read the rest if you want.
And get used to this.
The campaign season is just getting started.

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  • Tom in CA

    Just let ’em get thinking that….

  • Tom in CA

    That would be … let ’em KEEP thinking that…

  • RealMc

    BS detector on overdrive……….

    and the phrase: “Landslide Victory” over oh blah blah is coming……

  • bg
  • mg4us

    Funny, they said this in 2010 and look how THAT election turned out. . .

    Landslide House swing to Republicans. . .And Republicans captured State Houses all across the land. .

    They Downplayed the march on DC saying only thousands showed up. .by we were there and the crowd went way back from capitol to Washington monument. . .

    Whatever THEY, the MSM say, it is probably the opposite or a half truth. . . most propaganda is.

    Remember they rig these polls by oversampling their target group of libtards or asking the question in a leading manner. . .

    Just remind you family and friends that if they aren’t Taxed Enough Already (TEA) then for sure when 2013 hit and new Obama taxes kick in, they will be then.

  • Max

    The poll is twisted because it asked about “Interest in learning more”, people already know what it is, they don’t need more info. They leaked the reality: “more than six in 10 already support it.”

  • Sasja

    They are going to rachet up from now until November to get as many of us dispirited as they can. Well, it isn’t going to work. We’re on to your slimy tricks USTass. Bring it on. We are in it for the long haul. Just hope it isn’t too late to turn things around. Some days, I think it is, but that’s my bad half whispering in my ear.

    Don’t know if anyone has already linked to this article. I think it deserves a read.

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  • Joe College

    “Half like it less as they hear more”

    Sure. What are they hearing? All they are hearing about is knuckle dragging racists. Say it enough times and people believe it. And they’ve said it more than enough.

    The Obama Media axis has won in framing the Tea Party. But they have not been able to frame the narrative of what the Tea Party stands for. Rush said it best. There really is no Tea Party. The Tea Party is a state of mind.

  • bigkahuna

    People already know about the Tea Party
    Last time I checked nobody was running on the tea party ticket or if so he is unknown

    Doesnt mean people still dont like the tea party and what it stands for

    Doesnt mean they have to be Tea Party members to dislike Obama and his policies and results

    Doesnt mean we still wont have any influence on the election.

    Compare these results with the turd of the OWS movements….most left their bowel movements on site and not much more.

  • Lora Pepi


    Growing numbers of Americans want more and more government to tell them what they are allowed to do. And they don’t care what it costs,

    Reporting live, Liz Dingbat, NYC

  • Rachelle

    I want to see ABC get out of the propaganda business.

  • pink tie Republican

    That means half like it more as they hear more, and since they are polling strictly Bambam’s peeps, that is a good sign.

  • John S

    This is an old poll the Demo D/R/I was 34/23/34 a D+11 advantage. is an old poll and this question was left out. The D/R/I demo’s are 34/23/34.

  • mg4us

    This Propaganda get more interesting the closer one looks and digs in. .

    Read the link to the whole story. . says survey of 1000 or so people done April 5-8. . that is right April 5 Holy Thursday, April 6 Good Friday and passover that evening, April 7 Holy Saturday and April 8 Easter.

    Now who in their right mind would answer such a survey in the middle of religious and family holidays? Yes, many schools, especially in NE and California, were off those days.

    Most likely the only respondents were left wing kooks. . . the kind that do not believe in Judeo-Christian values.

    And it gets better. .April 5 ABC reported weekly unemployment rates fell. . .

    March Unemployment Rate Falls to 8.2 Percent – ABC News
    [Apr 5, 2012] … lowest level in four years, after falling to 357,000 in the final week of March, the Labor Department reported Thursday in advance of the monthly jobs report. ( 121 Comments )

    But when March Jobs report came out afterwards, pundits were shocked how poorly the data was

    And that was BEFORE the market opened Monday when it too a dive. . . and finished the worst two weeks since November this past Friday

    So tell your friends, the ABC study is flawed and Bogus.

  • John S

    oops on the last comment. I ran the link together with some comments I thought I deleted.


    Doesn’t matter what ABC, NBC, etc., say, I’m not voting for zippy! I got a call to participate in a poll, and said I’d never vote for another democrat, and hung up.

  • Alvin

    The fun part is going to the end of the statistics and seeing who they polled. 35% Democrats, and 23% rebublicans and the rest that “claim” to be independents. Again, oversampling democrats will give you liberal results.

  • Alvin

    @JohnS so they just repackaged an old poll, and made it look new?

  • dunce

    You see the result of conducting a survey in a San Francisco bath house.