29 Somali Muslim Gang Members Indicted for Kidnapping, Raping and Selling Underage Girls (Video)

Bare Naked Islam

Over two dozen Somali Muslims, including women, were indicted for kidnapping, raping and selling underage girls.
It’s the largest human trafficking case in US history.

Cleveland.com reported:

A federal trial involving more than a dozen defendants accused in a sex trafficking ring run by Somali gangs is being complicated by cultural issues within the Somali refugee communities in Tennessee and Minnesota.

U.S. District Judge William J. Haynes again this week ordered jurors to return on Monday as defense attorneys argued that the defendants, many of whom are refugees from Somalia, were juveniles at the time the alleged crimes occurred.

The indictment said three gangs called the Somali Outlaws, the Somali Mafia and the Lady Outlaws were forcing teenage girls into prostitution and operated in St. Paul, Minn.; Minneapolis; Columbus, Ohio; and Nashville.

After selecting a jury last month, the trial was delayed last week when prosecutors turned over thousands of documents and audio recordings from the investigation to defense attorneys on the eve of trial. Both defense attorneys and federal prosecutors have repeatedly declined to comment about the case.

“It can be frustrating to have delays, but it is understandable because the case is so complex,” said Derri Smith, executive director of End Slavery Tennessee, who will be an expert witness in the case. “I have the utmost confidence that the judge and jury will bring justice about in the case, but it’s challenging for all of them.”

The indictment, which was originally unsealed in 2010 and amended by a superseding indictment in 2011, says the defendants, many of them from the Somali immigrant communities in Minneapolis and Nashville, were members or associates of the three gangs. Four unidentified victims, some of who were under the age of 14, are listed in the indictment.

The indictment accuses the gangs of finding and recruiting young girls for the purpose of prostitution in exchange for money and drugs between 2000 and 2010.

Out of the 30 individuals listed in the indictment, only 14 are going to trial this month in Nashville on charges of conspiracy to commit sexual trafficking of children by force, fraud or coercion and charges related to the sexual trafficking. Many of the individuals have remained in federal custody since their arrests in 2010.

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  • Stella Baskomb

    Well allahu akbar !

  • Stephen Morgan

    If it turns out that any of the girls were white the thugs should be lynched..

  • http://astuteblogger.blogspot.com/ reliapundit

    this is widespread with muslims.

    google prostitution ring underage and you’ll find stuff like this:


  • noah

    Under age White Girls…

  • vityas

    Aisha was 9. She was practically a senior citizen.

  • PB-in-AL

    “…is being complicated by cultural issues within the Somali refugee communities in Tennessee and Minnesota.”

    Do WHAT!?

    They’re being tried for rape and coerced prostitution, I think it’s time for them to become sensitive to OUR culture!

    I’ll just stop there… I don’t think the soapbox could take all the stomping.

  • Walknot

    This is just now being reported or has this been something on-going that I must have missed?

  • ebayer

    Bring them all over,because we don’t have enough home grown criminals to keep the prisons going,we have to import criminals.

  • Ella

    And at least two very devout muslimas in the lineup. What a bunch.

  • Economan

    Q: Are any of these “immigrants” those that Obama imported here and gave them a “refugee” status…?

    Juuuust curious…

  • Jim

    No surprise here, the Somali Muslims are just following their religion;

    “Quran 4:24: And also forbidden to you are all married women (muhsanat) except those women whom your right hands have come to possess (as a result of war). [44] This is Allah’s decree and it is binding upon you.”

    And in case you don’t think the Quran’s rulings are applicable in the present day, here’s Maududi talking about his ideal state (you might not have heard of him, his Jaamati followers in the UK Islamic Mission are the largest component of the MCB):

    “Many misunderstandings seem to persist about the right to have sexual relations with one’s slave-girls. It is pertinent to call attention to the following regulations of Islam:

    “Islam does not permit soldiers of the Islamic army to have sexual relations with women they capture in war. Islamic Law requires that such women should first be handed over to the government, which then has the right to decide what should be done with them. It may either set them free unconditionally, release them on payment of ransom, exchange them for Muslim prisoners of war held by the enemy or distribute them among the soldiers. A soldier may have sexual relations only with that woman who has been entrusted to him by the government.”

    It is not necessary for female captives of war to be People of the Book in order that sexual relations with them be permitted. The man to whom such a woman is entrusted has the right to have sexual relations with her regardless of her religious affiliations.

    Although the Law has fixed the maximum number of wives at four, it has set no limit with regard to slave-girls. The Law does not lay down a limit in order to encourage people to accumulate huge armies of slave-girls, and thereby turn their homes into dens of sexual enjoyment. Rather the Law does not define the limit because the effects of war and the total number of female captives that would have to be disposed of after a certain war are unpredictable.”
    Link: http://www.tafheem.net/main.net

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  • Traffic Bastard

    Just following in the footsteps of their religion’s founder. Muhammad was a rapist, murderer, thief, liar and pedophile. What better example to live by.

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  • tommy mc donnell

    they are just doing what our politicans brought them here to do. somalis do this is every country in the world they colonize, check out what they have to the scandinavian countries. there are a lot of republican politicans that are guilty of this colonization too, its not just democrats. two that come to mind immediately; lindsey graham, chris christie.

  • tommy mc donnell

    you can bet that some of the girls involved were “white meat.”

  • karra

    Convict them – jail them – ship ’em back to whatever craphole they originated from – then, keep them from returning – well, that won’t work if Bathhouse Barry Soetoro is still in charge…

  • Cee

    When we allow the immigration of individuals without thorough background and psychological tests, we get thugs and spies.

    Some of my children are not worried about saving for the future because they do not believe they have one to plan for with the decisions being made that are sure to destroy the US as we knew it.

  • Fuquay Steve

    War on women – where’s the outrage? Oh wait, I’m sure their contraceptives were paid for by the benevolent gang leader.

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