White House Organizes Staged Prayer Vigils For Obamacare Outside Supreme Court

Another Obama production…
The White House is organizing socialist prayer vigils for Obamacare outside the Supreme Court when justices hear legal arguments.

Maybe Jeremiah Wright will lead the prayers?

FOX News reported:

“On Wednesday, White House officials summoned dozens of leaders of nonprofit organizations that strongly back the health law to help them coordinate plans for a prayer vigil, press conferences and other events outside the court when justices hear arguments for three days beginning March 26.”

— New York Times reporter Robert Pear writing in today’s paper: “White House Works to Shape Debate Over Health Law.”

Gallup surveyed voters three weeks ago in the dozen swing states that will decide this year’s presidential election and found that the 2010 Democratic health law was still a toxic asset in President Obama’s political portfolio.

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  • KornKing

    Do you suppose most of these so called compassionate warriors will be “praying” to themselves?

  • YourMaster

    is this the theme they were playing at it?


    …for mother Russia…

  • Redwine

    Wow – This destructive, utopian, fraudulent regime will do anything to tighten its grip on absolute power.

    Prayer is good only when they do it. It’s a prayer to Satan.
    Seems to prove that Santorum nailed it.

  • DINORightMarie

    Sounds like a great time for a TEA Party to break out! Trouble is, in the densely-leftist population of suburban DC, it is hard to motivate TEA Party-ers to come out en masse.

    Spread the word to your friends and family that are nearby…….a counter to the manufactured Obama-supporting astro-turf is in order, IMHO!!

  • FFRF

    Dear President Obama,

    Get your religious garbage out of our government! Separation of church and faith, or better yet, as we said in the New York Times today, get rid of church all together!


    The Freedom From Religion Foundation
    *A U.S. Federal Government Sanctioned 501(c)3 organization.
    **Message paid for by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

  • Dolly Madison

    To whom will the prayer petitions be directed,
    Eleanor Roosevelt,
    Molly Yard,
    Bella Abzug,
    the muslim stone god,

    It certainly won’t be to G_d of Scripture,

  • Redwine

    I hope that Catholic, Evangelical, Orthodox Jewish and other religious leaders and followers who oppose abortion and ethical medical practice need to gather in a massive vigil in the same place.

    Just watch the regime thug enforcers use their unconstitutional NDAA power to further destroy the First Amendment.

  • Chippy

    Obamacare doesn’t have a prayer “in” the Supreme Court. 🙂

  • Liberals SUCK

    All these lowlife rotten phuckers need is the fear of God and they’ll learn to pray really quick. hehehehe…. The fear of God has taught many reprobates the true meaning of prayer!

  • Redwine

    The Ulsterman reminds us: Beware the Ides of March

    Emperor Baraka Hussein’s grip on power is tightening – at all costs.

    G-d give us the strength to bring him down.

  • raggamuffin

    “non-profit organizations” will offer up socialist prayer for Obamacare? It will be interesting to see who these non-profits are…….. who support Baraka Hussein Abu oumama’s attack on Christian’s religious freedom. (can not relate to ungodly socialist , prayer, and Obamacare in the same sentence)

  • jimg

    Can you imagine the howls of outrage if that ‘jesusfreak’ Bush did such a thing?

  • bg


    mini flashback:

    February 19, 2012

    Obama Administration Arrests Praying
    Pastor and Priest Outside White House

    not the first time..

    September 1, 2009

    Christians to Pray as White House Observes Ramadan

    [“Since assuming office in January, President Obama has not only regularly
    passed up opportunities to affirm and celebrate America’s Judeo Christian
    heritage, but at times, he’s appeared to go out of his way to suggest the
    opposite is true,” said Shirley Dobson, chairman of the National Day of
    Prayer Task Force.

    “In light of these recent events, the president’s decision to carry on the
    tradition of hosting a White House dinner to celebrate the Muslim holy
    season of Ramadan is curious. Our disappointment, however, is not with
    the President’s decision to host such a celebration. Quite the contrary.
    It’s simply unfortunate that he didn’t choose to extend the same level of
    courtesy and recognition this past May to the millions of supporters and
    organizers of the National Day of Prayer.”

    The Rev. Johnny Hunter, an African-American pro-life leader who was
    arrested on the National Day of Prayer while praying outside the White
    House, said that by hosting the Ramadan observance President Obama
    “is distinctly placing Islam above Christianity.

    “He’s stated before the entire world that we’re not a Christian nation,”
    added the founder of L.E.A.R.N. Inc. “By him turning his back on Christians
    on a day when we’re to pray to God, then turn around and make such a
    flamboyant move toward Islam, it tells me that it’s not America that’s not
    Christian, it’s the president that’s not Christian.”

    scroll for more here, in connecting links, and threads…


  • Greg

    If I were a supreme ct justice and saw that the executive part of the fed government was stirring up protests aimed at influencing the courts position on an active piece of deliberation I would be really po’d .

  • Leftists don’t “pray”. They conduct seances.

  • bg


    Earth to “we the people”..

    the US is no a longer run by
    the people; for the people..

    Obama et at are, and they can do
    whatever they like with impunity..

    we can take that to the bank, which for
    all intent & purpose, Obama et al own..

    but not exactly in the way the bankers and businessmen had
    wanted; and now, fifty years later, it is clear who was using

    “they do know, and they have other ideas”

    Aimed at co-opting Americas foreign policy in the Middle East, a
    network including well-known American diplomats, congressional
    representatives, figures from academia and the think tank world –
    with ties to the clerical regime in Tehran – is directing the Obama
    Administration’s policy towards the Islamic Republic of Iran and
    the Middle East.”

    “When the revolution comes….”, and much more..


  • Blackbird

    Why do I get this sinking feeling their prayer involves performing a publicly funded abortion on an alter.

    I do believe right now would be a very, very good time to increase security around our Supreme Court Justices. If Obama can pull five medium-capacity C-130s and four heavyweight C-17s off the front lines to use in his campaigning in the name of security I do believe we can spring for a good security detail working each justice for a little while here.

  • democraps suck

    Hussein is toxic….what a complete dousche bag

  • Josh
  • Economan

    These people think it’s OK to kill babies, even after birth.

    Yeah…I’m sure God’s listening to these baby-killer’s prayers…..

  • Libtards lie

    Wonder if they will trot out a bunch of phonies dressed up to represent the different faiths like they did at the White House with the whole doctor scam for Obomacare. They weren’t even doctors. LMAO.

  • To which deity are they praying? Karl Marx? Chicago Jesus? Satan? Allah? The rainbow farting unicorn? Gaia? It is irrelevent just like they are. There is no God but the State.

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  • Militant Conservative

    Hmmm praying to thier god Government!

    Not the true GOD of Abraham and Issac.

    Evil has only one god. Satan and he lives at

    1600 Pennsylvania ave with it’s spawn and

    Concubine she dog.

  • Robert

    From 2nd link at #20 Josh

    The Court’s policy regarding the use of most public areas at the Court has been to permit activity related to the business of the Court, including traditional tourist activity and ingress and egress for visitors, but not to permit demonstrations and other types of activity that may tend to draw a crowd or onlookers.”

    Citing the law, she noted that it is unlawful “to parade, stand or move in processions or assemblages in the building and grounds, including the plaza and steps

  • valerie

    FOX reports that the emperor’s new clothes are not visible.

    ….And he has knobby knees.

  • Peckerwood

    These Demonrats clinging to their bibles….

    And btw, there are more registered democrat gun owners than repubs…

  • Why expect anything different- Isn’t this what a community organizer suppose to do?

  • GGMac

    The Obamessiah’s astro-pray-a-thon!

    Will we be getting robo-prayer calls from the Supreme Court steps?!

    Popcorn! Popcorn! Getcher popcorn heeeeeeer!


  • ahem

    Obama and his cohort are so full of sh*t….

  • BurmaShave

    @#7 March 9, 2012 at 2:39 pm
    Dolly Madison commented:

    To whom will the prayer petitions be directed,
    Eleanor Roosevelt,


    My favorite suggestion is: Moloch

    And one must never forget that ABORTION is THE SCARED RITE of Liberals.
    So watch for it. At the prayer vigil some of their high priests may perform a few abortions so as the complement the solemn occasion with the appropriate ritual observances.

  • BurmaShave

    @#7 March 9, 2012 at 2:39 pm
    Dolly Madison

    As an afterthought it occurred to me that they might be praying to Obama himself.

  • owl

    They are praying that one of the new MSM campaign productions is successful.

    Anyone watch Nightline last night? I am out of practice spotting, since the difference between what the MSM do for Obama vs against Bush. It got easy during that 8 years.

    Nightline felt like one in the baby stage. Forgot which gov study they quoted but it was about Sovereign Citizens Radicals Next Door. Think they said Terry Nichols was one. Not the point.

    What I was hearing with the way they kept stressing citizens that do not like government, believe in freedom, dangerous…………………..bingo………………Tea Party anyone?

    Hope I am wrong and like I say, outta practice. It feels like the beginning of the full production. Don’t think they can do this and change it around?

    Obama attacks the Catholic Church and what does the MSM say this is about?

  • coolidgerules

    Folks, we may not make it to election day. All of this horsesh*t is moving at a much faster pace.
    He has done it. The chaos is coming from everywhere:

    -spending us into oblivion
    -attacks on the first amendment
    -nationalized health care
    -failed attack on the 2nd amend
    -attacks on the church

    This phucker KNOWS he is in deep trouble. He is looking for a response. Any response. You know what happens after that.

  • Sandy

    The only steady job these days is being part of Obama’s Rent-A-Mob.

  • Ginny

    The socialists will be praying for their own condemnation if they pray to the Father of our Lord. To whom will they pray? God does not want to hear the prayers of these pagans who yank the unborn from their mothers’ wombs and murder them, especially outside the building where the blacked-robed justices allowed this holocaust back in 1972 It’s akin to the Nazis praying outside the crematoriums.

  • bg
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  • bg
  • bg


    re: #17 March 9, 2012 at 3:25 pm bg

    Today, in the White House, there are three members of
    the Muslim Brotherhood that influence Obama’s policy.

    more at link, in connecting links & threads..


  • bg


    re: #17 March 9, 2012 at 3:25 pm bg

    link re:

    Aimed at co-opting Americas foreign policy in the Middle East, a
    network including well-known American diplomats, congressional
    representatives, figures from academia and the think tank world –
    with ties to the clerical regime in Tehran – is directing the Obama
    Administration’s policy towards the Islamic Republic of Iran and
    the Middle East.”


  • Taxpayer

    Watch the libs’ prayer vigils go on unmolested, and conservatives’ prayer vigils will be broken up by DC cops because of “separation of church and state”, or something.

  • do you think these leftists actually know any prayers?

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  • PamelaofthePoconos

    RE comment #5

    AFP has for a month or more, been advertising a demonstration on March 27th. Buses scheduled to come from the states of MI, NY, NJ, PA, MD, etc. The effort is supported by various organizations including some tea parties.

    No doubt Christianity is being co-opted by POTUS to give the appearance of “holier than thou, tea partiers”

    E Petition to be presented to Supreme Court and link to sign up for trip:

  • RebeccaH

    What good are prayer vigils if the majority of Americans still hate Obamacare and the fact that it was thrust down our throats?

  • Glenda The GW

    This has to make anyone paying attention just LOL. How brazenly stoopid to make an attempt at prayer to see if this will help the trashy admin and health care law? Oflamer’s fright walkers in prayer? Puhleese. Nobody but NO BODY is going to believe this balderdash.

  • Phil

    Their God Is Obama.If George Bush carried out the exact same policies as Obama these same tools would be out in the streets Screaming bloody hell.Its a Cult of Personality with millions of Tools with no core values.

  • Chas

    Welfare sign-up, voter registration and citizenship will be provided. please leave IDs at home.