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  • Shawn

    Typical lefty thinking. It’s always someone else to blame for their failed agenda.

  • squeaky

    [She blasted Mr Santorum for targeting the child on the campaign trail.] while this belongs with the Santorum thread i thought that if anything it was more a question of the obamas parenting skills rather than an attack on a child.

  • mg4us

    It’s an Obama world – – – The President Lies and the Economy Dies!

    and he is a divider too. . .

    So much for race relations

    Look at this. . .

  • squeaky

    [Look at this. . .
    i saw that. the end result of taking the hate sermons of rev wright and the like as gospel truth. you have people walking around who believe that the aids virus was created by whites to kill blacks. and on that note regarding the case in florida of the 17 year old who was killed by neighborhood watch guy. is this the spark obama needs?

  • Paul in N. AL

    Of course they don’t believe in responsibility, its too hard for them to understand when its easier to pass the buck.

  • NorthernX

    “I di’nt do nuffin!”


    What did you expect?

  • Militant Conservative

    The NOTUS is a lying POS.

    All ya need to know.

  • Sasja

    These are not failures in Zero’s mind. He is accomplishing everything he set out to do. His road is the road to end American exceptionalism and bring America and her people to their knees. And he’s done a mighty fine job so far.

  • Rock

    President WTF words “because we got this big messy tough Democracy” pretty much defines his attitude about America and our Rights. What he is in effect is saying, is if he could only get rid of Congress he would do damn well what he pleases. And Piglosi and do nothing Reid are doing every thing in their power to grant his wish, really 3 years without a budget, just what fools see that as responsible leadership.
    End of day he is winning because he has created so many fire storms, the country is running around trying to extinguish them rather than eliminating the A/H throwing the matches.

  • president harry truman “the buck stops here.” president barack obama “the buck stopped with george bush.”

  • bg
  • bg


    President Still Doesn’t Take Responsibility

    why should he, i mean, we all know he not only doesn’t have to,
    but both his puppet-masters and peons agree wholeheartedly..


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  • Patty

    Love the baby and Love Hannity almost as much.

  • Beachluver

    O Dumbo REALLY is a sissy-boy girly man hissy fit cry baby. NOTHING is HIS fault when in reality these last 3 years are HIS fault he lies to America on a daily basis…he gets away with it cause EXCEPT for Fox News everyone covers his ass. The commie libs do not want to admit that the first BLACK president we have had is a complete dismal failure. A very bad experiment that will take years to recover from. Call me racist…it’s ONLY an overused meaningless word….