Sorry Libs… Rape Charges Dropped Against Tea Party “Leader” – They Had the Wrong Guy

Sorry Daily Kos. Sorry Little Green Troll.
Unlike the #occupy movement… Sexual assault charges were dropped against the supposed tea party “leader” Michael Kobulnicky yesterday. There was no rape, kidnapping and sexual assault. The victim accused the wrong man.

Earlier this month the liberal media went wild over the fact that they finally had a violent crime to peg on a former tea party activist.

The man’s name is Michael John Kobulnicky and he is reportedly the former public relations leader of the San Diego Tea Party.

The So Cal Tax Revolt Coalition released a statement, via Lipstick Underground. Kobulnicky is not a member, spokesman or volunteer with the group. But it didn’t matter, Democrats ran with the story anyway.

Yesterday, charges were dropped against Michael John Kobulnicky. The victim identified the wrong man.
MSNBC reported:

Prosecutors have dropped charges against a man accused of sexually assaulting a woman in Fiesta Island.

Michael Kobulnicky, a former San Diego Tea Party spokesperson and Mormon Church leader, had faced charges of kidnapping and sexual assault for a sexual encounter that he said was consensual. Prosecutors dropped all charges Thursday morning.

Kobulnicky was emotional and cried when John Reis, a district attorney, announced that charges were dropped.

He spoke on Thursday after being released, but did not want to talk about the case.

“I just wanted to clear my name,” he said.

Kobulnicky said he lost his job as a result of the incident, and had to cancel his wedding. He said both himself and his fiance “went through hell” during the ordeal.

“The police department went with the best information that we had and the forensic evidence and in a complete investigation we did the best job that we could, and that of course included the arrest of Mr. Kobulnicky,” said San Diego Police Department spokesperson Lt. Andra Brown. “We don’t understand why [the victim] changed her stories, but we do understand the district attorney’s actions.”

The victim of a recent sexual assault spoke in open court Monday claiming the police have arrested the wrong man.

Hat Tip Thomas

If they really want to find the rapist maybe they should look at the local #occupy camp?
They’d probably have better luck.

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  • Peckerwood

    Soon to be Politico’s Headline:

    “Mormon Underground responsible for shutting down witness in Tea Party Rape Case. Mitt’s call to victim’s parents…”.

    Look for it. You’ll see it soon…

  • Larkin

    Uh, sorry schmucks. But the bell has been rung.

    It’s not the facts or the evidence, but the SERIOUSNESS OF THE CHARGE.

    (How do you expect us to have a liberal media if we can’t lie a little?)

    /lib media

  • Neck Beard

    Is he going to get his job back?

  • Patty


    So why feature the video? We were stunned to see the number of people who stood by and did nothing, many of them taking video and even getting within inches of the fight in order to take better pictures. And that’s after the woman in the yellow shorts threatens to kill the other woman several times.

    In fact, one bystander, a male, can be heard saying multiple times, “Hit her with the elbow.” She does.

    Eventually, one woman sheepishly steps and nudges them apart.

    You can watch the first part below (CONTENT WARNING FOR GRAPHIC LANGUAGE AND IMAGERY):*

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  • Patty


    Obama endorses Planned Parenthood: ‘you’ll never stop fighting for choice and neither will I’

    WASHINGTON, March 29, 2012 ( – In an unusually candid video addressed to Planned Parenthood, President Obama assured the billion-dollar abortion organization of his continued support and touted his record blocking efforts to defund the group by pro-life “professional politicians.”

    “For you and for most Americans, protecting women’s health is a mission that stands above politics,” said the president in a video posted to Youtube by the Planned Parenthood Action Fund. “Yet in the past year you’ve had politicians who want to deny millions of women the care they rely on, and inject themselves into decisions that are best made between a woman and her doctor.”

    The affirmation comes amidst an onslaught of bad publicity for the abortion giant in recent months: The group is now under federal investigation after reports alleged that it has engaged in systematic Medicaid fraud, abused other federal funds, and routinely evaded state abortion laws.

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  • Old One

    They came the Mormons and I was not a Mormon.

  • burt

    In New York City 60% of the black babies are “Choiced” out of existence.

  • just-saying

    What race is the victim?

  • BigAlSouth

    Strange case. He admits he had consensual sex with the “lady” and now she says he is not the perp who assaulted her sexually.

    I don’t get it.

  • democraps suck

    yet you won’t see that on the evening lib-turd news…doesn’t fit their adgenda…commie SOB’S

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