Pelosi Accuses GOP of Waging War on Women in Fundraising Pitch …(Republicans Won’t Give Free Birth Control)

Pelosi is up to her games again.

Former Speaker Pelosi accused Republicans of waging a war on women today in a campaign pitch because they won’t hand out free birth control.
The Hill reported:

In the Democrats’ latest fundraising bid, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday accused Republicans of waging a “war on women.”

The California Democrat is hoping the GOP’s high-profile opposition to President Obama’s birth-control mandate will alienate women and independent voters — and lure campaign cash to the Democrats’ coffers.

In an email blasted by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), Pelosi urged a $3 donation “to send a clear message that we will not tolerate or stand by while Republicans wage war on women’s rights.”

“March 31st is the first quarterly Federal Election Commission (FEC) deadline of 2012 and the first since the Republicans’ unprecedented assault on women’s rights,” Pelosi said. “The national media and our opponents will use our grassroots fundraising totals to measure the strength of our opposition to the Republicans’ War on Women.”

Women’s healthcare issues have generated countless headlines since last month, when radio personality Rush Limbaugh called a female law student a “slut” and a “prostitute” for her support of Obama’s new contraception mandate. Mitt Romney has also entered the debate, calling for an end to Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest reproductive health provider, which also offers abortion services.

Pelosi’s recent message is just the latest indication that Democrats don’t want voters to forget those episodes anytime soon.

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  • MrGoodWench

    Pelosi urged a $3 donation “to send a clear message that we will not tolerate or stand by while Republicans wage war on women’s rights.”
    Why don’t you use that money to buy $9/month contraception for war ravaged women you hateful prune ?

  • if we have equal rights, what is a woman’s right? i’ve never read anything about women rights in the constitution. this is a typical leftist divide and conquer strategy, an appeal to gender bigotry. vote for the women againist those evil men.

  • Joe College

    How about the war on men! Or shall I say ‘white males’? Every time I turn on my TV and watch the ads men are demonized, shown as incompetent and immature or just plain mentally challenged. Young men are being social engineering and brainwashed into believing they are inferior to women.

    If any advertiser tried to put a minority or woman in that light they would be commercially tarred and feathered!

  • bg




  • Bill Mitchell

    I find Nancy Pelosi to be the cloyingly annoying human on earth.

  • Adirondack Patriot

    Amen, Tommy. In fact, think about “equal rights” when you watch the NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament this weekend and ask “If they’re so equal, why aren’t they playing against the men?”

    You can thank the federal government and Title IX for putting inferior sports on television.
    Title IX is a federal law passed in 1972 that requires gender equity for boys and girls in every educational program that receives federal funding, including sports.

    So, women who are considered athletes but barely jump 10 inches off the floor and can go 5 minutes without scoring a basket, are put on national television. I call it Title IX punishment.

    It’s crap and so is Pelosi.


    Nothing but an elitist hypocrite. If she was so concerned about women’s “rights” and women, then why didn’t she stand up for Sarah Palin when the media was being “cruel and unusual” to her? Oh, that’s right, Nancy only opens her botox-inflated mouth to demean anyone who is not a communist democrat.

  • coolidgerules

    If they want to keep this out in the news cycle, what else are they up to? They got hammered on this for the last week and now do it again?

    Smoke and mirrors. I’m calling BS- again

  • bg


    haven’t heard a word about any of the following, and so much more..

    March 13, 2012

    Sebelius enacts abortion surcharge for ObamaCare

    March 14, 2012

    $1 abortion surcharge in Obamacare

    March 20, 2012

    What Do Republicans Believe?

    In 2004 the GOP establishment backed Arlen Specter, providing
    the 60th Senate vote for ObamaCare. Why are the bigwigs urging
    a similar strategy again?

    but guess that’s okay, because we can’t be dumbed down enough.. /s/


  • shibumi

    Gee, and I always thought that crossing your legs was free birth control, what kind of backward heathen am I?

    /also, I think that Pelosi etc are really waging a war on a woman’s right to self sufficiency- if she wants birth control, she can buy it herself. They want women to be DEPENDENT on the government. Too bad she’s never figured out that the uber liberal women will never have children and therefore… the conservatives will out breed them in the long run.

  • baseballguy

    Whatever happened to I AM WOMAN – self-sufficient and all of that?
    Independence is having someone else take care of you now I guess.

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  • democraps suck

    Why to god didn’t pig-losis mom use birth control

  • Lori
  • wanumba

    What’s with this? I am SICK and DISGUSTED hearing about this generation of selfish brats in women’s bodies.

    Contraceptives? Contraceptives? WHY do we have to LISTEN to this indulgent, rich lifestyle nonsense? What’s so frikkin’ important about THAT, when millions of children are dying from malnutrition? When millions of children ar aborted every year, when millions of children are stuffed into worthless schools where lazy-assed, pampered women think they need more money but won’t teach them skills – because the same LAZY WOMEN school employees never BOTHERED to get the skills in the first place to teach them. And it’s WOMEN. More than 95% of the education establishment.

    This is WAR ON CHILDREN. And it’s REAL DEATH, NOT HYSTERICAL self-serving selfish, HYPERBOLE.

    The lack of defense of children in America is PATHETIC. It’s a national disgrace, most acutely vicious in the Democrat Party, but pervasive in the culture – without the spirit of just war that it deserves, because children are dying … most by the hands of their own mothers and fathers.

    What a disgrace that 5,000 years of human accumulated achievement is WASTED on this narcissist, selfish DEAD END culture, too self-absorbed to want to make an effort to produce and train a next generation to carry on.

  • KornKing

    If you want free birth control, just have every female wear a tshirt with Pelosi’s picture on it.

  • democraps suck

    #15… you have some deep issues to get riled up that bad

  • cali

    Liberals/Progressives are not only delusional, but also paranoid. They believe their own bulls*it! Early last week, they blasted the same e-mail, but stated that they were short $16.5k’s. This week, they come up with ‘republicans measure our funds how strong our blah, blah, blag”!
    Which is it?

    I honestly believe, they use the ‘war on women’ issue to get more campaign cash for themselfs; after all their contribution has declined a lot and, what other way of using a phony issue.
    Also, planned parenthood, according to Nancy Pelosi, is a ‘reproductive healthcare for women; in honesty planned parenthood = slaughterhouse for unwanted and, inconvenient babies.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Is GP broken? Or is it just me (*even though every other site loads fine.)

    I try to post a comment, I get a spinny thing for five minutes, and then maybe, if I’m lucky, my comment will be posted.

  • bg


    #19 March 21, 2012 at 5:10 pm

    same here, 2 days running.. *sigh*


  • listingstarboard

    Personally I would happily pay for voluntary sterilization of any liberal democrat like Fluke .Adirondack Patriot–They are playing against one man, Brittney Griner.

  • Jim

    Tell ya what, let’s make taking “the pill” mandatory, in the presence of a government agent, and watch the libs squirm (heh heh heh).

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Doug Ross isn’t broken. Barnhardt isn’t broken. Polurls isn’t broken. Breitbart isn’t broken.

    Bad Blue isn’t broken. Drudge isn’t broken. They all seem to work just fine.

    GP is broken. 9 times out of ten I get a “Gateway Timeout Error” when I try to post a comment — after it tries to load for ten minutes.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    I find that it works if I “refresh” the main page on my first tab, WHILE GP is trying to post my comment in the second tab.

    Something’s wrong with the site.

  • lizzy84


    re:“Gateway Timeout Error”
    same here for the past 2 days.

  • bg


    #17 March 21, 2012 at 5:09 pm
    democraps suck

    i cannot, and will not speak for wanumba, but could easily imagine a bit
    of it stems from not only seeing, but the knowledge that thousands of
    children needlessly die while their Mothers do everything in their powers
    to keep them alive.. of course that’s in 3rd world countries, where, other
    than barbaric Islamist (culture of death) slaughterings, life is respected..
    sorry i cannot say that about America anymore, and albeit headed in the
    wrong direction before him, clearly since Obama took US, ergo, our lives,
    and our very future over.. *sigh*

    [scroll for much more in thread, as well as in connecting links & threads]


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  • wanumba

    #17 March 21, 2012 at 5:09 pm
    democraps suck commented:
    #15… you have some deep issues to get riled up that bad

    I’m in Africa. You have no concept of how pathetic all of this looks, the posing, the lying, the crying and phony self-indulgence pompousness. “Deep issues?” Yah? Like it was some pseudo-psychology make-believe?
    Everything is deeper here and no safety net, no pensions, no jobs, massive endemic diseases vectors for malaria, polio, yellow fever, cholera, crime and instability. But mercifully for the sanity, No assinine “right to contraceptives!” WHat a crock!!

    Can a contraceptive pill get you across the Sahara? Salt was once sold here, a pound of salt for a pound of gold. Can a contraceptive pill protect one against malaria? Typhoid? Dysentry? Starvation? It’s worth less than SPIT here. LOOK at these rich women lying they so NEED it.

    BUt I like it HERE better than the USA right now because of the pervasive putrid Democrat LEft hatred of children and families and marriage that the DEMOCRAT LEFT is PROMOTING, their disgusting attitude that children are burdens, somehow cutting into Liberals’ hedonistic EMPTY lifestyle, cramping their style so bad that they have to settle for an AUDI instead of the Mercedes they so NEEDED, wounding their precious egos because they had to settle for four TVs in their houses instead of five.

    AFricans … They have REAL problems here, not exaggerated idiocies. It’s refreshing to touch NORMAL instead of being smothered in the world of imagined hardships of the lying Left.

    Contraceptives means you HATE children. Contraceptives means you are SELFISH. Contraceptives means you have NO SELF CONTROL, just SELFISH PIGS. 5,000 YEARS of one generation raising the next, sacrificing for and PROTECTING children, honoring one’s parents by doing for the next generation what they did for YOU. NO! This generation is DESTROYING THAT. A DEAD END CULTURE OF DEATH.

    They aren’t “issues” I have, they are REALITY. I’m sick and tired of the pseudo-psychological narcissist focus of the bratty and arrogant Left. I’m sick of not hearing a surge of outrage to say ENOUGH! To stand up to the defense of children, a defense of cosmic human duty, of a life with purpose and dignity, not the sleazy lying dying existence of the Democrat Left.


    GENERATIONAL GENOCIDE that has murdered more babies by the two people who should have loved them most, worse than the Rwandan genocide.

    ON WHAT basis do these comfortable pompous women claim they are the ‘peacemakers’ when they dehumanize their own children?

  • wanumba

    oh … hi bg.

    Where was I? Something about I’m SICK and TIRED of RICH spoiled brat DEMOCRAT ELITE WOMEN trying to FLATTER themselves that they are actually worth anyone’s, time or attention to declare any sort of phony ‘war’ on them while they do everything they can to enable murdering babies and stopping babies from ever being conceived.


    Real women, real war, really dead. But our sneaky sweeties in the Democrats Party aren’t getting their precious contraceptives they way they DEMAND and it’s somehow “war.”

  • democraps suck

    Damn wanumba…big issues…relax..take a deep breath.. last I knew if you didn’t like where you lived you could change it…just saying…there are always answers to any problem…

  • Taqiyyotomist

    wanumba is en fuego!

    God bless you.

  • Rachelle

    I wish Pelosi’s mother had had free birth control.

  • wanumba

    #30 March 21, 2012 at 6:03 pm
    democraps suck commented:
    Damn wanumba…big issues…relax..take a deep breath.. last I knew if you didn’t like where you lived you could change it…

    Selfish advice strikes again. Run away if it’s tough. Run away if it’s not perfect.
    DO YOU need help? NO. Our country has provided opportunity for EVERYTHING you desire IF you WORK for it, even if you DON’T work for it .. so wealthy this nation was made by the PREVIOUS generation.

    Where we are, teaching basic literacy can be the difference between subsistence living and a chance at higher paying work. Where we are, a polio vaccine is the difference between being whole and healthy or crawling on the ground with destroyed nerve-dead legs that look like toothpicks. WHere we are, providing some emergency food will make even millions survive another year .. that bridge they need to survive and carry on thru the better years.

    So, what purpose is there in the USA for us? Everyone HAS what they NEED or can GET it. DO we run away from Africa because of a little inconvenience in lifestyle or do we share what we’ve been taught by the generation before us so as to give to the next generation? If it’s so tough, how come Africans get up every day and go to work, and go home and take care of families and children just fine on a fraction of a fraction of what we live on?

    We actually freely gave to those in the USA, but the LEFT is SO CONTROLLING, it blocks and puts up barriers to improving people’s lives. It’s like the LEFT is in the process of making prisoners out of every group they pretend to care for.

    ANd how about all those Americans who care, but can’t leave their homes? Don’t they deserve to learn that their gifts so generously given were well-applied, gone to the people they wanted to help?

    But the Selfish LEft doesn’t ‘do” giving out of their own pockets, so they don’t know what I’m talkiing about.

    Maybe we can learn something about what’s important in life and what’s not from people who are used to doing without and have a ready smile and a helpful hand and a cheerful greeting and blesing for all they meet?

    HOw hard is it? We have six kids. In America, we are somehow spoiling some rich Leftie’s existence by collectively breathing too much of their precious air, but in Africa, they smile and are delighted and praise us parents and praise God for the blessing of children.

    Hmm. Gee, which culture is more relaxed and enjoyable… think think.
    THink also that America USED TO BE JUST LIKE THAT, not so long ago.

  • FurryGuy

    #30 March 21, 2012 at 6:03 pm
    democraps suck commented:

    You read the words wanumba posted, but truly you don’t even have the remotest understanding of what he is saying. You so obviously have never lived outside of the US. Get a clue.

  • wanumba

    Remember, who’s actually dying in this so-called ‘war on women?”


    Never forget it and don’t let the like of operative Sandra Fluke and her sleazoid fellow-travelers and enablers get off the hook for it.

  • Considering the sheer number of abortions since 1973 it’s obvious that readily available and inexpensive contraception has been of no value to the licentious, irresponsible strumpets of America. What are the chances that even free contraception would greatly reduce the killing of unborn and partially born human life? Zero. Abortions since 1973 represent around 80,000,000 Americans denied due process and the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness all so their mothers-not-to-be could resume the rutting with the care of an infant to crimp their fun..

  • democraps suck

    Wanumba…may all you wish for come true…if it were me I would get the f out of there pretty damn quick…it will not change..just like the libturds here…they will not change…just call odumb$hit he will give your family a visa as long as you vote for him…

  • democraps suck

    Wanumba…may all you wish for come true…if it were me I would get the f out of there pretty damn quick…it will not change..just like the libturds here…they will not change…just call odumb$hit he will give your family a visa as long as you vote for him…

  • democraps suck

    Wanumba…may all you wish for come true…if it were me I would get the f out of there pretty damn quick…it will not change..just like the libturds here…they will not change…just call odumb$hit he will give your family a visa as long as you vote for him…

  • Patty

    The Fiction of Republicans war on Women

    The premise of an alleged Republican war on women is faulty as well as sexist: it assumes that women are the mild and weak and require men to pay for their services. The Democrats, including columnists like Sally Kohn, lament the fact that in February 2011, “anti-choice Republicans pushed a rogue measure to cut off all federal funding from Planned Parenthood, even though less than 3% of services provided by Planned Parenthood are abortions, none of which are paid for using federal grant dollars. Still, Republicans saw an opportunity to fire up their fringe base while undermining a liberal-leaning advocacy organization.”

    Meanwhile, stealth activist Sandra Fluke famously appeared before Congress to explain why a Catholic institution should pay for her birth control: “In the media lately, some conservative Catholic organizations have been asking what did we expect when we enroll in a Catholic school?
We can only answer that we expected women to be treated equally, to not have our school create untenable burdens that impede our academic success.”

    But all of this assumes that women are incapable of providing their own contraception or pay for their own health care. This is sheer nonsense. Birth control costs $9 per month (and poor Fluke can afford it – she spent time recently in Spain and Italy with her boyfriend). Planned Parenthood is hardly the only health care provider. Independent women are willing for us to hear their roar – as they tell everybody else that they can handle their own bodies, thank you very much. Even so, liberals still contend that Republicans are fighting a war on women while they themselves try to subsidize women to keep them dependent.

    Page 1 of 2 Continues here:

  • Patty
  • Patty

    OT in a way

    Troubling Things Obama’s Spring Break Story Reveal

    Media: We normally wouldn’t bother writing about the president’s daughter, but the story of Malia Obama’s spring break deserves mention if only because it’s troubling on so many levels.

    First you have to wonder about sending a 13-year-old to drug-war-torn Mexico to frolic with her friends. It doesn’t strike us as the wisest move, given the potential risk to her and those around her.

    Then there’s President Obama’s indifference to the country’s perilous financial situation.

    With deficits topping $1 trillion, you’d think he’d set an example by scotching a trip that required 25 very expensive Secret Service baby sitters. Surely there were less costly places for her to go.

    If Obama had been a Republican, you can bet such profligacy would be the talk of the town. But when a newswire mentioned Malia’s trip, the White House demanded the stories be taken down from various sites where they had appeared, reminding them that the Obamas want their children kept off-limits.

    Fair enough. Children should not be media targets simply because their parents are politicians.

    But given the costs involved and the location of the vacation, this was a legitimate story.

    Yet rather than defend their own news judgment, editors started deleting it. Politico even stripped out details of Malia’s trip in a story about how the White House had pushed to have the other stories removed.
    mp3Subscribe to the IBD Editorials Podcast

    It made no sense. The news was already out there, so deleting the story only created more interest in it.

    And awareness of Malia’s location was widespread enough that the White House felt compelled to issue a statement after the Mexican earthquake letting everyone know she was safe.

    There’s also the double standard at play here. Obama routinely thrusts his daughters into the limelight whenever it suits his own political interests, as he’s doing in his campaign ads, and as he did when he invoked their names to justify bashing Rush Limbaugh.

    Obama can’t have it both ways. Either his daughters are off-limits, or they aren’t.

    Then of course there’s the blatant media bias at work. Reporters show far less deference to the children of prominent Republican politicians. Just ask the Bush twins or any of Sarah Palin’s kids.

    In the end, this was more about an Obama power play over the media than it was about his daughter’s safety. That the media were so eager to give in is the most worrisome aspect of all.

  • bg


    wanumba #28 March 21, 2012 at 5:44 pm
    wanumba #29 March 21, 2012 at 5:54 pm
    wanumba #33 March 21, 2012 at 6:45 pm

    so, you heard?? /sad, sickening, sarcasm/

    “after-birth abortion” scroll for more here..

    Pelosi et al, not to mention most Americans obviously haven’t,
    well, either that, or they are ignoring it ala the IslaMarxist
    influences running rampant via the White House.. 🙁


  • Patty

    City Council Warns ‘Crack Ho’ Comments ‘Intolerable’, Calls For Diversity In Talk Radio

  • Patty
  • Jaimo

    I beg to differ Adirondack Patriot about your opinion on NCAA women’s basketball. I used to love watching the Boston Celtics back in the 1970’s through the 1980’s because they actually had a strategy and 3 pointers weren’t tried on every shot and they passed the ball. That’s what the NCAA women’s basketball is like for me, plus there are a lot of women in the NCAA who can hit the 3 regularly as can my UCONN women basketball players (go UCONN).

    Personally I can’t watch a bunch 10 foot tall black guys who can’t even spell their own name on an NBA contract taking two steps and dunking the ball only to go back in the other direction with two steps and dunk the ball . Boring. I can’t believe people pay money to see that crap.

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  • aprilnovember811

    I’m a woman and I don’t want free contraceptives. That’s ridiculous. Now if Nancy wants to take the money out of her pocket and buy them for me, I’ll accept.

    Nancy Pelosi, you claim to care about women. You want to give women contraceptives at someone else’s expense, nothing is for free, yet you and that Ayers plant, Obama/Soetoro, the African usurper, removed coverage for Avistan the cancer drug for breast cancer patients on Medicare. You’re willing to let women die because you don’t want to pay for Avistan?

  • The Way, The Truth & The Life

    Referencing #16 Korn King:
    Fuuuuuuunnnnnnnyyyyyyy!!!!!!! That would definitely work on me, absolutely!!

  • DeeDee

    All of this brouhaha has been a coordinated effort to bring women voters into their fold with misinformation and lies. No one has said that women should not have birth control. The issue regarding birth control had solely to do with Catholic institutions stating that it is agains their religious beliefs and they do not believe that they should go against their beliefs. Period.

    Unfortunately since the Democratic party is full of parrots that repeat as facts what they are told, it has been all blown out of proportion. There is now a concerted effort against Christians (especially Catholics) and Jews.

  • Adirondack Patriot

    #46: You’re right about the UConn, Tennesee and Texas women’s basketball programs. They are good, but the 140 other teams that they play are nothing but fodder.

    Then, after the women graduate from UConn, Tennesee and Texas, they move on to the WNBA where they play to a crowd of 48 people, mostly family members or Girl Scout troops that were comped tickets.

    And as far as the big dumb men who play playground ball and can’t read, I agree with you there (Cincinatti, Michigan, UMass, Georgetown to name a few). But there are great “Celtic-like” teams that play great hoops everyday.

    I’m just pointing out the “women’s tee” approach to so-called “women’s equality.”

  • stuart

    I agree with Nancy Polosi. The Republicans are waging war against women. Not only do they deny them free birth control, but they also leave the toilet seat up.

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