Outrageous!… Hollywood Kills Off Tea Partiers and Conservative TV Hosts in Latest Disgusting Snuff Film “God Bless America”

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  • Pingback: Outrageous!… Hollywood Kills Off Tea Partiers and Conservative TV Hosts in Latest Disgusting Snuff Film “God Bless America”()

  • Well, to kill conservatives who better than the Muslim at the CIA in charge of drones. After all al Qaeda hates Fox News and the TEA Party and so does bin Obama.

  • befuddled

    You can have all the bullets in the world, but you’re still not going to get rid of the Zombie horde. Hours wasted upon the “Walking Dead” have taught me that lesson.If they can’t kill you with taxes, they will kill you with their idiocy.

  • Rev. Wright ain’t right upstairs

    I honestly can’t imagine sane people with a choice going to this piece of trash. In the movies, the more you ignore it the more it goes away….with a whimper

  • Highlander

    All you have to do is take a look at the Facebook comments about Dick Cheney tonight to get a grasp on where the left is coming from. Killing us, or wishing death upon anyone who doesn’t share their warped ideology has become standard procedure for the left now. There’s every indication that we’re one little spark away from all out civil war now. It could be this week’s Supreme Court decision, it could be the elections in November … who knows, but it’s becoming obvious that we’re sitting on a ticking time bomb. Meanwhile, our President, who campaigned on uniting us, is busy fanning the flames of racism and deepening the partisan divide with his daily hateful rhetoric.

  • Redwine

    S. Wolf (#3) – I read that article about the unsympathetic Muslim convert high up in the CIA. Scared the crap out of me.

  • chuck in st paul

    One can only hope this sucks millions more out of the pockets of the Hollywierdos.

  • dt

    #6 Highlander is absolutely correct!

    First, we once and for all should stop calling them “liberals!” They are not! They are Marxists through and through! At the heart of every Marxist is evil intent! Murder!

    Stay alert! Stay in shape! Be prepared!

  • another example of liberal american civility.

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  • jimg

    Let ’em make their silly movie.

    The cowards don’t have the courage to do it in real life.

  • ebayer

    First “Machete” now this.
    Oh and let’s not forget “Death of a President”
    Which is about …”Years after the assassination of President George W. Bush in Chicago, an investigative documentary examines that as-yet-unsolved crime.”

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  • justavoter

    So they have God Bless America, we have Death Wish.
    I’ll take Charles Bronson any day over this loon and his hose bag sidekick.

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  • squeaky

    #3 March 26, 2012 at 12:34 am
    S. Wolf commented:
    [Well, to kill conservatives who better than the Muslim at the CIA in charge of..]
    i wish i could remember the mentality discussed about muslim killing muslims. it’s tied up somehow with allah and sending them [victims] to paradise so it’s not a bad thing in their mind. all for the cause and praise allah and all that crap – i can see how we may interpret what he’s doing one way while he’s looking at it from a completely different angle. the end results trumps all.

  • JennBee

    What a huge problem this is. On good days, I like to think people are waking up to the Marxist ‘paradise’ this administration and the Left are taking us to… but most days are not good days, and I think that as long as we don’t ‘own’ the media and the populist culture via Hollywood we have lost. There are just too many uneducated people out there who get their ‘news’ from Jon Stewart and spend all of their free time carrying about Dancing With the Stars and other crap. They vote for Obama cause they’re told it’s ‘cool’ and because he’s ‘got a great smile.’ And they are being created at an alarming rate via Marxist academia. Unless we find SOME way to penetrate the media, academia, and the populist culture of Hollywood, there is simply no way we’ll ever win the fight for America. Sad but true.

  • Clutch

    When it comes to the WBC hatemongers, I really can’t disagree with them.

  • Clutch

    Bobcat Goldthwait is still alive?!?

  • Hidelyheaux

    Agreed Clutch. The WBC are Dems. (for real)

  • donh

    We saw this hollywood cowardice play out yesterday with Spkie Lee hoping to achieve his phsycopathic blood lust vicariously through a mob lynching of Zimmerman. Obama was trying to kill Sarah Palin the same way following the Tucson shooting …blame her for the shooting in hopes some anonymous anachrist will do what the government cannot do. Fortunately our government is not at the point where official uniformed men can sweep through the population exercising a license to kill undesirables . However, they are stepping up efforts to kill by remote control through this concept of brainwashing people infected with aids or terminal illness , the hopeless vagrants of the OWS crowd , to murder on behalf of the state people who oppose fascism.

  • “God Hates Fags” has a Democrat (who ran for state office) who was a friend of Al Gore in charge of it.

  • Babs

    Southern Poverty Law Center attacks right wing groups

    This is the link to the Southern Poverty Law Center that documents hate groups, anti American and militias in America ( they only document right wing groups. For some reasons the Black Panthers and Occupy movement don’t make their list because they are left wing. It’s okay if the Occupiers are a violent protest group who have intimidated and threatened people and businesses and it’s okay that the Black Panthers incite racial violence and put bounties on people they deem racist. Please send them a note via this contact form to report left wing hate groups.



    Black Panthers offer $10,000 bounty for ‘capture’ of killer…

    Here is a link to a video that encourages shooting Tea Party members and Conservatives.

  • b pocoroba


  • usamopatriot

    We have the guns and the skill to use them. The silly left really wants a civil war? I suppose they no longer have the reasoning powers to see just how suicidal that would be for them and their evil ideology.

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  • From what I’ve seen of this movie, the killing spree includes stupid reality show whores (teen mom, Jersey Shore and such), hate mongers, thugs and bigots. And guess what, as a conservative, I agree they’re the downfall of this society!

    Don’t tell me you are crying for the WBC trash! Please!

    The TEA Party movement is about self-reliance and personal responsibility, as well as a smaller government. So could we PLEASE stop whining about being victimized by Hollywood!

  • burt

    This crazyness is push along by CNN & MSNBC. CNN: the propaganda organ of Ted Turner, and MSNBC (the MS stands for Micro$oft), the propaganda organ of Bill Gates.

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  • I tend to lean with Nicki’s POV. Most of my liberal friends (and I do have some!) hated this movie.

  • There is a reason gun makers are out of stock lately.

    This film is garbage- not to mention an unimaginative rip off of Falling Down crossed with Heathers. Bobcat, a man who’s big talent is screaming in an unintelligible manner, hit his peak in the long string of unnecessary Police Academy Sequels.

  • WuzzaDem

    Please do not associate Westboro Baptist with conservatives. I wouldn’t doubt if the families of the soldiers whose funerals are boycotted by that mob-for-hire enjoy seeing them gunned down.

  • Been there, done that, and no one watched: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0113613/

  • Chris in N.Va.

    So Bob Nobody-pays-attention-to-me-anymore-so-I-need-to-throw-a-turd-in-the-societal-punchbowl (yoo hoo, everyone, I’m still relevant, look!) provides the TOLERANT and COMPASSIONATE and ALL-VIEWS-ARE-EQUAL Libs (who are most ILliberal in the classical definition) with a wet-dream gift.

    Libs will be creating a run on the banks as they buy up rolls of quarters so that they can view a movie that finally and accurately affirms all that they hold (ahem!) dear.

    Now, imagine a Conservative following their sensitive and glowing example and doing likewise.

    Yeah….talk about a turd in the Liberal Kool-Aid bowl….

  • wanumba

    So that’s TWO movies in this season which incite teens to kill, pushed to it by bad adults.

    Isn’t Hollywood psychologically doing what Joseph Kony does (albeit more physically violently of course)… brainwashing students to be soul-less child-soldiers to be unleashed to kill against their own people?

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Sadly, I cannot help but wonder if this girl was “passed around” Hollywood like the Coreys.

    Screw Hollywood. Not one dime.

  • Rob Crawford

    Someone should tell them that the Westboro slime are all Democrats in good standing. They put on their little show in part to incite violence against themselves — so they can sue and rake in cash — and in part to bolster Democrat lies about religious Americans.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Rob Crawford

    Indeed. Westboro is an example of the Real Life Moby. They exist in order to debase all of Christianity.

    And, of course, the public buys it — hook, line, and sinker.

  • Timmy

    Stop voting for Democrats

  • Tom Anderson

    I have a question. Will there be outrage from the media about this film, a la Palin’s “targets” and “conservative language of violence” complaints after the Gifford’s shooting?

  • Taqiyyotomist


    Isn’t Hollywood psychologically doing what Joseph Kony does (albeit more physically violently of course)… brainwashing students to be soul-less child-soldiers to be unleashed to kill against their own people?

    Indeed. Haters gotta hate. Commies gotta fill mass graves.

    Mao would be proud of Hollywood and our education system — for further advancing the “art” that he inherited from Hitler and Stalin — AND PERFECTING IT.

    It’s coming, folks.

  • JDubya


    It will get very negative press, get attached to the Progressive narrative, and flop.

    Bobcat G will attempt to apologize, but through his stupid comedic voicing that failed to float him in Hollywood.

  • valerie

    Just to let you folks know, this little piece of fantasy is very much in the mainstream for certain groups of voters. I’m getting all kinds of feedback about how horrible and dangerous social conservatives are, and what a freak Rick Santorum is, from my too-young-to vote son. He mentions Reddit as the major source of his news, but I am not sure about this.

    All I know is, he’s reflecting every stereotype and prejudice and exaggeration against religious conservatives that I have ever heard.

    Understand, I am NOT a social conservative, I do not agree with many of their positions, but I think the effort to demonize Santorum, and by extension all Republicans, is not in the best interest of this country.

    We really need a TEAnami.

  • valerie

    Readers here also might want to tune in to NPR, which I get via KPBS in San Diego. They’ve been pretending to report on the Supreme Court hearings today.

    The problem I have with the “reporting” is that they and the people they interview take the position that there is no real issue involved. They pretend that there is no way to even articulate the position opposing Obamacare AT ALL. The best they can manage is “something to do with the role of government.”

    This is inexcusable.

    With more than half of the Attorneys General of the various States (at least 27)
    http://blog.heritage.org/2011/01/17/list-of-states-suing-over-obamacare/ suing to have this law struck down, one would think that NPR could find a way to present their position. A bunch of people, after all, have written on this very subject. The briefs in this case are all public documents, and the rules require that they use bullet points as headers. The arguments HAVE to be there, and they are already in soundbite form.

    Further, the US Supreme Court doesn’t take trivial cases. If the challenge to the law was not serious, they’d let the appellate courts handle it.

    Shame on NPR, and shame on KPBS.

  • Patty

    They falsely accused Sarah on a Map. That was disgusting and the left had maps just like hers. The acquainted it with the Arizona Shootings, even Giffords husband got on board with this hateful lie.

    But this is a Movie purposely full of hate, killing and more hate for the Conservatives, whom they fear for speaking the Truth. And if someone does go out in real life and imitates this movie. Then lawsuits and lawyers will get their day in Court.

    The Producer, Creator will be in Court and sued for any murders that came from this Satanic Movie. And their isn’t a court or jury that won’t convict them for accomplices.

    I have never before see such retardation in on nation before since Obama has been elected. The liberals and radicals are crawling out of the sewers and are getting away with this crap.

    It is going to end in November but some will crawl back into their holes but others will keep the fires of Hell burning. All we can do is keep the fight up and KILL THEM WITH THE TRUTH.

  • Old One

    #44 Valerie,

    The teanami that will sweep away the lunatic left and their moral relativism, again AA(the first surge hit the leftist marxian democraps in 2010). The second wave this Novemberthat will wash away for a generation the left’s antdeluvian stalinism,statist big government, & multiculty memes is coming .
    This past Saturday conservative tsunmai washed out to sea a twenty year reigning leftist machine in an election in the populous state of Queensland in Australia. the socialists lost almost all of the seats they held in the state’s parliament retainining only seven of 85 seats’
    The left in little more than a year has been innudated electorally in Finland, the UK, Canada, & Spain & soon in the USA.
    Incidentally the Australian media, pollsters, pundits, & elites were all forecasting a devastating Waterloo like defeat for the conservatives in Queensland like they had in Canada.

  • J. Knight

    All this anti-religious, anti-conservative propaganda we’ve seen lately is more prepping of the battlefield by the media(and yes, Hollywierd is part of the media) for what is sure to come. I’ve seen comments on Yahoo calling for the death of the Zimmerman guy, Rush Limbaugh, and TEA Party members and conservatives. Better get out of the cities, folks. Seriously.

  • film making is so bourgeois. but if you make films for the cause then if okay.

  • Steveplustax

    Looks like a rather enjoyable piece of entertainment. Think of all the murders for which unlettered ultra-conversatives are responsible for: start with abortion-clinic killings and go right through to the hundreds of thousands of Middle Eastern citizens obliterated by Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld’s brazenly-contrived war. the central theme of this film, “A hard rain’s gonna fall,” is unfortunately nothing more than wishful thinking. Because, barring a few fringe groups, this entire country has become so fat and complacent on fast-food and satellite TV that the reign of its oligarch class will continue uninterrupted; in fact some of the victims will carry on voting for their slave-masters, under the mass delusion that they too could one day rise up to join the 1%. Which, as the esteemed poet Bart Simpson once said, funny on so many levels.

  • Patty

    And for this kid with a gun. Americans, (some) are raising a bunch of sick little puppies.

    They are becoming the future radicals and more liars and haters that the next generation will have to squashed down again with the Truth. Shameful that the parenting skills are in the sewer and they need to have their kids taken away from them.

    Look at the bullying in America. I never raised my kids to be bullies. They have respect for human life and treat EVERYONE as equals. The parents of these bullies need to be taken to task and need to be held accountable for their children’s actions.

    That will stop some of this naming calling and one boy was told to hang himself. 11 I believe and he did. Dear God in Heaven what are these parents doing. Punish them, throw the book at them.

  • Steveplustax

    Correction: “Looks like a rather enjoyable piece of entertainment. Think of all the murders for which unlettered ultra-conversatives are responsible.” I guess that’s what the Preview button is for!

  • Patty

    And where is Holder. He didn’t brainwash the liberal little girl in the clip, did he. What does this Administration have to say about the CIVILITY HERE.

  • John T

    It was only a matter of time. The environmental group 10/10 thought it was a hoot to make a commercial where even kids who who “skeptics” were blown to pieces with the push of a button.

  • Mad Hatter

    As someone said earlier, we have to stop calling them liberals, they’re Communist, McCarthy was right.

    Either be Bill Maher, John Stewart, this garbage film, the new ABC series Good Christian Bitches, putting a crucifix upside down in a jar or urine etc, these Communists are slick.

    They show their hate for anything Conservative and traditional America down many avenues. They slander, lie, smear, and discredit these institutions that have made this country great.

    How do they mainstream their hate and hostility towards Conservatives and traditional America? The Communist use “comedy, art, and entertainment” as a shield to protect themselves from criticism from their daily smears, slander, lies, and discrediting Conservatives and traditional America.

    The hate America crowd is using comedy, art, and entertainment as a weapon to turn public opinion against what is good. When one generation after another hears and sees the same message over and over down different avenues, they become conditioned that Conservatives and traditional America is bad.

    The Communist know what they’re doing. It’s the drip, drip, drip of propaganda.

  • Brian

    Obviously a Democrat fantasy film based on their desire to discredit the Tea Party movement. The democrats would love nothing more than a conservative going crazy, killing a few innocent people (collateral damage for the cause you understand) and then ban guns across America. They thought they had it in Jared Loughner; unfortunately for them, he turned out to be a crazy communist, you know, the same ones who are wishing Dick Cheney dead.

  • Steveplustax

    Communists? In 2012? Very funny indeed; an ironic reference to “Mad Men,” perhaps? This from a group of individuals who probably think that Karl Marx was Harpo’s brother. Then again, I could be wrong–perhaps someone here will offer a well-considered explanation of how “Communism” could possibly exist within the most corporate-dominated nation in the history of the world. Oh, and please be sure to include your own novel interpretation(s) of Communism’s central tenets. (I hear Funnyordie.com is looking for new writers!)

  • wanumba

    #57 March 26, 2012 at 12:51 pm
    Steveplustax commented:
    Communists? In 2012?

    Now, now. Joseph KONY does exactly this: grabs kids and goes on killing sprees with them.

    So, how come everyone was crying and weeping forking over money about how awful KONY and his LRA was two weeks ago, but this celebration of dead-soul child soldier under the control of a self-righteous psycopath movie is okay?

    KONY 2012… what happened? WHere’d the t-shirts go? The bracelets? I mean, even though the the director is in the mental slammer, KONY 2012 is still loose and shooting up people he doesn’t like.

  • Steveplustax

    Sorry Wanumba, that’s a 0/10. Get yourself a basic grounding in the term “Communism” and get back to me. In the meantime, for all our sakes–no more sill straw-man arguments that are completely unrelated to the ideology in question. Got it? Good.

  • Nancy Bakos

    I’m not going to watch the trailer-somone will profit by how many times it’s watched. QUIT supporting LOONYWOOD! TURN OFF YOUR BIASED TV AND CABLE. You won’t miss a thing. QUIT, SUPPORTING LOONYWOOD by buying movies or going to theatres. TRY netflix, no commercials so advertisers will eventually pull their advertising dollars from LOONYWOOD.

  • Mad Hatter


    The Daily Kook website is down the hall, last door on the left. Go home little boy.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Nice attempt at the ol’ Alinsky ridicule/polarize target method, #57—but, sorry, no cigar.

    Yes, I know; isn’t there something a tad creepy about a movie featuring a 16 year old girl killer? (And, yes, I heard about Hit Girl in “Kick Ass”, and that was creepy, too.)

    Does anyone see a pattern here? With the current calls for Limbaugh to be silenced, the OWS starting their “Spring offensive” and the uproar over the Zimmeran case, with the Black Panthers letting it be known they are going to be taking the law into their own hands?

    They’re getting ready for the big spring putch. You WILL vote Obama back into office—or suffer the consequences. This movie isn’t intended for entertainment; it’s an instruction film.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Wow, #59 has read his Alinsky! When ridicule doesn’t work—try more ridicule!

    (Hey, it works with his hapless family and the few friends he has left!)

    (Stevie, who made you arbiter of what people can, and can’t, say here?)

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Sorry, Steve, but that’s a 00000.10! Not only do you not get a cigar, but you don’t get a box of crackerjacks (with a prize in it!)

    Report to your local commune, for re-education. Once you are re-educated, and have re-read Alinsky, you may apply for your very own My Little Pony plushie.

  • Mad Hatter

    #57 March 26, 2012
    Steveplustax commented:

    Communists? In 2012? Very funny indeed;


    Click on the link Steve and see where it directs you. Go on big boy, and then come back and start with your name calling since that’s all you have.

  • I think someone needs to look up the definition of independent, low budget film. Hollywood? I’ll bet the producers WISHED they had Hollywood’s money to make this little movie. Some of you need to remove your heads from your asses and learn how to laugh at yourselves.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Okay, Shawn. We’ll start by laughing at you.

    (Man, the Alinskyites are out in force, on this one!)

  • This leftist flick reminds me of what the Socialist A.H. said:

    ‘Hitler’s Conversation with Josef Hell, 1922

    When Hell asked Hitler what he intended doing if he ever had full freedom of action against the Jews, his response was:

    “If I am ever really in power, the destruction of the Jews will be my first and most important job. As soon as I have power, I shall have gallows after gallows erected, for example, in Munich on the Marienplatz-as many of them as traffic allows. Then the Jews will be hanged one after another, and they will stay hanging until they stink. They will stay hanging as long as hygienically possible. As soon as they are untied, then the next group will follow and that will continue until the last Jew in Munich is exterminated. Exactly the same procedure will be followed in other cities until Germany is cleansed of the last Jew!” (quoted in John Toland, Adolf Hitler. London: Book Club Associates, 1977, p.116)’

    Statements by Hitler and Senior NazisConcerning Jews and Judaism

    It also reminds me of Lonny Jones and his desire to kill conservatives.

  • Redwine #7

    Me too.

    squeaky #17

    Same rationale I guess as Iran willing to risk being nuked, all Muslims killed in war go to paradise etc.

  • Mad Hatter #65

    re Communists

    ‘Only the means are different for the various socialist branches, but the principle is the same for all: the end justifies the means. Joseph Goebbels, propaganda minister of Hitler, is quoted in Germany with the statement “… it is not for nothing that we have chosen the name National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP), because at heart we are Communists.” Briefing his generals before the invasion of the Soviet Union in June of 1941, Hitler told them that he wanted to bring them “real socialism.” His declared intention was to destroy the Christian churches after victory.’

    This is the Left that wants to murder American TEA party conservatives and it comes from Hussein bin Obama et al.

  • BloodyMary

    Lol, it’s funny to see you all in a tizzy about this movie. Pssst… it’s just a movie.

    Lighten up cupcake!

  • oldguy

    Oh young lady, see what they make you do?

  • Camden

    You are Idiots. First of all this is an independent film, not funded by big studios. Second of all it is attacking Reality t.v. and all things stupid. Our civilization has gone to crap and articles like this are just one example of why.

  • Steveplustax

    Mad Hatter, you are obviously an intellectual force to be reckoned with. That definitive, factually-detailed and historically relevant link certainly proves that the Red Menace is alive and well, oh yes indeed. And, yup, it’s now in the White House Oh well, after Obama is re-elected you will have plenty of time to work on your heroic plan to rescue this country from all the evils that Senator McCarthy so presciently forecast before he was so cruelly discredited by USSR agents posing as rational US politicians. So go ahead, knock yourself out, buddy. Just make sure that the ol’ musket is in good working order and nothing can stop you!

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  • wanumba

    #59 March 26, 2012 at 1:15 pm
    Steveplustax commented:
    Sorry Wanumba, that’s a 0/10. Get yourself a basic grounding in the term “Communism” and get back to me.

    WHy, we were grounded ever so minutely just 14 days ago on JOSEPH KONY 2012 and LO! Here this movie is EVERYTHING EVERYONE WAS CRYING DAYS AGO ABOUT THAT NEEDED TO BE STOPPED.

    DId you send money to stop Joseph Kony? If you didn’t then you are a bigoted worthless horrible human being not fit to breath the air on this planet … now I didn’t say that, but the people who said we sould send money to STOP KONY said that.

    But, what happened? Where’d everyone GO? Kony is still at large killing and enslaving black children, brainwashing them to be feelingless killers.

    I don’t get it. For two decades, KONY 2012 murdered thousands of blacker AFricans than Obama could ever hope to imagine to be, but this week we have to STOP all ‘GET KONY 2012″ and focus on ONE dud in Florida, and this vapid film glorifiying what EVERYONE with A CONSCIENCE SAID LAST WEEK WAS BAD BAD BAD.

    I mean, we actually personally know people who’ve stood in front of Joseph KONY before the 2012 EXTRAVAGANZA at great personal risk and we’re suppose to forgettaboutitt? I mean, how stressful is it to know JOSEPH KONY personally had the opportunity to KILL someone you actually KNOW versus the STRESS the DIRECTOR who’s never been within five hundred miles of him says he says he’s experiencing just because a few people who are a bit more familiar with KONY without the 2012 had the cheek to CRITICISE his FACTS?

    The communists LOVED to mess with people like this. Small world!

  • lynched1

    Hollywood can only deal with in make believe what it cannot control in reality.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Wanumba, the Kony video might have lost some of its luster, since the guy who made it was discovered running around naked in public, screaming at traffic and apparently high on something.

    Anyhow, the left wants us to fugedaboutit. It’s time for the big issue of today—HAS ANY CONSERVATIVE CALLED ANYBODY A SLUT WITHIN THE PAST TWENTY-FOUR HOURS?

    (It’s only a movie, unless it’s a conservative moie, in which case it becomes a menace to life, liberty, humanity and all things good, and those who say, “Aw, it’s only a movie!” are horrible rightwingers, my little buttercup!)

  • IrishGirl

    that is so sick to show a child shooting people. Who in Hollywood is on our side??? It is pretty sad that they can make movies and shows. Sarah silverman and her Jesus is Magic show is really sick and anti-Christian. She said something like she would even crucify jesus again if she could.

    WHO IN HOLLYWOOD REPRESENTS US??? or they too busy kissing butt of liberal producers, directors etc. inorder to have jobs in the future??

    There is cussing movies when it isn’t even needed. They love to say God blank over and over..

    God is going to damn all those liberals to hell especially those take his name in vain and use their films, tv, etc to promote liberal sinful.

  • wanumba

    #78 March 26, 2012 at 5:12 pm
    Rhinestone Suderman commented:
    Wanumba, the Kony video might have lost some of its luster, since the guy who made it was discovered running around naked in public, screaming at traffic and apparently high on something.

    Of course, yes. He somehow endured more stress being criticised than the actual victims of KONY endured actually being kidnapped and abused. Yes.. yes. We have noticed that no one can ask him the “where’s the money” question while he’s in solitary. Just a coincidence, of course.

    But i the trailer, did you notice that the shooting and the crosshairs are EVERYTHING that the Democrats told us all was BAD BAD BAD BAD given what happened to Gabriel Giffords?

    HOW is it possible that any Leftist can find this “funny” when Jared Longher did exactly thus to Gabby Giffords?

    We were perusing the reviews … the LEFT LOVES IT. THey LOVE the idea of shooting people the way Gabby Giffords was shot … for NOTHING, for a worthless, petty disagreement.
    They tried to RUIN Sarah Palin, who was minding her own business in ALaska, but here they are claiming they are LAUGHING SO HARD and calling it HUMOR and how they’d LIKE TO DO IT.

    Where’s Gabby Gifford’s husband who was so correctly irate about this sort of attitude when he was caring for his wounded wife. He would be the person we all need as our spokesman to condemn this movie atrocity, don’t you think?

  • steveplustax..our oligarch class is the liberal politicans that confiscate 50% of the income of the american worker’s income each year, then use to buy enough votes to keep themselves permanently entrenched in power and live high on the hog with what is left over.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Wanumba, yes, I did note the contrast between the Left’s reaction to this, as opposed to the Giffords shooting. Heck, Palin never made a movie of herself shooting liberals; she never even called anybody a “Slut”.

    Of course, now the Left wants to blame Limbaugh, the Koch brothers, Glen Beck, etc., etc., etc., for creating a “Climate of hostility” for somehow being involved in the Zimmerman case.

    But a movie like this doth not create a “Climate of hostility”—oh, forfend! ‘Tis merely a jolly little romp, and, if we object, and go into a “tizzy” over it, my little cupcakes and pork-pies, we are taking it all too seriously! (Movies must not be taken seriously, unless, say, they’re something like “Passion of the Christ”, or “Chronicles of Narnia”, in which case they’re menaces to all decedent folk everywhere, and create a dreadful “Climate of hostility”, my little butterfingers and gummy bears!)

    But, of course, it’s always different when the Left does it. I’m not sure why, but it is.

    As for the poor fellow who was forced to run around naked by Kony (or was it Sarah Palin?) I’m sure he was just stressed out, and it’s all just a coincidence. . . heh, heh, heh. . . .

  • Camel

    I want to see Mr. Obama jump on this. Soon the country will be similar to Kenya with him following in his father’s footsteps. Where is Bill Maher when you need him. I find it a sick sort of funny that he will not say a word to these leftists and is the black man that will ruin the country and send us all into slavery. And I do not like Republicans much better. They have corporate buddies. And so, the better of two evils are SATAN and HIS minions.

  • The Leftists are really, really itching to dance. It’s palpable.

    This won’t end well. But it will end, one way or another. I don’t relish the days, weeks, and months to come. People are going to get hurt or killed, and TS will HTF.

  • Steveplustax

    “steveplustax..our oligarch class is the liberal politicans…” The two-party system is as phoney as the WWF. The oligarch class writes the laws of the land–yup, I’m afraid they even influence the Republicans. But I’m sure these people are shaking in their boots at the thought of the “teanami” (?!) that’s going to sweep them away. More chance of a teen army springing to do that job. And Camden–you nailed it. (Still not one word about the actual meaning of Communism; just a silly link. Oh well, as long as your happy with what the sagacious Rush feeds you through his painkiller haze.)

  • TheBibleismyGun

    Wow! You guys are funny…..

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Steve, Alinsky is not pleased.

    You score only 000001.0, and will win no Pokemon figures.

  • Nowthatsfunny

    Yeah, that’s some funny stuff!
    It was a huge hit at SXSW this month.
    I am definitely going to see this one!
    Thanks for posting the trailer!

  • Practical Jane

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    his death will be denied entry to my paradise forever, I HATE THE STENCH OF SWINE.”

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    Oil” in their weapons systems. A number of Apache and Cobra ”Choppers” use Silver Bullet in their “Chain Guns”. Many of Allah’s
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    Marshals” also use SILVER BULLET GUN OIL in their in-flight weaponry.



  • Steveplustax

    Rhinestone–impressive Alinsky reference. But multiple references make me suspect you might be a bit of a one-trick pony. Nah, don’t worry, keep dropping the name–it’ll seem just as clever the fourth time round! In between times, feel free to answer my original question about Communism. No-one else has, which doesn’t speak particularly well for this forum. Well OK, some people did use the word “teanami,” which is really quite clever unless you actually think about it. And the post about the US population being enslaved–comedy gold. The oligarchs would be in hysterics if they knew how many people dissipated their energy serving up such tummy-rubbish to their Internet pals, instead of actually doing anything that might disrupt the status quo. You’re already slaves–they just gave you those computers so you could let off a little “anti-government” steam in the comfort of your own homes. Sorry for the digression–anyone have a clue what Communism is/was, and why it has any relevance to the USA Today (sic)? (It does actually have some relevance, up to a point. But judging by the non-responses/grade-school name-calling I’ve seen so far, I’ll be surprised if anyone manages to connect the dots.) Final thought: you were fed that film-clip as a marketing device. I’d say the marketing folks can regard this one as a success. I’m sure their are thousands of other boards promoting the movie just as vigorously. Go Hollywood!

  • SFC Marc Lunn US Army. Arghandab River Valley

    Don’t you people have better things to do ?

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  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Steven, you keep trying!

    But Alinsky is not pleased!

    Your ridicule is not effective.

    Report to re-education camp #65, for mandatory freely chosen re-education! If you pass, you will be eligible for a free meal of silvergunoil spam.

    You still won’t get a free Pokemon figure, though.

    Alinksy-style ridicule, and polarzing, IS the original one-trick pony. Until you realize this, there will be no silvergunoil spam for you!

  • Steveplustax

    See, I told you the name Alinsky would still make you look clever even after you repeated it for the seventh. Just imagine how you could could have dazzled us all if you’d only made it through that tricky second month of college! As always, feel free to post a substantive reply… Communism etc. On second thoughts, just keep on truckin’. Believe me, your grandchildren will thank you after the Second Revolution. You know, that new video game they’re developing for “anti-government,” “teanami”-minded folks like yourself who are too busy creating Internet “personalities” to ever lift a finger to stop their beloved country falling under the rule of Moscow, Havana, Obama, et cetera. Come on, the least you could do is make up a little satirical rhyme about the “Communist”-inspired catastrophe that’s about to engulf the US. Now if only you could find something that rhymes with “Monica Lewinsky”…

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