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  1. Well, to kill conservatives who better than the Muslim at the CIA in charge of drones. After all al Qaeda hates Fox News and the TEA Party and so does bin Obama.

  2. You can have all the bullets in the world, but you’re still not going to get rid of the Zombie horde. Hours wasted upon the “Walking Dead” have taught me that lesson.If they can’t kill you with taxes, they will kill you with their idiocy.

  3. I honestly can’t imagine sane people with a choice going to this piece of trash. In the movies, the more you ignore it the more it goes away….with a whimper

  4. All you have to do is take a look at the Facebook comments about Dick Cheney tonight to get a grasp on where the left is coming from. Killing us, or wishing death upon anyone who doesn’t share their warped ideology has become standard procedure for the left now. There’s every indication that we’re one little spark away from all out civil war now. It could be this week’s Supreme Court decision, it could be the elections in November … who knows, but it’s becoming obvious that we’re sitting on a ticking time bomb. Meanwhile, our President, who campaigned on uniting us, is busy fanning the flames of racism and deepening the partisan divide with his daily hateful rhetoric.

  5. S. Wolf (#3) – I read that article about the unsympathetic Muslim convert high up in the CIA. Scared the crap out of me.

  6. One can only hope this sucks millions more out of the pockets of the Hollywierdos.

  7. #6 Highlander is absolutely correct!

    First, we once and for all should stop calling them “liberals!” They are not! They are Marxists through and through! At the heart of every Marxist is evil intent! Murder!

    Stay alert! Stay in shape! Be prepared!

  8. another example of liberal american civility.

  9. Let ‘em make their silly movie.

    The cowards don’t have the courage to do it in real life.

  10. First “Machete” now this.
    Oh and let’s not forget “Death of a President”
    Which is about …”Years after the assassination of President George W. Bush in Chicago, an investigative documentary examines that as-yet-unsolved crime.”

  11. So they have God Bless America, we have Death Wish.
    I’ll take Charles Bronson any day over this loon and his hose bag sidekick.

  12. #3 March 26, 2012 at 12:34 am
    S. Wolf commented:
    [Well, to kill conservatives who better than the Muslim at the CIA in charge of..]
    i wish i could remember the mentality discussed about muslim killing muslims. it’s tied up somehow with allah and sending them [victims] to paradise so it’s not a bad thing in their mind. all for the cause and praise allah and all that crap – i can see how we may interpret what he’s doing one way while he’s looking at it from a completely different angle. the end results trumps all.

  13. What a huge problem this is. On good days, I like to think people are waking up to the Marxist ‘paradise’ this administration and the Left are taking us to… but most days are not good days, and I think that as long as we don’t ‘own’ the media and the populist culture via Hollywood we have lost. There are just too many uneducated people out there who get their ‘news’ from Jon Stewart and spend all of their free time carrying about Dancing With the Stars and other crap. They vote for Obama cause they’re told it’s ‘cool’ and because he’s ‘got a great smile.’ And they are being created at an alarming rate via Marxist academia. Unless we find SOME way to penetrate the media, academia, and the populist culture of Hollywood, there is simply no way we’ll ever win the fight for America. Sad but true.

  14. When it comes to the WBC hatemongers, I really can’t disagree with them.

  15. Bobcat Goldthwait is still alive?!?

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