Obama Weighs In on Race Row After Hispanic Man Shoots FL Teen: “If I Had a Son, He’d Look Like Trayvon”

It’s all about me!
Barack Obama says, “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.”

Funny how everything always revolves around planet Obama, huh?

Buzz Feed reported:

President Barack Obama weighed in on the “tragedy” of Trayvon Martin’s death last month, saying it is “absolutely imperative” that all levels of government investigate “every aspect” of how the unarmed boy was shot.

“I can only imagine what these parents are going through,” Obama said after announcing his pick of Dartmouth President Jim Yong Kim to head the World Bank, adding “When I think about this boy I think about my own kids.”

“I am glad that not only is the Justice Department is looking into this, but the Governor of the State of Florida has put together a task force [to investigate the case],” Obama said. Obama carefully avoided any discussion of George Zimmerman, the man who shot Martin, and has controversially avoided arrest under Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” self-defense laws.

Obama did say there is a need to “examine the laws” surrounding the incident, as well as the incident itself.

“My main message is to the parents: If I had a son he’d look like Trayvon…”

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  • randtruth

    Obama was pointing out that Trayvon looked like a normal American kid. I’m glad he spoke up, as Trayvon was killed by a man who had no business policing the neighborhood and was looking for trouble. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Trayvon’s killer followed the race-baiting articles on this blog with a twisted sense of outrage (along with the other StormWatch readers).

  • Remco Kimber

    Com’n, O man, com’n, say it. You know you want to say it. You know all the facts aren’t in. It’s right there, right at the end of your lyin’ tongue.

    Com’n, com’n, say it.

    George Zimmerman acted, ta da, STUPIDLY.

  • R Kimber

    Com’n, O man, com’n, say it. You know you want to say it. You know all the facts aren’t in. But so what. You have a comment. And the world has a right to listen to your blathering about anything, about everything.

    It’s right there, right at the end of your lyin’ tongue.

    Com’n, com’n, say it.

    George Zimmerman acted, ta da, STUPIDLY.

  • elhrac

    How long now before Obama invites George Zimmerman to the White House for a “beer summit”?

  • Multitude

    Barack seems persistently determined to insert his children into the narrative: “When I think about this young man, I think about my own kids.”

    But… !!!

    Barack demands that his kids be kept out of the narrative, to the point that he’s trashed the Constitution and strong-armed news media organizations, forcing them to pull news stories about Barack’s kids.

    Barack’s the kind of loser kid that you played tag with, who’d declare he was on a new “base” any time you got within 3 feet of tagging him. Most of us realized there just was no purpose in playing with those losers. I’m pretty sure Barack was never picked to be on a team of dodgeball. He’s the kind of kid the coach forced one of the two teams to have to take.

  • vityas

    Just as long as Obama’s non-existent son didn’t look like his typical white person grandmother.

  • terrence

    More overt racism from Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft.

  • doc

    I never thought Jimmy Carter would be bested in the “Stupid POTUS” department, but I guess that I, like 53% of the electorate, was wrong.

  • valerie

    OT – Lord Monkton, with details of the back-and-forth over AGW,

    and the comments contain a link to the video of the event.


    via DirectorBlue

  • http://partizensunite.proboards.com/index.cgi MustComment

    Obama has once again placed himself on his “National platform” – a speech oozing with a “double meaning”. In constant campaign mode he was reaching out to the black community for the November vote. If not so, WHY make reference to the color of Trayvon’s skin color?

  • Militant Conservative

    #1 March 23, 2012 at 10:17 am
    randtruth commented:

    You are petty and live in a angry state of mind.

    Powder is dry

  • valerie

    #7 March 23, 2012 at 10:37 am
    terrence commented:

    Actually, the racism, or more properly, unreasoned prejudice, is found in BO’s remarks, where he presumes guilt on the part of the defendant based on the appearance of the alleged victim, and at #1, where, again, the color of the defendant’s skin is presumed to yield specific activities.

    Oh, and at your post, for failing to read.

  • john b

    I am shocked that OUR president did not way in on the burning of a black kid doused in gasoline and lit on fire by 2 white kids in Kansas City, Missouri a couple of weeks ago.

    Oops … it was a white kid that was lit on fire by 2 black kids. Sorry, my bad …. that makes it OK. (Just like the grandmother greeter getting punched in the face at Target/wlamart, the waitress getting beat up at a Red Lobster, the marine and his wife getting the crap kicked out of them at a Florida drive-in, and of course, the first day of the Wisconsin state fair 2011.

    Of course, a summation of the racial breakdown of victims and victimizers over the last 40 years should play out well too.

  • Mama Grizzly

    Hmm. Does he think “about his own kids” when white (or other race) kids are shot?

    This is Obama playing the “big man.”

    Is he also concerned about THIS?: http://www.sullivan-county.com/wcva/liberal_racism.htm

    I also NEVER seen Obama speak out against black-on-black crime. He could make a difference if he wanted to, but like so many leftists, he gets emotionally excited by “change” aka “revolution” and wants to be the leader of that. This is what he grew up with in terms of approval from a parent figure. If he can lead a revolution, then (finally) he IS somebody. It also serves as an outlet for the pent-up rage and lack of self-esteem left over from childhood sexual abuse. “Someone” has to pay . . .

    This is all so predictable, it makes me want to vomit.

  • valerie

    It’s just a tad early to assume guilt in this case. Here’s a pretty good roundup of what’s available so far.


  • Patty

    If he had a son, it would look like this 17 year old young man.

    I wonder what the black mothers who have had kids shot and killed in the Gangs of Chicago. They are thinking “why not my son” he was killed, why not do something about the endless murders in Obama home state. This report was taken up by Justice Dept. and now the blacks have something to protest once again and so does Holder and Obama.

    Prejudices and gun control. How this shooting will be an example that there is racism in the Police Department and will feed right into this Administration plans. But in the most dangerous and reprehensible way.

    The black community will make an example of a person who reported 99 times in 911 phone calls while he was doing his neighborhood watch. I, and I am not a physiologist could see a problem long ago with this guy.

    Questions will be answer: why he could have a gun, answer, because he is a citizen and has a right, but they will try to BRAINWASH, Holder has a Gift.

    Obama will make sure that his minions call this Racially moderated. Oh, the inhumanity.

    But my opinion is this was a tragedy and the young man shot was a nice young man. I only can gather from this. But, Obama should never have said what he did. He has to put his foot into things where he needs to be silent and let the investigations take care of it.

    “THIS IS ANOTHER ONE OF THOSE, “Police acted stupidly moments for Obama.” Wow

  • Adirondack Patriot

    When Iraq veteran Jose Guerena was gunned down on May 25, 2011 in his own home in Tucson Arizona by Obama-supporter Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik, where were you Obama?

    Just because Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry DIDN’T LOOK LIKE HE COULD BE YOUR SON, is that why you haven’t called for an investigation of his murder with Fast and Furious weapons?

    When you elect a ghetto organizer for President, the country becomes the ghetto.

  • Patty

    This one crime is now going to be used by Holder. It is coming and we will be in another fight for our gun rights.

  • J

    Is he going to apologize for this racism? Probably not Dr Bell brainwashed him well. CriticalRaceTheory baby…

    Shawn Tyson, 17, accused of murdering two Brit holidaymakers in April 2011


  • Militant Conservative

    Poor liberals you homies are killing your homies.

    Conservatives kill in self defense. Liberals kill

    due to emotional instability.