Obama Vows to Drill “Everywhere We Can”… Except ANWR, Florida, Virginia, The Continental Shelf, Utah, Alaska and Ohio

Obama lied to the American public again yesterday saying his administration would “drill everywhere we can.”

The Obama Administration has blocked oil drilling and development in:
** 60 sites in Utah
** Outer Continental Shelf
** Virginia
** Ohio killing 200,000 jobs
** Off Florida, where Cuba is drilling
** Alaska

…Not to mention the Keystone Pipeline.

So when Obama says he is going to drill everywhere, he really means pretty much nowhere.
The Hill reported, via Free Republic:

If you hear anybody on TV saying that somehow we are against drilling for oil, then you will know that they either don’t know what they are talking about or they are not telling you the truth,” Obama said, against the backdrop of oil production facilities outside Maljamar, N.M.

“We are drilling all over the place,” Obama added, reading from a speech on his podium on a windy afternoon. “That’s the reason we have been able to reduce our dependence on foreign oil every year since I took office.”

While Obama has repeated in recent days that there’s no “silver bullet” that can currently ease the price at the pumps, he vowed that his administration will make oil-and-gas development a continued priority as part of a wider strategy focused on traditional and alternative energy. “You have my word that we will keep drilling everywhere we can and we will do it while protecting the health and safety of the American people,” Obama said, speaking with no jacket or tie. “That’s a commitment that I make.”

The White House has struggled in recent days to win the debate on gas prices, with Obama appearing at college campuses and manufacturing facilities to tout his energy strategy.

Wednesday’s appearance in New Mexico reflected a pivot of sorts as the White House looked to change the optics on the issue.

It’s a good thing the media is in his pocket or he would have a much harder time trying to fool the American people.

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  • Sanmon

    You left out California and Colorado.

    Along with Federal Land. That is only 2/3rds of the US land.

  • Redlite

    Does any body believe what he says anymore? He can’t be a Christian and say the things he says. Lie after lie . It has gotten to the point that it is sad to watch.

    If he were a Republican SNL would chew him up.

    The unemployment number in North Dakota,where they are drilling every where is something like 3%. Just drill and the unemployment goes up,gas prices go down. I am no economist but that is obvious to the 99 percenters.

    By the way Barry when are we going to see the algae stations in my neck of the woods?

  • Zim

    Obama lies. The country dies.

  • coolidgerules

    Nothing more than a communist and a shameless political opportunist- nothing more or nothing less. Has he ever told the truth about any policy or decision in the last 3 years? The answer is no. When he thinks that the issue is mute or run its course, it either gets thrown under the bus or ignored. All this story is just that- a story. Propaganda running its course

  • bear

    I’m guessing that finding oil “everywhere we can,” has the same intent as OJ’s promise to look high and low for his wife’s killer, and with the same result.

  • Militant Conservative

    Just a little while longer and we con flush this terd.

    Obama is just a lying POS Muslim dog squeeze.

    He hates America and Americans hate him.

    Obama is one sick evil ba$tard.

    Powder is dry

  • StrangernFiction

    “I think [Obama] is great.” — Matt Romney

  • Patty

    Cuba is drilling off coast of Florida, Russia off the Gulf and yet, Obama has been saying his administration is doing more drilling than ever. HE LIES. It is because of Bush!!!


    Media matters liberal Propaganda Sites lose Big Donor

    You may not be aware of the name “Democracy Alliance,” but you know who they are. It’s an organization that gathers liberal 1%ers and tells them which other leftist organizations they should give their tax-deductible “charitable” donations to. George Soros? Yup. Founding member of the Democracy Alliance. It was founded as a way to control where liberal 1% money would go so that it would have the most impact. Apparently, recent decisions on where the money goes has left a certain major donor – Peter Lewis, founder of Progressive Insurance – with a bad taste in his mouth.


    Soros btw owns oil in Brazil

  • retire05

    Is Obama right in that oil production is up? No. Is he correct in that he is doing everything he can to increase production? No.

    The reason production is up is because most of the oil is coming from private, not federal, lands. So in order to hinder the private land production, enter the lizard. Why? It is estimated that the Eagle Fork area, because of fracking, could produce as much as 5 million BPD. That equates to more than all the oil supplied by ME countries.

    Also, notice that Obama never talks about WHO provides us with the most oil. He talks about “foreign” oil, but never mentions that most of the “foreign oil” is supplied by Canada and Mexico.

    Texas refineries are the biggest producer of the “designer” fuels that are required by California. These refineries should tell California that they will produce ONE grade of gasoline, and if California doesn’t want it, well then, do without. The cost of producing designer gasoline is driving up the cost. Also, the Obama administration, especially Ken Salazar (idiot) could approve the refinery expansions requested by the Texas refineries but have constantly declined approval.

    This poseur occupying the Oval Office has one plan; kill the U.S. petroleum industry so that we become more reliant on his Muslim brothers for crude.

  • saveus

    Is there anyone who still believes his lies other than he media?

  • Patty

    Obama’s Oil Organized Crime Scandal with Soros – Part 2


  • john b

    BHO “You have my word that we will keep drilling everywhere we can.”

    Just like his line “you ca keep your health care plan if you like it”. well, you won’t like it anymore after he raises its costs.

    So, he is just a tad more subtle than Bill Clinton, who asked someone to define the word “is”.

    In BHO’s case, it is the word “can” which needs to be parsed.

  • Voice of Reason


  • http://biggovernment.com ponderon

    He knows no matter how much he lies ,that the Nazi-media will cover for him…

  • Mitch Rapp

    When will the bright people at Harvard, Columbia and MIT wake up and determine they have been HAD! It is absolutely amazing how dumb Academia and the media are! WE hear nothing but praise as the country is drowning in debt!

  • JD

    Nothing but Ass-talk!

    Everything that comes out of this clown mouth is a outright freakin’ lie.

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  • Candalee Swayze

    Obama is either delusional or a bold faced liar. I hate name calling and labeling people, so I’ll just say that he should find a job that he’s good at and do it. Since he’s failed so miserably as POTUS maybe being a CEO should also be stricken from his potential job list.

  • Chris in N.Va.

    The only oil this administration is distributing in abundance is Doc O’Bama’s Magic Snake Oil Elixir (with a tasty grape Kook-Aid base, courtesy of Jim Jones vineyards).