Cairo protesters torch an Israeli flag during an August 2011 rally. (Press TV)

The US government is sending an arms shipment to Egypt – a former US ally that just elected an anti-American Islamic regime into power.
The Arab Times reported, via Lucianne:

Amnesty International has called on the United States to clarify the final destination of an arms shipment it said was headed to Egypt, in a statement late on Thursday.

The London-based rights group had earlier said the shipment may be abused by Egyptian security forces, which had fired at protesters in deadly protests in recent months.

But the US Navy said the shipment would not be offloaded in Egypt without clarifying its final destination, the London-based organisation said in a subsequent statement.

Amnesty says the Dutch-flagged vessel, MV Schippersgracht, which left the US Military Ocean Terminal Sunny Point (MOTSU), is “carrying a class of dangerous goods that covers cartridges for weapons, fuses and other ammunition” and is headed to Egypt’s Port Said.
Port Said is situated on the northern tip of the Suez Canal, which leads to the Red Sea and several countries that receive weapons from the United States.

“Amnesty International is urging US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to clarify who is the final recipient of the latest cargo,” the statement said.

It also demanded assurances that arms shipments would not be sent to countries that might use them to commit human rights violations.



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  1. It’s just ‘Fast and Furious’ on a much wider scale.

  2. Yup! Obama’s got Isreal’s back, and plunging a dagger deep into it. The middle east is imploding and the US is aiding it. Sad times!

  3. The last line just confirms the utter stupidity of this regime !!!

  4. you won’t find one democrat in congress who will say a word about this.

  5. Clinton “Relax, guys. It’s all going to AmasHay. Now Ixnay on the UllhornBay, OK?”

    Amnesty Int’l: “Oh…right. Sorry. Who should we say is getting them?”

    Clinton: I don’t care… Switzerland, whatever. You clowns need to stop sleeping through the meetings and STFU if you’re not sure next time, OK?.”

  6. comment continued from #3….or he’s is trying to destroy Israel and America…hmm,which one could it be !!!

  7. Once again Satan is trying to kill Gods chosen

    People. Obama will start a war before November.

  8. Uh, where is the media on this one?
    Isn’t Amnesty Internatiion a group that the mediaa in this country would cover?
    Jugears had better right his ship fast. People do not trust him and are watching him. There is no way he wins the election fairly in his current full steam ahead approach. Isreal is precarious and no can afford gas. Not a winning statergy even if that’s where his heart lies.

  9. Democratic leader in the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, who was leading a delegation including four other senators, said the United States would continue to support Egypt as long as aid enhanced the country’s stability.
    The delegation met Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi and parliament speaker Saad al-Katatni, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party.

  10. This is part of a pattern — a very demonic pattern. Please, all — read this and pass it around:

    “Muslim Brotherhood in Our White House and the Murder of SEAL Team Six”

    By: AJ of & Arlen Williams

    Contributors: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton & Ann Barnhardt

  11. Breaking News !

    U.S. ambassador and Spain had sent away by the President Yudhoyono of Indonesia after read the article: (-injak-bayi-orang-kristen).

    Watch out !

  12. once again the o has proven he is a traitor to the USA

  13. They are letting this out quitely so WE know. They want a reaction.
    Don’t believe the polls-heavily skewed for the corrupt administration- and they still poll at 41%.
    His internals are bad and I think they are going to go for it shortly
    A lot of people are starting to wake up and question these cretins for who and what they are, and King Putt doesn’t like it

  14. Another disaster in the works. Another hair brained idea without any organization and relying on who, those who are the enemies.

    Terrorist, Al Qaeda, Brotherhood, those who want to take over and kill innocent people aren’t going to get their hands on these weapons? What assurance and who is going to mind the store, so to speak.

    We need real leadership, we need a strong person who doesn’t party, fund raise, campaign.

  15. Why is Barry the Magnificent doing this? Only one reason possible. He supports the Muslim Brotherhood scum that have taken over Egypt.

    Israel is probably very sorry it returned the Sinai to Egypt after the 1967 war. Maybe the next time Egypt starts a war and Israel pounds the crap out of them, Israel will keep the Sinai. With justification, I might add. “Land for peace” is just a sick joke.

  16. And we are paying $100 bucks to fill up our tanks so Obama can use a 747 as a taxi cab to sell legislation – And our media is still gushing praise be – Obama!

  17. It’s “Critical Race Theory” again and again and again. Egypt deserves to receive guns from the white-man domination of the United States. It’s payback “whitey” time for all our past perceived injustices. Obama wants not only to “fix” the United States, but the world using our evil tax dollars.

  18. B-B-but we elected all these gung ho conservatives in 2010, we won! We Won. Where are they? Where is any congresser On aiding tand arms for hese folks. Ususally it is brought out in a hearin what is oin on. Now crickets!

    These Arab spring armed forces are going to be the shock troops if the Us goes to civil war. There won’t be Us forces shooting at Americans , it will be these various countries soldiers brought in to “train”.
    Id sure like to know many of these countries’ troops are here training now and when they leave.
    I am very concerned that Peolsi and Hi meet with these guys. Also Syria becomes a template not a civil war only.

  19. No one can convince me that Obama is a Muslim, there is no other logical explanation for his constantly siding with Islamic Fundamentalist.

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